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Use of a timing chip............................................................... 4 Team Relay............................................................................ 5 Team Relay Race Rules......................................................... 5 Your Race Day Checklist....................................................... 5 Key Race Rules..................................................................... 6 BTF Members and non members.......................................... 6 Race Day: Getting There........................................................ 7 Getting to the Event............................................................... 8 Race Days: Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September............. 9 Chip Collection and Bike Racking.......................................... 9 Race Details: Saturday 22 September................................. 10

Welcome to the Virgin Active London Triathlon I am delighted to welcome you all to the 2012 Virgin Active London Triathlon; the largest and most established Triathlon in the world. Virgin Active Health Clubs are our title sponsor for the second year running and I thank them for their unwavering support for this amazing event. As I write this the Olympics have yet to commence. However, I hope that when it comes to you reading this, we are all celebrating British success in the Olympic Triathlon events. In less than one month you will be part of the world’s largest triathlon which attracts passion and determination from over 13,000 triathletes across two days. Any triathlete, whether elite or otherwise will tell you that preparation is the key to a successful race. It is with that in mind that I encourage you to read the enclosed information carefully so you are fully prepared for your challenge. Please read and re-read this booklet until you feel comfortable with the procedures and what you have to do. We get inundated with phone calls in the weeks before the event, so we ask you to check any questions you may have aren’t answered in this Race Information or on our website before calling. Please do not worry if this is your first triathlon; there are over 13,000 others out there all feeling the same and just as nervous, but if you read all the information in this booklet you will be able to make the most of the event. Please read our newsletters and keep logging on to for all the latest information or any changes that may affect you.

My final thanks go to the hundreds of volunteers who give up their time to make the event the success it will undoubtedly be. They arrive before sunrise and provide help, support, guidance and most importantly a smile along the route. We couldn’t put the event on without them, so I encourage you to take a moment to thank them as you pass them on the day, as I know they will be giving you an extra cheer as you fly past.

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We’re all about being our personal best at Virgin Active, so you can be the same.

Race Details: Sunday 23 September................................... 11 Distances............................................................................ 11 Race Times......................................................................... 11 Cut Off Times...................................................................... 11 Your Race Day..................................................................... 12 The Swim............................................................................ 12 The Bike.............................................................................. 13 The Run.............................................................................. 14 Drinks On The Course......................................................... 14 Nutrition on the Course........................................................ 14

I wish each of you the best of luck for your race day and hope you enjoy the Virgin Active London Triathlon as much as I and the rest of my team enjoy organising it for you.

Medical Advice.................................................................... 15

Best wishes and see you there.

Spectator Information ......................................................... 16

Managing Director, Challenger World

We’ve also got Ofsted-approved crèches and kids’ zones in many of our clubs, as well as relaxing bar cafés and beauty spas for the grown-ups to unwind in.

Cut Off Times...................................................................... 10

We have numerous spectator viewing points, so do bring along as many friends, family members and loved ones as you can to cheer you along as you take on your own personal challenge.

James Robinson

With 122 health clubs nationwide, Virgin Active offers awesome kit, courts, classes, pools and spas galore – meaning wherever you are in the UK, you can work out or chill out in style.

Removal of Equipment........................................................ 14 Disqualification and Penalties............................................... 14 Your Triathlon Experience..................................................... 15 Additional Information.......................................................... 16 Timex Time Challenge......................................................... 18 Charity Fundraising.............................................................. 18 Official Merchandise............................................................ 18 Course Maps................................................................ 20 - 21 Map of ExCeL Building........................................................ 22

Our thanks, as always, go to all the authorities involved in organising this event –Transport for London, the Metropolitan Police, the London Boroughs of Newham, Tower Hamlets and the City of Westminster. Thanks must also go to our sponsors, partners and suppliers without whom we could not put on our events. AN IMG GROUP


Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

Your Race Pack

Bike Number Positions

Team Relay If you are competing in the Team Relay, only one person from your team needs to register, but the race numbers must be correctly attached to the bike and helmet to be used by the cyclist. The timing chip acts like a relay baton, so must be given to the team’s swimmer for the race start and transferred to the next person after each phase.

In this pack you will find all the key instructions for your race.

