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Baker Amendment was an Opportunity to Sustain MassHealth By: Robert A. Mellion, Esq. President & CEO, Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, whose membership is mostly small businesses with less than 15 employees, strongly supported Governor Charlie Baker’s amendment to the $200 million Healthcare Assessment on businesses within the FY2018 budget. The FY2018 budget enacted by the Legislature included two new business fees that if approved without the amendment would have increased a per-employee assessment paid by employers, known as the Employer Medical Assistance Contribution, from $51 to $77 per year; and hit employers with penalties of up to $750 per employee if their workers chose MassHealth even though they had access to insurance through their employers. This legislative session has already been deeply concerning to the Chamber membership. In addition to the $200 million Healthcare Assessment, many anti-business bills have been introduced that upon enactment will mandate employer paid family and medical leave, force businesses to offer 3 weeks advanced scheduling to employees, mandate a $15 Minimum Wage (with no teen wage) and increase energy costs within the state that already has the highest energy costs in the continental United States. Also noteworthy is that both unemployment insurance and workers compensation insurance are scheduled to increase substantially. This is on top of absorbing the costs absorbing multiyear double digit increases to mandated employer funded health insurance, the enactment of the highest minimum wage in the

United States and the sick paid leave law. Massachusetts also wins the prize for having the highest in the nation costs for employer paid healthcare insurance. Retailers must also offer time and a half wages on Sunday. The totality of these Massachusetts costs are too much for many small businesses to endure. In a political environment where a candidate for Governor recently stated that the healthcare assessment amendment is an effort at balancing the budget to the benefit of businesses “on the backs of the state’s most vulnerable,” it is important to make very clear an important fact. Small businesses, a majority of whom offer their employees good health insurance plans, did not create the existing fiscal crisis. Massachusetts is now ranked the 48th worst state in the nation for fiscal health. The low ranking is due to massive debt obligations and unfunded liabilities that keep increasing. Health care costs now make up more than 40% of Massachusetts’ $40 billion budget. That number is going to be higher next year. The Massachusetts business community takes its role within the legislative process very seriously. MassHealth currently services over 30% of the Massachusetts population. Most everyone acknowledges that the significantly high number of MassHealth enrollees is unsustainable. That is why the healthcare assessment amendment offered by the Baker Administration in partnership with the business community proposed a reasonable pack-

age of reforms. It was a compromise that would have allowed for a temporary employer health assessment to be put to use as “bridge financing” in order to capitalize the MassHealth program in exchange for modest reforms. These reforms would have led to $114.6 million in savings in fiscal 2018 and an additional $88.3 million in savings in fiscal 2019. Unfortunately the news coming out of Beacon Hill is that the Legislature wants the healthcare assessment on businesses, but wishes to put off MassHealth reforms and other material terms within the compromise. The House rejected the governor’s budget amendment 41-116. The Senate followed suit in a vote of 6-31. New business fees without meaningful reform to MassHealth is a tax on businesses. That is why the amendment to the budget by Governor Baker served as an opportunity to lead by example in sustaining healthcare coverage for all. A lot is at stake in the weeks and months ahead. The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce looks forward to working with its many partners in addressing critical issues such as sustaining healthcare while also maintaining a healthy business climate within Massachusetts. Respectfully,

Robert A. Mellion, Esq. President and CEO

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Term Ending in 2017 Jo Ann Bentley, Jo Ann Bentley - Architect LoriAnn Taylor Branco, Center for Sight Nick Christ, BayCoast Bank Rebecca Collins, Collins Construction Michael Lund, Borden Light Marina Carl Sawejko, Sawejko Communications Tobias Stapleton, UMass - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Term Ending 2018 Carmen Aguilar, Bristol Community College Eileen M. Danahey, Saint Anne’s Credit Union Anthony Medeiros, Mechanics Cooperative Bank Marty Monteleon, Individual Arthur Pacheco, New York Life Jason Rua, RDA Insurance Dawn Rusin, Re/Max Right Choice Term Ending 2019 Mike Bushell, St. Anne’s Hospital Bill Burns, SouthCoast Health Systems Catherine Dillon, BankFive Charlie Fellows, LaFrance Hospitality Doug Rodrigues, D.E. Rodrigues & Company, Inc Matthew Schondek, Fall River Municipal Credit Union Matt Zenni, Liberty Utilities

