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Young moms unite Teen moms share battles, struggles and accomplishments

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In shape for spring break Senior Anna Moody joins eXtreme Bodyshaping course at Farrell’s gym

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Students have hope, concern for economy Hurting economy prompts conversation

Tanner Buckley entertainment editor

A statewide budget freeze has been issued, cu�ng roughly $3.3 million from Iowa schools. Parent Tracie Adam found the cut upse�ng. “It doesn’t make sense. They expect students to go to school and learn, but how are they going to do that when class sizes are already too big and there’s already not enough books to go around,” Adam said. ������� ����� ����� ������������

initiates budget freeze, 3.3 million cut Ice ice budget Culver from school districts around state Katlin Perkins staff writer

Governor Chet Culver has recently put into act a budget freeze that will cut 1.5 percent across the board. Cutting around a total of $3.3 million in schools districts across the state. Principal Douglas Wheeler finds budget cuts unfortunate but logical, since schools have the biggest budget in the state. He said the cut does not indicate a lack of concern for the education system. “They try to look at things long term by having good schools it will lead to having good businesses, and good people to work at the businesses.” Wheeler said. Some effects of the budget freeze are felt almost immediately while others are felt for years after. The effects of this freeze will be happening gradually over this year and the next.

Drama department head Chelsea Cunningham and other teachers are beginning to cut back this year. Unable to take school transportation for field trips due to lack of funds, they turn to carpooling to make the trips. “Because the economy is the way it is and it affects the budget for all programs we’re taking measures to preserve as much as we can,” Cunningham said. 85 percent of the budget is spent on salaries and compensation for school employees. One million dollars is only enough to cover 30-40 teachers. Students are finding their own ways to raise money for things they want to do, like dances and sports. Each student group does different fundraisers; some sell candy while others sell raffle tickets. This helps their group be able to buy what they need to make their activities enjoyable. Tracie Adam has a child that attends a Des Moines public school. She said she finds the cuts the that the governor has made absurd. She said she felt

education was cut too much in proportion to other areas of spending. “It doesn’t make sense; they expect students to go to school and learn, but how are they going to do that when class sizes are already too big and there’s already not enough books to go around,” Adam said. Although the school is cutting back, Wheeler said he does not see programs being cut next year. He said that staffing contracts have not yet been negotiated, which leaves only 15 percent of the budget available to make adjustments this year. With schools cutting back on money spent, it is the principal’s job to figure out how to decrease the amount that his or her school is spending while still keeping books on the tables and teachers in the classrooms. “It really forces you to be creative,” Wheeler said. “I think it forces everyone to look at what we spend money on.”

With America’s economy reaching a low not seen since World War II, new President Barack Obama has multiple plans to change America’s economic status. According to, last month’s drop in employment brought total job losses to 3.6 million since December 2007. Sophomore Mittzi Castellanos said she is worried about America’s economy. “Our economical status is really bad since all these banks are going bankrupt,” Castellanos said. Castellanos said she believes Obama is going to change America for the better. “I think Obama could make some changes and raise our economy little by little,” Castellanos said. Senior Kaleah Plain describes herself as fiscally conservative. She said that while she thinks the proposed stimulus package lacks regulations, she thinks it’s the best idea for now. “For now it is a good idea. They just need to refine it a bit,” Plain said. “It’s going to take time. It’s not a quick fix.” With a new president in office, Castellanos thinks America has hope. “Obama gave hope to millions of people when he became president elect,” Castellanos said. Castellanos thinks Obama will have a major impact on her future. “I think he’ll impact my future with college, especially with student loans,” Castellanos said. Junior Drew Davis has stayed caught up with the U.S.’s current economic issues. “I know that we’re currently under a recession,” Davis said. With jobs being lost day by day, Davis is worried about the future. “If the economy continues this way, finding a job could become difficult, even more so than it is now,” Davis said. Davis is confident that Obama will change America for the better. “I feel that if he delivers what he promises, there should somewhat of an increase in the economy. He has a lot of good ideas,” Davis said.

President Barack Obama’s map to improve education Barack Obama has said he will Obama feels strongly about reform No Child Left Behind: repairing the bridge between preObama has said he school and public school. He said believes that teachers should he intends to provide support to devote more time educating young kids and their parents with student in new and creative his “Zero to Five” plan which ways as opposed to being will help states move toward force to prepare them for voluntary, universal pre-school. standardized tests. Obama Coming into office, Obama aims to modify the process has said he realizes the financial used to evaluate a student’s burden on American families readiness for college. all across the nation to send

their children to college. In order to help the parents of college-bound students, in this time of economic weakness, Obama plans to create a new American Opportunity Tax Credit worth $4,000 in exchange for community service. The goal is to take a large amount out of the cost for college tuition and encourage success in the lives of many young Americans. ������: ���.�����������.��� ����� ������ �������

2 news NEWS BRIEFS “Happily Ever A�er”

Winter Formal will be held tomorrow at the Polk County Conven�on Complex. The theme is “Happily Ever A�er.” Tickets are on sale Feb. 9-13 for $8. Guests must have �ckets purchased by Thursday Feb. 12. Students must have their school ID to purchase a �cket.

