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“Success is an Attitude...” Issue 17 - 126h June 2017

Welcome to this edition of the Chronicle at a busy time of year. Over the past couple of weeks, staff and students have been engaged in numerous sporting fixtures and enrichment activities both in and outside of the College and the rest of the term is jam packed with work experience, excursions and other exciting events including a trip to China. The GCSE and A level exams are coming to a close with just a couple of exams remaining for a few Year 13s. I would like to congratulate all of our students for getting through a very tough period in their lives and I wish them all the best with their future endeavours and look forward to seeing many Year 11s again as they start the post-16 studies with us in September.

Imran Vahora Assistant Principal

Earlier this month, the results of the UKMT Maths challenge were published. Year 7 and Year 8 students at the College achieved a record breaking thirty medals, including: 2 Gold, 10 Silver and 18 Bronze. The challenge is not for the faint hearted and I would like to congratulate all students that took part. In Art, the A-level Art & Photography Show took place on Thursday 22nd June.

This was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate students work and a chance to get an insight into our students’ creative minds. You can see all the Art & Photography works by clicking on this link: In sporting news, Years 7, 8 and 9 are looking forward to competing within their tutor groups in the College’s annual sports days. Year 7 kick start the events on 30th June followed by Year 9 on the 7th July and then finally Year 8 will have their chance to show off their sporting prowess on the 13th July. Good luck to all students involved. Following on from this, the PE department would like all parents to encourage their children to join at least one lunchtime or after school club to help boost the fitness levels of all students and give them a chance to represent the College during fixtures if they want to. On Tuesday 4th July, the College will be opening its doors to our new intake of Year 6 students coming from primary schools across the county. Year 6 students will spend a full day at the college and students will meet the Principal, their Year Leader again and their form tutor. During the day, students will experience some lessons and sample lunch from our cafes. We expect this to be a very busy yet fun-filled day. Furthermore, I am looking forward to meeting all our new intake parents during the evening of the 4th July from 6pm- 8:30pm. This is a chance for parents to meet their child’s tutor, the College governors and PTA and ask any questions they may have. Looking ahead, on Monday 3rd July, the college will be closed to all students as we have our INSET day. On Tuesday 18th July 2017, author Dan Freedman will be coming to the College to deliver a talk to our Year 7s about his writing and his latest book. On Friday 30th June, all Year 11s are invited into the College to mark their official leaver’s day and once they have been bid a fond farewell they have the rest of the day to get ready for the long awaited school prom.

Contact Information Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, SL9 8TP Tel: 01753 882032 Fax: 01753 890716

Email: Twitter: @CCChalfonts

‘A Brush with Fame’ was organised by Bucks Open Studios who invited high schools across the county to nominate a sixth form student to take part in a live event in Milton Keynes. Students would be paired with a celebrity and given five hours to paint their portrait whilst being watched by members of the general public. Chalfonts Art Department nominated Phoebe Hedges (Year 13 art student) who is an outstanding student and a fantastic portrait painter. She was given the challenge of painting the celebrity Gary Wilmot. The Art Department were thrilled that Phoebe was the clear winner in the student category and was presented with flowers and a certificate from her model Gary Wilmot. Phoebe is going on to study Fine Art at Leeds Beckett University. We know she will approach the course with her usual enthusiasm and passion and wish her every success for the future!

This is what Phoebe had to say about the event: “Participating in ‘A Brush with Fame’ was an extraordinary experience as I was surrounded by artists who painted using many different styles. It was fascinating to see how they worked. I thoroughly enjoyed the day. I felt quite relaxed which in turn helped me paint with confidence and even encouraged me to try a more vigorous painting style. I was extremely grateful for the opportunity, as I was able to engage with people from across the county who showed an interest in my work. The organiser plans to exhibit my work later in the year and the day was effective in promoting a public interest in art as well as publicity for Bucks Open Studios.”

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Chalfonts’ PE Department recently held the fifth annual Sports Awards evening at Denham Grove to recognise the fantastic commitment, time and effort our students put into sports teams at the college.

The evening was once again, a great success! The PE teachers really value the time the students give up to practice and compete which this year has totalled over 200 fixtures including netball, football, gymnastics, athletics and many more. As a thank you to students we organise this prestigious event, which is invite only and limited to a select few lucky students per year group. However, a huge well done and thank you is extended to all the students throughout the year who represent us in sporting events! This year’s awards of Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year went to Charlotte Parrett and Kennedy Newbert.

