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“Success is an Attitude...” Issue 10 - 27th February 2017

Welcome back to everyone after our half term break, a well-deserved rest before we embark on the season of revision, controlled assessments completion, coursework deadlines and exams. A busy time ahead to say the least! As always The Chalfonts Community College is a busy place to be with a real buzz of excitement. Wherever you go in the school there is something going on, whether it is PE fixtures, the Primary Festival, parents’ evenings, or school trips. One such trip took place in the half term where 48 KS4 students flew to Barcelona with a group of teaching staff, then drove to Andorra to spend most of their half term skiing; a lot of fun had by all.

Paula Procopi Assistant Principal

One of my main responsibilities as Assistant Principal is to recruit professionals into a career of teaching. I have had the pleasure of mentoring trainee teachers and NQT’s (newly qualified teachers) for many years and have seen many go on to become high flying leaders in education, including some of our own students, who have gone to university and returned to work here as great teachers.

There are many routes into teaching for suitably qualified, enthusiastic and committed individuals. The School Direct route is increasing in popularity as people choose to be based in schools to do their teacher training. As a school direct trainee you are immersed in the school environment from the first day of term but your teaching load starts very gently and you are supported and coached by experienced colleagues around you. Salaried and unsalaried placements are available at The Chalfonts Community College, as well as other secondary and primary schools, including a special school in the Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance. Places are offered in a range of subjects including: Art & Design, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Classics, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Economics, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Physical Education, Psychology, Religious Studies, Physics and Primary General (which is available both in a mainstream and special school setting). The Herts & Bucks Teaching School Alliance is a collaboration of schools and learning trusts working in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire to provide high quality training placements. I also work very closely with other universities such as Brunel, Roehampton, Middlesex, and many more, bringing in trainee teachers to our school to experience their teaching practice first hand. This allows me the opportunity to develop their skills in teaching and ‘grow our own’ teaching staff to ensure success for them and for our students. As a teacher of Design & Technology I always remind my students that to get where you want to go and to be successful, you have to do as we do with any form of design, you have to constantly trial, test, evaluate and modify your products to ensure the end product is perfect. To be perfect there needs to be many mistakes made along the way but with determination, constant effort and a vision of success, the end product will be perfect; don’t let the hurdles stand in your way of solutions and success!

Contact Information Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, SL9 8TP Tel: 01753 882032 Fax: 01753 890716

Email: Twitter: @CCChalfonts

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We firmly believe that for teaching and learning to be effective we require students to be in school. This means that requests for leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional circumstances and not for ‘family holidays’.

We would like every child to have a 100% attendance record but recognise that illness and other such emergencies mean that this may not always be possible.

Some startling figures: If attendance drops to the seemingly high 95% this still equates to a student missing half a day of school every two weeks. That is 19 days in the year (or nearly 4 weeks), 143 days in their Chalfonts Community College school-life which is ¾ of a full school year.

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If at all possible please arrange dental and routine doctors’ appointments out of school hours (and return your child to school as soon as possible after the visit). Unless it is an emergency there are often late or early appointments available if planned ahead. There is a school nurse, Ms Romney, available to students in school, so unless it is contagious please encourage them to come in. I am sure that you have seen the case on the Isle of Wight and we are pleased to say we do not have to proceed down the legal route very often. However this is a partnership between home and school and we ask that you work with us to maximise the chance of your child reaching their full potential by being in school whenever possible. If we request clarification for an absence please support us by providing this as soon as possible. We reward exceptional and consistently good behaviour with trips and we are reviewing how we can reward outstanding attendance too. Mr Scoble Vice Principal

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The Chalfonts Community College was extremely privileged to welcome Mike Moran a: musician, composer and musical director to the school to discuss his amazing career in the music industry with a number of students. This event was run in conjunction with the school’s Employability and Careers Programme and The Bucks Skills Hub whose aim is to promote and optimise links between employers and educators, to enable young people to become more prepared for the world of work. Mike met with a group of Year 12 students who performed some of the musical work they have been practising recently, demonstrating their skills in the subject; this was followed with the chance to listen to Mike informally as he talked through his career. He delighted students with his stories of working with Bob Marley, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie. Mike then presented to a larger group of students more formally about the music industry; this emphasised some really valuable key messages about being resilient and remaining positive. Students were encouraged to keep their options open and to give all opportunities a try. Mike also talked about the need for the students to have a specialism and something great to offer.