Presidents Day off There are no classes Monday for Presidents Day. Washington’s birthday is now known as Presidents Day. During the month of February the birthday of two Presidents’ takes place, George Washington, Feb. 22 and Abraham Lincoln Feb. 12. Presidents Day was originally set on Washington’s birthday. Now it is celebrated on the third Monday of each year in February.

IHSSA All-State nomina�ons All 15 par�cipa�ng groups from Hoover received I ra�ngs at state Feb. 7. Hoover groups received NonPerforming nomina�ons to AllState in the following categories: One-Act, Choral Reading, Ensemble Ac�ng and Solo Mime. Groups receiving Performing nomina�ons par�cipated in the following categories: group mime, group improvisa�on and musical theatre. All-State will take place at ISU Feb. 21.

Diversity Week Diversity Week is being organized by the SPIRIT group and several teachers including history teacher Maureen Murphy and drama teacher Chelsea Cunningham. Ideas for the week are s�ll works in progress. They also hope to focus some more on African-American culture during February and on women in March, which is Women’s History Month. Principal Doug Wheeler said he feels Hoover can have a kind of diversity Week most schools can’t. While he said his job makes him biased toward Hoover, Wheeler feels Hoover is more tolerant of cultures then many other schools. “I get a feel from Hoover that there’s a place for about every kind of kid, and I’m proud of that and I know the students are proud of that,” Wheeler said.

Strings prepare for fes�val The orchestra is preparing for the Hoover/ Meredith Solo/ Ensemble Fes�val, which is scheduled for Feb 21. They are also preparing for their next concert March 7.


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iTunes makes changes ��������������������������� ��������������������� Michael Roby back page editor Ever since its creation in 2001, iTunes has been a powerful and popular source for downloading music and videos. However, in recent years, some of Apple’s anti-copying rules have caused other websites to take its place of power. Apple announced in January that they plan to lift these rules beginning in April. Music and videos will be able to be copied directly from a PC to an iPod or any other device and vice versa. The prices of songs will also change, to 69 cents for most songs, 99 cents for more popular tracks, and $1.29 for the most popular new songs. Apple hopes that these changes will get their customers back and allow them to regain their dominance in the music world. Math teacher Nick Jordan is interested in what new direction Apple will head in now that their new rules will hopefully be bringing customers back. “They haven’t tried anything new in a while, and I think some interesting changes may be ahead,” Jordan said. Jordan believes Apple could regain its place of dominance in the music business if it can eliminate its competition, which they intend to do as another part of their new plans. According to the New York Times website, the four major music labels, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI are now all selling their music

�������� ������

���� ������ ������������

through iTunes without digital rights management software. Apple has tried to eliminate other companies’ lack of using digital rights management software, but ultimately found not using it themselves would help get their old customers back. This has, however, caused some controversy between Apple and their record signers, as they feel less prepared to join with a company who won’t be making as much money. Sophomore Alan Vazquez thinks Apple came to their new decisions with too little, too late, as he finds iTunes itself to be outdated “It’s not like anyone really even uses stuff like iTunes anymore,” Vazquez said. Vazquez has been hacking and reprogramming his iPod for years, importing songs and games onto it his own way. While other fans might not do it the same way, other downloading sites such as have taken the


public’s interest, with free downloads and seemingly no strings attached. “Apple is too late; a few years ago they could have gotten their people back, but now? No, it’s just over,” Vazquez said. Junior Nick Bleimehl has a different opinion. He believes that while Apple took their time making this change, this is their opportunity to bounce back. “I think they’re going to start getting customers back,” Bleimehl said. Bleimehl is also happy about the price changes among songs, and now plans to fill his iPod more full than ever. The face and idea of Apple is changing as it tries to regain its great position of power. Should iTunes return to its great strength, many other new changes are possible. As Apple tries to pull itself back up to the top, Bleimehl is confident things will only be getting better from here. “They’re making a comeback,” Bleimehl said.

��������������������������� ���������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������

����������������������� ���������������������������������������� ���������������������������������� ���������������������������������������

�������������������������� ������������������������������������ ����������������������������

���������������������������� �������������������������� ������� �������������������������������� ����������������

������������������������������� ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������

������������������������������ ������������� ������������������������������ ����������������������������������� ���������������

������������������� ���������������������������� ����������������������������� �������������



Is College in Your Future? EdCo�wants�to�help!!��

The Iowa Credit Union Foundation is offering up to $1,500 for qualifying applicants The Requirements? … 1. Must be a senior graduating in 2009 AND 2. must have an account at a credit union. If the 2nd one is holding you back come to EdCo and open an account to jump start college planning. Because doesn’t a $1,500 scholarship sound like a good deal?? Stop by the EdCo website to print an application

609 38th St Des Moines, IA 50312 � 515-274-4100 �


������������������������ ������� ������������������������������� �������������������������� ������� ���� �������

Iowa Bakery Cafe free bagel�

with purchase of beverage

“Taking a bite out of your normal lunch routine” 4040 University Avenue Des Moines, IA 50311 515.274.8994

expires 3.5.09

features 3

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Strange� love

����������������������������� �������������������� ����������������� �������������������������� Jessica Thrane opinion editor Junior Anna* has dated older guys. She, like some teenagers now, likes older guys. “They are more mature and don’t like to play games,” Anna* said. This may be one of the things that attract some teenagers to dating someone who may be a lot younger or a lot older than them. Senior Corey Lewis has never been in a relationship with a big age gap personally, but has seen them and has his own opinions about them and why they are happening. “Girls probably like older guys because they are more experienced and of course a guy’s going to like a younger together for almost two years. He was five years older than me,” Anna* said. girl because the way they look or Like with anything, because they make being in a relationship with a them feel young,” “I was fourteen when big age difference, has its pros Lewis said. cons. Nowadays a I started to date my and its “I like older guys freshman with a longtime boyfriend. because they are more senior is not a rare mature, they don’t play sight. But there are We were together My boyfriend was some who take it for almost two years. games. very mature and nice to me,” further, taking on Anna* said. a relationship with He was five years Some people can make someone who is older than me.” the relationship work. up to five years -Anna* “It could work if they younger or older love each other.” Lewis said. than them. But age may not just “I was fourteen when I started to be a number when it comes to young date my longtime boyfriend. We were relationships, as there are also many

��� ������ ������������

cons to this. “He was more mature, so I always had to act mature around him. Also, he looked older.” Another problem is that not all parents would approve of this. “At first my parents didn’t like it, but they kind of got to know him and it was ok,” Anna* said. Like many high school relationships, these relationships don’t always work. There are different reasons for this but they may not all have to do with their maturity levels. Some teenagers are highly influenced by their peers, and big age differences may not be so acceptable in society yet. “An acceptable age difference, for

me, is two years younger or older,” Lewis said. Both girls and guys have some negative opinions on this. “A lot of my friends didn’t say anything, but some of them told me he was too old,” Anna* said But not all teenagers would care. “I didn’t care though, if they didn’t like it, then forget them,” Anna* said. Even though some teenagers can look past their differences and make it work for them, not all teenagers are ready to jump in the band wagon. “It’s cool if they are into that, that’s just not me though,” Lewis said. * denotes name withheld from story

Young moms unite

������������������������������������������������������ Keonnie Warren staff writer Senior Marne Davis and junior Yolanda Reyes have experienced the roller coaster of being pregnant. When it comes to having a child Reyes said that it’s more responsibility and she couldn’t do as much. “You have lots more responsibilities. You can go out but it’s not the same and your priorities change a lot,” Reyes said. Sometimes being pregnant can cause pain and moms may even experience false labor. Davis experienced it but Reyes did not. Being pregnant can also cause mood swings. “I had mood swings, but I was just a little mean,” Davis said. Sometimes the father doesn’t want to get involved with the child. “He comes around and helps out but not as much as I want him to,” Davis said. “The father doesn’t come around nor does he help out,” Reyes said. Reyes said she would encourage girls who think they’re ready for a child to wait. “It’s not a bad thing to have a child but just wait, especially if you want to go to high school or college,” Reyes said. “Don’t do it,” Davis said. Stephen J. Dubner of Freakonomics blog in The New York Times thinks teen

should wait to have children because it affects high school, college life and marriage if parents are married. “Teen moms are less likely than other women to attend or complete college, and their marriages are more likely to end in divorce; about 50 percent of women who married younger than age 18 are divorced after 10 years,” Dubner said. Davis and Reyes said their parents helped them with their pregnancies and children. “My parents help out a little bit,” Reyes said. “Yes, my parent helps,” Davis said. Some people look down on teens that are having children. “Adults are disappointed but a lot of them think it’s typical because I’m Mexican,” Reyes said. “It depends on the person. Some look down but it’s not about what they think,” Davis said. Davis, Reyes and Dubner agree that young women should wait until they have their life together and stay focused in school, and also use birth control if they choose to be sexually active. “Most of the recent decline in teen pregnancy in the U.S. is due to more consistent use of birth control, although teens are also waiting longer to have sex than in the past. In 1995, almost 20 percent of girls had sex by age 17,” Dubner said.

Junior Yolanda Reyes balances her son on her lap while playing Cranium with her family. Reyes said having a child isn’t a bad thing but she recommends wai�ng, especially when looking ahead to college. Below: Reyes offers a loving hand to her son. ������ ��������� ������

You have lots more responsibilities. You can go out but it’s not the same and your priorities change a lot.