Both have devoted five years to sport at Chalfonts. Kennedy has shown great leadership; outstanding performance across many sports, commitment and willingness to support PE wherever possible, while Charlotte has shown fantastic skills in Football, Basketball, Netball, Athletics, Rounders and leadership roles too. Congratulations to them both. Our leadership award this year was awarded to Beth Spittle for her continuous help within the department. She won Sportswoman of the year two years ago and has continued to contribute to the department with lesson assistance and club support in sixth form whilst juggling her outside school commitments and A-levels. Beth, you will be greatly missed! Our thanks also went to Lucy Howman and Jessica Keyes who also give up time, week in, week out helping the department whilst studying A-levels. We really do not know what we will do without them next year! Naomi Noble, PE Technician

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In 2015 Sammy Farnfield was invited to join the English Talent Programme for Modern Pentathlon, having achieved qualifying times in the British Biathlon Championships. She was warned from the outset that the fencing element would be the toughest, but undeterred she joined the East Region Modern Pentathlon based in Hemel Hempstead. After only a short time she competed in the national rankings, a competition for GB team selection, just for the experience and finished 26th! This spurred her on and for the next four weeks she engaged in a rigorous training regime getting up at 5:00am several times a week to travel to Hemel for private fencing lessons with her coach before school. At the end of the second rankings, a month later, she had moved up to 21st place. In April 2017 she attended the British Championships, another fierce day of competition and came 8th; a position which could see her selected for the British Team. Two weeks later and she is competing again in a variation on Pentathlon where competitors have to shoot 5 targets, transition to the swimming pool, then onto an 800m run, which they then repeat 4 times. Despite Sammy never having competed in this format before she finished 2nd and as a result was invited to attend the European Championship in Portugal in July. Unfortunately an offer she could not accept as it clashes with her World Challenge trip to Zambia! Despite this early success, she knows it's a long journey but has never given up. Team GB representation at Under 19 is a real possibility and means training for 23/24 hours per week. She plans her entire week around maximising training opportunities and competitions whilst maintaining a life balance that enables her to complete her school work, teach swimming after school on a Thursday, learn to drive and have down time to socialise and occasionally eat and sleep. You are a real inspiration to others Sammy and have shown the dedication, commitment and determination that is needed to be an outstanding performer. Well done and congratulations on receiving the outstanding performance award in sixth form, as this is virtually unheard of! Page 5

Year 12 History Visit Hughendon Manor

As part of the A-level history, British Empire module Year 12 students visited Hughenden Manor just near High Wycombe on a glorious sunny summer’s day. The manor is a house of two tales, with a rich history. On one hand it was the Victorian home to Benjamin Disraeli, Queen Victoria's favourite Prime Minister. On the other, it was the base for a secret map-making organisation during the Second World War. Hughenden was purchased by Benjamin Disraeli as his country home in 1848 and was cherished by himself and his wife Mary Anne. Securing the manor was vital to the realisation of his political ambitions and his personal aspirations and it provided the setting for political drama, royal visits and a very personal love story. The Year 12 students explored the house and gardens to obtain a real feel for its history. The young Disraeli was an unlikely politician with his flamboyant appearance and heavy debts. He married a wealthy widow and bought Hughenden Manor which became his much loved home and private retreat. Its library contains a rich array of books and its dining room is adorned with a portrait of Queen Victoria who was once a guest for lunch. There is even a costume room where our students entertained themselves by dressing up as various characters from the Victorian era. It is certainly worth a visit.

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Water, Hydration & Safety We encourage out students to drink water regularly and during this very hot, dry spell this is even more important. I would like to raise some concerns we have about some of our students’ behaviour with water bottles and ask for your support in this: Spillage of water in corridors and classrooms is seen to such a degree that some of it is clearly deliberate. This poses a real Health and Safety risk to our whole school community and we have had injuries to staff and students alike as a result. If students are seen deliberately spilling water on the floor they can expect to be challenged and sanctioned. Some students misbehave with water bottles. Again whilst this may seem a game to them it is not acceptable behaviour and they can expect staff to intervene. As such, if students are wasting water by spraying at others it may be confiscated to be collected later. Puncturing a hole in the top of the bottle would indicate that it may be used inappropriately and this will be challenged. Students have plenty of time to purchase water before school, at break and at lunchtimes. Students should not be asking staff to miss valuable learning time to go and purchase water. No food or drink should be consumed in Science labs at any time. Warm Regards, Giles Scoble, Vice Principal

On Monday 19th June Year 9 GCSE music students put on their ‘Live Lounge’ evening gig in front of friends and parents. It was a fabulous concert featuring a whole host of emerging talent. The students worked really hard with Mr Mark Davis for who was delighted and very proud of them all. Parents, friends and teachers present were all every impressed. Danny Munster Leader of Music

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If you are considering having a clear out before the summer holidays, why not consider giving some of your bags to Chalfont Community College in order to help raise funds. Bag2school is operated in many schools throughout the country, and is a very simple way for us to raise funds for our department and also to help reduce our carbon footprint on earth by reusing unwanted items.