Team Relay Race Rules

*Please take the time to read this thoroughly. Also enclosed with this information are your race numbers – do not lose them!*

= Chip Collection: please complete and bring the enclosed team registration form to Chip Collection for when you collect your timing chip. This is STRONGLY recommended as it will save you time on the day. = Swim: the swimmer must wear the timing chip on their ankle. When they exit the water (having removed their wetsuit) they make their way to where the bike is racked in Transition, where they pass their timing chip on to the cyclist in the team. = Bike: the cyclist must wear the big race number on the back of their vest, put the chip on their ankle, secure their helmet and THEN remove their bike from the rack. Upon completing the cycle section the cyclist must make their way back to their original position in Transition, re-rack their bike and THEN remove the chip and hand it over to the runner.

Please check the front of your envelope on the address label of this pack to check your race wave details. Please then refer to pages 10 and 11 for your race start time. In addition to this all race categories will be listed on the website where you can search for your start time.

You will have received:

= Run: the runner must wear a body number on the front of their vest and must attach the chip to their ankle and THEN begin the run section.

Race Number Positions

Security wristband: to be attached to your wrist before arrival at ExCeL and not taken off until you have retrieved your bike from Transition after racing (this is a security precaution).

= Finish: located just before the finish line is the Team Meeting Point where you can meet up with the rest of your team (i.e. your swimmer and cyclist) to cross the line together, have your photograph taken and all receive your medals. See map on page 22.

*Don’t forget the Team Meeting Point (see map on page 22) – If you want your finish photo with your team mates, make sure you work out a rough time for your runner and arrange to catch your runner for the last 25m dash to the finish together.*

Two bike numbers: before entering the Transition Area stick one number to your helmet and the other to the handlebars with the number facing forward. These should not be taken off until you remove your bike from Transition after racing. NB: the bike number and your security wrist band must match for you to remove your bike after racing.

In the event that your team is going to be on the course for a particularly long time, your cyclist or runner may be issued with a second timing chip and instructed to start their leg of the relay. This is to prevent teams waiting too long for one of their team mates. Our official timers will combine the times recorded for each leg to give a total time for the team. In the event of this happening this will be implemented by the Team Leaders in Transition, and full instructions will be issued on the day.

Race number: we advise you to attach this to a race belt (see picture right showing use of race belt instead of pins). Race belts are available for purchase from Tri UK at the EXPO for approximately £5. You need to wear your race number on your back during the bike and on your front during the run.

Use of a Timing Chip *NB: no timing chip or incorrect use of chip = no results!* The timing chip is registered against your race number for the results service and will provide times for each stage of the race if used properly. You must wear your timing chip around your ankle, we advise you to make sure it is positioned underneath your wetsuit. If you have any timing queries post race day please email


Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

Timing Chip

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Bike & Bike


Security wris

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Fill out yo

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driver’s lic cation (e.g. Photo Identifi ip ur timing ch to collect yo ike, helmet, tly fixed to b ec rr co s er b ) Race num commended (race belt re and clothing e swim) ulsory for th p m o (c s le g gog Wetsuit and

Helmet (if you have

Cycle shoes Bike water


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Energy Bar/G


BTF or Triath

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card (if app


Key Race Rules

Race Day: Getting there

Abuse of any Race Official or Marshal will result in immediate disqualification and the organisers reserve the right to ban participants deemed to be guilty of such behaviour from their events for life.

Directions to ExCeL The event is conducted in and around ExCeL Exhibition Centre, Royal Victoria Dock, London E16 1XL, The recommended method of transport is by car or train as the DLR will not allow bikes.

By Car

No family, friends or pets will be allowed into the Transition area.

Stratford 3.5 miles from ExCeL. West Ham 1.8 miles from ExCeL. Prince Regent DLR 0.1 miles from ExCeL.

This can be reached from central London, Blackwall and Rotherhithe Tunnels, the A406 North Circular, M25 and M11. Please check for any weekend road works that may affect these routes. ExCeL Parking is signed from both Gallions Reach roundabout (from the East) and Canning Town (from the West).

You are recommended to familiarise yourself with the BTF rules and regulations, otherwise you may be penalised for breaking a rule.

There will be road closures in operation for the duration of the event in particular Sunday. Please see our website for full details.

*Please be sure to plan your journey carefully, because roads will be closed for racing during the weekend which will unavoidably add time to your travel.*

*Ignorance is no defence!* For further information visit the BTF website: or call: 01509 226 161.

Venue Parking


All competitors and visitors are urged to park in the ExCeL Undercroft car park if they are approaching from the west and the North Halls of ExCeL if approaching from the East.

Littering during the event is both against the law and unacceptable.

The west entrance to ExCeL has a 1.9m height restriction. Please navigate to the east entrance if you transport your bike on a roof rack or if you have a high or wide vehicle.