-junior Yolanda Reyes

4 health


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PMS debate s�rs controversy ������������������������ ���������������������� Thao Pham health editor Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a disorder characterized by the hormonal changes that trigger unpleasant symptoms up to two weeks prior to menstruation. According to www., more than 5 million women require medical treatment for marked mood and behavioral changes. According to, the American Psychiatric Association is revisiting whether a severe form of PMS called premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) should be added as an official mental illness diagnosis. If this occurs, there could be further complications regarding societal discrimination toward women, but it could also be a benefit toward women who actually do suffer from PMDD. Junior Elizabeth Etter describes her experiences regarding the fluctuation of feelings regarding PMS. “I get pissed. I get really mad. It’s kind of up and down. Sometimes I’m mad, and then sometimes I’m really happy, and I don’t ever want to do anything but eat cookie dough,” Etter said. Women who claim they have PMS often experience gender discrimination for using PMS as an excuse for any abnormal behavior. Nurse Jeanne Mark believes that it just depends on the person or situation. “Everyone has different pain tolerance. For instance, I thought childbirth was a breeze. I think it just depends on pain tolerance. It’s very subjective,” Mark said. Senior James Smith has a slightly different opinion on the subject.

������� ����� ����� ������������

“I’m pretty sure every girl uses it as an excuse,” Smith said In terms of romantic relationships, it may appear that a female will use PMS as an excuse for her crabby behavior and ill treatment toward her partner. Smith said he chooses his words to his girlfriend, senior Lana Pham carefully. “I try not to say the wrong thing because it is like walking through a minefield. I try to keep her happy,” Smith said. Etter said that her boyfriend does not mind her when she is on PMS. “He does not really get into it, although I get really pissed when I am on PMS,” Etter said. Some medical professionals have labeled PMS simply as a socially constructed disorder. Women’s health activists have argued that having a

Up to 40 percent of menstrua�ng women experience PMS symptoms bad enough to require treatment Most common symptoms are bloa�ng/water reten�on and the resul�ng weight gain, breast tenderness and lumpiness, headaches, cramps, fa�gue, irritability, mood swings and anxiety.

diagnosis of PMDD would stigmatize many women by wrongly labeling them mentally ill, and would make them more vulnerable to discrimination in the workplace or child custody battles. “I think in the workplace, it probably is used against them. Also, like being a caregiver for children, and when the children get sick, we have to take off work and that can be used against us,” Mark said. Some feminists argue that the symptoms that are associated with PMS are often in conflict with the way a woman “should” behave, which can be used to enforce gender stereotypes. Some feminists also argue that PMS demeans or pathologizes the female reproductive system. “It would be a huge disadvantage

PMS Fast Facts •

PMS o�en worsens at �mes of hormonal instability, such as puberty, childbirth or the period a�er a miscarriage or an abor�on.

Some PMS symptoms have been linked to deficiencies in calcium and vitamins A, E and B.

PMS was first iden�fied in 1931.

and women would be discriminated even more,” Etter said. If the diagnosis of PMDD is made official, it would help validate the experiences of women who do have PMDD. Health insurers would be more likely to cover treatments for it, and it could allow for increased development and research of new drug therapies. “PMS is very real. Probably some people have it more real than others. It’s more of a mental disorder than physical,” Mark said. Some researchers and professionals claim that more scientific research needs to be made in order to garner scientific proof. Even if the biological aspects are sufficient enough to label PMDD as an actual mental disorder, the societal and political factors will still be existing issues.

Lack of physical ac�vity increases the risk of PMS.

Women who get a lot of calcium and magnesium from their diet (leafy greens, yogurt, and many herbs are rich in these minerals) have less breast tenderness.

"USA TODAY" reported in 1997 that Prozac may be useful in the preven�on and treatment of ���� ���� ������� PMS. ������: ���.

Peanuts and Salmonella ��������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������� ������� Q:What do you think about the peanut salmonella recall that is going around?

�������������� ��������������

Jocelyn Merino: They need to hurry and fix it because I want to make me a peanut butter jelly sandwich. Q:Do you know what kinds of peanut butter are affected? Jocelyn Merino: Nope

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Q: Have you consumed any type of peanut butter lately? ������� ������ ������� ���� ������ ������������

Jocelyn Merino: No, because there is salmonella in some peanut butter.


sports 5

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SPORTS BRIEFS Girls basketball team achieves contras�ng results

Girls basketball has been working through their season. Recently, the two teams have been compe�ng against other teams in the district, achieving different results. JV has won more than half of their games. From Jan. 14-27, the girls won five games in a row. Varsity has won few games out of many. From Jan. 10-27, the girls lost six games in a row.

Boys basketball team works through prac�ces

Anna Moody stretches at Farrell’s. She’s working hard to get in shape for spring break through the FXB Course. “I wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get here by 6,” Moody said. “It was hard at first, but once you get in the habit it gets easier.” ���� ����� �����

In shape for spring break Jason Reichenbacher staff writer With spring break on the way, senior Anna Moody is working hard to get in shape. Moody joined the Extreme Bodyshaping (FXB) Course at Farrell’s gym, which is a 10-week program built on kickboxing, resistance training and a nutrition plan. Moody works out six days a week Monday through Saturday at Farrell’s. “I wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get there by 6,” said Moody. “It was hard at first, but once you get in the habit it gets easier.” Moody’s goals are to slim down and create a healthy lifestyle for herself. The nutrition plan at FXB stresses eating six meals a day. Susan Weiss is a trainer for FXB and is Moody’s coach. “We try to encourage our students to

������������������������ ��������������������������� ����������������

look at eating food as fuel for the body,” Weiss said. Moody said that she has a specific motivation for participating. “My motivation is to look good in Mexico over break,” Moody said. The specific goal for the program is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle encouraging cardio vascular training. “The fact that Anna Moody is participating in the program as a young woman about to head off to college is remarkable,” Weiss said. “If she can incorporate what we are trying to teach her, she just may avoid the ‘freshmen fifteen’ next year.” According to Weiss, Anna is establishing a healthy framework around which to build her life. According to www.extremebodyshaping. com, “FXB puts you on the right road to a healthy lifestyle, one that you can follow for years.”