So how does it work? Students will bring a special bag home to fill with second hand goods, which they can collect from the main reception or the geography department. Bag2School will be collecting from our school on Tuesday 4th July 2017. Please bring your bag (or bags!) to main reception between Friday 30th June 2017 and Tuesday 4th July 2017 and help us have a really good collection!



Thank you for your ongoing support, together we can all make a difference…

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Looking Ahead Year 8 going into Year 9 (Sept 2017) Please remember to purchase your “Geography Package” from the school online shop by 30th June 2017. This includes the following items: 1.

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B Revision Guide ISBN: 9781292133782


Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B Revision Workbook ISBN: 9781292133768

The Workbook will be actively used in lessons as well as H/W, whereas the revision guide will reinforce the learning taught in lessons. 3.

A Blue A4 assessment book

This will be used to help track your child’s continuous progress throughout Year 9 to 11. These will remain in school with the teacher, unless students are responding to SIR feedback. 4.

A green A4 exercise book (classwork & notes).

Current Year 9 going into Year 10 & Current Year 10 going into Year 11 (Sept 2017) The exam board has recently release new revision material which we will now put to use in lessons. We’ve created a “Geography Package,” which is now available via the school online shop. This includes the following items: •

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B Revision Guide ISBN: 9781292133782

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography B Revision Workbook ISBN: 9781292133768

The Workbook will be actively used in lessons as well as H/W, whereas the Revision guide will reinforce the learning taught in lessons. •

A Blue A4 assessment book

This will be used to help track your child’s continuous progress throughout Year 9 to 11. These will remain in school with the teacher, unless students are responding to SIR feedback. •

A green A4 exercise book (classwork & notes).

Please ensure that your order is placed by the 30th June 2017… Preparation is KEY to success! Lastly, I would like to thank the generosity of those Year 10 parents who kindly donated towards the Geography Department. It is this vital contribution which will help us with our preparation for your child’s progress in KS4 geography. Thank you. Mr Gray, Head of Geography

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Year 10 Work Experience 10th – 14th July 2017 Year 10 students have now been given their work experience packs and most of them have received confirmation of their placements and what an amazing variety they are! When students return to school on Monday 17th July they will be able to share their experiences. Work experience is a perfect opportunity for students to gain an insight into the world of work and find out what interests them and, just as important, what doesn’t. Year 11 is fast approaching, so it is important students complete their work experience log book daily; this will prove extremely valuable when they complete application forms or write a CV. The profile sheet can also be used as a reference, so make sure it is completed with the employer at the exit interview. What are employers looking for over the week of work experience? “Enthusiasm, a willing attitude and a ‘can-do’ approach to tasks given.” Why is work experience so important? • Develops the skills employers expect you to have. • Experience of work will make you a more interesting prospect to employers and it will increase your confidence in yourself. • Practice at making applications and going for interviews. • Help with future decision making about careers because it helps you understand your work likes and dislikes. • Allows you to network with organisations which could prove very useful in the future.

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LRC Books Borrowed Could all students who have borrowed books from the LRC, please return them before you leave The College Thank You!

If you are looking for up to the minute thought provoking news and articles, log in to: The Day. Username: Chalfonts Password: theday Page 11

Sixth Form News Martyn Way Leader for sixth form

Our outgoing Head Boy, Taylor Reardon, had this to say about his year in office… “Being Head Boy at The Chalfonts Community College has been one of the most extraordinary roles I have ever been given. Yes, it’s helped me grow as a person and built my confidence however the opportunities that it has offered me have just been phenomenal; talking in front of year groups in assemblies, supporting individuals in lessons and assisting at open days, parents’ evenings and award ceremonies too. I also had the privilege of being on the student panel for interviewing potential new Deputy Head Teachers at the College. This was a huge responsibility but provided me with some fantastic skills. I have now studied at The Chalfonts Community College for 7 years during which I have gained some fantastic support from students, friends but most importantly staff. The Chalfonts has provided me with a safe, interactive and enjoyable working environment which I will take with me wherever I go in the future. I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff and students that have supported me at my time at the College, and also the opportunity for my role as Head Boy.”

