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“Success is an Attitude...” Issue 15 - 22nd May 2017

Leading on from the article by Mr Denial in the last edition of the Chronicle I want to acknowledge that Year 11 have moved into the external exam season, with Year 13 and Year 12 following soon. The Year 11 students have already taken some exams in Music, Art, Dance, and Preparation for Working Life, Drama, Law, Citizenship Studies, French and Biology. In addition they will have been visited by external moderators in many subjects and coursework has been completed and sent off (often for the last time). As I glance at the external timetable I can see how busy they will be and as I walk around the school there is a real buzz and focus amongst both the Year 11s and Year 13s, and the staff supporting them.

Giles Scoble Vice Principal

Year 11 moved to revision sessions this week with a different timetable to allow a better focus on the exams that are most imminent. I was pleased to see how Year 11 responded to this and watching them last Friday reminded me of my Year 12 daughter’s shirt-signing day at another local school. These friendships, mutual support and memories should be cherished by our students as we aim to prepare them for ‘the tests of life rather than a life of tests’.

I draw attention to the exams not because they are all that matter but because these qualifications give options to our students. I have been hearing about their plans for next year, be that A-levels, apprenticeships or other qualifications. I am proud of the rich curriculum offering we have here at Chalfonts and wish them all the very best in the forthcoming exams. Looking at preparing students for ‘the tests of life’ I am pleased to announce that we continue to enrich our already diverse co-curricular offering. In the last few weeks we have launched World Challenge short-haul expeditions for both Year 8 and Year 10, to Morocco and Croatia/Montenegro respectively. These 8-10 day trips give huge responsibility to students to plan, raise funds and complete a challenge, experience the culture and get under the skin of the country in a different way to regular school trips and holidays. We are also introducing the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to Year 9 for the first time in September; the Duke’s announcement of retirement was pure coincidence! Early uptake shows how our students relish these challenges. Our silver and gold uptake continues to go from strength to strength, with higher than ever numbers registered this year. There are so many opportunities to get involved in at school and in leisure time and I encourage our community to take full advantage of these. We value those things that cannot always be so easily measured.

Contact Information Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, SL9 8TP Tel: 01753 882032 Fax: 01753 890716

Email: Twitter: @CCChalfonts

Exciting News from the LRC….. Dan Freedman, author of the Jamie Johnson series of books will be visiting Year 7 students on Tuesday 18 July. If students are not familiar with his books, try and read one before he arrives: copies are available in the LRC. Dan’s books have been made into a series on CBBC, called ‘Jamie Johnson’. The second series is now being shown on Wednesdays at 5pm. Ten thirty minute episodes follow Jamie’s dream to become a professional footballer. The series includes some jaw-dropping cameos and lots of football action. Dan’s books appeal to boys and girls, you do not have to be a football fan to enjoy them To learn more about Dan Freedman and his series of books go to:

Year 10 Work Experience – 10th to 14th July 2017 I am currently talking to employers and finalising arrangements for our Year 10 students’ work experience placements. The variety of placements is enormous, ranging from teaching assistants, avionic engineers, veterinary, dentistry, vehicle mechanics, finance, glass making, hospitality, radio broadcasting, marketing, human resources, furniture restoration….. Towards the middle of June students will receive their work experience packs. The pack will contain a letter confirming their placement, a log book, which the students will be expected to complete daily, a ‘Student Profile’ which will be completed by the employer and student at their exit interview and an ‘Information Leaflet’. Please encourage students to read the ‘Information Leaflet’, the more prepared students feel prior to their placement the less daunted they will feel on their first day. Page 2

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Year 13 Final Gig

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On Saturday 13th May Year 13 music students hosted their final gig which was attended by friends, family and teachers. The students had been working very hard through lots of individual and group practice sessions, to put on a great show, which paid off. They demonstrated their talents by playing a wide range of music with each person playing different instruments and highly entertained the audience. They were very lucky to have lighting support from Laurie Deane which enhanced the event. The Gig raised £162.00 for the charity ‘Lunchbowl’ for vulnerable children in Kiberia, Nigeria. Ryan Grover and Josie Coyle

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LRC Books Borrowed Could all students who have borrowed books from the LRC, please return them before you leave The College Thank You!

If you are looking for up to the minute thought provoking news and articles relating to the General Election, log in to: The Day. Username: Chalfonts Password: theday Page 6

Sixth Form News Martyn Way Leader for sixth form

Good luck to both Year 12 and Year 13 as you embark on your exams. You have been prepared well and most of you have worked very hard so go out there and show us what you can achieve.

Information Day & Evening On Thursday 22nd June we start introducing Year 12 students to the UCAS process. Representatives from Bucks New, Brunel and Oxford Brookes universities will be giving presentations and there will be an opportunity to talk to ex students who have been through the process and experienced their first year at university. On Thursday 29th June (7-8pm) there will be a UCAS Parents’ Information Evening where parents can hear a summary of the main points covered on the UCAS Day.

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Creative Writing A term-long workshop was organised with a ‘Writer in Residence’ (journalist, Debbie Starrs) for selected Year 8 students who showed a flair for creative writing. This short story is one of the finished products of the workshop. Please enjoy!