A good week’s workout 3 days a week targeting different muscle groups each day

Day 1 Back and biceps curls and planks Day 2

cardio and arms treadmill pushups

Day 3

legs, triceps and core dips and squats skull crushers

����� ������������� �������

Student finds passion in sport ���������������������� ������������������������� �������������������������

“(I) hope to go to state (and) make first team in conference,” Peeler said. Peeler has a few diets to keep in shape for soccer. “(I) play (soccer) all year long,” Peeler said. “(I also) do sit ups every Dillon Whalen night.” Peeler also practices outside of staff writer school whenever he gets the chance. Math teacher and soccer coach Josh To some people, soccer is just a sport. Griffith considers Peeler like a member of his family. But to people like junior Tyler Peeler, “Tyler is a member of my soccer it’s more. Peeler, who has been playing team, and like any member of my team, soccer for almost 12 years, loves the I consider him a part of my family,” sport. Griffith said. “I love the game, and (I) want to When it comes to Peeler’s keep playing after high school and into determination in soccer, Griffith said college,” Peeler said. Peeler is extremely determined. While Peeler enjoys soccer, he said “Any day that bowling is meeting there are other advantages to playing later (he goes to conditioning),” soccer. “It’s a good way “Tyler is like any Griffith said. “Once the season starts, he’s at every practice.” to keep in touch other player. While Griffith expects Peeler with friends,” to make varsity, he said it’s not a He grows as a Peeler said. guarantee that While playing person on the he will. soccer Peeler field and off.” Junior Alhassan Darboh has has made a few known Peeler for five years, and accomplishments. said is close Peeler started varsity last season -coach Josh Griffith� friends with Peeler. Darboh said that Peeler goes to conditioning and went to and practices every day. nationals. Darboh and Griffith both agree that Even after making these Peeler goes to the open gyms as often as accomplishments, Peeler still has some he is able. goals for this season.

Tomorrow state qualifiers from the Hoover/North boys swimming team will compete against teams from all across Iowa. Qualifiers werestate were determined by which swimmers made the mandatory cut off �mes at the districts meet Feb. 7. Junior James Kent qualified for the state meet and will be competeing at the Marshalltown YMCA. Looking ahead to his second state meet Kent shared his performance expecta�ons. “I want to do my best and leave it all in the pool,” Kent said.

Cheerleaders face eligibility problems

Cheerleading is into a rhythm with normal prac�ces every Wednesday for basketball games. Compe��on is over which leaves the squad with a one day a week prac�ce. Junior Kylie Van Houten, a varsity cheerleader, has been cheering since her freshman year. “We used to prac�ce every Monday and Wednesday, and some�mes Saturdays, but now that compe��on is over (we only prac�ce Wednesdays),” Van Houten said. The cheerleaders are now facing eligibility problems; with members of the squad failing classes, this makes choreographing dances a challenge. They had been working on a dance to perform at the upcoming Urbandale game, but cut the performance due to ineligibility. “I’m mad because it would be fun to perform in front of Urbandale,” Van Houten said. “The dance was cool.” The squad plans to reincorporate the dance into their rou�ne once the ineligibility penalty takes its course.

Bowlers work on improving team

���������������� Tyler Peeler has been playing soccer since he was five years old. Peeler started on varsity last season. Peeler went to state and na�onals last season. Peeler prac�ces all year long. Peeler goes to condi�oning, prac�ces and open gyms for soccer as o�en as he can. Peeler is expected to make varsity this season, but it’s not a guarantee that he will. ������ ������ �������

The bowling team is doing “pre�y well” according to junior Elizabeth McInroy. “JV needs to improve on picking up spears and bakers,” McInroy said. While sophomore Lindy Beyerink said that the girls bowling team needs to improve on team spirit. “When we’re focused we can do be�er,” Beyerink said. On the boys side of bowling is freshman David Reierson. “We’re all good on the team, not just a couple of people. That helps us out,” Reierson said.

