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the world.

Challenge Day is celebrating our 30th year! Over the past 30 years, we have committed ourselves to creating a world where every child feels safe, loved and celebrated. In that time, we’ve reached 1.5 million people, at a cost of approximately $30 per day, per student, demonstrating that real change is both attainable and affordable. Our vision of a world where young people feel safe to come to school applies to ALL children without exception. Reports have arisen of young people all over the United States who do not feel safe on campus due to increased acts of violence, bullying, racism and intimidation. As adults, no matter where we stand politically, we can all agree that it’s our responsibility to speak up and create impactful positive change for one of our most vulnerable populations – our youth. In every Challenge Day workshop we facilitate, we have the honor of witnessing the power, brilliance and tenacity of our country’s young people. On a daily basis we hear students who may feel silenced use their voices. We see students who have been considered “bullies” make amends. We see young people take seriously their roles as allies. We watch as students find out that those they have targeted as most different are often those with whom they have the most in common with. This is the example our young people lead with. As we move forward, we must do our part to stand up for our young people as the strongest investment we can make towards a brighter, more inclusive future. Join us in the protection of all of our young people, so we can ensure that all of us are safe, loved and celebrated. We hope you’ll join us in being part of the solution for our nation’s youth. With Love and Gratitude,

Rich and Yvonne

Because of you... this year we touched the hearts and lives of 85,000 youth & adults Youth surveys after Challenge Day show … 93% recommend Challenge Day to friends and family 90% feel the skills taught will be helpful in their personal life 88% are more aware of the effects of bullying 89% are more likely to try to understand and accept others 84% are more hopeful about their future

Adult surveys after Challenge Day show … 98% recommend Challenge Day to friends and family 96% feel the skills taught will be helpful in their personal life 96% believe that a school with respect & acceptance is possible 90% are more convinced they can make a difference in others' lives 89% are more likely to try to understand and accept others 88% are more likely to speak up when they see bullying

The most powerful and emotionally moving program I have ever been a part of. No assembly, lecture, or class could ever possibly teach as much as this program did about self worth, compassion, and empathy for your fellow humans. I only wish my son had been able to participate in a program like this; he might still be with us today if he had. – JASON WINEBARGER, PARENT

"If we settle for tolerance, we have failed. Our goal is love."

Thank you for being a part of the solution. May peace prevail in our schools, our workplaces and around the world.

2016 Holiday Card  
2016 Holiday Card