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CHAMBER STAFF: Robert A. Mellion, Esq., President, CEO & General Counsel Kimberly Coroa Moniz, Vice President Dan Balboni, Director of Business Development Courtney Krystman, Manager of Operations & Finance Jennifer Lourenco, Communications Manager

The Massachusetts Small Business Center (MSBDC) Network provides on-to-one free comprehensive and confidential services focusing on, business growth and strategies, financing and loan assistance as well as strategic, marketing and operational analysis. In addition, low cost educational training programs are offered across the state targeted to the needs of small business. Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network 200 Pocasset Street, Fall River, MA 02721 Phone: (508) 673-9783

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MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to be the primary business and community information source for its members and the public to provide networking opportunities for its members; and serve as an advocate, on behalf of its members, at the local, state and federal government levels. Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, Inc. 200 Pocasset Street, Fall River, MA 02721 Phone: (508) 676-8226 Fax: (508) 675-5932

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08/09 WED.........................Ambassador’s Committee Meeting 12 p.m. 08/09 WED..............................................Business After Hours Located: Justice Resource Institute 99 South Main Street, Fall River MA Sponsored by: Justice Resource Institute 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 08/11 FRI.................................Education Committee Meeting 11:30 a.m. 08/18 FRI.....................................Government Affairs Meeting 8:00 a.m. 08/21 MON..........................Membership Committee Meeting 3 p.m. 08/28 MON...............................Executive Committee Meeting 12 p.m. 08/28 MON.................................Cultural Committee Meeting 2 p.m. 08/30 WED.........................................................Board Meeting 11:45 a.m. 08/30 WED..............................................Business After Hours Located: TBD Sponsored by: BayCoast Bank 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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Business adviCe: Investing vs. Paying Off Debt The debt dilemma

Save for a rainy day. Before paying down debt (beyond required payments) or settling on an investment strategy, make it your first priority to put funds aside for an emergency reserve. We recommend six months or more of living expenses; an absolute minimum is three months’ worth. These funds should be in traditional savings or very short-term, highly liquid, non-volatile investments.

The process for eliminating debt is anything but an easy-to-solve financial equation. Many people wonder if they should pay off their debt as quickly as possible or invest their money, letting debt payments run their course. The answer depends on whom you ask. Theories about balancing investing with debt vary widely. Some financial experts say freedom from debt is the most important goal. Others say it’s more about the math: Your money should go toward investing if your investments earn a higher rate of return than your debts cost you. Still others focus on the emotional aspect: How comfortable are you with a certain level of debt? Neither one nor the other Better yet, perhaps, is a balanced approach to wealth management. If you’re like most people, you’ll need to manage finances for both present and future needs. That means paying off some debt today while simultaneously investing with an eye on the future. Although your decisions should take into account your own needs and circumstances, consider the following guidelines for handling debt in light of investing goals: 4

Your future first. As a general rule, your long-term investment plan should take priority over applying extra amounts toward debt. Be careful as well to avoid having “lifestyle creep,” a tendency toward more expensive tastes and luxury consumption, impede your investment outlook. By contributing to a long-term investment plan as early as possible, you may set yourself up for a brighter future. If paying down debt is also a priority, you’ll want to examine your personal budget to decide how much to direct each month toward investing and how much toward debt repayment. Just remember, there are no magic numbers. In general, the best advice is to make sure your investment strategy fits your financial expectations for the future. Prioritize your debts. With an emergency fund in place and your investment strategy up and running, putting any extra money toward your debts is also a smart way to go. But how do you decide which debts to pay down first? One approach is to start with the smallest debts first to eliminate at least some of your debt burden and interest payments in a timely manner. It also makes sense to pay off high-interest debts like private student loans and credit card debt more quickly. Federal student loans and mortgages might be lower priorities because their rates are of-

ten lower and their terms are longer. Vehicle loans might fall somewhere in the middle. Tax considerations might also come into play. It’s personal. As you divide and conquer debt, don’t forget to consider the emotional side of your strategy. If paying off a certain debt will help you feel more secure, you might want to go with your gut feeling. You’ll likely experience a growing sense of financial freedom if you stay on course and get your debt under control. As it shrinks over time, you may find you have more funds available for enjoying the present and focusing on the future. Wells Fargo Advisors does not provide tax or legal advice. This article was written by/for Wells Fargo Advisors and provided courtesy of Nelson Dias, Financial Advisor in Providence, RI 02903 at 401-459-6872. Investments in securities and insurance products are: NOT FDIC-INSURED/NOT BANK-GUARANTEED/MAY LOSE VALUE Wells Fargo Advisors is a trade name used by Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC, Member SIPC, a registered broker-dealer and nonbank affiliate of Wells Fargo & Company. © 2017 Wells Fargo Clearing Services, LLC. All rights reserved. 0217-04788

