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“Success is an Attitude...” Issue 14 - April 30th 2018

Does your child cycle to school?

Cycling is fun and a great way for children to get fit. But, given the increase in traffic on our roads especially at rush hour, it’s understandable that parents worry about letting their children get about on two wheels. Furthermore, I have noticed that a few children are cycling into school on bicycles that don’t have brakes and without a helmet on. This is worrying which is why we’ve put together this safety advice.

Imran Vahora Assistant Principal

Sobering statistics. In 2016, 18,477 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents. Of that number 3,499 were killed or seriously injured.

Getting a bike - size does matter! It is crucial that your child has a bike that is the right size for them and one which has brakes that work – stunt bikes are not road safe and they are not to be brought into school. One of the factors of cycling accidents involving children is loss of control. If a bike is too big and a child can’t touch the ground with the ball of their foot, then the bike is too large for them to control safely. Keep your Head – wear a helmet! We insist that all children that cycle into school wear cycling helmets. This is a sensible way of protecting the head, especially if you lose control and end up in an accident. But we don’t advise getting a second hand one, unless you are certain it is not damaged. Even the minor cracks that come from dropping helmets can affect their integral strength. If you are unsure about something, speak to your nearest cycling specialist. Be Seen. Now that we are heading into the summer term and there is more daylight it is still imperative that your child cycles into school with clothing that can be seen by other road users. It is also important that they bring lights with them in case the weather is overcast and visibility is low especially in the early hours of the day and when going home. We want to encourage as many of our students as possible to take up cycling. Please spend some time today to discuss these points with your children and help us keep them safe on the roads. More Information can be found here:

Contact Information Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, SL9 8TP Tel: 01753 882032 Fax: 01753 890716

Email: Twitter: @CCChalfonts

National Milano Schools Gymnastics Finals On Saturday, 17th March, the U14 Mixed Gymnastics Team made their way to Stoke on Trent for the National Finals. They had to complete a group routine, individual routine and a vault. The hours of training paid off as they all improved on their scores from the previous competition at St Mary’s. It was so difficult to tell how they had scored compared to other schools as the competition was so high. However, when the results were revealed, they came 3rd in the regional category and 4th in the overall competition. They narrowly missed out on a medal position by 0.88 points! This not only demonstrates the high standard of the competition but also the outstanding talent of this group of students. I cannot wait to see what they will achieve next year. Congratulations, this is a great achievement! Nicki Charge, Teacher of PE

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The Bucks Schools Golf Association Competition On Tuesday, 27th March 2018, Chalfonts entered a team in the The Bucks Schools Golf Association Competition. We entered Individuals and two teams; a girls’ team of Amelia Curtis, Rachel Mackinlay and Grace Rigby-Walden, and a boys’ team that included Ben Withall, Nathan Cox and Justin Mackinlay. They all had a great day and there were some exceptional performances with Amelia coming second in the individual competition. The boys’ team won the competition which was an outstanding achievement. Congratulations to all who played. We look forward to entering you in the same competition next year.

On Friday morning I played Boccia in a two hour practice session. We competed with other schools as well as against children who had come along with their parents. I played well and our school team was improving all the time. Boccia is a Paralympic sport and is a type of bowls that you play from a seated position. We practics at lunchtimes on a Wednesday with Miss Keitch. We are really lucky that Mrs Charge set this club up for us. We are hoping to compete in some competitions later in the year. I have enjoyed playing with a team, learning a new sport and making new friends all at the same time. Hafzaa Rashad 7K4

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STEM goes off with a Big Bang! The subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths live comfortably together under the acronym of STEM. One of the big initiatives this year at Chalfonts has been to see all of Year 7 building rocket cars as part of the UK bid to exceed the land speed record with the Bloodhound car. On 26th March, members of the RAF came to visit us from RAF Halton to host the nationwide competition. Hundreds of schools have opted into this competition to design and build a rocket car that can shoot across a 20m length using a rocket engine. The speed is measured after 20m as the car passes through a 1m span timing gate.

