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Spring into Summer 2019

Meet the CEO We are SPRINGING into Summer Again! This time of year has always been my favorite. I absolutely love to wake up with the warm sun greeting us, especial y in the mornings. Sit ing on our back porch with a cup of coffee, just breathing in life. For me, Spring into Summer is a season of new beginnings, new happiness and new hope. It’s also the time of year spending time with our children, who are now mostly adults, bbq’s, beach days, painting on the back deck, Fourth of July fireworks in downtown Monmouth, working around the house and recycling old curbside furniture. I just can’t get enough of it all with my family and friends. While designing our 2019 Spring Into Summer catalog, we looked at it with fresh new eyes and heart. We too, wanted a brand new start of the season. We wanted to bring into your homes a breath of fresh air with the catalog and with the kits. You wil find everyday home decor that every room needs, from personalized signs, to tabletop and stovetop kitchen helpers, even planters to place your mother’s day flowers in. We have something for every room, including making your front porch look like “home”. Here’s to a fresh new look on life and our homes!

With all my Chalky love,


Founders shown here: Dan & Buffy Dumont

Founders shown here: Buffy, Tiffany, Melissa, Brenda & Julia

Table of Contents


Build Your Chalky Kit Includes 2-2oz. Chalky Paints, 4pc foam brush set & full workshop instructional training with your Independent Chalky & Company Consultant

Honey Do List

17”W x 24”H Includes 2 Hooks $50


14”W x 10”H x 7”D Includes Rope Handle $45

The Galley


The Winery

17.5”W x 17”H $50

16”W x 18”H x 3.3”D Includes Personalized Name & House# $45

5.5”W x 14”H x 6.5”D Includes stencil w/letter choice $45

The Bin


Tall Tale

15”W x 10”H x 6”D $45

3.5”W x 22”H Includes Personalized Town Name $35

15”W x 8.5”H Includes Stencil $40

Mama Bear

21” W x 4”H Includes Bear Onlay & Stencil $35

Evening Hours

Burnin’ Love Kit with Heritage Brown Glaze


11 3/4” W x 2 1/4” H x 17 1/2” L Includes 2 Handles $40

Burnin’ Love** 29”W x 20”H $70

Personally Yours

18”W x 8.5”H Includes Personalized Stencil $35


Gather Kiit with Midnight Black

Wall Time

11.5”W x 7.5”H $40


10.5” W”x 15”H Includes Jute Rope $40

10.5”W x 21.5”L Handle 9” $50

Family Circle**


13.75” Diameter $45

18”W x 8.5”H Single Oar Per Purchase $35

Rustic Chicken**

16”L x 9”H x 5.5”W $45

(4) - 5”W x7”H Includes burlap, 16 upholstery pins and personalized 4 letters $40

Picture This

12”L x 12”H

Includes 4 Vintage Corners & Metal Clip


The Loo

8.5”W x 16”H $45

**Embellishments and/or Stencils are NOT included unless otherwise noted.

All In

Carry All

8.5”W x 16”H $45

Camper Days

10.25”W x 7”H $35


$ 70

Grand Gesture

10”W x 46.5”H Folds for Storage Can be displayed Vertical & Horizontal Choose Your Stencil Personalize your Coordinates on your Grand Gesture - $10





Grand Gesture Kit with Heritage Brown Glaze & Vintage White

Framed Cloth Canvas 14”W x 18”H Includes Wood Frame $30 Stencil Sold Seperately

Rustic Arrows 3- 12”W x 14”H $40

6Rustic Arrows Kit with Heritage Brown, Integrity, Vintage White

**Embellishments and/or Stencils are NOT included unless otherwise noted.


Below Kits include (2)-2oz Chalky Paints & 4pc foam brush set

Open Door



12”W x 18”H Choose Your Stencil Below Includes Door Handle





Primitive Ways

18”W x 1.5”H Choose 3 of your favorite stencils. Mix & Match









Little Dreamer






Barnyard Kit with Caribbean & White Mtns

12”W x 10”H Choose Your Stencil Below



7.25”W x 16”H Includes Choice of Onlay Below












Sign of the Thymes 20”W x 7”H Includes your choice of one stencil from the collection below, (2) 2oz Chalky Paints, 4pc Foam Brush set & full workshop instructional training with your Independent Chalky & Company Consultant

ChalkyBoard Collection

14”W x 20”H Included with the Chalkyboard kit, your choice of stencil below, 1 -2oz Chalkyboard Paint, 1 -2oz White Mountains, 4pc foam brush set & full workshop instructional training with your Independent Chalky & Company Consultant

First Day Today’s Menu Home Security 8

Craft Beer


Introducing.. “All Chalk’d Up” 15.5”W x 27”H

(2) 2oz Chalky Paints, 4pc Foam Brush set, already prepared Chalkboard background & full workshop instructional training with your Independent Chalky & Company Consultant

Chalky & Company has transformed the surface of this Kit with Chalkyboard paint. It arrives with a Solid Wood frame ready to be Chalky Painted by you

It can be transformed into a message board, an event planner or a canvas for your favorite quote.