Britsol County Savings Charitable foundation awards $133,350 in grants to 18 southcoast massachusetts non-profits TAUNTON, MA - Bristol County Savings Bank (BCSB), through its charitable foundation, awarded grants totaling $133,350 to eighteen non-profits in Southcoast Massachusetts at a ceremony which took place recently at White’s of Westport in Westport, Massachusetts. All total, the Bank presented $272,923 in grants to 36 non-profit organizations in the New Bedford-Dartmouth/Fall River regions, as well as the Taunton/Attleboro, Massachusetts and Pawtucket, Rhode Island regions. The organizations in the New Bedford-Dartmouth/Fall River region that received grants from the Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation (BCSCF) are as follows: Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County ($15,000), Citizens for Citizens, Inc. ($5,000), AHA! ($2,000), Greater Fall River Re-Creation ($10,000), Heidrea for Heroes, Inc. ($5,750), Junior Achievement of Southern Massachusetts, Inc. ($10,000), Kennedy Donovan Center, Inc. ($10,350), Lloyd Center for the Environment ($2,500), Nativity Preparatory School of New Bedford ($10,000), New Bedford Art

Museum ($5,000), New Bedford Festival Theatre ($5,000), New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center, Inc. ($1,500), New Bedford Women’s Center, Inc. ($10,000), New Bedford Whaling Museum ($10,000), Our Sisters’ School ($10,000), Southcoast Mentoring Initiative ($3,750), The Schwartz Center ($12,500), and YWCA of Southeastern Massachusetts ($5,000). Patrick J. Murray, Jr., President of the BCSCF and President & CEO of BCSB, awarded the grants to the organizations. Also participating were: Jasiel Correia, Mayor, City of Fall River; Christina Connolly, Assistant Chief of Staff for Jon Mitchell, Mayor, City of New Bedford; and representatives from the BCSCF – Southcoast Advisory Board and the Bank’s branch offices in the New BedfordDartmouth/Fall River regions. “Our Foundation is proud to grant a total of $133,350 to these eighteen deserving non-profit organizations in the Southcoast community,” said Patrick J. Murray, President & CEO of BCSB and

President of BCSCF. “As a mutual community bank, we believe that the communities we serve are our stockholders. So, our mission is to support our local neighborhoods to meet the growing needs of the population. One way to accomplish that goal is to assist the good work of these non-profits.” Bristol County Savings Bank is an active supporter in the communities in which it serves. The Foundation was established in 1996 as part of the Bank’s 150th Anniversary celebration. Its purpose is to fund needs that contribute to the economic and the social well-being of the people and institutions located in the greater Taunton/Attleboro Region, the greater New Bedford/Dartmouth Region-Fall River Region and the Pawtucket, Rhode Island Region, with particular emphasis in the areas of education and literacy, economic development and housing for the low- to moderate-income population. Since the Foundation began, more than $17.9 million has been committed to hundreds of different non-profit organizations. In 2016, the Foundation awarded $1.7 million to various 501(c)(3) organizations.

Your business success is our personal commitment.

Our Fall River commercial lending team is ready to help your business grow. As the #1 small business lender in Bristol County* and an SBA Preferred Lender, we're known for great personal service, prompt, local decision-making and custom banking solutions. To discuss your financing needs, call 508-993-3472 or visit one of our branch locations. L-R: Roger Cabral, VP Commercial Lending; Joan Medeiros, VP Commercial Lending; Pete Selley, SVP Commercial Lending; Len Sullivan, First EVP & Sr. Loan Officer; Rich Farmer, VP Commercial Lending; & Michael Patacao, VP Commercial Lending.

Each depositor is insured by the FDIC to at least $250,000. All deposits above the FDIC insurance amount are insured by the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF).