“Seeing the Bloodhound rocket car shooting across the courts was a sight to behold!!!! The cars were picking up 70mph as the fastest timed car clocked 31miliseconds in a metre!!!� STEM subjects are currently male dominated. However, it was encouraging to see a large number of girls really enjoying the designing and making of the cars in the workshops and then seeing the girls taking part igniting the engines and racing the cars. A STEM club for Year 7 and 8 is currently being planned for Monday. This will include designing, using industry ready software and manufacturing using the 3D printer and other machines. Mr Alex Hinge Teacher of Engineering

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It was with great sadness that we said farewell to Chef Phillip Poynter (Phil), who had served many meals over the 18 years he worked here. His food was highly rated and enjoyed by both staff and students. He had a great send off from both students and staff. The students made him a video with many messages to take away as memories of his time at the college. We wish him well as he plans for the next chapter in his life down on the south coast. We would like to introduce you to Rudi our new chef who joined us at the end of last term and is settling in well. Do please come and try his food. At the Chalfonts we pride ourselves on serving good quality food with many choices. Carole Fadipe, Catering Manager

At the end of this month, Sue Mahoney will be retiring from The College after 12 years of service working across reception, attendance and administration. She is planning on taking some time to travel and to learn sign language. We wish her happy travels!

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Learning Support Assistants Wanted If you would like to join our team of fantastic LSAs then please see the job advert below. Application form can be found on the college website at:

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Reading Scholars Programme On Monday, 16th April, a small group of Year 10 students visited Reading University for the third part of the ‘Reading Scholars Programme.’ The purpose of this programme is to help raise aspirations of the students, introducing them to higher education and what it could mean for them. There are seven schools on this programme of which five were present on this day. The students started the day with a team building exercise outside. They were mixed up in groups and had a problem solving activity to lower a bamboo stick to the floor, while keeping it balanced on one finger. This involved using communication skills! For the next period, the group was split. One half attended a session about personality traits, with the local Careers Advisor and the other half was involved in a discussion about which degrees might be useful for which jobs, and which subjects might be useful at A-level to support the degree applications. The personality traits talk involved a discussion about the ‘Myers Briggs’ personality types. This tool is used a lot in industry to demonstrate the preferred way people choose to behave. There were eight indicators: Extrovert Introvert Intuition Sensing Thinking Feeling Judging Perceiving The students got involved in a few activities to demonstrate how different people think and act to help them find which four indicators they might be most aligned to. Each person was ‘typed’ and then shown roles that might suit for theri personality type. We were also shown celebrities who might have the same type. The second group did a few activities discussing which jobs students have typically gone on to do, with various degrees. The students were quite surprised to see that someone with a Chemistry degree went on to be an Accountant, and someone who studied Medicine for seven years, went on to do a Law conversion course. This really highlighted the fact that degrees can take you to many different places! For the last part of the day, the students attended a Psychology talk to give them some experience of being part of a lecture and to give them some exposure to the subject of Psychology. The students did various activities and exercises to help them start thinking about how our brain works and why we think the way we do. There are a couple of students who are interested in this subject so this was a great opportunity for them to discover a little more. The next meeting in Reading will be at the beginning of July. Christine Sanders, Leader for Employability Page 8

Year 10 Work Experience – 9th to 13th July 2018 Thank you to all those Yr10 students who have returned their work experience application forms. I am trying to source a number of placements for our young people, particularly in Engineering. If you, or the company you work for, are willing to offer work experience it would be great to hear from you to discuss further. Please contact Andrea Gilbey: Direct Line: 01753 881744


Can you recognise 17 popular books just by seeing part of the cover? Then enter the LRC’s latest competition! Ask for an entry form in the LRC office The winner will be awarded a £10 Amazon voucher! Page 9

Sports Tour 2018 - South Africa Over a year and half in the planning and finally nine excited staff arrived at Heathrow airport to greet sixty-four students and their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. Once the relatives had waved us goodbye, the first ever South Africa sports tour was started. After a long plane journey to Cape Town, students arrived to a warm welcome from Sean the local rep from Edwin Doran tours. There was an emotional meeting for one Year 10 student who met her uncle and aunty for the first time ever. Once all bags had been placed on the coaches the trip of a lifetime began.