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His advice to those wanting to be in the music industry is to embrace the different genres as you never know when you might need those skills and to produce a show reel which is up to date and readily available. He also talked about the varied roles within the industry including choreography, accountancy, hairdressing, dancing, marketing, music journalism and lawyers specialising in music. Also, to do a job you love and keep ahead of the trends. We are extremely thankful to Mike and are grateful that he was able to come to the school to help us the raise aspirations of our students and to inspire them. “One of the aims of the Employability and Careers Programme at The Chalfonts Community College is to bring the world of work into school as much as possible. It is so hard for the students to be able to articulate what jobs they would like to do because they don’t know what is out there! It is important that they understand that, even if they can’t get exactly what they would like, there are always lots of associated roles they could do. All of the visitors to school are great at sharing the range of roles possible for the students.” Christine Sanders Leader for Employability

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Uniform (noun): ‘a prescribed identifying set of clothes for the members of a school’ After half-term there will be a zero-tolerance to items of clothing that do not meet our uniform requirements. Most students wear their uniform with pride and we value your support in that. However, if your child has told you that the following are allowed as items of uniform: • Hoodies •

Sweatshirts (Chalfonts logo or not)

Trainers or pumps

Jersey skirts, rather than regulation skirts

False nails, multiple earrings or jewellery,

Then I need to dispel that myth. After half-term we will be focusing on uniform so please use this opportunity to order from the school shop and let us know if there is a genuine issue with any of these items for your child. Giles Scoble Vice Principal

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Sports Fixures Mon 27 February

7 8

NetballBadminton Football

Beaconsfield Chesham Grammar

Home/ Away Away Away

Wed 1 March

10 10

Netballl Football Football

District Tournament Chesham Grammar Misbourne

Away Home Away


1830 1715 1730












Everham Sports Ctr




10 A/B 11


St Marys





Chesham Grammar






Thorpe House






Chesham Grammar




9 9B 8 7 11

District Tournament Football ‘7s’ Rugby Tournament Football Football

Kingsmead Thorpe House Stowe School Beaconsfield Misbourne

Away Away Away Home Away


1830 1730 1600 1700 1730


Thurs 2 March

Mon 6 March

Tues 7 March Weds 8 March Thurs 9 March


U15 7 9




Approx Pick up time 1730 1730


Dates for your Diary 2nd March 2017 - Y11 Progression Interviews - 5-8PM 6th March 2017 - Y11 - History ‘Jack The Ripper’ Visit - Time TBC 8th March 2017 - Y9 University Visit to Brunel 9th March 2017 - Y8 Options Interviews - 5-8PM 10th March 2017 - Y9 Engineering Trip (Silverson)

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On Thursday 2nd February, 185 students from Year 11 took part in a Taster Day. They attended lessons in the sixth form, trying out 5 different subjects to assist them in making their post-16 choices. Well done to all the staff and students who worked hard to make the day a success. The next step in the sixth form application process is a Year 11 Progression Evening on Thursday 2nd March. You will receive a letter soon inviting both you and your son/daughter to an interview where we can discuss plans for their post 16 education. Mr Way, Leader for Sixth Form

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Comments from the feedback forms included the words ‘fun, interactive, informative, enjoyable, interesting and well presented. Some of the other comments were:

“The classes were interesting and allowed me to get an insight into what they would be like” “Mrs Flisher talked us through what we would be doing throughout the 2 years and what the exams would consist of, as well as when we would do them; it was really helpful” “The lessons were informative and allowed me to make decisions about my plans for next year” “History felt like a very realistic experience of what a sixth form lesson would include and was deeply interesting. English was intense and exciting.” “I really enjoyed the Taster day and it gave me an insight into life in the sixth form” “Engineering involved a glider flight simulator and it was extremely interesting to understand how it worked. Mr Giles was energetic and positive.” “As Psychology was a new subject for me it was really interesting to learn something new; Mr Way was really passionate about it” “Photography – very helpful and fun - good information included” “In both Music and Art there was a detailed breakdown of what the courses consist of. In both Art and Performing Arts we had a practical taster of the kind of activities we’d experience doing these courses. Overall they were eye opening and helpful”. “I took Music, IT, Computing and Maths. The course presentations were intriguing and I was well informed about what they entailed. They all looked interesting and exciting and the teachers showed interest in the subjects themselves, which makes me believe they would be taught well.” Page 9