Game dates

WrestlingFeb. 14- To be announced Girls BasketballFeb. 13- @Roosevelt (V) Feb. 13- @Roosevelt (JV) Feb. 17- @Hoover (JV) Feb. 17- @Hoover (F) Feb. 20- @Hoover (JV) Feb. 20- @Hoover (F) Mens SwimmingFeb. 14- To be announced BowlingFeb. 14- @Plaza Lanes Feb. 21- To be announced Feb. 28- To be announced

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Frost/Nixon revisits the events of 1977 when David Frost went head to head with President Nixon in a series of controversial interviews. WWW.IMDB.COM PHOTO

Features editor Chloe Gamble gave Frost/Nixon

out of 5 Richard Nixon..............Frank Langella David Frost..................Michael Sheen James Reston, Jr. ..........Sam Rockwell Jack Brennan..................Kevin Bacon John Birt............Ma�hew Macfayden Bob Zelnick.......................Oliver Pla� Caroline Cushing............Rebecca Hall Diane Sawyer......Kate Jennings Grant Pat Nixon................Pa�y McCormack Directed by Ron Howard Screenplay by Peter Morgan Nominated for 5 Academy Awards

Frost/Nixon gives chills Chloe Gamble features editor Fighting for justice seemed to be the dominating theme of this cinematic ode to the most consequential political scandal in American history. Based on the events of 1977, Frost/ Nixon paints a vivid picture of the controversial interviews between British talk show host David Frost and former United States president Richard Nixon. The movie gives a brief synopsis of the incident which led to Nixon’s resignation, three years before the interviews took place, after being tied to the Watergate scandal of 1972. Watergate was a hotel complex where the Democratic National Committee headquarters were broken into by men who were being paid to investigate Democratic political strategies for the 1972 presidential election. Evidence

eluded that the President Nixon had been involved in a cover-up of the break-in and may have been the initial conspirator behind it. Following his resignation, which was submitted to escape a possible impeachment, Nixon was pardoned of all criminal charges but left the American population with not a word of selfconviction. When his time in the spotlight began to fade, Frost, who sought to work on a project that would legitimize him in the entertainment business, arranged camera time with a disgraced Nixon (a convincing Frank Langella) in order to revive his career. Frost (Michael Sheen) was an animated, lively TV personality who naively threw himself into a whirlwind of political drama and harsh animosity between a people and their fallen leader. I truly felt Frost’s discomfort as he battled a wave of intimidation, brought on by the

Young converts Quinn

�������������������������������������������������� �����������������������������������

increasing intensity of each taping session, which visibly eroded his self-confidence. The process of forming an intelligent team of researchers, driven by their passionate sense of injustice, and preparing for the highly anticipated interviews played a key role in the big screen version of the play, written by Peter Morgan. The interaction between Frost’s researchers James Reston (Sam Rockwell), John Birt (Matthew MacFadyen) and Bob Zelnick (Oliver Platt) serves as a comedic build up to the ominous interview where their interrogative questions go up against Nixon’s stonewall answers. A seemingly defeated Frost suffers through a rigorous battle of wits with a man whose entire career had thrived on his ability to argue controversial issues. Throughout the entire film there seemed to be an underlying plot which showed both main characters as outcasts striving to regain their fame.

The movie climaxes when, during the final interview, Frost targets Nixon’s personal definition of right and wrong. I watched as Frost morphed from a frivolous TV host into a hard core journalist who mercilessly interrogated his opponent until victory was achieved. With his last shred of self justification Nixon confirms his moral corruption when he states, “I’m saying when the president does it it’s not illegal!” I realize Frost/Nixon is a presentation of a potentially boring storyline but I genuinely feel that, if nothing else, the movie was able to educate viewers about a defining moment in American history in a thrilling and entertaining way. This movie provides its audience with a front row seat to witness the recreation of an event which no one, during the time, ever dreamed would take place; a foreign television host giving Richard Nixon “the trial he never had.”

�������������������������������� ������������������������������� ��������������� Payton Quinn news editor I normally don’t listen to rap music but a week ago I was in a friend’s car and he kept playing the same CD over and over again. So I decided I would pay attention to the lyrics. To me lyrics are one of the most important parts of a song. Jon Young was the artist. He received a record label in 2007 but was still not very well-known. The only people that knew who he was were his local fans and his MySpace friends. According to he was getting 15,000 song hits a day. Later on in his music career he was introduced to J. Cash and they soon became a team. Young and Cash recorded two labels together including a hit single “I’m So Hood,” featuring Lil Boosie and DJ Khaled. My favorite album just features Young from 2007. The name of the album is “City I Luv.” My first favorite song on the album is “Don’t Wanna Fight.” The song explains an experience he went through with his girlfriend about trust issues and how he wishes she knew to trust him more. I not only like this song for the lyrics but also the meaning that trust is a big part of a relationship no matter what type of relationship it may be. It also explains how being insecure about things can ruin relationships or make them tougher to work through. Whenever I listen to that song it makes me pay more attention to

who I trust, who I don’t trust and the reasoning behind that. Another favorite song on the album is “Back in Time.” This song is about how he once had something he misses but life changed and he’s moved on. It also says how he wishes he had something still but time changed that. I like this song because it makes me realize you can miss the past and what you had or the people in your life, but in reality you should be thankful for what you already have and the people that stuck around to be in your life. It also makes me think how you should appreciate what you have and not always want what you once had or don’t have. Every song he records has a meaning. Young has a quote he puts in the album bio, “Write what means to you, because what you write will have an impact on someone.” According to he believes writing things that have meaning will get you farther and make you want to keep writing. He also says you shouldn’t not write something because someone frowns down upon it. I know Young isn’t new but he’s also not very known. Every time I make a friend listen to him they come to school the next day with his songs on their iPods and one of his songs as their MySpace song. I encourage everyone to listen to Young at some point and really pay attention to the lyrics. Who knows maybe a song he has will mean something to you or explain a situation you’re going through.

