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Here’s how you can still get sporty virtually. Wii Sports & Wii Fit Nintendo’s Wii Sports was the first in the market with motionsensing technology, and got many people swinging the Wii remote like a tennis, baseball or golf pro. Now Wii Fit (right) allows you to get virtual yoga and aerobics coaching too.

Kinect Sports Kinect ’s motionsensing capability lets you get active without having to wield a controller – a real plus point. Get your heart pumping as you smash a volleyball, swing a tennis racket, roll a bowling ball or perform some high ski jumps without having to brave the sun or snow.

pril 2012

GET SPORTY pages of tips to get you healthy


THE EArLY BIRD IS HEALTHIER A British online survey of adults on happiness and anxiety, physical health, and eating and sleeping habits found that early risers tend to be happier, and have lower body mass indices (BMI). Those who love to lie in have a higher chance of depression and becoming overweight. So stop pressing that snooze button and get an early start instead.

If there’s one thing you need to take away f rom this incredible pullout, it is to Stop Sitting Down So Much. It can kill. Seriously. So read on, we’re sure you’ll find something that’ll get you shakin’ and movin’!


Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.

Trivia Youngest Champion Ever At his 15th appearance as a pro in 1997, Tiger Woods became the youngest Masters Champion in history at 22.

– Carol Welch

Sitting Kills The age of technology and desk jobs has banished most of us to long hours of sitting. A deadly habit according to this infographic at




Sitting for six hours per day

Calorie burning drops to one per minute & enzymes that break down fats

People with sitting jobs have

increases death risk up to





the rate of cardiovascular disease as people with standing jobs


Get music underwater with…

Speedo © Aquabeat 2 Waterproof MP3 Player (4GB) Available in three colours at sports stores for S$225.


Instead of rushing for a seat, why not get some exercise instead? Increase shoulder strength by holding onto a bar while standing on one foot. Use only your shoulder to keep body straight and stable.


Rotate each foot for a minute. It’d be less obvious if your raised foot is only an inch or so off the floor.

Keep an eye on the stats while on the fast track Nike+ Sportband This sensor (doubling up as a watch) connects remotely to a receiver fitted on Nike+ shoes. It tracks your run displaying distance, time, pace and calories burned. Sold at Nike stores for S$99. Polar Watch This heart-rate monitor lets you know if you’re over or under-training so you’ll train at the right intensity and make every workout count. Available at Polar Electro Singapore for S$350.

The Famous & the Sporty Haruki Murakami The best-selling Japanese author says running is the secret behind his works: “ The most important qualities to be a fiction writer are probably imaginative ability, intelligence and focus. But… to maintain these qualities… you must never neglect to keep up your physical strength.”

Climba Tree

Find the inner primate in you by clambering up trees with the Sunny Island Tree Climbers Society – the first and only tree climbing club here.

Zumba Craze! A popular South Americaninfluenced workout using Latin Dance moves that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Jordin Sparks and Kirstie Alley use to keep their bodies in hot, tight shape.

Vladimir Putin The current Prime Minister of Russia (who’s unabashedly released pictures of his buffed body) mastered Judo in 1975. In his autobiography, Putin reveals that he was motivated to pick up martial arts as he wanted to emulate the Russian spies portrayed by actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov.

Fight Like Ip Man Learn to fight like Ip Man and his famous disciple Bruce Lee with Wing Chun. This school of martial arts is all about striking and grappling in close combat. Your reflexes, balance and coordination will improve quickly.

SAy goodbye to sitting And hello to standing.

Stand on tipped toes to strengthen calf muscles for 30 seconds, relax and repeat. Be discreet to avoid stares.

Now that you know sitting can kill, it ’s time to relook your desk and chair designs. Check out GeekDesk’s and Anthro’s range of desks with adjustable heights – they can go f rom sitting to standing levels in a jiffy.

Contract your stomach and buttock muscles and hold for 30 seconds. Relax and repeat. Don’t jiggle.

NO TIME FOR EXERCISE? TRY 10-MIN WORKOUTS Research now shows that intensity, not duration, is what really counts in weight loss. Intense 10-minutes workouts push the body harder as they target muscles. “Your body thinks, ‘ Whoa! That was hard work,’ and it responds by increasing your ability to use oxygen and burn fat,” says Martin Gibala, a professor of kinesiology at McMaster University. Be sure you’re in reasonable shape before attempting them.

Trivia High Heel Race If you’ve ever dashed for a sale in killer heels, you’ll ace this race. The back-breaking race happens around the world with contestants tottering in stiletto heels no less than 9 cm. Not just for women; men are welcome, and ahem, drag queens too.