*Based on total loan originations as reported in the 2015 aggregate small business loan data to the Federal Reserve under the Community Reinvestment Act.


memBer spotlight: Jewels day spa mediCal aesthetiCs

Jewels Day Spa Medical Aesthetics is a full service spa offering hair services, manicures and pedicures. Medical services include Electrolysis, Obagi blue radiance peel, dermaplaning, Botox & Juviderm. Jewels has also been offering exceptional massages and facials since 2001 and recently began offering Therapeautic Infrared

Dave’s Tire & Auto Service (508) 679-6482

Guaranteed Service & Repairs for Domestic & Foreign Cars, Light Trucks & SUV's • Computerized Wheel Alignment • Brakes/Front End • Shocks & Struts • Tune-ups/ Oil Change • Air Conditioning • Mufflers/Exhaust 352 Bedford Street Fall River Open Monday - Saturday at 7:30 a.m. Mention this ad for a 10% discount on parts with repairs


Sauna sessions. Their mission is to provide exceptional spa experiences for guests and employees; a place where comfort, knowledge and personalized attention are combined to create a total memorable and rejuvenating experience. Their goal is to build enduring and rewarding relationships with clients and the community through education, commitment and superior quality services. For a complete list of services and additional information visit them online at

spa/Index.aspx and be sure to check out their Facebook page for their latest news, monthly specials and promotions. Jewels Day Spa Medical Aesthetics 1152 Riverside Avenue Somerset, MA 02726 (508) 672.1316 * Open Tuesday through Saturday by appointment.

New Chamber Members Sarah Araujo with Edward Jones Portsmouth RI CEA SouthCoast LLC c/o CEA Group, Inc. Joined 6/5/17

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Alzheimer’s Association

Symmetry Dental and Spa

Joined 6/12/17

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Wicked Kickin’ Savory Cheesecakes

Blend Cafe and Yoga

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Greenvale Vineyards

Amaral & Associates Real Estate, Inc.

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Woundchek Laboratories

South Coast Catering

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Excel Recycling Joined 7/13/17

For additional information on joining The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce

Family Heating & Air Conditioning

please contact: Dan Balboni

Joined 7/13/17

Director of Business Development

American Red Cross

(508) 676.8226

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Bay Market Real Estate Joined 7/13/17

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memBer spotlight: aspire dermatology

Aspire Dermatology, with four conveniently located offices in Riverside, Newport, Johnston and Tiverton Rhode Island, is a highly professional provider of a full range of dermatology services from skin screenings and cosmetic procedures to Mohs surgery. Aspire Dermatology was founded by Jason Michaels, M.D. who has almost two decades of experience as a board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon. He, along with his Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Aestheticians and medical staff are ready to serve all your skin care needs professionally, respectfully and on a timely basis. Dr. Michaels and his staff offers treatment

for everything relating to the skin, ranging from acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and suspect moles to Mohs Micrographic Surgery.

with a personal, comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.

Jason Michaels, MD is one of the few board-certified dermatologists in the area who performs Mohs micrographic surgery.

Aspire Dermatology Tiverton Office 67 William S. Canning Blvd. Tiverton, RI 02878 401.239.1800

As a Mohs surgeon, Dr. Michaels is specially trained as a cancer surgeon, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon. Mohs surgery has the highest success rate of all treatments for skin cancer- up to 99%. Aspire Dermatology is happy to accept same day appointments. Please call today or book online on our website. Our staff is standing by and is prepared to provide you

195 Broadway, Fall River, MA


Open Wednesday evenings until 8:00 pm Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Wed. until 8:00 pm, Sat. 8:00 am - 3:00 pm Locations: Fall River, MA • Plainville, MA • Hyannis, MA • Cranston, RI HVAC Locations: Woburn, MA • Avon, MA • East Hartford, CT

8 (Additional offices in Johnston, Newport & Riverside RI)

BayCoast Bank Presents Framed Painting of Dr. Martin Luther King to Fall River YMCA

Business After Hours 2017 Schedule

Wednesday 8/9 5:00 - 7:00p.m. Location: 99 S. Main Street Fall River, MA Sponsored by: Justice Resource Institute Wednesday 8/30 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: TBD Sponsored by: BayCoast Bank