��� ������� ���� �� �������������

opinion 7

jessica thrane page design



At least Lincoln is happy now!

���� ����� ������������

The color of America

careful planning, great initiative and mindblowing speeches. Having an African American president is a great feat for America but it is over-rated. Having an African American president doesn’t get a country out of a recession. A good president is a good president no matter what ethnic background they come from. Students want fair gas prices, a stable stock market and to go to college at an affordable price. Obama will do all that he can to help the people in this time but it’s not due to the fact that he’s African-American; it will be because he passes laws, makes sure those laws are enforced and follows through with those laws. The president of the United States should Obama will bring change-much needed be chosen because of his political views and change- into this time of troubling economic Barack Obama is status with inflation and no exception. unemployment rising. He is The Challenger staff With just relatively young but he’ll do voted 14-0 about two whatever it takes and citizens million spectators just need to be patient. for this editorial viewing Obama’s Barack Hussein Obama inauguration, he is part African-American American ci� zens should quickly caught the this fact is why some not vote for a candidate and nation’s interest in people voted for him. This is this troubling time. just because he’s black. ignorant. Citizens should want Obama won the a president who is capable of election through maintaining and even building

��������������������������� �������������������

������������������������������� ������������������� ��������������������� ������������

the country to higher extent. This can be done by a person of any ethnicity: Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, African-American- but the important thing is that the men or women in office can do these things. Obama can do all these things and many more; not because he’s black, but because he believes in the people. He wants to help and sees a better United States of America. Obama did not campaign for being black. He stood for more important things besides ethnicity such as economic status, abortion, immigration, war and many other top issues. Not once in his campaigns did he say being African-American made him a good president. Now more than ever citizens need to be confident of who is elected to office; not only president but also governors, senators and even school board members. There are people of many backgrounds all doing great things for this amazing country. Obama will be an amazing president who hopefully accomplishes many things during his time in office but it will not be due to the fact that he is African-American, but because he knows what needs to happen in order to fix many problems, and he will do everything in his power to get the united states of America out of this recession.

Student Sound Off

Do you think Obama won because he’s black?

�������� �������������

����������������������� ���������������������� ��������

LETTER TO THE EDITOR I bear witness to complete and utter lack of social skills every day in this building. I see students treating each other, members of the faculty, the school building and school property and themselves poorly and as if they have no pride. I think that many of the conflicts within our school, work, families and lives can be resolved if we all started to do one simple thing: RESPECT. When you cut me in the lunch line, you are displaying a lack of respect. You are saying that your time is more important than my time. When you fight each other because you are in different gangs or racial groups, you are disrespecting each other. When you speak maliciously behind your peers’ backs, you are being disrespectful. When you say extremely rude things to me while I am walking into the building in the morning, you are being disrespectful. When you steal my things out of my gym locker, you are not only being disrespectful to my property, you are committing a crime, which makes you a criminal. If students at Hoover High School could learn to respect each other, countless recurring situations like the ones listed would subside. When you chisel graffiti into your desks and write nasty messages on the bathroom walls, you are showing a lack of respect toward the school building. When you steal a whole crate of lemonades from the milk cooler in the cafeteria, you are disrespecting the school as well as breaking the law. When you throw your

��������� ���������

������������������������ ��������������������������� ������������������������ �����������

������� ��������


������ ��������������� ������������������� �������������������

Students should learn value of respect

garbage on the ground, you are disrespecting the school as well as the janitorial staff. We got a new gymnasium less than a year ago, and already I have seen students drop a can of pop on the floor and just walk away. I don’t care that you are not a janitor; you need to at least make an attempt to clean it up. Show a little respect for this building, and respect will come to the students that attend it. If you are caught cutting in the lunch line, please go to the back of the line without making a huge deal. When an administrator is needed to coax you to the back of the line, you have problems. Can your chicken nuggets or cheesy bread not wait another 15 minutes? I have already voiced my disgust toward your lack of respect for the janitorial staff, but what about the other faculty? I do not care who you are, it is never appropriate to swear at anybody here at Hoover, especially the faculty. When the faculty tries to break up a fight, get out of the way and let them do their jobs. Do you not realize how animalistic it is that we crowd around fights and then try to delay the intervention of the administration? If a teacher tells you to do something, do it. In the end, you will lose the battle if you decide to resist. Lastly, I would like to tell you to show some respect for yourself. How is anybody supposed to take you seriously and treat you like the young adult that you are if you do not do the same for yourself ? Do not walk down the hallways, headphones blaring, and belting out lyrics like you have the talent of Alicia Keys or Chingy.