Perfect for Kitchens Dorm Rooms Offices MudRooms ---Get Organized & Look Good Doing it



$50 2/$90

BoardWalk Collection

Included with 1 Boardwalk Kit, you receive your choice of one stencil in the collection, (2) 2oz Chalky Paints & 4pc foam brush set. Add an additional Boardwalk kit, including stencil for $40 more 15�W X 15�H 1- $50 2-$90


Around the Home Collection Includes (2)- 2oz Chalky Paints, 4pc Foam Brush set, Choice of one stencil from the collection below & full workshop instructional training with your Independent Chalky & Company Consultant

A. Another Name for You B. Sweet Tea C. Cluck, Oink, Moo D. Welcome Truck

E. Family Rules F. Wine All Day G. Bible Strength H. Good To Be Home

I. Bless The Food J. Farm Fresh K. Home Sweet Home L. Southern Girl

Test Of Thyme Kit 12”W x 12”H $40

12 12













Full Circle Kit 14”D $45













Pine Pallet Kit 18”W x 15”L $50












L 13

Birthday Parties Team or School Fundraisers Mommy/Daddy & Me Workshops

ring ts b Fun i K ds n y Ki ashio Chalk od Ol F go back

Ch Kits alky Sports Make a Grea Collection t Fun draiser !!!

Chalky & Company’s roots started with a mother and a daughter wanting to spend more time together. So, choosing to have a children’s line was a natural part of our Chalky kits. Enjoy Chalky painting with your son or daughter or even host a birthday! Either way, spending time together will be one more memory to hold on to.


Chalky Kids


Each Kit Includes (2) 2oz Chalky paints, foam brush & full workshop instructional training with your Independent Chalky & Company Consultant

Chalky Match Game



Sports Collection

10 pc set of 2”x2” tiles Includes farm animal stencils


10.5”W x 11.5”H


10”W x 10”H 5 X’s 5 O’s

This Little Piggy 18”W x 8.5”H



choose your Ball Stencil




6.5”W x 6.5”H

13”W x 6”H

Let’s Bowl 6 Pins & 1 Ball


Pins 1.5”x3” Ball 2” Extra Pin $3

15”W x 5.5”H


10.5”W x 7.5”H

My Room

17”W x 5.5”H Personalized Stencil up to 7 Letters included

15 15

The Woodshop Includes 2oz All Natural Painter’s Powder, foam brush, scoop & full workshop instructional training with your Independent Chalky & Company Consultant

A Little Chalky** 12”W x 10”H $22

Mini Me *

10.5”W x 10.5”H $28

A Little Dreamer



Full Circle

Measure Up

Personally Yours

Pine Pallet


15”W x 15”H $35

Design A Sign 5.5”W x 20”L $25

Card Box


12.5”Wx10.5”H $45

6”W x 9”H x 11.5” L $35

9”W x 15.5”H includes Stencil $30

18”W x 15”H $40

** Embellishments and/or Stencils are NOT included unless otherwise noted.

10”W x 12”H $30

14”D $30

18”W x 8.5”H $30

10”D $25

Onlay Collection $7 does not includePainter’s Powder


Anything Goes

Three 21”H x 4”W $30

Julia, Director

12”W x 6”L $15

Inspiration Magnets

Consultant Corner

Three 8”W x 2.5”H Includes choice of stencil set $18

STaged *

5.5”W x 5.5”H with attached stand $5 each


Sign Of the Thymes 20”W x 7”H $30

12”W x18”H $30

Test Of Thyme

Family Values Tile

I love what joining Chalky & Company has done for me! I have more confidence and a wonderful team of Chalky Sisters! I love the flexibility, the income and the sisterhood. Chalky & Company gives me endless opportunities for advancement! The stories from my customers and the smiles on their faces when completing a Chalky Kit is Priceless.. . I also love watching a small piece of furniture come to life with Chalky & Company paints, stains and glazes. It is so rewarding! This was a great decision for me and I am glad I found my “home” with Chalky & Company.

5.5”W x 5.5”H $4 each

does not include Painter’s Powder

12”W x12”H $30

Mini Spout

7.5”W x 5”H $28 **Embellishments and/or Stencils are NOT included unless otherwise noted.