Reflections on the Speaking and Listening Assessment Students in Year 9 have recently been completing their speaking and listening assessments. Students spoke about a whole range of topics including animal welfare, self-esteem, holidays to Thailand and The Vamps. Students in the support group had the opportunity to practice their speeches in a small group and then reflect on the activity. Charlotte Buck My speech was about self-esteem. I think it went well because I spoke loudly. I did stutter a couple of times but overall I was able to deliver a good speech about an important topic. At the end of the speech people asked me questions about my topic and I was able to answer well. Before the speech I was nervous about talking in front of people, however, afterwards I was happy I did it! If you haven’t done your speech then you should get up there before everyone and do it because you will feel better afterwards. Daisy Green My speech was about why people should go to Thailand for a holiday. I was talking about how good the food is, how people will treat you well and how you can see the animals. I think my speech went well because I have done what I have to do, it’s not that bad. What I did was I looked up, I didn’t look down and I always kept my voice up so that people could hear me. To improve I would need to stop adding things to my speech, maybe stop being shy and make sure I know what I’m doing. If you haven’t done your speech yet just think that other people are not in the room with you. Just imagine the other people are like a box that you are putting your speech into. Lara Mance I did my speech on animals in captivity. I was pleased that everyone understood how I feel that everyone should treat animals with care. I also spoke about extinction, animals that are endangered and how zoos could educate people more. It was good that I put a rhetorical question in my speech. It got my audience to understand how the animals may feel. I spoke clearly and made good eye contact. To improve next time I could add some facts like how many animals are at the zoo. I would tell people, who haven’t already done their speech to be confident, don’t go first or last, just go when you feel ready and prepared for your turn. Faith Pickering Teacher of Learning Support

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Year 11 Taster Day East Berkshire College The same day as the Sixth Form Taster Day, 52 Year 11 students chose to visit East Berkshire College (Langley campus), to gain an understanding of the vocational courses available post-16. Upon arrival we were greeted by representatives from the college who outlined the structure of the day. Students could choose to attend three ‘taster sessions’ from a choice of nine which consisted of: Travel & Tourism; Business; Motor Vehicle; Construction; Carpentry; Public Services; Hairdressing; Childcare and Electrical & Electronics. The facilities were new and outstanding and the tutors who delivered the taster sessions made them interesting, fun and informative. Students were told how the courses were assessed, entry levels, course content and were shown around the learning areas and introduced to various machinery they would learn to use. Some students got to drive a car in the motor vehicle workshop and build a wall in construction. At lunchtime our students received a token to spend in the café, which enabled them to mix with the young people at Langley College and ask questions about student life. Towards the end of the day we regrouped; representatives who had delivered the sessions were on hand to ask further questions. Some of our Yr11’s used the opportunity to complete application forms, were interviewed by the heads of department and were offered conditional places for September. It was a very enjoyable, informative day and the feedback from students was very positive. It was extremely useful to gain an insight into the different courses. I heard one student say they had never really understood what the Public Services course was all about and now they were going to investigate further because they thought it would help them pursue a career they were interested in. We are very grateful to East Berkshire College for arranging a ‘taster day’ for our students and for making us all feel very welcome. Andrea Gilbey Learning Research Manager

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On Tuesday 31st of March we took an U13 and U15 team to compete in the Lady Taverners School

Indoor Girls Cricket Festival. For many of the girls competing, it was their first time playing in a cricket match and as each game went on all of them improved in all aspects of batting, bowling and fielding. Our U13 team finished 3rd place with a fantastic win against Burnham Grammar where we scored over 80 runs. Our U15 team finished second place with a great win against Chesham Grammar managing to bowl all their team out.

We’d like more students to come and play cricket Please come along Thursday afterschool (2:50-4pm).

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On Sunday 5th February the college entered an U14 mixed and U19 girls’ team into the BSGA South Floor and Vault Competition. The U19 girls team were up against tough competition, however all individuals in the team performed their floor routines almost perfectly and really impressed the judges. Overall we finished 2nd out of 10 teams which is an incredible achievement. Huge well done to Rachael Parker, Andreea Sava, India Fowler, Alice Constable, Olivia Convery and Tia Banger. The U14 mixed team were outstanding on the day and came 1st beating 2nd place by over 5 points.

