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A mathematical view of voting systems

Alexander Bolton explains why

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elections are never fair Menace Oliver Child tells us how to teach matchboxes to play noughts and crosses Fractional calculus Rafael Prieto Curiel takes us through the calculus of witchcraft and wizardry You can count on Dirichlet James Cann counts the factors of very big numbers Analogue computing Bernd Ulmann has fun with differential equations

In conversation with Ian Stewart

We chat to the professor about Manifold, tigers and everything in between... 4


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Page 3 model What's hot and what's not Horoscope Dear Dirichlet Chalkdust comic


Roots: Fibonacci's legacy

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by Tom Hockenhull with Emma Bell

How to make...

...a hexaflexagon

Prize crossnumber Biography: Martin Gardner On the cover... Top ten...


spring 2016

Chalkdust, Issue 03  

Popular mathematics magazine from UCL

Chalkdust, Issue 03  

Popular mathematics magazine from UCL