Anyone seen to litter during the event will be disqualified.

All parking is charged at a daily rate of ÂŁ15 which is payable via Pay and Display tickets which are available for purchase within the car parks.

BTF members and non members

DO NOT USE Royal Victoria

As part of your entry fee you will receive a day license which provides 3rd Party Insurance cover to take part in the event. This will be downloadable from one of our key information emails which will be sent to you in the run up to the event.

Nearest Stations are: Canning Town (Jubilee Line) 1.6 miles from ExCeL.

ExCeL is accessed from the A13, which is not affected by the event route.

Once you have racked your bike and helmet, only you and your race clothing will be allowed in before, during and after your race.

Public Transport

If you are a BTF Member (British Triathlon Federation), please visit the Help Desk during the day of your event with your membership card for your ÂŁ5 reimbursement.

Bicycles are not permitted on the docklands light railway (DLR) and they have advised us that they CANNOT accept any bicycles at any point over the weekend. We therefore strongly advise competitors to arrive at the venue using private transport although the DLR remains open for spectator use.

*Spectators and competitors arriving without bikes can use the tube, changing at Canning Town or Bank for the DLR to Prince Regent which is the nearest DLR station.* For information about travelling on public transport with a bicycle or to select a bike route, refer to Transport for London ( or London Cycling Campaign. ( Essential engineering works are unavoidable so please be sure to check the Transport for London website ( for any travel information before the day to avoid delays.

Sandstone Lane


Canning Town Central London

Important Travel Information

Nearest Station Prince Regent


ll L

gu Sea


Silverton Way

Crowne Plaza

Car Park Entrance / Exit



Car Park Entrance / Exit


Ramada Hotel

Connaught Bridge

Transition is a high security area. Access will only be given to those competitors wearing security wristbands.

There is sufficient parking at ExCeL for all spectators and competitors but please remember to arrive (at least) 90 minutes before your start time to avoid being late for your race.

EAST A406 M11 M25

Royal Victoria Dock 6

Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012 North Woolwich Road A1020

Getting to the event

Race Days

Please see below for a few options of how to get to ExCeL. If travelling on the DLR the closest stop for alighting is Prince Regent. Remember bikes are not allowed on the DLR. Please also refer to for more information.

Chip Collection and Bike Racking

Competitors arriving with bikes, via public transport cannot use the tube. The nearest train stations are West Ham and Stratford.

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 September

st 90 a e l t a ExCeL t a ime* t e v i t r r a t s *Ar your e r o f e b s minute Upon arrival you should: = Follow signs to the Chip Collection in the South Hall entrance door S7. = Remember you will require your photo ID and BTF membership card (if applicable) to collect your timing chip. = Go to the chip desk applicable to your race number and show your photo ID. = You will receive your timing chip which will become your responsibility until you hand it back at the finish line. Due to the costs of the technology there will be a ÂŁ20 charge if you lose your timing chip once in your possession. = Once you have collected your timing chip and attached it to your ankle, make your way to the bike check to rack your bike.

Spectators and Competitors arriving without bikes can use the tube, changing at Canning Town or Bank for the DLR to Prince Regent.


Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

elmet h le c y c d e v *Your appro to your d e h c a t t a e must b rack it.* u o y n e h w bike

Race Details Distances

Race Times

Super Sprint Distance Swim

400m - 1 lap


10km - 1 lap


2.5km - 1 lap

Category / Distance

Sprint Distance Swim 750m - 1 lap Bike

20km - 2 laps


5km - 2 laps

Olympic Distance Saturday only (Olympic teams & Corporate Waves) Swim

1500m - 2 laps


40km - 4 laps


10km - 4 laps

The Bike turn points for Saturday are Leamouth and Gallions (see map on pages 20-21 for details)

Please note that distances are provided as a guide, exact distances are dictated by route and venue configurations.

Race Details

Saturday 22 September

Distances Wave No.