Photo caption (left to right): Robert Correia, principal of RPA; Nick Christ, president and CEO, BayCoast Bank; Bill Perkins, People Inc.; Theresa Romanovitch, People Inc.; Matt Malone, Fall River Superintendent of Schools; Fitzcarmel LaMarre, artist; Frank Duffy, executive director, YMCA SouthCoast; James Scherer, president and CEO, YMCA SouthCoast

SWANSEA and FALL RIVER, MA - BayCoast Bank recently donated a special framed painting of Dr. Martin Luther King., Jr. along with a commemorative plaque to the Fall River YMCA. The painting, “Ambassador of Peace” by artist Fitzcarmel LaMarre, has played a key role in interactions between the Bank and several area leading not-for-profits. BayCoast Bank purchased “Ambassador of Peace” at an auction hosted by Resiliency Preparatory Academy (RPA), one of the schools in the Fall River Public School system. This event was held to celebrate the new Community Re-Engagement Center at the Academy, which is operated by People Inc. and was funded in part with a grant from BayCoast Bank. Funds from the BayCoast purchase of the painting helped subsidize RPA’s first prom, which was held at McGovern’s Restaurant in Fall River.

In purchasing the painting, BayCoast Bank was looking to recognize the great work that is done by the faculty at RPA to support their students, according to the bank’s President and CEO Nicholas Christ. (LaMarre is also a teacher at the school and has had an extraordinary impact on his students.) In looking for a final destination to display this work of art, Christ was hoping to find a location where many could have the opportunity to view and appreciate it. The Fall River YMCA, located on North Main Street, is just two blocks away from Resiliency Preparatory Academy, and offers a wonderful venue for all members of the community to be inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and the painting on a daily basis. An recent unveiling ceremony was attended by Bank officials as well as by representatives of the YMCA, the school district, People

Inc. and RPA. “BayCoast Bank has been proud to partner with the Fall River Schools, and especially RPA and People Inc., to develop the Community Re-engagement Center, which over the past year has provided several effective pathways for their students to graduate not only with a high school degree but also with skills and knowledge to enter the workforce in a variety of careers,” said Christ. “The unveiling ceremony was a wonderful event, and we are proud of the record of support this painting demonstrates to the greater Fall River community. We are happy to partner with such vital organizations like RPA and People Inc., and glad that this important piece of art can now call another community organization home – the Fall River YMCA.”

Wednesday 9/27 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: TBD Sponsored by: Bank Five Wednesday 10/25 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: People, Inc. 4 South Main Street Fall River, MA Sponsored by: People, Inc. Thursday, 11/16 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: Venus de Milo Swansea, MA Sponsored by: Venus de Milo, The Herald News & The Bristol County Chamber of Commerce Thursday 12/7 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: White’s of Westport 66 State Rd. Westport, MA Sponsored by: White’s & Carl’s Collision


Google for Jobs A Recruiting Game Changer Impacting Employers’ Job Advertising Practices Google for Jobs, has recently launched is a new search option for job seekers, called “Google for Jobs”. featuring a search feature that collects and organizes millions of job postings from all over the web making the process easier for job seekers., and more complicated for employers. CEO Sundar Pichai said during his keynote address at Google's annual I/O conference for software developers. "The challenge of connecting job seekers to better information on job availability is like many search challenges we’ve solved in the past," he said. Pichai says he hopes Google's new job search function will surface new opportunities for job seekers who often don't know there's a job opening "right next door." Anytime an 800-pound gorilla like Google enters a market, it sends shudders through the established players in the targeted industry. Google for Jobs is a Huge Technical Impact on Employers Job Board Recruiting Practices. Here is how Job Board Search Engine Optimization Works on Google scours the web, pulling from a broad cross-section of job listings that include Monster, Indeed, Facebook, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and about 40,000 other job boards including employers’ career pages. Their aim is to increase the efficiency of job matching for job seekers. The challenge for employers is to adapt a job advertising strategy that meets the stringent rules Google employs in their sophisticated algorithms. Without getting too technical, it’s important for employers to adapt to the practices that Google requires by posting jobs using compatible job advertising practices and technology that meets all of Google search engine optimization criteria (SEO) criteria as well as having a SEO-optimized career page on your website.



do good people underperform as employees?