Anything Goes with Shabby Gray & White Caps


The Paint Room

Our Paint Line comes in 26 Colors. Add our Painter’s Powder & create your very own Chalky Paint 8oz- $6 8oz/3pk - $16

Chalky Painter’s Powder Chalky Painter’s Powder Shine Available in 4oz - $9.00 9oz - $17.00

18 18

Add a little bling to all your Chalky projects 4oz - $13.00


Gel Stain

Our Glaze is a translucent water-based color used to create beautiful decorative finishes such as distressing, marbling, shabby chic, burnishing, color washing, rag rolling and wood graining. 8oz - $12 or 4pack 2oz - $16

Top Coat

Chalky’s signature Top Coat, Flat Velvet is a “Flat” water-based topcoat with a velvety look and feel. Made with a durable self cross-linking acrylic. Perfect for interior and exterior use. 8oz - $12

Gel Stains are formulated with a combination of pigments, oils and urethanes to produce a durable and beautiful “hand-rubbed” finish. The featured product for repurposing and upcycling furniture and cabinets. 16oz - $17


Formulated to offer excellent results on bare or sealed wood, Fiddes Wax Polish contains a unique, environmentally friendly blend of waxes that naturally enhances the beauty of your wood. Supreme Wax is easy to apply, & once buffed to the desired sheen level, provides a depth of finish that revives and protects any original patina. 400 ml - $26



ChalkyBoard Paint

Turn any surface into a ChalkyBoard! Our easy-to-use Chalkyboard paint comes in 2 colors for any chalkboard look. 8oz - $10 Grammar School Original Chalkyboard

Chalky Shimmers


Chalky Crackle

Add that touch of Shimmer to any of your projects. Our Shimmers already contain our Painter’s Powder and are ready to use. 8oz - $13

An all-new product! Chalky Podge gives you the ability to adhere pictures and papers on all of our wood kits. 8oz - $13

Chalky Crackle is a clear, water-based medium that offers a consistent “crack” look and feel. Use with our entire Chalky Paint line to create an antique, aged look. 2oz - $4 8oz - $12


2” Angled Brush $9

1” Wax Brush $22

Chip Brush $5

2” Foam Brush 4pk/$4

1” Foam Brush 6pk/$4

Round Foam Brush Set Stencil Brush Set 4pc set/$3 3pc set/$9

Detail Brush Set 6pc set/$10

Finishing Tools Sanding Bar 120grit $3

Sanding Bar 240 grit $3 Fabri-Tac Fabri-Tac is a crystal adhesive that is formulated for fast dry and flexibility.that partners with our embellishments and wood projects perfectly. Made in USA

4oz - $10

2oz Chalky Paint Our ready to play Chalky Paint is ever so popular, with its soft matte finish look and no VOC. Suitable for any surface. Approx. dry time 8-10 min 2pk $7

Test of Thyme Kit with Heritage Brown, Integrity and Sunf lower 19

The Stencil Room

In our Stencil Room, we offer you a variety of stencils. Our stencils are made to be cut and positioned on a variety of our Build it Chalky Kits. Use your creativity & your consultant to achieve that perfect look.

Sign Of TheThymes Kit with Heritage Brown,Vintage White, Cambridge Sage,Midnight Black

$10 -fits best up to 12” Kits

Cluck, Oink, Moo

Home Sweet Home

Another Name for You

Bible Strength

Family Rules

Bless the Food

Whine all Day

Southern Girl

Sweet Tea

Good to be Home

Farm Fresh

Good Friends

Welcome Truck

Welcome to the Porch

My Tribe


Choose Your Letter

Grateful Wreath

Honest Friends

Bakery Flower Quilt


Lone Star Quilt



Cowgirl Quilt

Test of Thyme Kit & Boardwalk Bonf ire Red, Driftwood, Off icer Blue, White Mtns.