The team consisting of Ben Howman, Gemma Matthews, Poppy Metcalfe, Millie Blackadder-Beatie and James Whitelaw, have now qualified to represent the South in the finals held at Stoke-on-Trent in May. We are all incredibly proud of all your hard work and it is great to see each individual progressively get better and stronger as a performer. A huge thank-you to Lucy Howman for managing and coaching the team... we couldn’t have done it without you! Rachel Keitch Teacher of PE

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Have you got the college’s News App yet? Look for ‘School News’ in your app store and keep up to date with the latest news and events at the college. We are now using the app to push through PE cancellations, job/ apprenticeship opportunities as well as all our other everyday news.

Please use our online shop to purchase uniform, books and selected stationery. We are constantly updating this as new uniform and books (particularly with the Grade 9-1 Courses) become available. You can see the full range from the comfort of your own home at:

We will send you an email confirming that your order is ready for collection, which is usually the next day. Don’t worry if you order the wrong size of uniform as we can easily sort that out when the student collects from the college shop. Carole Fadipe School Shop

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Important Information Help us to help you! Do your online shopping through The College website and The College will benefit in commission. No registration or sign-up required. Add this page to your favourites and start shopping today!:

Relief Catering Assistant Would you like to work in The College Café? We have a vacancy for a Relief Catering Assistant. Regular hours are available each week and you would need to be on call as required. This could lead to a permanent position. You must be prepared to work hard and be physically fit. The job would involve food preparation and serving the students, washing up and cleaning of the kitchens. Term time only. Experience in catering preferred but training would be given, including a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate. Apply to Carole Fadipe or Barbara Pestell on 01753 881 781 or by email:

‘The Day’ The school has subscribed to The Day. If you are looking for thought provoking news articles please log-in: Username: Chalfonts Password: theday

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On Monday 6th February 2017 it was our pleasure to welcome approximately 48 students from: Egerton Rothesay, Alfriston, Pebble Brook, Stony Dean. St Mary’s FR and The PACE Centre. The students that attended had a range of disabilities ranging from power chair users and visual impairments to speech/language difficulties. They had the opportunity to take part in a range of activities including: sitting volleyball, zone hockey, goal ball, boccia and indoor athletics. The Higher Sports Leadership students attended a training session at The Alfriston School on Thursday 19th January where they learnt about a range of activities to include; sitting volleyball and Zone Hockey. These students went on to plan sessions that were appropriate for students with a range of disabilities. They went on to lead these sessions at The Ability Games on Monday 6th February. They were superb in their delivery and adapted to the needs of all these students who took part. A fantastic day was had by all, and The Chalfonts Higher Sports Leadership Students were complemented by several of the schools for their enthusiasm and ability to engage with all students. Furthermore the students who attended this event had a great time with many schools thanking us for providing their students with such an excellent opportunity. We even overheard one of the student visitors saying: “Well, that was a good day� as she left the building; which clearly reflects the positive experience we had provided. Many thanks for the support from Rachel Hutchinson, from Alfriston, who supported us in helping this event to get up and running. Nicki Charge, Teacher of PE

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Injections are not until March, but it is vital that IMMUNIZATION FORMS for EVERY student are passed to the Immunization team before that. Please return them ASAP. If you no longer have the forms please contact: 01753 881 627 for replacements.

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British Petroleum, Fuelling Innovation Bringing the ‘World of Work’ into school is such an important part of the employability remit and I was delighted to be able to organise a visit by 2 BP employees. We had a Petro Physicist and a Subsea Engineer who talked to sixth formers about life in the energy industry. Two lessons were delivered about the cycle of oil, from exploration to refining and selling. They then shared information at another session with students about the types of roles within BP. The students were incredibly engaged throughout the lessons and asked some pointed questions. I really do hope that this visit helped to inspire them. Christine Sanders, Leader of Employability Here are some words from one of the attendees: The visit by the BP employees gave the students a unique insight into an area of geography they’ve already studied and provided a view as to what is achievable with a geography qualification. The presentation was valuable, teaching us about both upstream and downstream management of oil, one of the world’s most precious yet controversial resources. They also talked about how BP as a company is evolving and funding more and more renewable energy research, predicting that in 30 years that our dependence on fossil fuels will have halved. Following the talk they gave students information about the amazing apprenticeship scheme available through the company, which gave students an understanding of career paths needed to becoming a BP employee. Charlie Harper

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Last week I had the opportunity to take on the role of Cinderella with my local drama group, The Richings Players. It was an amazing experience, one I will remember for a very long time. I have gained a lot of confidence from performing in the show and being part of the fantastic cast. I hope to continue being involved in musical theatre as I grow older. Leah Renyard (9G1)

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Principal; Russell Denial Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 8TP 01753 882032

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