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“Success is an Attitude...” Issue 7 - 19th December 2016

Welcome to this Christmas holiday edition of the Chronicle. Another busy term has rapidly passed by and teachers, support staff and students are looking forward to a nice “holiday” from lessons. The Learning Support team have recently been busy supporting Year 11 students with their mock exams and we look forward to celebrating good progress with them all in the New Year. Having taught at The Chalfonts Community College for many years I am always immensely proud of what our students achieve, it is very rewarding to see students start with us in Year 7 and mature into young people ready to take their place on the next stage of their journey. The success board on the wall in our Department highlights some of the courses chosen by our recent year 11 students. For example, an Animal Care course at BCA, a music course at the BIMM Institute, a Diploma in Art and Design at Amersham and Wycombe College, a Media course at Aylesbury College and A Level courses in The Chalfonts Community College sixth form.

Sheena Gaunt

Strategic Leader for Learning Support

The Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) new code of practice was introduced by the Government in 2014 and the Learning Support team have been busy supporting the Local Authority in the conversion of Statements of Special Educational Needs into what are now referred to as Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans. The Local Authority have until 2018 to complete the conversion process and one of the key principles is that children, their parents and young people should be central to the decision making process.

As a school we have membership of NASEN (National Association of Special Educational Needs) and earlier in the year I was invited to attend a meeting at the Department for Education to discuss concerns about EBacc and new Progress 8 accountability measures for schools and the impact this may have on students with Special Educational Needs. It was highlighted that schools need clear recognition under the new measures for the work that goes in to supporting students with SEND. Hopefully the Government were listening. Students with SEND do exceptionally well at The Chalfonts Community College and along with all our students they are very valued members of our community. To quote Dr Patrick Yarker from the University of East Anglia “A child is more than a level, grade or score” and the Learning Support team feel very privileged to be able to support students to achieve their best. I wish everyone a very happy holiday season and best wishes for 2017.

Contact Information Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Bucks, SL9 8TP Tel: 01753 882032 Fax: 01753 890716

Email: Twitter: @CCChalfonts


Over the past few weeks students in Year 7 & 8 have been learning about symbolism in RE and what it means to use symbols in religion. This mini-unit has ended with putting everything that has been learnt into action through making Christingles. These simple symbols remind Christians all around the world about who Jesus is and why they believe he came into the world – to bring light into the darkness. The orange represents the world; the cocktail sticks containing sweets represent the goodness in every part of world. The red tape around the outside reminds Christians that Jesus died for people of the world and the candle in the middle reminds them that even in very dark times, Jesus can bring light and hope. We send these Christingles home with the students (hoping they make it back in one piece!) along with festive wishes and a very Happy New Year! The RE Department

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e P i L G S e L n B e The 2016 Spelling Bee Competition was an unquestionable success and the participants were remarkable. We have had some unforgettable and exciting moments that I will cherish as each competitor was determined to win the trophy. However, in a thrilling Grand Finale, two students were outstanding and undefeated so they were crowned the Junior and Senior Spelling Bee Champions. The support from some staff and students was also very encouraging. Let me take this opportunity to specially thank Mrs Abby Castleton and Mrs Jo Green for their support throughout this competition. It was greatly appreciated. A few teachers and learning support assistants

rose to the challenge and took part in this competition as they competed for the accolade of ‘Teacher/LSA Spelling Bee Champion 2016’. Their involvement added much fun and excitement to the competition. A huge thanks to these individuals. I would like to make special mention of and congratulate Mrs Sharon Clark for retaining her title as the Teacher/LSA Spelling Bee Champion. Miss Michelle Glavic must also be commended for her effort. I thoroughly enjoyed organising this competition and I look forward to another fabulous competition in the next academic year. Elaine Brooks Literacy and Spelling Bee Coordinator

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Netball News On Monday 21st November, the Year 9B team were preparing to leave school to go to Beaconsfield school for a netball match. On the way there, in the mini bus, Mrs Charge was reminding all that we had learnt in practice: strong passes, good dodging and communication. When we arrived at the venue we did a warm up consisting of running round the court, stretches, shooting practice and passing drills; this made us eager to win. We then had our team captain win the first centre for our team! The whistle blew and we were off, we started strong but then Beaconsfield came stronger, their defence was good, but our attacks were even better and our team had so much determination. This is what made us come fighting back. It was then half time, Mrs Charge

gave us some feedback on how we were doing and how to improve in the next half and this made us extra determined to win. These tips made us a force to contend with and we remembered to apply strong passes, good interceptions and take our time shooting. The final whistle blew and the score finished 5-4 to Chalfonts! We shook hands with The Beaconsfield School to show good sportsmanship and did our 3 cheers. We were so happy that we had won the match and this made us excited about playing our next match. The Beaconsfield School voted for player of the match and they chose Megan Castle as she made some amazing passes and helped get the ball down our end of the court.