$12 -Fits best in 13” Kits or larger (Pine Pallet)

Make Memories

Sea Hag

Be The Change

Every Superhero

Firepit Rules

Choose Your Emblem

$10 -Fits best up to 16” in length (Sign of the Thymes)

Jump In The Lake

Flower Market

Enjoy the Little Things

Your Wings

Family & Friends Gather

Welcome To Ours

$5- Fits best up to 4.5” in Diameter



Captain’s Wheel

Flip Flop





Paw Print


Choose letter

$4- Fits best up to 4.25” in Diameter, perfect for Staged-woodshop item

Be Kind








Dogs House


Personalized Stencils Personalize Option 1: $10

3 lines up to 10 characters each (including spaces) approx. 7”x7” A Little Chalky, Little Dreamer, Caddy, Anything Goes, Design A Sign, Mail Call, Picture This, The Galley, Evening Hours, Family Circle, Spout, Wall Time

Personalize Option 2: $8

1 line up to 20 characters (including spaces) approx. 2”-3” x 18” Sign of the Thyme, Design a Sign, Plantation, Oar, Homestead

Personalize Option 3: $12


Set Sail

Camp Fire

$9 Stencil 4 packs- each fits up to 3”

$10- Fits best up to 6.5”W x 9” H

His Will


3 lines up to 20 characters (including spaces) approx. 13”x 13” Pine Pallet, Cloth Collection, Full Circle, Honey Do, Burnin’ Love, Boardwalk


Summer Fun



Personalize Option 4: $10

3 lines up to 20 characters (including spaces) approx. 10” x 10” 1st line-Font B 2nd Line-Font C 3rd Line- Font D Test Of Thyme, Mini Me, Boardwalk

Personalize Option 5: $25

1 line up to 7 letters approx. 4ft long Grand Gesture Font Option B FONT OPTIONS

Font Option A


Font Option B Font Option D



Our Hand Selected embellishment line is carefully designed for that rustic look, that elegant feel or that modern day simplicity that we all love. Embellish your Chalky Kit with that finished look for your home decor kit.

Classical includes

Victorian includes

Roman includes

Retro includes

2 Black Burlap Flowers 1 Black Handle 1 Metal Key 18” Vintage Key Ribbon 18” Black Glitter Ribbon

2 Metal Gold Leaves 1 Brass Hook 2 Brass Pins 18” Leaf Vine Ribbon 18” Green Polka Dot Ribbon 18” Tan Lattice Print Ribbon

22 22

4 Decorative Corners 2 Silver Vine Handles 1 Wooden Applique 18” Vintage Ribbon

2 Wooden Retro Bike Applique 2 Silver Pins 4 White Flowers 3 Blue/ Gray Flowers 18” Teal Chevron Ribbon 18” Teal Velvet Ribbon 18’ Teal Stripe Ribbon

Deco includes

4 Wooden Frames 2 White Crochet Flowers 4 Multi Color Flowers 18” Yellow Daisy Ribbon

BoHo includes

2 Mauve Flowers 1 Lace Eyelit Flower 1 Wooden Feather 3 Brown/Beige Paper Flowers 18” Jute Ribbon 18” Feather Ribbon

Prairie includes

1 Cotton Stem 3 White Flowers Petals 3 Brass Pins 18” White Lace Ribbon 18” Burlap and Lace Ribbon

Romantacism includes 2 Lace Eyelit Flowers 4 Pink Mini Flowers 2 Ivory Flowers 3 Multi Paper Petals 2 Silver Upholstery Pins 18” Lace Eyelit Ribbon

Cast Iron Handle $5

Black Handle Set $6

Blue Hook $6

Cast Iron Anchor Hook $9

4pc Deco Corners 1.25” x 2.5” $5

Metal Leaf Trio $6

5pc Wooden Stars 1.5” $5

3pc Wooden Crosses $4

5pc 1” Wooden Buttons $2

10pc Clothespins $6

Jute Ribbon 3ft $7

Jute Rope 6ft $3

Hanging 3pc.Hardware Set $3

Gingham Ribbon 3ft $7

Yellow Daisy Ribbon 3ft $7

Green Leaf Ribbon 3ft $6

Buffalo Black Ribbon 3ft $7

Alphabet Ribbon 3ft $5

Green Polka Dot 3ft $7

Vintage Linen Ribbon 3ft $5

White Lace Ribbon 3ft $7

Satin Star Ribbon 1.5Ft per ribbon $5

Brown Burlap 3ft $5

4pc Plum Burlap Flowers $6

4pcChrome Burlap Flowers $6

15pc Assorted Rubbed Silver Rubbed Bronze Flowers 12 Upholstery Pins 12 Upholstery Pins $5 $5 $5

Measure Up with Caribbean & Shabby Gray


Furniture Workshops Bridgett and Danee, Consultants

Consultant Corner

Danee and I have always had a great relationship but, we wanted to find something we could both work together on. We wanted to learn new things and have fun doing it! I had attended a few Chalky and Company parties and thought this would be the perfect thing for us to start as a duo, mother and daughter consultants. We started in 2017 and are so glad we did! I love how Chalky & Company has opened a new learning for Danee on managing a business. We have done parties for our family and friends. We love that the kits and Painter’s Powder are all natural. Plus, you get everything you need to complete your project and you can pick additional options if you want more. We have done furniture restoring parties that are always fun. We like to see what furniture everyone brings to our workshops. Then we help them make it new again. We love how Chalky and Company has something for everyone which makes parties easy and so much fun!