Every day was packed full of touring, sightseeing, matches, learning the local language while our two drivers, Nando & Syed, shared their knowledge of their home country. We had lunches overlooking the beautiful coast line of Cape Town, played on the beach, climbed hills to see magnificent views, met new friends and shopped in the market place. Most evenings we ate at the V&A Waterfront enjoying amazing meals, from Italian to Steaks. One night we tasted the local cuisine at African CafĂŠ, where we enjoyed tapas of local food including Springboks curry. All finished off with ice cream or fruit salad. The last two days were spent in a five star hotel & spa game reserve. As we all relaxed by the swimming pool two elephants walked across the path in front of us. We were very lucky to go on two safari drives, one in the evening to see the animals getting ready for bed and an early morning where we saw zebras, elephants, sleeping lions, hippos playing along the river bank and the nearly extinct white Rhino with her baby. Page 10

Meeting the Children from the Langa Township. Students from Chalfonts had brought gifts and donations to the township, which they handed over to the families. They were very grateful and it showed on the children’s faces with big smiles. Our students walked around the Township and learnt about how they live. The students enjoyed a home cooked meal and music entertainment at Sheila’s café where students and staff joined in with the band and some movements called dancing!

Being chased, or in our case running away from the baboons. Thankfully Toby was very brave and stood still to allow the baboon to check out his bag. Some of the girls got a surprise visitor when they were coming out of the toilets. A baboon was waiting for them! Thankfully our driver Nando chased the family away. Zip wiring around Table Mountain included many stories of students being stuck on the wires and having to be rescued. We go up close and personal with penguins, sea lions and a one-to-one encounter with a Cheetah, which we got to stroke.

There are not enough words to sum up how amazing the students and this trip had been. The students were great ambassadors for The Chalfonts Community College. All staff are extremely proud and want to thank them for their exemplary behaviour and fantastic attitude, making this one of the best trips the school has run. Year 7 and 8 students look out for letters regarding the application for South Africa 2018! Page 11

Sixth Form News Martyn Way Leader for sixth form

UCAS Convention On Thursday 19th April, Year 12 students attended the UCAS Convention at ExCel in London. UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service and is the centralised service that students use to apply to university. Exhibitions/Conventions play a vital part in helping applicants decide what and where to study in Higher Education. They attract over 300 exhibitors such as universities, colleges, charities, gap year companies, recruiters and organisations from across the UK. They are united in their aim to inform and advise 16-17 year olds on their future options. Most of our Year 12 students attended and came back to school the following day buzzing with what they had experienced. The next step along the UCAS process is our UCAS Day on 20th June, where we invite former students and guest speakers from various universities to deliver presentations on choosing a course/university, student finance and writing personal statements, as well as giving an insight into student life. There will also be a Parents’ UCAS Information Evening on 28th June covering all of the above. More information about attendance and the timings of these events will follow nearer the time. Applying to university is not the right choice for every student but we aim for our sixth form students to be armed with enough knowledge to make an informed choice.

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These are the shortlisted designs for the Key Stage 3 and 4 school planners for 2018/19. Created by Year 7, 8 and 9 students. The winners will be announced in the next issue of the Chronicle.

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Duke of Edinburgh Gold Practice Expedition 29th March to 2nd April 2018 On a cold Thursday morning at 6am, fourteen Year 13s joined Mr Smith, Mrs Byrne, Miss Keitch and Martin from D of E for a trip to the Peak District, where we spent 5 days and 4 nights. Two minibuses packed with rucksacks, camping equipment and happy students drove to the training centre for their D of E Gold practice expedition. A quick stop at the local Tesco in the Peak District and we met our first challenge of the trip when Mrs Byrne & Miss Keitch couldn’t locate the parked minibuses, but thankfully our students are so well trained that they were able to guide us to the parking bays. After celebrating Connie Chana’s 18th Birthday, the students met their instructors who will be taking them to Poland in July. We started a short walk to the campsite, and as we all know there is no such thing as a

short walk in D of E! Sadly the rain decided to join us for the rest of the day. Students arrived at the campsite excited and a little bit wet. They cooked their first hot meal and put up tents, ready for the first night.

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Friday morning was a beautiful day with the sun shining. Students got up early, had breakfast and they were ready for the first full day of walking 20km. We could hear students singing all over the peak district. Their next location was ‘Rolly Farm’. The farm had lovely views and a very muddy field for camping. On Saturday and Sunday students trained hard and walked in sun, rain and wind, but thankfully no SNOW. The weather reports had threatened us with snow all weekend and we had Mr Smith on snow watch, checking weather reports hourly!