It was a cold and eerie afternoon, as Millie, Becca and Lily hurried through the woods on their way home from school. It was winter, and already quite dark, which pushed them on to get home as quickly as possible. Millie could barely see in the gloom, but she kept knocking into a branch, brushing her face. The branch seemed to be following her. All of a sudden, a faint sound of crying came towards the girls. Millie stopped and looked around. Nothing, no one. Then they saw a tall black figure standing in the far distance, a smaller figure next to it… A black bitter panic hit Millie in the heart. A cold eerie afternoon, two figures standing in the distance, watching them. The girls thought the crying sound was coming from the smaller figure. They didn’t know what to do. Should they go over? Should they stay out of it? Was it a child in danger? Suddenly, the temperature dropped, something wasn’t right. Together they decided to go over and see who and what it was. As they approached, they realised that the figures were actually trees. They started laughing in relief, joking and nudging one another, when they heard leaves crunching on the ground. Worried, they spun round to see who or what was making the sound. In the other direction, they saw another two figures far away in the gloom, one large and one small. Fearless now, they marched towards them, convinced they would be trees again, playing tricks with their minds. But as they got closer, Millie realised that these weren’t trees after all. She could make out part of a person’s face. First the hair, then the eyes, then the nose, and finally the mouth, displaying a large wide grin that filled her with fright. They froze as still as statues. Before they could react, the two men without saying a word, grabbed the girls and dragged them out of the forest… At the edge of the forest they came to a black van, with bullet holes and smashed windows. The men pushed them roughly inside, where their fear strengthened as they saw the things inside the van: guns, knives, axes. They were mortified and didn’t know what to do. After half an hour of driving they pulled up to a huge ugly warehouse and they knew they were in trouble… Madi

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Some of our Year 7 students have produced reviews of the books they’ve most enjoyed this year. They might provide you with some inspiration when choosing your next book. Learning Support

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James Bertrand, a former student who completed his education at Chalfonts last year, is trying to raise ÂŁ90,000 for surgery on his legs in Australia. Please support this very worthy cause if you are able to. We will also be arranging other fundraising events to support James. Please go to to contribute and read more. Cathy Jones, Learning Support Department

MFL department have a couple of spaces left for the summer camp in Beijing this summer (15th -25th July 2017). Anyone interested to contact or

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Sports Fixures Date




Home/ Away


Approx Pick up time

Monday 22nd May







7/8 9/10

Rounders Cricket

Beaconsfield Amersham

Home Away


5.00 6.30

Tues 23rd May




Weds 24th May







Tues 6th June







St Marys




U13/U15 Indoor Cricket

Pipers Corner





The Amersham School




Weds 7th June Thurs 8th June


Dates for your Diary 22nd May 2017 - Y13 Study Leave Begins 24th May 2017 - Y10 BTEC Sport Intervention - All Day - Y9 ATG Training 9:00am - 1:00pm (provisional) 15th May 2017 26th May 2017 -

DofE Bronze Parent Meeting 5-6PM DofE Training 4-5PM Y9 University Visit End of HT5

5th June 2017 - Start of HT6 8th June 2017 - DofE Silver Parent Meeting 5-6PM 9th June 2017 - Sports Award Evening

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Important Information Help us to help you! Do your online shopping through The College website and The College will benefit in commission. No registration or sign-up required. Add this page to your favourites and start shopping today!:

Relief Catering Assistant Would you like to work in The College CafĂŠ? We have a vacancy for a Relief Catering Assistant. Regular hours are available each week and you would need to be on call as required. This could lead to a permanent position. You must be prepared to work hard and be physically fit. The job will involve food preparation and serving the students, washing up and cleaning of the kitchens. Term time only. Experience in catering preferred but training will be given, including a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate. Apply to Carole Fadipe or Barbara Pestellon 01753 881 781 or by email:

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News from the Medical Room and Lost Property HPV Information & Consent forms for Year 7 girls During the next few weeks information and consent forms will be distributed to all Year 7 girls in readiness for their first HPV injection in September. Please will parents read the information and return the completed consent form by the date given. Consent forms need to be returned, signed by a parent, whether or not you consent to the vaccinations.

Reminder for parents of students with EpiPens Now that EpiPens are not kept in the Medical room and students carry their own, please will parents check the expiry dates and get them replaced as necessary.

Hay fever medication The medical room does not have supplies of hay fever medication and suggests that students take a ‘one-a-day’ antihistamine each morning and bring some tissues to school!

Lost Property There is still a lot of ‘lost property’ being generated – please encourage students to look after their belongings – especially items of PE kit. All named lost property is returned to its owner via e-mails to the students’ tutor, so please name anything that is likely to get ’lost’. Un-named lost property is put on the table in the corridor outside the medical room for anyone to claim and is recycled after a couple of weeks as there isn’t any storage space for the quantities of items received. Page 14

Students diagnosed with a Medical Condition If your son or daughter are diagnosed with any medical conditions, or are prescribed any medication that they may need during the day, please contact Miss Romney so that the information can be recorded.

Warm weather As the weather, hopefully, gets warmer please encourage your child to drink plenty of water. Most of the students who come to the medical room with headaches are usually suffering from dehydration. Students sitting exams need to take a small (330mls) bottle of water into the exam with them – we don’t want them needing the toilet every few minutes! Please also remind students that jumpers are optional, they need to wear their blazers, but don’t need to wear a jumper as well.

Gayle Romney

Use of the Medical Room

Medical Administrator/First Aider/Lost Property

Reminder for students that the medical room is open at break and lunch-time for students to ‘Drop-In’. It is only open during and between lessons for accidents and medical emergencies.

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01753 881627

Principal; Russell Denial Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 8TP 01753 882032

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