2 - 8oz Chalky Paints 4oz Painter’s Powder 2” Foam Brush Set 8oz Flat Velvet Top Coat Choice of 2oz Glaze


$70 2 - 8oz Chalky Paints 9oz Painter’s Powder 2” Foam Brush Set 8oz Flat Velvet Top Coat Choice of 8oz Glaze Choice of 16oz Gel Stain Choice of 400 ml Fiddes Wax Wax Brush



2 - 8oz Chalky Paints 9oz Painter’s Powder 2” Foam Brush Set 8oz Flat Velvet Top Coat Choice of 2oz Glaze Choice of 400 ml Fiddes Wax

Join the Family Chalky Kit Instructional Workshops


Gallery Wall Sessions

Furniture Bundle Upcycling Classes

Le Petite Starter Kit e

0 Valu

over $8

Kit Includes 1 Woodshop Item 1 Stencil 2 -2oz Chalky Paints 2oz Painter’s Powder Powder Scoop Full Foam Brush Set 5 Catalogs 5 Order Forms Chalky Pouch 3 Months of Website URL Weekly & Monthly Training

Le Grande Starter Kit

Kit Includes: 2 Build it Chalky Kits 1 Chalky Woodshop Item 3-2oz Painter’s Powder 2-4oz Painter’s Powder 15 Host/Join Rack Cards

1 Embellishment Pack 1 Chalky Kids Kit 3 Powder Scoops 1 Sanding Bar 1 Chalky Apron

15 Catalogs 15 Order Forms 2-2oz Chalky Glaze 1- 2oz Chalky Crackle 2 Full Foam Brush Sets


over $190 V alue

1 set Detail Brushes 4-2oz Chalky Paints 1-8oz Chalky Paint 3 Free Months Website URL Weekly & Monthly Training

Kit Contents subject to change based upon availabilty of items. Kit prices listed are before tax & shipping. Website fees $10/month, after first 3 months


Host & Party UN! o much F s es are s her over Craft ike s as l C aughter s come toget ogether. is l D & g t Mom Generation paintin g Watchin kitchen table, was little he I t when around

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So in Love with the new Spring Color s! Over 25 different Chalky Pain Wow, how our line has grown in 3 ts. years...

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Consultant Corner


I l Picnicsove the new Ca , Flower s.. so mrry All! any idea s


I am Lindsay from GA, 34, with a good ol’ northerner of a husband, John, and 2 beautiful boys. I have never been overly artsy, especial y at painting, but I’ve always had a creative mind. I “chalk” that up to being a lefty, but seriously, Chalky products are so easy to use! Combine that with the variety of Chalky products, your creativity and the options are endless, which makes it so FUN! On top of being a full time mom, I work full time, so I chose Chalky & Furniture W orkshops are Company as something that I wanted to do for me. Boy, did I choose wisely! While I’m painting, I love that my so cool for ev Who knew th eryone. is was An eye only worry is deciding which colors to choose or placing my stencil on evenly. The workshops are crucial to the sore?? Paint Hair, Wine in in Hand. ne w Furniture, D success of your business, but also a bonus in so many ways! When I read, “get paid to paint,” it doesn’t take much more one. persuasion, although Chalky & Company offers so much more. Our concept is like no other and the integrity throughout the company is hard to find. Most importantly, Chalky & Company has provided me with new friends across the country, a business, techniques and ongoing training, support, quality products, and business tools. Throughout this company, we all support each other and celebrate so many successes across the country, as we watch the love of Chalky & Company grow! See for yourself, come join our family. You wil love it too!

Lindsay, Consultant

Convention Fun BFFs

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My daughter’s had so much fun at the Chl aky Birthday party. Wha t a Great idea!


Step of Your Way.

We will Help You Every

~ Reserve Your Spot & Learn to Chalky

~Join our Chalky Family & Get Paid to Paint

~Host a Ladies Night & Earn For Free

Over 28 Chalky Paint trending colors, Maine Wood Kits, embellishments, topcoats, glazes and gels. A One-Stop-Shop.

We want you to have fun, while learning how to repurpose your furniture & creating kits that match your style. Chalky & Company has over 50 Maine pine wood kits that you can use in every room of Your Home.

Why a Chalky & Company Workshop?

We want You to host Your very own Chalky Workshop.

Chalky & Company is on a mission to bring family & friends around the table, spending time & re-creating memories together.


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