Present yourself like a professional. When you wear jeans that compromise not only the waistline but the knees, it is hard for me to respect you. When you scream foul language into a full classroom, I cannot respect you. When you publicly proclaim illicit stories regarding your personal life, I cannot respect you. When you chant rude things to opposing basketball teams, I cannot respect you. I do not care if it is all in good fun, it is still wrong. Respecting yourself can be summed up by the adage, “Don’t dress for the job that you have, dress for the job that you want.” People, you are going to have to learn the value of respect at some point in your life. The only question is, when will it be? Is your disrespect going to cost you your job? Your friends? Your honor? In the next few years, the majority of you will be on your own. There is no special pill that you take after graduation that makes you act mature. You cannot find moral values hidden in some desolate place. You must practice them. That is what high school is. Learning how to embrace your surroundings, good or bad, and make the best of them while simultaneously learning how to behave in social settings. Embrace the diversity that makes Hoover great and use it as a tool to foster the growth of interpersonal skills. Think how much better Hoover would be looked upon if we were to show respect.

-Senior Dalton Jacobus

���������� ���������������� ���������� �������� ������������ ������� �������������� ���� ������������ ������ ����������� ������ ��������� ������������� �������������� ��������� ������������ ������������ ����������� ������������ ����������� ���������� ������������������ ������������� ������������� �������������� ������������� ������������������� �������������� ������� ����������������� ��������������������������� ��������� ������������ ������� ��������������� Publica�on dates for 2008-2009: • august 21-orienta�on • september 26-homecoming • october 15 • november 7 • wednesday, november 26 thanksgiving • december 19-winter break • january 23-semester 2 • february 13-black history month • march 6-spring break • april 3 • thursday, april 24-prom • may 15-gradua�on • thursday, april 24-drake relays subscrip�on rates $10/year

Ad rates for 2007-2008: 1/16 page (2.5” x 2.75”) $25 1/8 page (5” x 2.75”) $45 1/4 page (5” x 5.75”) $80 1/2 page (10” x 5.75”) $130 full page (10” x 11.75”) $230 banner (10” x 1.75”) $80 (across bo�om of page) The CHALLENGER is published by the newspaper staff of Herbert Hoover High School, and exists to serve as an open forum for the students, faculty, staff, administration and community. All state and federal laws regarding the publication of student materials shall apply, and the CHALLENGER will not publish materials which also fall under the guidelines established by the Des Moines Public School system, and are deemed libelous, obscene or a material and substantial disruption to normal classroom activities. The views expressed are not those of Des Moines Public Schools, faculty, staff or administration. All articles are researched, written, edited and designed by the staff, and are the result of editorial decisions made by the entire staff. Any student, faculty, staff, or community member wishing to contribute materials will need to submit copy within deadline restrictions; however, final publication is at the discretion of staff. Letters to the editor are encouraged, and must be 250 words or less in length and signed; letters may be edited for length, grammar, spelling, etc. Every attempt will be made to verify the authenticity of the author, and no anonymous letters will be published. Advertising will be accepted for all products or services that are legal for minors to possess or utilize. Advertisers wishing to reserve publication space should call 242-7313 and leave a message.


8 recogni�ons


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Honorable men�ons

������������������������������������������������� ��������������������



Seniors Nyakor Duop, Wesley Dawson, Ka�e Zenz, Chris�ana Anthony and Jordan Taha celebrate winning the “Student of All Seasons” award. The award was granted to the students the faculty and students felt represent Hoover best. ������ ������ �����

Senior Shaun Knapp is being honored for his performance at State for his solo mime. After entering in a Thespian competition earlier this year and winning first place, Knapp has continued to compete and is eligible to enter in the International Thespian festival, but cannot due to the price of the trip. “(The mime is) about a guy who’s clumsy and he’s learning to ski for the first time. So he has all these problems and a girl helps him and he gets the girl at the end,” Knapp said. Knapp also received a non performing Allstate recognition for solo mime at the Iowa High School Speech Association Contest (IHSSA) that will be held Feb. 21.

������������������������������������������� Junior Alexis Edwards is the first winner of the “Miss Black Iowa Talented Teen” competition. She won the contest at the “I’ll Make Me a World” day on Saturday, Jan. 31 at the Polk County Convention Complex.

Edwards was chosen for her maturity, poise and positive attitude. The women chosen were the ones the judges felt brought out the best in themselves and who could act as role models for younger girls. Edwards will be competing against


nineteen other girls in Washington DC this July, with the winner being awarded a $5000 scholarship. “I’m very honored, very humbled and very privileged. It takes a lot of hard work and I’m honored to be the first,” Edwards said.



���������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������� �� ����������������������������������� ��� �� ������������������� ���� �� ������������������������� ����������� �

����� ����

�� �������������������������������������������������������������������

�� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����

�� ������������������������������������������������� ��� �� ����������������������������������������� ������ * Based on average awards ** Source: Iowa College Student Aid Commission # CLA Learning Report, 2007


Issue 7  

Issue 7 of the 2009-2008 school year Challenger newspaper

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