Rebecca Percival 9G4

On Thursday 17th November the Netball team went to an away match at The Amersham School. When we arrived we started our warm-up led by our captain. The first half was twelve minutes long; we made some good interceptions and had a really strong attack. At the end of the first half the score was 5-4 to The Chalfonts Community College. We had a 5 minute break and a quick drink and team talk before going out again for the second half. We kept our lead and our passing was getting stronger and we got some good shots at goal. The final score was 11-9 to Chalfonts.

Angel Rumney 9G2

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On Wednesday 7th December the Year 7A and B Netball teams travelled to Holmer Green. Both teams played well and the A team after an intense game ended up losing by one goal 10-11 and the B team had a fantastic victory winning 6-2. The Team Captain of the A team was Erin Bacon and the player of the match was Hannah Schwaar for her amazing commitment and motivation

to the game after our GK was injured, Hannah was defending alone in the shooting area. The Team Captain and Player of the Match for the B team was Hannah Bacon for her great team effort and shots on target throughout. Well done to the Year 7 A and B Teams. Hanna Bacon 7G2

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U13 Girls Football On Wednesday 30th November the U13 Girls football team travelled to Cressex School to participate in a 6aside Wycombe Wanderers tournament. The girls did extremely well

to keep motivated through the freezing temperatures against 8 different opponents. Well done to all of the girls

participating and especially Madi Kirkby and Madi Henson for two fantastic goals throughout the tournament. Naomi Noble

PE Technician

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Basketball On Tuesday the 6th of December Chalfonts Year 10 boys had a basketball match against Chesham Grammar school. CCC kept a solid lead throughout most of the game until the last few minutes, but was able to hold on and win 24-21. Jordan Collins 10G2 The Year 10 basketball team following their already successful season with another win against DCGS. J Collins scored 39 points as CCC won 51-25. They are now on an unbeaten run this year.

Dates for your Diary 5th January 2017 - Start of half term 3 - Y11 PE residential 6th January 2017 - Y11 Mock exam catch up session 11th January 2017 - Local College Fair: 1-2pm (LRC) 17th January 2017 - Y11 Results assembly 18th January 2017 - Y8 Options Fair: Lunch time (Gym) 19th January 2017 - Y11 Parents Evening: 4-8pm

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The Year 7 Football League This term we have introduced a new extra-curricular activity for Year 7 students. Each tutor group was asked to nominate 10 players to make up a football team with 1 captain and 2 substitutes (the 2 substitutes will rotate regularly through the matches). Each week we will have matches and will be awarding a Golden Boot for ‘Man of the Match’ each week. On Friday 2nd December, we kick-started the league with; Pitch 1- 7G3 V 7K3 Pitch 2- 7K5 V 7K1 Pitch 3- 7K2 V 7K4 And wow did we have some fantastic players and results. All students had a very sportsman like manner and were very professional throughout the process. Our results for this week’s matches are; 7G3 beat 7K3, 3-0 7K5 beat 7K1, 3-3 and 7K5 won on penalties 7K2 beat 7K4, 3-1 We had one phenomenal player who really stood out this week. He scored an amazing goal in the top right hand corner in front of an impressive home crowd. Our ‘Man of the Match’ this week, winner of the golden boot has to go to Ryan Vass in 7K1. A massive well done to all the teams that played on Friday and to all the students that were involved. Players please keep checking the Year 7 notice board next to Reception as this will list next week’s fixtures or ask your tutors. It would be really nice also, if you were to come and support friends in different teams at their matches.