Start Time

Youth Super Sprint (M+F) Male Super Sprint Female Super Sprint

1 2 3

11:00 11:10 11:20




Olympic Team Relay (M+F) Olympic Team Relay (M+F) Corporate Olympic (M+F) Belron Sprint (M+F) incl Team Relay Corporate Sprint (M+F) Female Sprint Female Sprint Male Sprint Male Sprint Male Sprint

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

12:30 13:15 13:45 14:15 14:45 15:10 15:30 15:50 16:10 16:30

Male Sprint



Olympic Plus Distance Westminster Route Swim Bike

1500m - 1 lap 80km - 3 laps

For each lap of the bike route competitors will turn at Westminster and then Stansfield Road roundabout. Run

10km - 4 laps

Olympic Distance Westminster Route - Sunday Morning Swim 1500m - 1 lap Bike 40km - 2 laps The first lap goes from ExCeL to Westminster, back past ExCeL to Stansfield Road roundabout, heading west again past ExCeL as far as Billingsgate where you turn and go back to Stansfield Road before returning to ExCeL. Run

10km - 4 laps

Tower Bridge Route - Sunday Afternoon

Cut Off Times The organisers reserve the right to ask any participant to curtail any leg of the event at their discretion to ensure competitor safety and the route can be re-opened on schedule.

Swim 1500m - 1 lap Bike 40km - 2 laps For each lap of the bike route competitors turn at the Tower Bridge turn point then the Stansfield Road turn point before returning to ExCeL. Run

10km - 4 laps

Specifically: = All competitors must have completed the bike leg by 19:00. Failure to do so may result in the bike leg being reduced.

Timings ExCeL will be opened from 08:30 on the Saturday.

Please note that distances are provided as a guide, exact distances are dictated by route and venue configurations.

Sunday 23 September

Race Times Category / Distance

Wave No. Start Time

Olympic Plus / Male Olympic Age Group Male Olympic Age Group Male Olympic Age Group Male Olympic Age Group Female Olympic Age Group Male Olympic Sub 2:30 Female Olympic Sub 2:30 Male Junior Elite - (Sprint) Female Junior Elite - (Sprint) Elite Female - (Olympic) Elite Male - (Olympic) Mixed Olympic Female Olympic Age Group Male Open Olympic Male Open Olympic Male Open Olympic Male Open Olympic Male Olympic Age Group Male Olympic Age Group Male Olympic Age Group

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

06:30 07:00 07:30 08:00 08:30 09:10 09:13 10:15 10:20 10:25 10:50 12:00 12:25 12.50 13:15 13.40 14.05 14.30 14:55 15:20

Cut Off Times The organisers reserve the right to ask any participant to curtail any leg of the event at their discretion to ensure competitor safety and the route can be re-opened on schedule. Specifically: = Any Sub 2:30 competitors must complete the 1500m Swim, T1 and 14km of the bike leg by 10:15. Failure to do so will result in them being directed into transition to finish the bike leg. = On Sunday, competitors must complete the first cycle lap by 16:30 to ensure that the Limehouse Link Tunnel can be reopened on time, as dictated by the Road Traffic Order issued for the event. Failure to do so may result in the bike leg being reduced.

Timings ExCeL will be opened from 05:30 on the Sunday. If you are in one of the first four waves of the day on Sunday you must remove your bike from transition by 12:30. If you are in one of the last four waves of the day on the Sunday you cannot rack your bike until 12:30.


Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

*Top tip: a lubricant (e.g. baby oil) on the wrists and ankles will help.*

Your Race Day The Swim Wetsuit

*A wetsuit is compulsory*

A wetsuit is compulsory and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have one on race day. Hire or Buy If you haven’t already done so, the easiest way to hire or buy a wetsuit for the day is to visit – the UK’s number one online wetsuit hire service. All wetsuits are made by Speedo who are the event’s official wetsuit supplier. The wetsuit will not only keep you warm, but will also help you swim faster as it provides you with extra buoyancy. Surf and shortie wetsuits are allowed, but these are totally different to a triathlon specific wetsuit, which is designed for swimming and fits like a second skin. We strongly advise you to swim in your wetsuit before the event. This is normally possible by asking at your local pool. It is also useful to practice getting out of the wetsuit to help with your transition on the day. Please note there is NO swimming allowed in the Royal Victoria Dock except during the event.

*Do not use Petroleum based lubricants (e.g. vaseline) as these damage the suit* Swim Start Having collected and attached your timing chip and racked your bike you should arrive at Swim Assembly a minimum of 20 minutes before your wave start time. (It will take approximately 5 minutes to walk from Transition to the Swim Assembly).

Swim Exit

Transition Swim to Bike (T1)

The swim exit pontoon dips into the water so you can swim onto it before standing up. Lifeguards will be on hand to help you out. Once you have exited the water you will need to remove your wetsuit, place it in a bag provided, and cover a short distance on foot to Transition.

Make sure you know your route through Transition when switching between disciplines. Getting lost in Transition will add seconds or minutes to your finish time.

