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Sports bring competition


Winning a game is what drives her. “We want to win and when we loose we’re really bummed and really pissed because we knew we could’ve beat them,” Dolder said. But winning isn’t what the sport is all about for Dolder. “It’s mostly leaving everything on the field, playing your heart out,” Dolder said. “Not holding anything back.” When Dolder first started playing the sport, she didn’t imagine how much she’d get into it and how competitive it would become in high school. “When I first started it wasn’t that big of a deal,” Dolder said. “Over the year’s it’s become my passion. I can’t live without it.” Chol loves playing football and said that his team is pretty competitive. He believes that his coach likes the competition between schools. “He thinks it’s a good thing because it makes us want to work harder,” Chol said. Edward Rodriguez He said that the reason there’s competition between Hoover and Roosevelt is because co-editor in chief of a win a few years back. Three competitive athletes in three “We beat (Roosevelt) a couple years separate sports share one common ago,” Chol said. denominator: a rival that goes by the name of Lewis enjoys the competition in Roosevelt. basketball. Seniors Hali Dolder, Corey Lewis and Lam “There’s a lot of competitiveness,” Chol have played their sports of choice for years. Lewis said. “It’s crazy.” They each have their own stories of their love for Whether it’s on the court the sport and bring on the intensity when they play or on the field, competition will Roosevelt teams. continue to steam up between “It’s Roosevelt,” Dolder said, “and compared to Hoover and Roosevelt teams, but all the other conference teams, they’re normally the although this competitive nature hardest. We’ve always been rivals so it’s just a really makes team members work big deal.” harder, it’s not what the sports Dolder hates to lose, but what she hates even are all about. A soccer more is seeing players on her soccer team not play Lewis, Chol and Dolder will player to their full potential. Although she can’t do much all attest to that. headers about other players, she makes sure to take care of “It’s a little bit about during a game. herself. winning,” Lewis said. Athletes find soccer and “I come on the field and I play my ass off and if I do other high school sports “You want to win games, something not full on for the first twenty minutes of the game to be competitive. “There’s but you always want to I play triple as hard as I can to make up for the next part of the a lot of competitiveness. It’s go out there and have fun. crazy,” senior Corey Lewis game,” Dolder said. That’s what it’s all about.” said. CHALLENGER ARCHIVES

Athletes find passion in competitive high school sports

Which Hoover sport do you think is the most competitive? “It’s between soccer and basketball. Soccer because they do a lot of trash talking and basketball because they’re expected to do really well.” -junior Amy Uhl

“I think basketball, because not too long ago we won state.” -senior Corey Soulinthavong

“Basketball, because it’s the sport most of the students here like and students really get into it and try to win.” -junior Morgan Heintz

“Football, because even if nobody cares about the other sports, every one cares about football.” -sophomore Dylan Warren RODRIGUEZ SIDEBAR

Goals to be accomplished

Football, cheerleading swim programs share high hopes for fall season Tanner Buckley sports editor

Members of the Marlins swim team get ready for a meet. The meet was against the Lincoln Railsplitters. Getting pumped before meets motivates the team to work hard. LEVEKE PHOTO

Fall brings a new atmosphere to high school sports. As cool air sets in, athletes who have conditioned over summer finally get to put their practice to the test. This fall brings high hopes to the football, cheerleading and swim programs. Junior Chris Dickson has played football for eight years. Dickson believes the football program will make a huge improvement from last year. “The coaches are going to buckle down on us,” Dickson said. Dickson also said that the team’s confidence will bring more wins to their record. “We are confident, more talented, and much more driven,” Dickson said. Hoover’s first varsity game will be August 29 at Indianola. After cheerleading all of high school, junior Kylie Van Houten has finally reached her goal of being a varsity cheerleader. Van Houten said that she and other cheerleaders are all looking forward to the season. “Fall always brings out good times for cheering,” Van Houten said. Van Houten also said that drills have changed for this season. “We have a lot of new drills and cheers lined up for the football season,” Van Houten said. With summer practices being perfected, the cheerleading squad hopes to have a great season. The girls will ride along with the football team to Indianola August 29.

Junior Emily Dungan has been a lifeguard all summer and also kept herself busy with swim practice. Dungan has high hopes for the swim team this year. “We’re getting some pretty good freshmen on the team,” Dungan said. One problem the swim team has to face is the lack of swimmers. “We need more girls, our team is very small compared to schools like Roosevelt and Valley,” Dungan said. Dungan said having a new assistant coach this year has motivated swimmers to try their hardest. “It has inspired us to work harder,” Dungan said. Dungan says that with better leaders, Emily Dungan the team will be under more control. “This year will be better since we have a lot of experienced seniors,” Dungan said.

Dungan student profile Domination Junior Emily Dungan has been swimming at Hoover for two years. She was also a lifeguard over the summer at Northwest Family Aquatic Center. “I like knowing that if an emergency were to take place, I could save a life.” BUCKLEY SIDEBAR

Challenger Orientation Issue  

The first issue of the Challenger for the 08-09 school year.

Challenger Orientation Issue  

The first issue of the Challenger for the 08-09 school year.