On our last day, Martin did a snow check at 5am and all was clear. We had been lucky, but at 6.03am the snow started and didn’t stop until 11am. The students packed up their tents, had breakfast and played in the snow. We arrived at the training centre to plan the map routes for Poland in July 2018. There had been lots of challenges over the five days but the three teams worked well together and achieved so much. The students are now all ready and really looking forward to the amazing trip to Poland in July 2018. Good Luck! Maria Byrne D of E Co-ordinator

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The Chalfonts Community College is working in partnership with School Lettings Solutions to utilise our facilities during evenings, weekends and school holidays, creating a community network with clubs and groups within the area. SLS have a dedicated School Leisure and Sports Manager who is responsible for taking bookings of the facilities, ensuring that the main focus for school staff is pupil attainment and day-to-day responsibilities. Facilities include an astro turf pitch, gymnasium, grass pitches & much more. To hire a facility or for more information about what SLS can offer, please visit their dedicated lettings website or contact the School Leisure and Sports Manager on 0151 515 6556

We would welcome donations of PE kit that students have grown out of or no longer need. This includes old trainers and football boots too. The PE department need as much spare kit as possible. It’s extremely useful for when students forget to bring theirs in. We can then give them spares to participate.

Please deliver to reception

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Sports Fixures Date




Home/ Away


Approx Pick up time

Mon 30th April


Athletics Perf Trials

Marlow CC


Weds 2nd May

9 & 10

Senior Trophy Cricket





Tues 8th May









Thorpe House




9 & 10






Athletics ESAA RD1



Weds 9th May Thurs 10th May


Download the college News App Look for ‘School News’ in your app store and keep up to date with the latest news and events at the college. We are now using the app to push through PE cancellations, job/apprenticeship opportunities as well as all our other everyday news.

Dates for your Diary Wednesday 2nd May - Y13 ‘Rock School’ Studio Recording Thursday 3rd May

- Y10 Parents’ Evening - 4:30pm - 7:30pm

Friday 4th to Sun 6th May - Y9/10 Bronze DofE Qualifying Expedition (2pm Friday - 6pm Sunday) Monday 7th May

- Bank Holiday

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Information Help us to help you! Do your online shopping through The College website and The College will benefit in commission. No registration or sign-up required. Add this page to your favourites and start shopping today:

Hay fever medication The medical room does not have supplies of hay fever medication and suggests that students take a ‘one-a-day’ antihistamine each morning and bring some tissues to school!

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News from the Medical Room and Lost Property Medical Time-Out cards Students diagnosed with a medical condition, which may necessitate them leaving a lesson, are issued with a Medical Time-Out card so that they can leave the lesson, without having to explain the reason to the teacher and with as little disruption as possible to the rest of the class. Most students issued with these use them very responsibly but last term a small minority abused their use of them. If your child is issued with an M T-O card, please will you remind them that they need to use it sensibly as they are issued for their benefit. i.e. they don’t need to explain to each teacher why they need to leave the room.

Students using crutches following an operation or injury Please advise Miss Romney if your son or daughter has an operation, or sustains an injury, and needs to use crutches on their return to school, as we need to ensure that they are given any support needed to keep them safe. This includes a risk assessment being carried out.

Lost Property There is still a lot of ‘lost property’ being generated – please encourage students to look after their belongings – especially items of PE kit. All named lost property is returned to its owner via e-mails to the students’ tutor, so please name anything that is likely to get ’lost’. Un-named lost property is put on the table in the corridor outside the medical room for anyone to claim and is recycled after a couple of weeks as there isn’t any storage space for the quantities of items received.

Gayle Romney

Use of the Medical Room Reminder for students that the medical room is open at break and lunch-time for students to ‘Drop-In’. It is only open during and between lessons for accidents and medical emergencies.

Medical Conditions

If your son or daughter are diagnosed with any medical conditions, or are prescribed any medication that they may need during the day, please contact Miss Romney so that the information can be recorded. Page 21

Medical Administrator/First Aider/Lost Property 01753 881627

Principal; Russell Denial Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 8TP 01753 882032

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