There is a water station and a Gatorade Hydration Station on the way to Transition.

Be careful going up the steps to Transition as they can get wet. The Royal Victoria Dock The water is tested against EU bathing standards; however we would still advise you to be in good health and to try and avoid swallowing the water, as swimmers may be more susceptible to infection through immune suppression. In open water swims there is no push off the wall every 25 metres, so practice swimming the race distance with no push offs prior to race day.

Swim Safety The water safety team, provided by Swim Safety Ltd, will consist of fully qualified lifeguards in kayaks and rescue boats as well as bank based lifeguards on pontoons. All lifeguards are members of either the BCU Lifeguards or Surf Lifesaving GB. If this is your first triathlon, or swimming is not your strongest discipline, we recommend that you position yourself towards the back or the side of the wave. It may add a few seconds to your time, but it will enable you to get into your rhythm and enjoy the swim more.

*If you do get into difficulty, lie on your back and raise your arm; a canoe lifeguard will come to you and if necessary arrange a safety boat to take you to the water’s edge.*

At Swim Assembly you will be given a swim cap which identifies your wave start and given some important tips and advice. You may be in the water for up to 5 minutes before your start. Use this time to assess the conditions, practise your swim technique and prepare mentally for the race. The route will be marked by buoys and canoe lifeguards will be on hand to guide the wave. You should also identify tall landmarks that can keep you on course, so as to avoid weaving and swimming further than you need to!


*There will be no drink stations on the cycle section - you should prepare a drink that is suitable for you and have it on your bike before the race starts*

Swim Strokes Most people use front crawl or breast stroke. Back stroke is not permitted because it can be confused with someone indicating they are in difficulty.

Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

*Goggles ar e compulsory*

Follow us at londontriathlon

The Bike It is your responsibility to bring a bike that is road worthy and complies with the BTF rules (visit for more information). We recommend that you have your bike serviced before race day. Our official retailer, Tri UK, will be present to sort out any minor problems, but may not have spares for all bikes.


For bike hire and tri packages to suit all levels and budgets go to Fixed wheel bikes (bikes that use the pedals as a brake) are not permitted in the race. Your handlebars must not have bare open metal ends. Please obtain stoppers to plug them before coming to the race or purchase them from our official retailers in Expo on the day. BTF Referee bike checks can potentially stop you competing.

Bike Helmet

*A bike helmet is compulsory.* Approved cycling safety helmets of ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078 or an equivalent national standard must be worn by competitors. (NOTE: a CE mark is NOT an approval mark).

*NB: any helmet bought in recent years will comply but check for damage which would stop it protecting you properly.* The course = Make sure you know the route! It is your responsibility to navigate the course successfully and safely = The bike course can get very slippery when wet = Always cycle on the left hand side and beware of competitors overtaking you on the right = Please pay attention to the marshals instructions at all times = Please note marshals CANNOT count laps for you

No drafting is allowed, i.e. taking shelter behind or beside another competitor during the cycling leg of the race. A ‘bicycle draft zone’ is defined as a rectangle surrounding every competitor that is 3 metres wide and extends 7 metres behind the front wheel of a competitor’s bicycle. The front edge of the front bicycle wheel will define the centre of the leading edge of the rectangle. The draft zone of one competitor may not overlap the draft zone of another competitor. Competitors may enter the draft zone of another competitor for the purpose of overtaking, but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 15 seconds is allowed to pass through the draft zone of another competitor. If an overtaking manoeuvre is not completed within 15 seconds the overtaking cyclist must drop back. When a competitor is passed by other competitors, it is his/ her responsibility to move out of the draft zone of the overtaking competitor. Failure to do so may result in an official caution or time penalty. A competitor is passed when another competitor’s front wheel is ahead of his / her front wheel. Motorcycle and static BTF Referees will patrol the course to enforce the no drafting rule.

Transition Bike to Run (T2) Once you return to Transition after the bike phase please make sure you return your bike to the same position it was in at the start of the race.

Note: doing this will result in a penalty.

*Do not wear ne w running shoes on race day !*

Medical Advice


*One of our biggest issues post-event is caused by people taking the wrong wetsuit from Transition, please take a few seconds to check that you have your own wetsuit, most are black and look very similar.*

The Skechers Run Course =

Run on the left at all times


No headphones are allowed


Be aware of other competitors trying to pass you and take care when passing other competitors


It is your responsibility to complete the required course successfully and count your own laps


Disqualification and Penalties

The race finish is located within Expo inside the ExCeL centre

*The race is governed by BTF Referees.*

Drinks on the course There will be water stations after the swim, on the Skechers run course and at the finish.