The Karate Kid The 1984 original of how a New Jersey teen learns the secrets of Karate to fend off bullies. Here’s where the famous “wax on, wax off ” trope originated. The Blind Side An inspiring movie about a couple who adopts Michael Oher and propels him to become one of the most highly coveted stars of college football. Million Dollar Baby A boxing trainer with an elusive past tries to find atonement by helping an underdog achieve her dream of becoming a pro. The Fighter A biographical film of how boxer “Irish” Micky Ward broke into the professional boxing circuit in the 1980s with the help of his brother. Invictus A 2009 film of how Nelson Mandela used sports to unite his people during his first term as the President of South Africa.

TO EAT OR NOT TO EAT? Before Exercise It ’s complicated – as numerous online debates show. The Australian Institute of Sport says exercise on an empty stomach will burn more fat but taking some carbohydrates before a session can help you exercise harder and longer. If you want to improve performance, eat something. If it is weight loss, save your meal for later.

After Exercise Eat within 45 minutes of your workout, a period of time known as the “golden hour”. This is when your muscles will absorb the most nutrients and when glycogen, the energy reserve in your muscles, is replaced most efficiently.


What’s “in” right now in the sporting world. Toning Shoes and Sandals HOT! Touted to tone thighs and calves the easy way as the footwear’s rounded heels require more energy f rom users. OR NOT? Reebok paid a US$25m settlement in 2011 over unsubstantiated claims about the exercise benefits of its toning shoes. Reebok is barred f rom making claims that its shoes strengthen muscles unless backed by scientific evidence. Barefoot Running HOT! Barefoot running is said to strengthen the feet, ankles, and lower legs and improve balance, while reducing impact on the body. OR NOT? You can get sore feet, calves and hips if you don’t ease into it. There are no scientific studies to prove that barefoot running reduces injury or makes a person run faster.


Sports is more fun in groups.

Sweet News

Drinking honey helps to burn fats. Research has shown that honey contains 22 amino acids and minerals that are essential for metabolism, and which help to digest fats in the body.

Tr y: Lemon Juice + Honey Drinking lemon juice with a little honey in the morning is an effective anti-cellulite treatment.

Play with Stirling Under water Hockey Club Love hockey? Love swimming? Enjoy both sports every Tuesday and Friday at the Queenstown Swimming Complex. Pool entrance is $1 and club game fee is $5.

Go walking with Nordic Academy Not just plain walking. Nordic Walking is done with specially designed poles, burning up 46% more calories and giving your heart and lungs a tougher workout than regular walking.

Tr y: Honey + Cinnamon This combination is supported by scientific research to help weight loss. The drink counteracts metabolic disorders and helps to restore the normal body mechanisms of weight control that may have been disrupted.

Recent research f rom the University of Tennessee shows that eating three servings a day of calcium-rich dairy foods can speed up weight loss by 50-70 per cent as calcium helps fats to break down. Be sure to reach for the low-fat versions though.





Cherr y Juice helps to speed up muscle recovery after a workout. It provides the body with Vitamin A which is important in helping body tissues to repair and grow, while promoting the development of strong bones.

Eat more dairy products to lose weight.


Blackcurrant Juice can prevent aches and strains during exercise because of the compound, flavonoids, found in the berries. They protect the body f rom the stresses of working out.



It ’s always better to reach for whole f ruits than juices as f ruits offer more fibre and nutrients, and fewer calories. But scientific studies have shown that certain juices can offer protective health benefits, such as reducing heart disease and stroke. So always choose 100 per cent f resh juice and drink in moderation.


Juice UP!


How healthy are you? Calculate your BMI here: Your Weight (kg) Height (metres) x Height (metres) Healthy range: between 18.5 kg/m 2 and 23.0 kg/m 2

D-I-Y ISOTONIC DRINK RECIPE Why spend $ when you can make your own?

Dissolve 30-70g of sugar in a cup of green tea, lemon tea or vanilla tea. Add a pinch of salt. Complete with water and cool down in a ref rigerator. Consume within 24 hours.

BMI BUSTED! If you’re tipping the scales and your BMI is past 30 kg/m 2 , it ’s time for some serious weight management. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital Health For Life Clinic (HFLC)’s Weight Management Programme

Changi General Hospital Changi Sports Medicine Centre’s Weight Management Programme

Singapore General Hospital SGH Life Centre’s Obesity Management Programme

The 150-minute Campaign

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) is urging Singaporeans to get at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. This after a national health survey found that 40 per cent do not exercise. Gasp. Here are some ideas to clock that 150 minutes. It all adds up pretty quickly.