Every manager has been in this situation. After you conducted a long search, an extensive series of interviews, you found an individual who appears to have all the right credentials; you hire him. Later, things are not getting done the way you expect and there is something about his approach and behavior that is causing the rest of your team to be upset. What went wrong? It is usually a combination of these three deficits. They don’t know how to do the job. They may not know how to take the knowledge and experience they have from previous positions and add the skills they need to do the new job properly. Or do they know what you really expect of them or have you assumed they can pick it up on their own? It is important that you meet to review their progress regularly so you know what is happening. Don’t be a micro-manager, but you must keep everyone on the right track and make corrections as soon as they are necessary, the sooner, the better. Can anyone really do the job? Is there just too much work coming their way too fast? Goals and standards should provide a little stretch to be sure that people are challenged, but the “art” of management is knowing when the stretch becomes an insurmountable chasm that discourages people from trying. Is the employee managing their time, resources and priorities effectively? Should you consider adding more people, more time, more money, equipment, or technology? They seem to be a “fish out of water.” Managers will often hire people for their skills, and then fire them for the behaviors they exhibit on the job. This is not a negative judgment about the person, but the result of a poor behavioral fit between the individual and behaviors the job requires. The classic disaster occurs when the strongly independent salesman is promoted to a sales manager that requires patience and strong team building skills. Different behaviors and skills sets may be required for different jobs.

All this recruiting and job board posting technology is certainly getting more complicated (not less), and the cost of effective job posting is on the increase. Join us online so we can share with you how TalentValue can help you navigate this changing and complicated recruiting landscape and lower the cost of job advertising and find great people faster.

Good people who are smart and have the experience, don’t always do the job well. Look beyond the obvious symptoms and examine some of the root causes of the problem. Sometimes the fault is with the person, but sometimes it is simply because you put the good person in the wrong spot in your organization. Have a focused plan. Don’t “wing” it and hope it all works out. Hope is not a strategy. Join us for a webinar to find out how to manage more effectively.

Register at:

Register at:

Diman Students Selected to collaborate on eco-friendly car

Fall River, MA - Three Diman students have gone south for the summer to the University of Alabama. There, they collaborated with the university on the national EcoCar3 competition, where 16 colleges attempt to build the most environmentally friendly car possible. The students, Cheyenne Tavares, Marcus Banoub, and Jack Pasternak, will all be entering their junior year at Diman. Pasternak is a member of the Machine Tool Technology program, Tavares is in the Graphic Communication program, and Banoub is in the Electronics program. They spent three weeks at Alabama work-

ing hand-in-hand with university students on a wide variety of projects associated with the EcoCar program. The US Department of Energy and General Motors sponsor the competition. Diman has been collaborating with the University of Alabama for the last three years in the construction and production of various parts of the program. The program also includes ACT and SAT preparation programs connected with Braintree High School and the University of Alabama. Diman is hopeful to maintain this partnership and grow its national and global reach.

For your dose of Reality... Call 508-676-2515


#Building for the future - Join in! It’s time to get on the bus, South Coast! We believe that education is the single most important tool a person can carry through life. Why? In the same way that a mechanic relies on a wrench or a carpenter on a saw, education equips young people to reach higher and achieve their dreams through hard work and perseverance. We know that receiving a high-quality education is not always readily available to everyone. We want to change that. How? By reminding ourselves, our friends, our neighbors and our peers why education matters to us - to all of us. Only by coming together to make education can we begin to see real change take place within our schools. Who’s your favorite teacher? What’s your favorite subject? What’s something you learned that really stuck with you? How did YOU help someone learn? We all have stories about the impact education has had on our lives and those close to us. We believe education can change lives. We also believe in the power of storytelling. Get ready to see a blue bus rolling through town with one mission: to record your story. Our mission? To learn where we can help. We’re listening and if we hear about a school or program that needs a hand - we’ll give two.

When I was in journalism school, the old saying was that sunlight is the ultimate disinfectant. It refers to the role that the steady light of information and full disclosure plays in making sure that public projects are in the public interest. That sunlight is shining brightly on the effort to build a new Durfee High School, thanks in part to a business-funded effort to keep Fall River residents informed about the project. An information campaign called “Durfee Rising” sponsored by Bristol County Chamber of Commerce Foundation is partnering with the School Department to engage Fall River residents in understanding the process and decisions being made, and providing their own input, with the goal to have confidence that the new high school will be a place of pride for the whole city.


