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Editorial Director Rafael Prieto Curiel The team Rob Becke Samuel Brown Dougal Davis Alex Doak Eleanor Doman Sebastiano Ferraris Aryan Ghobadi Nikoleta Kalaydzkieva Rudolf Kohulák Anna Lambert Trupti Patel Kin an Huda Ramli Mahew Scroggs Pietro Servini Ehsan Shahriari Adam Townsend Mahew Wright Cartoonist Tom Hockenhull Cover photo adapted from Spherical Dendrite by Mark J Stock @chalkdustmag chalkdustmag

Chalkdust has made it to its first birthday, and we now have an extra year of knowledge and interesting anecdotes to share. One of the most exciting things that has happened since our last edition is the expansion of our team. Friends and colleagues join Chalkdust, and with their energy and enthusiasm we grow stronger, as we aim to ensure that this project gets passed down to the next generation. A particular highlight this issue has been the opportunity to meet Professor Ian Stewart, who has inspired us through his dedicated work as a maths populariser. In his interview, you can read about the legacy that he is creating as he shares his belief that maths is fun, useful and at times provocative. In these pages, you will find the results of many hours of endeavour and heated debate: What is your favourite shape? What is the best calculator? Does the horoscope take maths puns too far? You will find interesting articles, such as how matchboxes can beat you at noughts and crosses, or the mathematical reasons why voting systems are never perfect. And you will find our regular entries, including our crossnumber competition with its prize of £100 worth of maths goodies. It has been a delight to receive articles and contributions from our growing readership. If you enjoy these as much as we do, we publish a weekly blog post and monthly newsletter so you don’t have to wait six months until we publish our next issue. You can subscribe to these on our website and also keep in touch with us through social media. Rafael Prieto Curiel Editorial Director

Acknowledgements We would like to thank our sponsors for their support, without which we would not be able to keep this project free for our readers. Also, special thanks should go to Prof. Robb McDonald and Dr Luciano Rila and all the staff at the UCL Department of Mathematics, as well as to all of this issue’s authors and contributors. We would also like to thank Dr Hannah Fry and Prof. David Colquhoun, amongst many others, who help us promote our project through their social media. We would also like to thank the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, the London Mathematical Society and the Turing Gateway to Mathematics for supporting this project. ISSN 2059-3805 (Print). ISSN 2059-3813 (Online). Published by Chalkdust Magazine, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK. © Copyright for articles is retained by the original authors, and all other content is copyright Chalkdust Magazine 2016. All rights reserved. If you wish to reproduce any content, please contact us at Chalkdust Magazine, UCL, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT or email


Chalkdust, Issue 03  

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