League Table

Taylor Reardon Head Boy

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Christmas Hampers As always at this time of year, Year 12 and Year 13 students have been busy making donations of food for our Christmas hampers. Each tutor group (13 in all) have created a hamper which will be delivered to Gold Hill Baptist church next week. The church then disseminates the hampers to people in the local community who they feel are in need of some extra help, particularly at Christmas. To everyone who made a donation, many thanks! Merry Christmas Martyn Way Leader for 6th Form

DofE Gold Presentation On Wednesday 14th December, two of our ex-students, Katie Brooks and Rebecca Seaton received their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards in the presence of the Earl of Wessex (Prince Edward) at St James Palace, London. Katie and Rebecca completed their Gold DofE at the college in 2015, culminating in a challenging expedition to the Tatra Mountains of Poland & Slovakia. Their awards were presented by Bonita Norris, who in 2010 became the youngest British women to reach the summit of Mount Everest at the age of 22. Both Maria Byrne and I are extremely proud of these two individuals, who have proven the college motto. Richard Smith DofE Leader Page 9

Engineering Visits BMW Mini On the 2nd December, Year 10 Engineering students visited the BMW plant in Oxford for a grand tour of the facilities. The visit was organised to cover topics related to modern manufacturing and materials supply, which are key topics on the course they study. The students and accompanying teachers were very impressed by the scale of the operation and organisation that is required to produce 100 Minis every day! The group asked lots of searching questions and

expressed an interest in applying for apprenticeships with BMW. The course they are following is preparing them well to make these applications. More visits are planned to both BMW and other local and national engineering companies. James Giles Head of Faculty – Technology, Engineering & ICT

‘I c

ouldn’ s p i r t of rob t believe th t s e b e num ots wo the f ber r o t k h i e n e g c a t ‘On r o s ’ a ssemb on’ n le e e b I’ve ‘It’s amazing how they can track each Mini to make sure it has all the right parts’

‘The robotic welding was truly amazing’ Page 10

Studying STEM in the Sixth Form For many students in Year 11 deciding on the next steps can be a daunting prospect. Choosing to study the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) subjects can be an exciting and lucrative avenue to consider. On the 8th of November approximately 70 parents and students attended the second ‘Study STEM in the 6th Form’ event to promote these subjects and introduce an exciting unique offer for Chalfonts’ students. Steve Daly from the BBC thrilled the audience with his illustrated talk about his career in the Beeb followed by James Giles and Jane Marfleet from the STEM subject areas detailing the courses on offer. This year Chalfonts are promoting two level 3 courses in engineering which it aims to run next September. The two Diploma courses can be studied alongside other A levels or as an apprenticeship option in association with ATG Training. For some students who won’t have studied Engineering at GCSE the offer is still open with a bridging course on offer next summer. For more information and details of the courses please contact James Giles, Jane Marfleet or Malvina Stephens

James Giles Head of Faculty – Technology, Engineering & ICT

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“It was fun and interesting.” “It helped me to know which courses to do to achieve my dream

As part of our objective to continue raising the aspirations of our students, we took 41 Year 9 students to Brunel University last week. The day commenced with a presentation about the university and student life. The students then had a chance to think about their possible subject choices and what they need to consider before taking these next steps. The university ambassadors took the students on a tour of the campus where they were shown the accommodation, the library, the lecture theatres and the amazing sports facilities. The ambassadors then answered lots of questions about living at Brunel.

“If I get good grades

“It looks more likely as an option now.”

Year 9 Trip to Brunel University

and the university offer the subjects I want to study, I would like to go there.”

“This is definitely the one!” “It has made me think about it more and I now understand more.”

Y10 Reading University Scholars Programme

On Monday 12th I accompanied 5 Year 10 students to the first day of the ‘Reading University Scholars Programme.’ The programme has just begun for Year 10 students and involves them visiting the University of Reading for a total of 4 visits over the next 12 months. They will take part in a variety of workshops and activities that will give them an insight into what it is like to be at University. Many students are unsure whether or not to go to University and this programme is set up to show the students different options available to them and how to get there. The students will have a mentor allocated to them within the university who will work with them Page 12

job.” “I feel like I can see myself at university in the future.”

“The trip helped me to understand the different paths

I can take.”

“I feel a lot more confident about going to university.”