At time of going to press, all of our current Year 12s will have started their university application for 2017. On Thursday June 29th (6.30pm – 7.30pm), we will be inviting parents of Year 12 students into school for our annual UCAS information evening in which the university application process will be explained and demystified by myself and our guest speaker from Brunel University. As well as the presentations, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions; we hope you can join us.

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This year I have had the honour of working with an amazing senior prefect team. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Taylor Reardon, Jessica Keyes, Charlie Harper and Tegan Young-Blackman for all of their work. You have all worked exceptionally hard and have given our students some excellent role models to look up to. I know that you will be missed by both the staff and the students at CCC. We wish you luck in your exams and in your next adventures. However as one student team leaves us we welcome a new one. This year we have had a very competitive election. All students involved were fantastic and should be really proud of their conduct. I am however, pleased to announce the appointment of the following: Head Boy: Llewelyn Woodman Head Girl: Kate Ilsley Deputy Head Boys: Lewis Drew and Jake Fenner Deputy Head Girls: Lucy Howman and Poppy Bignell. Well done! Carly West

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Creative Writing

A term-long workshop was organised with a ‘Writer in Residence’ (journalist, Debbie Starrs) for selected Year 8 students who showed a flair for creative writing. This short story is one of the finished products of the workshop. Please enjoy! Every day, Ward faced darker and more horrifying abominations. He thrived on the adrenalin coursing through his veins. He used to say, ‘it’s only fun when you’re in mortal danger.’ He was sorry to admit it, but he had gone too far, screwed over the wrong people, and now he was paying for it, with his life. Ward pressed his back against the door. Being out of breath and in imminent danger wasn’t his favourite pairing, but the two seemed to meet far too often in his life. The room had been in disuse for years. Cracks in the dry wall appeared as forked lightning, demanding that the room be used again. Where the peeling carpets and the crumbling walls met, were small piles of dust and wall chippings. Ward listened for what he was running from, but all he could hear was the beating of his own heart, throbbing in his ears. Flickering every so often, the single light bulb struggled, and finally went out. Steadying his breathing, Ward listened carefully, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as if they too were trying to listen for their pursuer. Light stretched into the room from under the door. Suspense-filled silence sickened Ward to his stomach. Movement. The light was broken when two large feet interrupted its flow. However, it wasn’t only the light that was broken. Ward’s chain of though was also interrupted by the sound of a young girl crying. Exactly what he needed. Ward’s heart beat accelerated as the cry echoed inside the room. But he knew it was coming from the outside. Not a muscle moved, by their Ward, or the child – or beast – outside. The temperature dropped and his goose bumps responded. The change in temperature had also affected the crying, but this wasn’t good. The toddler’s cry became a giggle, and the giggle blurred into static. Ward’s legs gave out in fear; he shut his eyes and his hands attempted to cover his screaming ears. A strange smell wafted in the breeze. A draft carried it under the door and into the room, hitting Ward’s nostrils and urging him to open his eyes. Open your eyes! Open your eyes! As if he had never been able to do so, Ward still couldn’t open his eyes. Then without warning, a bright light flashed from the left, and a sharp red stabbed painfully through the curtain of darkness behind his closed eyes. On his eyelids, multi-coloured shapes mocked him – they had seen the other side and they were laughing hysterically at what he had to face. Pistachio-green rage filled his sense and he erupted into a plethora of screams. Sloth-like, Ward slowly cowered in the corner. His eyes were sore, unbearably sore. Ward gave up, accepting his fate, he opened his eyes. Soft comforting padding, as white as snow, covered the walls, the floor and the ceiling. A goofy smile engulfed Ward’s face and he couldn’t be happier. But while his tired eyes shone with joy, he still couldn’t shake the dread deep inside him. ‘Here he goes again,’ said the man in the neighbouring snow-covered room with a monotonous mumble. ‘Like clockwork,’ he continued. Hysterical laughter echoed off the walls. Inches of glass muffled it, but it still echoed and echoed and echoed… Isobel Hereward