Please get used to re-hydrating as part of your training. Remember it is vital to drink regularly during and after exercise (see Medical Advice).


No cycling is allowed in the Transition area at any time. There will be a clearly marked mount and dismount lines at ‘Bike Out’ and ‘Bike In’


You must secure your helmet strap before removing your bike from the rack and it must not be undone until your bike is replaced on the rack after finishing the cycle section. You will be given a 2 minute time penalty if you do not comply with this rule


No headphones are allowed during any phase of the race and will result in either a penalty or disqualification


Nudity is not permitted, including within the Transition area

Maxifuel, our official sports nutrition sponsor, will have gel fuel stations around the course, look out for them as you make your way around. To get £10.00 off and discover how Maxifuel can help you beat your best, visit and enter code ‘London12’ at checkout.

Removal of Equipment

You must rack your bike and cycle helmet in the same position of the bike rack row as allocated at the start of the race

There will be BTF Referees in Transition to monitor all competitors.

You will be able to remove your bike from Transition immediately after racing and you must remove your bike and equipment from Transition within 1.5 hours of finishing and prior to the venue closing times. The organisers reserve the right to remove any equipment left in transition beyond the above times. The Support Team will check the bike number against the wristband number before it is released.

*Please make sure your kit is labelled so it can be identified!* 14

Discuss any medical problems with your GP before competing in the triathlon. This advice is in addition to anything he or she says.

*If you have a medical condition put a cross on the front of your race number, and fill in the details on the reverse of the number in permanent pen.* Cardiac Assessment and Screening If you have a family history of heart disease or sudden death, or you have symptoms of heart disease, i.e. chest pain or discomfort on exertion, sudden shortness of breath or rapid palpitations, see your GP who can arrange for you to have a proper cardiac assessment.

Visit for all rules and regulations.

Additionally, Gatorade Hydration Stations ‘The world’s number one sports drink’ ( will be available after the swim, on the run course and at the finish.

Nutrition on the Course

Medical Problems

Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

Your Triathlon Experience

On The Day... Do not compete if you feel unwell or have just been unwell. This advice applies even if you are raising money for charity. If you feel feverish, have been vomiting, have had diarrhoea or any chest pains DO NOT RACE! A large number of medical emergencies occur in people who have been unwell but do not want to miss the event.

The largest triathlon in the world also plays host to the largest triathlon Expo in the world. The Virgin Active London Triathlon Expo promises to be even bigger and better in 2012. Based within ExCeL the Expo is the hub of the event, situated next to the Swim Assembly area and bisected by the finish line. Over 55,000 spectators, competitors and fitness enthusiast filtered through the Expo in 2011, soaking up the atmosphere of the unique event. Entry is free so whether you are competing, spectating or simply a keen sportsman, come down to ExCeL and be part of this major event. There are only a few stand spaces still available. To find out more about exhibiting at the Virgin Active London Triathlon Expo contact Rob Humpherson (

If the weather on Race Day is warm or humid do not try for a PB, take it easy and enjoy the day. Serious heat related problems are common even in triathlon.

Hydration – Drinking Safely Sensible fluid intake is necessary for a triathlon. Your thirst is the best and safest guide to how much to drink. You should start the race adequately hydrated and then drink small amounts as your thirst dictates. Avoid drinking too much fluid before, during or after the race, as it is possible to get ill from drinking too much fluid (water OR sports drinks). Cups of water and Gatorade are available at regular intervals along the course, although you will need to provide your own drinks for the cycle leg. Both water and Gatorade will be available once you cross the finish line.

Dr Courtney Kipps Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine Medical Director, Virgin Active London Triathlon

Additional Information Spectator Information With the race being concentrated around ExCeL there are a variety of locations which are ideal for your friends and family to watch you race in all three disciplines. The swim area can be viewed from the dockside which can be accessed from either side of ExCeL. The Britannia Pedestrian Bridge which crosses Royal Victoria Dock is a public right of way and should not be used as a viewing platform for safety reasons. Please only use it to cross the docks. Spectators can view the bike section from either the west or east entrance of ExCeL. The bike section can also be seen from the walkways from the DLR at Custom House Station and Prince Regent Station or from the roundabout at the East of ExCeL. The Skechers run course can be viewed anywhere outside the east of ExCeL as the route stretches along the north edge of the dock. There is even viewing from the inside of ExCeL as the Skechers run course loops through the Expo.