10 min Go up the stairs while carrying groceries

10 min Cyc


15 m in

Mop the house/Do household chores

10 min Dance to music at home

in m 15

g pin op mall h s a ow in nd i W

15 min

15 min

Do muscle-strengthening exercises (sit-ups, push-ups, using stretch bands)

Brisk walking when walking to/from work



wi n to






Pl Get relief from aches and pain while at work. Learn to do short exercises and self-massages, including a soothing one for those tired peepers.









e hom s at

Fitness at Work



Nike+ GPS

Map your runs to track progress. We like how you can tell friends you’re going on a run via Facebook. When they “like” the post, you hear a resounding “wooooahhh”. Nice.


in 15 m

APP This!










Yo g

KEEP THOSE INJURIES AWAY • Ease your way into a sport. Gradually work up to the desired level of physical activity. • Warm up before workout for 10-20 minutes. Stretching gets the blood pumping, giving muscles and tissues extra oxygen and nutrients. It also loosens up muscles to prevent pulls and strains. • Never overwork. Stop when you feel really tired. • Always cool down and stretch after workouts. • Wear shoes that fit properly, are stable and can absorb shock.

FITNforESS Couch Potato es 1. The flex challenge Flex your abs and butt or pull your shoulders back each time something happens. For example, flex your abs every time you walk through a door or if you’re driving, flex your butt everytime you turn.


AGE IS JUST A NUMBER 2. Groove While getting dressed, play some music that’ll get your feet a-tapping. Don’t walk to the closet – cha-cha, tango, side step, or shuffle over! It’ll be a great way to start the day.

Martin Tay, 63, walked 100 km last year with a group of friends to raise funds for charity. He shares how his old bones handled the torture. W hat made you walk 10 0 k m at your age? Were you were out of your mind?! Age isn’t a barrier, unless you are 100. It’s all in the mind. A lso the group’s enthusiasm for charit y was infectious. No one told me that I was out of my mind; they knew I was as mad as they were!

3. Walk the pet Give your pet some fresh air. If it’s raining, chase Scotty around the house. It’s fun and exhausting, and perspiration guaranteed.

4. Speed cleaning Set the timer for five minutes. Then zip around the house to clean up as swiftly as possible. You’ll burn up fats and have gleaming rooms in double-quick time!


5. Dish-washing footsie While doing the dishes, do some calf-raises or side stretches.

GET OFF THE COUCH! Go from being a sack of potatoes to a healthy runner with the Couch to 5K programme. It’s a structured regime that’ll get you walking and running first. In two months, you should be able to complete the five km easily.

W hat kept you going? To keep myself sane, I run the 42 km marathon a few times yearly, so walk ing 100 km in a group was quite enjoyable. Dropping out was never on my mind with such good company. The greatest obstacle was my body clock. My legs were walk ing but my system was half-asleep. My team mate Rena was afraid I’ d fall asleep so she walked beside me when we were walk ing through the night at the ridge at NUS. How do you make sure those old bones stay together for extreme sports? I take some cod-liver oil and glucosamine pills if I remember. No wonder I smell and feel ‘ f ishy’. I also do different t y pes of exercises three times a week. Besides 20 km runs, I do a little stairs training, brisk-walk ing and a few 100 m dashes if I’m at the track.

NostalgiC games to get you movin’

Five Stones How to play: A point is scored when a player completes the eight steps in throwing and catching the “five stones”.

For detailed instructions:

The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well. – Pierre de Coubertin, organiser of the first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896

Zero Point

What you need: A rope made of elastic bands

How to play: The aim is to jump as high as you can without touching the rope. Three players are needed one to jump across the rope and two to hold the rope on both ends. With each round, the rope gets higher, making it harder for the person to jump across.


Craving for a spot of exercise at night? Check out these places! The Cage: Open 24-hours, you can play football anytime you want at this sporting facility near the Indoor Stadium. S$96/hour after 6pm.

Sports Planet East Coast Pitch: Another 24-hour pitch for futsal lovers near to the East Coast beach. S$95/hr during peak hours.

Superbowl @ Safra: Midnight bowling lovers can check out this facility which is open till 3am on weekends. S$4.10/hr during peak hours.

Walk it out

Treetop Walk in the heart of Singapore. If all you really like is some good ole’ walking, then try this walking trail that ’ll take you to a 250 m f ree-standing suspension bridge between the two highest points in the Central Nature Reserve. The 6 km trail will take about two hours to complete. Get your guide here:

Research and writing by Nazurah Sa’ad / Edited by Bridgette See / Designed and illustrated by Yip Siew Fei & Ng Shiwei / ©Challenge Magazine

What you need: Five small triangular cloth bags filled with seeds, rice or sand.

Challenge March - April 2012  

If there’s one thing you need to take away from this incredible pullout, it is to Stop Sitting Down So Much. It can kill. Seriously. So read...

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