The Durfee project began when the Fall River School Department received funding approval from the Massachusetts School Building Authority– up to 80 percent of qualified costs -- to replace the current high school. It follows years of patching and retrofitting a building that was constructed with little oversight and input from educators or the public. With the funding approval comes thorough reviews and requirements, one of which is to demonstrate community engagement and involvement.

Creating this companion communication effort in Durfee Rising is unique to Fall River and is yet one more demonstration of the business community’s commitment to education in southeastern Massachusetts, according to Robert A. Mellion, Esq., President and CEO of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce. “Business leaders have stepped up to support this community engagement project through the Chamber’s Foundation,” said Mellion. “The business community recognizes this important opportunity for Fall River to use state money to pay for the bulk of the cost of a new high school. It is a complicated project, and understanding the need and the process will help make it happen.” he added. So how does Durfee Rising share with the community? As its manager, I work with the Building Committee, the School Department, and the Chamber to promote the news and announcements of the process. There’s a website, DurfeeRising. com, which outlines the needs and the process, dates for events, and how to get more information, as well as the news and links to the public documents that have been shared at public forums. Designs growing out of the robust planning and visioning sessions will be shared as they start to evolve. The site offers a comment link to share concerns and questions.

A joint effort of BayCoast Bank and EdUp

You can also follow the process on Facebook, by liking the page DurfeeRising. Announcements of public meetings, links to news articles, and videos and photos of the design and proposed siting are posted there. The page has seen some vigorous discussion so far! There’s a Twitter feed as well, @DurfeeRising, and the hashtag for discussion is #BuildingForTheFuture. That hashtag illustrates what this effort is all about – by sharing with City residents and shining light on the good, thorough work being done by the educators, leaders, and the City itself to build a new school worthy of our children and our future, we can have confidence that the project is done right. The community will get a brand new high school that will equip and prepare generations of young people for the challenging world of the 21st century. Join us in #BuildingForTheFuture. By Sally Chapman Cameron Sally Chapman Cameron is Communicator for ThreeC Strategy and a member of the Bristol County Chamber of Commerce Education Committee The Chamber’s EdUp Campaign is funded by the Bristol County Chamber Foundation. All donations to the EdUp Campaign are a charitable contribution. Please contact the Chamber for additional information.

Chamber in action

Southeastern Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce Alliance Government Affairs Meeting (July 21, 2017) Pictured left to right: Rob Mellion CEO & President Bristol County Chamber of Commerce, U.S. Congressman William Keating, Marie Oliva, President & CEO Cape Cod Canal Region Chamber of Commerce, Rick Kidder, President & CEO SouthCoast Chamber

Bristol County Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours at Jerry Remy’s Fall River, hosted by Anthony F. Cordeiro Insurance Agency LLC (July 13, 2017)

New BCC President Laura Douglas, Ph.D. & Kelsey Garcia, K. Garcia Productions, SouthCoast Style (Business After Hours, Tipsy Taboggan, July 27, 2017)

Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting at Yamato Asian Bistro, GAR Highway, Somerset MA (July 17, 2017)




ACCURATE SERVICE, INC 10% Off Storage (508) 674.5773

CAPE COD DINNER TRAIN $10 Off Elegant Dinner (508) 771.3800

APPLEBEE’S FALL RIVER 10% Off, Food Only (508) 675.1110

CENTER FOR SIGHT $50 OFF Pair of Eyeglasses $500.00 OFF Lasik (508) 672.6340

AT YOUR SERVICE 10% Off (508) 677.6700

CHILDREN’S MUSEUM OF GREATER FALL RIVER 10% Off Admission (508) 672.0033

BAKER SIGN WORKS 10 % Off, $500+ (508) 674.6600 BATTLESHIP COVE 20% Off (508) 678.1100 BK’S TAVERN 15% Off, Food Only (508) 675.5044 BLAST OFF LLC 15% Off Residential Cleaning 20% Off Commercial Paint/ Stain Removal (774) 218.0696 BLOUNT CLAM SHACK & COMPANY STORE 10% Off (774) 888.0050 BOYS & GIRLS CLUB 15% Off Senior Membership (508) 672.6340 BUSY BEE JUMPERS & TENTS 20% Off (781) 447.8300