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Leaders of Learning are one of several groups of students working across the college. We have recently been exploring how students across the college can develop their learning in lessons and how best it can be improved. Our group consists of students from Years 8, 9, 11 and 12, allowing a broad range of opinions. Recently, the group has been working on observing and compiling feedback on students’ attitudes to improvements and responding to feedback provided during SIR marking. Our aim is to try and help give advice and suggest different strategies students can use to improve the quality of their responses and develop their learning. During our time in lessons with students, we observed a variety of effective responses. What made these effective were students being engaged in the topic and wanting to learn and improve their knowledge about it; the classroom being silent during responses so the students could take their time to think without distraction; students asking the teacher for help, so they could consolidate their knowledge and understand how to improve and students looking back on old work such as past questions and facts they already knew to support their responses. In contrast, ineffective responses we’ve seen have included: students talking during response time, distracting themselves and others from the work; students not valuing the time provided to respond effectively; students not looking back at previous work or asking questions to check what they are unsure about; and students only focusing on what they saw wrong, instead of considering what was right and building on that. We think it’s important that students know why responses are important, so they can value the process and develop their learning. Independence is also important, as it allows the students to understand the benefits of SIR marking and their responses. Lastly, self-and peer-assessment of work is really important, as not only does it allow the students to engage with the work effectively, but it gives students a different perspective on their work. This can help students not only improve the quality of their work, but also understand and value feedback and improvements more so they can develop their learning across the curriculum. James Irving, Year 12 Leader of Learning.

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Year 11 students need to collect any medications kept in the medical room & ensure all lockers are emptied By FRIDAY 30TH JUNE

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We would welcome donations of PE kit that students have grown out of or no longer need. This includes old trainers and football boots too. The PE department need as much spare kit as possible. It’s extremely useful for when students forget to bring theirs in. We can then give them spares to participate.

Please deliver to reception

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Sports Fixures Date




Home/ Away


Approx Pick up time

9 & 10 8 7 girls

Trophy Cricket Rounders Athletics

Borlaise Chesham Grammar Misbourne

Away Away Away


Thurs 29th June

7 8

Rounders Rounders

Tournament St Marys

Home Home


Tues 4th July


District Athletics Hillingdon



Weds 5th July





Cricket Finals



Weds 26th June Tues 27th June Thurs 15th June

Thurs 26th July



Dates for your Diary 22nd June - Y12 UCAS Induction 23rd June - Y7 Day Trip to France 26th June - Y8 ‘Bucks Big Bang’ (STEM Trip) 28th June to 30th June - Y12 Geography Field Trip 30th June -

Y7 Sports Day Y11 End of Year Assembly Y11 Prom Y12 - Young Designers Trip (Textiles)

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6pm 6.30


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Important Information Help us to help you! Do your online shopping through The College website and The College will benefit in commission. No registration or sign-up required. Add this page to your favourites and start shopping today!:

Relief Catering Assistant Would you like to work in The College CafĂŠ? We have a vacancy for a Relief Catering Assistant. Regular hours are available each week and you would need to be on call as required. This could lead to a permanent position. You must be prepared to work hard and be physically fit. The job will involve food preparation and serving the students, washing up and cleaning of the kitchens. Term time only. Experience in catering preferred but training will be given, including a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate. Apply to Carole Fadipe or Barbara Pestellon 01753 881 781 or by email:

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News from the Medical Room and Lost Property Reminder for parents of students with EpiPens Now that EpiPens are not kept in the Medical room and students carry their own, please will parents check the expiry dates and get them replaced as necessary.

Hay fever medication The medical room does not have supplies of hay fever medication and suggests that students take a ‘one-a-day’ antihistamine each morning and bring some tissues to school!

Lost Property There is still a lot of ‘lost property’ being generated – please encourage students to look after their belongings – especially items of PE kit. All named lost property is returned to its owner via e-mails to the students’ tutor, so please name anything that is likely to get ’lost’. Un-named lost property is put on the table in the corridor outside the medical room for anyone to claim and is recycled after a couple of weeks as there isn’t any storage space for the quantities of items received.

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Students diagnosed with a Medical Condition If your son or daughter are diagnosed with any medical conditions, or are prescribed any medication that they may need during the day, please contact Miss Romney so that the information can be recorded.

Warm weather As the weather, hopefully, gets warmer please encourage your child to drink plenty of water. Most of the students who come to the medical room with headaches are usually suffering from dehydration. Students sitting exams need to take a small (330mls) bottle of water into the exam with them – we don’t want them needing the toilet every few minutes! Please also remind students that jumpers are optional, they need to wear their blazers, but don’t need to wear a jumper as well.

Gayle Romney

Use of the Medical Room

Medical Administrator/First Aider/Lost Property

Reminder for students that the medical room is open at break and lunch-time for students to ‘Drop-In’. It is only open during and between lessons for accidents and medical emergencies.

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01753 881627

Principal; Russell Denial Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 8TP 01753 882032

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