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with HEALMAX® A biodegradable footbath additive that is easy to mix and use. Fast-acting formula, start seeing results in one week. Maintains control of digital dermatitis better than any other non-formaldehyde product Before Maintains effectiveness even in the presence of organic matter. Preserves elasticity and hardness of the hoof, where formaldehyde can leave hooves brittle and cracked Effective in both hot and cold weather when formaldehyde loses efficacy After 5 gal 15 gal *55 gal The HEALMAX® family of products features an exclusive, PATENTED FORMULA that replaces formaldehyde for the control of digital *275 gal


dermatitis. HEALMAX® is safer for cows and crew, more effective in cold weather, and is better for the environment than formaldehyde. That is why HEALMAX® is THE product for digital dermatitis.

Designed for easy topical antiseptic spot application. Special gel formulation adheres to the area that needs treatment. See results with just one or two applications, on the same day or consecutive days. Provides exceptional results without dangerous formaldehyde. When using a footbath, HEALMAX® Spray can also be used for severe cases that require extra attention. 1 qt bottle

HEALMAX® Paste Fast-acting formulation, developed for hoof trimmers, containing HEALMAX® in a unique paste that simplifies handling and ensures contact with the infected area. See results with only a one-time application. Non-antibiotic product does not create issues in withholding of milk. Not painful like copper and much safer than formaldehyde. 14 oz

* = direct shipped only

HEALMAX® Foam An economical, easy-to-use application method for the entire herd. Ideal for whole-herd application of milking cows, dry cows and heifers, or anytime when the footbath can’t be used. 2.5 gal 5 gal *15 gal

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