COMFORT INN & SUITES 10% Off Room Rates (508) 672.0011 CORPORATE IMAGE APPAREL INC. 10% Off (508) 676.3099 DAVE’S TIRE & AUTO SERVICE 10% Off Parts with Repairs 10% Off Tires (508) 679.6482 D.E. RODRIGUES & CO. Free Initial Consultation (508) 679.6079 DELKEN DRY CLEANING 10% Off (508) 679.0999 DOTTIE LEBEAU FOOD SAFETY CONSULTANT 10% Off First Inspection (401) 385.9040 E2SOL LLC 10% Off (401) 489.2273

EMPIRE HYUNDAI, INC. 10% Off Parts & Labor 15% Off All Accessories Purchased at the Parts Counter/Service Desk (508) 673.7646 GASPAR’S LANDSCAPING 10% Off (508) 677.3502 GENERAL FITNESS 20% Off All Memberships (508) 677.4933 GOT SUN GO SOLAR $500 Off (774) 229.2986 INDOFF/DARTMOUTH 10% Off (508) 971.4141 INTERACTIVE PALETTE 5% Off Website Packages (781) 930.3199 JERRY REMY’S BAR & GRILL 10% Off, Food Only (774) 365.6905 JEWELS DAY SPA MEDICAL AESTHETICS 10% OFF (508) 672.1316 LAZER GATE 10% Off (508) 730.1230 MALLARD PRINTING 10% Discount (508) 675.5733 MEGANET COMMUNICATIONS 10% Off, One Month Free


SABER TV $50 Off Any $499 or More Furniture Purchase (508) 672.8603

MINUTEMAN PROCESS SERVICES 25% Off All Services (508) 491.1000

SECURED STAFFING We Will Beat Competitor’s Pricing (508) 567.5083

NETWORK CLEANING SERVICE, INC. 10% Off (401) 439.1383 NEXT MONITORING, INC. 1 Month Free (508) 379.6315

SENIOR FUNDING GROUP $500 Off Reverse Mortgage Closing Costs (508) 646.4351 Contact: Mike Kennedy SOMERSET CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP 10% Off Parts and Labor (508) 675.1106

O’BRIEN PLUMBING & HEATING, CO. 10% Off (508) 679.3368 SOMERSET DECORATING 10% Off (508) 674.8596 PATTI’S PIEROGIES 10% Off, International Platter (508) 679.4001 SOUTH END SUNOCO 20% Off All Labor Work ($100 Work Minimum) PAWTUCKET RED SOX 2322 S. Main Street, Fall River, MA Buy 25 Flex Tickets & Save $25.00 STRIVE GYMNASTICS & (401) 724.7300 FITNESS, LLC 10% Off (508) 567.3830 PAYROLL EXPRESS We Will Beat Competitor Pricing (508) 679.1858 SULLIVAN TIRE & AUTO Full Service Regular PERFORMANCE AUTO OilChange$19.95 CENTER (508) 674.4068 10% Off (508) 675.4777 SPINDLE CITY AUTO RADIO VOZ DO GLASS EMIGRANTE 10% Off Any Service 15% Off (May not be combined with other (508) 678.9727 offers) (508) 677.3063 REMAX, DAWN RUSIN $500 Off Closing Costs THINKTECH COMPUTER or a Complimentary Free 27- Point Network Audit Moving Van (508) 992.2541 (508) 677.3629

MORE MEMBER TO MEMBER DISCOUNTS LISTED BELOW! TIPSY TOBOGGAN 10% Discount (508) 944.3728 TRANSANALYSIS First Month Free (508) 646.1000 UPLAND ARCHITECTS 10% Off Services (774) 430.3390 FUN 107/ WBSM 25% Off Advertising for New Clients, Townsquare Media (508) 999.6690 WICKED KICKIN CHEESECAKES 10 % Off (774) 309.3133 WSAR 1480 AM 25% Off Advertising for New Clients Only (508) 678.9727

Chamber Membership Matters For more information on Chamber membership, or to include your business in the Chamber’s Member-to-Member Discount Program, please contact a Chamber staff member at (508) 676-8226 15

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: TBD Sponsored by: BayCoast Bank

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Location: Justice Resource Institute 99 South Main Street Fall River, MA 02721 Sponsored by: Justice Resource Institute -----------------------------

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