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of thousands of youth who never re-entered the justice system again. Bailey created the Probation Challenge from the courtroom of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham. The program became the first court mandated program of its kind in the country where clients are forced to help themselves by way of education. Pastor Mitty Collier, International acclaimed minister of the gospel, will bring to the PCC Internet Network, a variation of subjects, which include special presentations with guests who have had first-handed experiences with the criminal justice system and with U.S. Veteran Affairs. Pre-taped shows show that Collier's guests are not adorned in untruths, but speak harsh-truth regarding jails and prisons. Their testimonials are echoed by other ex-offenders and said to be factual. Mitty Collier, is not only known for her sensational R&B hit "I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night', but, since her call to the ministry, she’s known for singing a different tune in appreciation for her love for God, and the people of His pasture. Thousands have been benefiting from her feeding and cloths give-away programs. Her outreach ministries include a daily phone-prayer-line, operated by serious spiritual Bailey warriors having attentive ears to hear. Phonewarriors will be viewed on her shows. Collier joins the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president of the 34-year-old organization, who has pioneered for justice ever before it was fashionable to do so. His fight was lonely and centered on what he calls 'The Criminal Just Us System'. He sounds the clarion call when there was all but a great silent on the subject crime and drugs. He was ridiculed by his peers and some administrators. However, one of his chief adversary who fought to get him fired, was discharged himself. Bailey prevailed and in doing so, educated, sparing the lives

The unfunded program is set-forth via The Illinois State Statue, where clients who have not completed their high school education may be mandated into the program to complete their requirements. The program being a stopgap measure for youth coming and going through the portals of the justice system‌ many were pleased, while others were displeased because they said the program would cut into the financial coffers of incarceration. However Bailey said, "If you educated well, you wouldn't have to incarcerate. When you look at the complexion of those incarcerated you can understand biased behaviors in their decisions not to fund the Probation Challenge program. Simply because it works!" In the same breath as the death of the respected Justice R. Eugene Pincham, who was a friend and mentor to the organization, the program received a noticed the Chicago City Colleges that the program would be evicted from the OliveHarvey College Campus, where it was housed for 27-years without a hint of a scandal. The excuse was that the building was to be used by a drug company that denied knowing of such an intent. The illegal closing of a respected lawful institution that is in association with the justice system, sent a chilling signal which sent thousands of youth fleeing back into the streets of Chicago, causing the rate of recidivism to become extremely high. The

crime rates spiraled out-of-control… much to the delight of those who politically set the wheels into motion. Bailey said, "Youth after being taught by Bailey and Probation Challenge that there was hope, lost all hope! They returned to the streets of Chicago to resume their old criminal behavior of Crime and Drugs" Bailey, believes that crime is orchestrated and is done so to benefit some but not others. He said that African Americans and Hispanics are the blunt of traffic violation fines, crime and drug related matters. Most times blacks are on the sorry end of things when the results are an empty pocket-book, jails, prisons and the morgue. Bailey with disdain indicated that the Chicago crime figures have been altered to give false pretense that crime is down, when its Chicago’s highest ever. As Bailey was chairman of the Cook County Board of Corrections, he said he was privileged to note the actuate crime arrest figures. He said his figures were different from the Mayor's office and the Chicago Police. “The figures never jived” said Bailey. He said the Chicago media has recently un-covered data that has long been hidden. “I’ve suffered through the years for telling the public the truth about the administrations false crime figures" said Bailey. Associates say Bailey has sincerely prayed for assistance to continue in his work but to now avail. Records show that his labor in criminal justice has been for over 49-years. His steps have now slowed because of health reasons, yet his strong belief is that God would send reinforcement to help His people enslaved to the perils of crime, drugs and the justice system. Bailey’s had a diligent walk with Joe DuPar, who was then an executive with the Xerox Document Company. DuPar served many years as the organization's first chairman of the board. DuPar, would later become ‘Mayor DuPar’ of Calumet Park, which caused him to leave his position as chair. Others have served as chairpersons and have since graduated onto other successful endeavors. However, the labor of Joe DuPar yet remains unparalleled. The Xerox Document Company, through the efforts of

DuPar, Evelyn Shockly and others were instrumental in keeping the program afloat. Xerox has always helped youth in education. Pastor Mitty Collier became involved with the PCC Network as she sat with Bailey at a television taping. Bailey said he heard a still soft voice that he knew only too well. He translated the spiritual message to Pastor Collier, who earnestly prayed regarding the matter, then decided to work with 'The PCC Truth Movement'. The Network speaks as to how some under the umbrella of criminal justice have become financial benefactors while others are sentenced to serve time, stated Bailey. Bailey warned that, "The public ought to become educated that a sentence often hardens the heart of a defendant, if not dealt with righteously! This action could alter his or her entire life - in and out of the penal Institution." "Over the years I've expressed the ills of the criminal justice system. The system’s fatal movements were often played outright in front of our unbelieving eyes. More than often my message would fall to deaf ears. Now, with the assistance of the Network, Pastor Collier and other celebrity hosts, we will bring crucial matters to the public’s attention. One of Pastor Collier segments concerning a prominent gentleman and former inmate, tells of his experiences as an ex-offender and as a veteran who returned to the United States only to be faced with severe Veteran Administration troubles. A registered nurse and former female ex-felon, speaks about her experiences when asking to have sexual encounters with male and female guards. Another informative interview was that of a former Cook County Department of Corrections Chaplain. The RN, choosing to serve with the highly respected ministerial team under the charge of the late Mother York saw much. The spirited woman told of despicable acts of disrespect on both sides ... the guards and the inmates! Pastor Collier, shocked as to facets of some details, assured the audience that she would consider going further into other details on other shows regarding the Illinois Department/Cook County Department of Corrections. As shows progressed, you could hear the Rev. Harold E. Bailey, saying, “Amen, tell the truth.”

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