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a hexaflexagon

You will need

A long strip of paper a few cm wide (or a printed template from, scissors, glue, a protractor or set square.



Fold over the left end of the strip to make an angle of 120°.


Fold the right end of the strip under the strip to make an angle of 120°. Then, tuck it over the top of the one you folded before.

Cut off the extra bit of the top strip, being careful to only cut the top strip and not the bottom one.



Apply glue to the overhanging area of the bottom strip (coloured in red), then fold it over and stick it down.


You have made a hexaflexagon! If you fold it in the right way, you will be able to open it out to reveal other faces.

Tube map platonic solids and Fröbel stars: more How to Make at 43

spring 2016

Chalkdust, Issue 03  

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