*The finish is indoors within the Expo so spectators should check they know how to get to there so they don’t miss you crossing the line!* Spectators are reminded to respect the safety of the competitors and are urged to always be aware of the race going on around them. We have a number of crossing points on the route and a team of marshals to manage them. Please let our team do their jobs by advising any spectators to only cross where advised to do so.

*Please advise all spectators to use our designated crossing points if they wish to cross the course.*

On-site pre & post sports & remedial massage (SRM) Service: The Virgin Active London Triathlon and Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage (SRM) are delighted to be joining forces in 2012 to provide the first-class on-site SRM service competitors have come to expect at IMG events.

Where? The massage area is located in the Expo which will be clearly signposted on the day.

Why? To ease pre-event tension, stiffness, niggles… and/or enhance recovery, relieve post-exertion muscle ache, fatigue, soreness.

*It is a great day out for spectators – make sure you bring your friends and family along…* Toilets on the Course

Photography & TV

There are toilet facilities available inside ExCeL at four easily accessible locations close to Transition. Please look out for these on arrival.

Official photographers, Channel 4 Television and other media will be at the event all weekend - so remember to smile! Please be aware that camera motorbikes will be following some sections of the race. Challenger World has the right to show all footage taken at the event including spectators and participants. This footage and photography may be used for the purpose of advertising and marketing of the event.

ExCeL Facilities There will be a staffed cloakroom available at Level 0 off the ExCeL central boulevard. This will be open on Saturday from 1000 hrs - 2000 hrs and on Sunday from 0630 hrs - 1900 hrs. There is a nominal charge of £1 per item left.

NB: IMG (UK) Ltd will not be responsible for any items left.

Marathon Photos will be taking your photograph at various stages of the race.

NB: no dogs are permitted in the venue (apart from guide dogs.)

How? Competitors are STRONGLY ADVISED to pre-book their massage session when registering on event day, to avoid queuing/disappointment.

How much? Treatments cost £15 per 20 minute session. All bookings should be made at the massage desk (front of massage area), and MUST include payment by cash or card.

Medical Our Medical Director, team of sports medics, London Ambulance Service, St John Ambulance and their paramedic team will be on standby for any first aid treatment at various places on the course. Their main treatment facility will be located at the race Finish.

V-Kids Zone and Active Kids Virgin Active is bringing fun and fitness to the entire family. Our V-Kids Zone and Active Kids area are both dedicated to keeping the little ’uns entertained - offering a variety of awesome activities from athletic challenges to face painting. Round up the troops and share in the fun!

*Whether or not you have a medical condition, if you feel unwell on race day – DO NOT RACE!*

Remember to tune in to Channel 4 to see the highlights programme being broadcast on Sunday 7th October at 7am. Visit our website after the event for confirmed transmission times as this time may change after going to print.

Changing facilities & showers There will be limited changing facilities, but no showers. We recommend you arrive ready to race, and bring some warm clothes for afterwards.

Lost Property Please hand any items found to the Help Desk located in the South Hall - see map page 22. We will hold onto any lost property for three months after the race. If you have lost an item of your property please email us at

Photographs will be available for purchase online at

Marshals (Support Team) We need lots of marshals - our ‘Support Team’ - to help make this a great event. If any of your friends or family are interested in being part of this major sporting event, please call 020 8233 5900 or visit for more information.

A medal will be given to every participant who completes The Virgin Active London Triathlon at the finish area. You must collect your medal on race day.

Accommodation The Virgin Active London Triathlon is delighted to have linked up with the Intercontinental Hotels Group (which includes the Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn brands) to supply accommodation at the event. Please visit the following link to find out more:

Timex Time Challenge


Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

At tri uk we’re with you from the start...

Timex Time Challenge

(So call now to order your ideal triathlon package)

This year Timex will be bringing out your competitive edge at the Virgin Active London Triathlon! Look out for the Timex Bonus Zone, located on the Skechers run course to give you that extra lift. Timex will be picking out the fastest male and female run times - who will win an exclusive Timex Sleek 150-Lap with TapScreen™ Technology.

Let the competition begin - good luck!

Charity Fundraising

Official Merchandise

If you are not already, please consider raising money for charity.

We have teamed up with Speedo to provide you with a fantastic range of limited edition Virgin Active London Triathlon Official merchandise.