Employability News

at all of the events and will be contactable via an e-mentoring system. This first week included a presentation about student life and studying Philosophy and then an introduction to the student mentors. Following this was a very active hour on goals and aspirations and then a fun Science talk ‘Liquid or Solid’. The future events will include preparing for a seminar, exam revision techniques and how to present. The students were extremely motivated by this first day and are looking forward to our next visit at the end of February. Christine Sanders Leader of Employability

Th e an even d w ing as wa the made s ver y - L lovel mem colo ara y p ora ur fu b Ta hot tte os le by l rsa ll

Year 7 Disco exciting y l l a e r was a “There sphere” o m t a party Story - Reece

One of our Employability projects for the Year 7s was to organise a Christmas disco which took place on Friday 9th. The taskforce did a great job in helping to organise the event and we are grateful to all members of staff who stayed late to help make this a success. I am so pleased to say that our very talented DJ is one of our Year 10 students, Laurie Deane and our photographer, Hannah Mayling, who produced some fantastic pictures, is an ex-student of The Chalfonts Community College. We even had one year 7, Jack Moody, who gained some work experience on the night! He is keen to understand the work of a DJ and helped Laurie set up and run the evening. He also did a great job!

“It was a really good experience. It gave me an idea of what it is like to do an event and I would like to do more now!” -Jack Moody The Deputy Head of Year 7 was part of the task force and said:

“Helping with this disco has given me the chance to see a project through, from giving ideas to making it happen. I feel I have developed the following skills: Organisation skills – working out what to do and when Team work – we all had different ideas but used them together to create a great event Budgets/funding – I enjoyed working out how much the tuck shop food and drink should cost I feel that this is just the beginning for me and I’d now like to go on and be involved in other projects.”

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Important Information The Chalfonts Community College New Website! You may have noticed our re-designed website going live early this week. The fresh new design doesn’t only represent our professional modern approach, but is designed to be responsive for a range of devices, recognising that the majority of people now do not only browse websites on their computers. There is also a news app available on iPhone, Android & Windows phones - search for ‘School News’. Once you have installed the app and entered our college, you will be kept up to date with the latest news and events. We welcome any feedback from both the website and the app

Help us to help you! Do your online shopping through The College website and The College will benefit in commission. No registration or sign-up required. Add this page to your favourites and start shopping today!: default.asp?pid=56

Relief Catering Assistant Would you like to work in The College Café? We have a vacancy for a Relief Catering Assistant. Regular hours are available each week and you would need to be on call as required. This could lead to a permanent position. You must be prepared to work hard and be physically fit. The job would involve food preparation and serving the students, washing up and cleaning of the kitchens. Term time only. Experience in catering preferred but training would be given, including a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate. Apply to Carole Fadipe or Barbara Pestell on 01753 881 781 or by email:

Twitter We now have a Sixth Form Twitter account to see useful information relating to the Sixth Form and post 18 education and work choices. Follow us:


‘The Day’ The school has subscribed to The Day. If you are looking for thought provoking news articles please log-in: http://theday. Username: Chalfonts Password: theday

London Marathon fundraising for Charity: Children With Cancer “It has been my dream to run the London marathon and this will finally happen next April! I have four very healthy children of my own and can’t imagine what these children with cancer and their families are going through. Please help me to support them by spreading the word and asking people to make a donation on my just giving page.” Thanks for your support Orlessa Altass PTA Member Page 14

News from the Medical Room and Lost Property Students using crutches following an operation or injury Please advise Miss Romney if your Son or daughter has an operation, or sustains an injury, and needs to use crutches on their return to school, as we need to ensure that they are given any support needed to keep them safe. This includes a risk assessment being carried out.

Lost Property There is still a lot of ‘lost property’ being generated – please encourage students to look after their belongings – especially items of PE kit. All named lost property is returned to its owner via e-mails to the students’ tutor, so please name anything that is likely to get ’lost’. Un-named lost property is put on the table in the corridor outside the Medical Room for anyone to claim and is re-cycled after a couple of weeks as there isn’t any storage space for the quantities of items received.

Students diagnosed with a Medical Condition If your son or daughter are diagnosed with any medical conditions, or are prescribed any medication that they may need during the day, please contact Miss Romney so that the information can be recorded.

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Gayle Romney Medical Administrator/First Aider/Lost Property 01753 881627

Principal; Russell Denial Narcot Lane, Chalfont St Peter, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, SL9 8TP 01753 882032

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