We are hoping that our competitors will beat previous records this year and raise over £2 million for various charities. Our official charities are Cancer Research UK and WellChild. We would love as many participants as possible to support them by fundraising as part of their race. A full list of charities we support is available on the website.

to have teamed up d te ci ex ly al re re e’ “W iving for the with Virgin Money G triathlon.” Virgin Active London We know how hard you train and how much effort goes into your fundraising, so we want to do all we can to help your charity receive even more of the money you raise.

The range includes 2012 event t-shirts with competitors names. The full range is available at the official merchandise stand in Expo and also online via our website.

And finally...

We wish you all the best for a successful race and hope you enjoy yourself! The Virgin Active London Triathlon Team

Virgin Money Giving is a not-for-profit fundraising website and the official fundraising website for the Virgin Active London Triathlon. Our only aim is to ensure more money goes where it’s needed – directly to your chosen charity. We don’t take a penny in profit from donation and Gift Aid is reclaimed and passed onto you charities in full. Simply visit to set up your page.

Best of luck with your fundraising! 18

Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012

and we’ll be there for the finish. (We’ll see you at The Virgin Active London Triathlon 22nd - 23rd September 2012)


Virgin Active London Triathlon

Saturday 22nd September


Course Map

Swim route Bike route Skechers Run route

Billingsgate Turn Point

Gatorade Hydration Station


Maxifuel Nutrition Station

Olympic Teams

Timex Time Challenge


Leamouth Turn Point

Super Sprint




1 lap

1 lap

1 lap




1 lap

2 laps

2 laps




2 lap (Sprint Turns)

4 laps

4 laps




Turning Points for the bike are Leamouth and Gallions.

Water station Viewing Point


Sunday 23rd September

Hotels 6

Access and egress between Bike route and Transition









Premier Inn


Crowne Plaza


Custom House




Olympic Plus

Aloft Hotel Olympic (Sunday morning)



Bike Turn Points


1 lap (Olympic Turns) 1500m

3 laps

Transition > Westminster > Stansfield Road > Westminster > Stansfield Road > Westminster > Stansfield Road > Transition

4 laps

1 lap (Olympic Turns) 1500m

2 laps

Transition > Westminster > Stansfield Road > Billingsgate > Stansfield Road > Transition

4 laps

1 lap (Olympic Turns) 1500m

2 laps

Transition > Tower Bridge > Stansfield Road > Tower Bridge > Stansfield Road > Transition

4 laps



3 Olympic


(Sunday afternoon)

Run Start Sprint & Olympic Turn Swim Assembly


Nearest Station Prince Regent





Swim Start Turn for next lap


Super Sprint Turn

Tower Bridge Turn Point

Westminster Turn Point

7 East Piazza


Royal Victoria Dock Sprint & Super Sprint Turn


Bonus Zone 2

Charity Cheering Points

1 Stansfield Road Turn Point

Olympic Turn Sunday Only


ve r




Sunday 23rd September - Elite Races Swim


Bike Turn Points


Junior Elites

1 lap (Sprint Turns)

2 laps



Transition > Billingsgate > Stansfield Road > Billingsgate > Stansfield Road > Transition

2 laps



1 lap (Olympic Turns)

2 laps

4 laps




Transition > Westminster > Stansfield Road > Billingsgate > Stansfield Road > Transition


Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012



Bike route continues from leamouth Billingsgate Turn Point

Gallions Turn Point

Royal Albert Dock Building 1000


Turning Point

Lower Lea Crossing

run LAP


run out

swim exit

active kids

bike & Helmet check



SET IN THE BEAUTIFUL GROUNDS OF BLENHEIM PALACE WITH A FANTASTIC ELITE FIELD AND A HOST OF CELEBRITY PARTICIPANTS, THE BLENHEIM TRIATHLON IS THE PERFECT RACE TO KICK OFF YOUR 2013 TRIATHLON SEASON IN STYLE! Early bird offer ends Jan 31st. Enter before this date to save yourself £10 providing we haven’t already sold out by this point. Sign up soon to avoid disappointment.

bike out

run out

swim start

walk to swim start


Swim assembly

S6 S5 S4


S3 S2



Virgin Active London Triathlon 2012


bike in

swim in











8th & 9th June 2013






S9 S8





Map of ExCeL Building

More of what you want. With 122 health clubs nationwide, we’ve more kit, classes, courts, pools and spas to help you find your Oomph. Take a virtual tour of your nearest one at

live happily ever active

2012 London Triathlon Race Information  
2012 London Triathlon Race Information  

2012 London Triathlon Race Information