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My degree from ACAOM thoroughly prepared me for a wonderful and exciting career in acupuncture and oriental medicine. —Jane Doe, Senior

The Career in Medicine Choosing a Career in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine In today’s world, individuals from all walks and ages are now turning to acupuncture for more effective health care solutions. In 2005, the National Institutes of Health (CAM Institute) allocates over $123 million for complementary and alternative medicine research, a sharp increase from $2 million in 1992. Acupuncture has been used for over 5000 years and has survived as a complete system of medicine.The National Health Interview Survey, which is the largest and most comprehensive survey of complementary and alternative medicine, estimates that in the year 2002, over 8.2 million Americans used acupuncture as their course of health care direction, compared to 2.1 million just the previous year.

A Future Bright with Professional and Personal Satisfaction The potential acupuncture student has a future bright with monetary, professional and personal satisfaction. As a Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, not only do students work towards the fulfillment of a rewarding career, but they can also enhance their level of financial security. Whether graduates choose to open their own clinics, work with other healthcare practitioners, become involved with research, or work at healthcare facilities, the Oriental medicine field allows graduates to be flexible in meeting their career goals. Based on testimonials shared by graduates and working practitioners, the rewards and benefits of the acupuncturist are many and include the following: ❖ Flexibility in the Work Schedule - Given that one can often create his or her own work schedule, practitioners can fulfill other commitments, such as taking care of family. ❖ Financial Reward - According to Naturalhealers in a 1993 survey, acupuncturists have an earning potential of over $100,000. With 8.2 million Americans using acupuncture in 2002, this number is expected to have grown since 1993. ❖ Long Lasting Career -Age is of little consequence. In fact, the older one gets, the more experienced and better he or she may become as an acupuncturist. ❖ Improved Quality of Life - Many acupuncturists indicate that they are less stressed working in this field. ❖ Personal & Professional Rewards - The personal rewards of a healthcare provider are extremely high, giving the acupuncturist a greater sense of emotional and mental gratification.


My degree from ACAOM thoroughly prepared me for a wonderful and exciting career in acupuncture and oriental medicine. —Jane Doe, Senior

The Education Training for Our Students As the first and currently the only Oriental medicine college in the nation accredited by the American Academy of Pain Management, the program allows students to be exposed to research methods and techniques. In addition, our unique clinical training program allows our students to rotate in premier mainstream facilities such as the Memorial Hermann/HBU Wellness Center, which is affiliated with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, and Methodist Hospital Wellness Center, which is affiliated with the Methodist Healthcare System. Our professional clinics at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital Outpatient Clinic, Rice University Student Health and Wellness Center, University of Houston Clear Lake Health Center, Clinica Hispana, Montrose Clinic, and Halliburton Energy Services also provide future possible locations for our students to observe and rotate.

The ACAOM Program As a forward thinking educational environment, the American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) is dedicated to offering degrees to individuals interested in successful careers as healthcare practitioners.To that end, the Master of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine degree program conducted at ACAOM is based on preserving the ancient theories, principles and tenets of traditional Chinese medicine and is recognized as one of the most highly regarded schools in the nation.The program combines practicing from a 5000 year old medicine with the latest tools and technologies, and involves the necessary and crucial training that prepares graduates in seven of the most important areas of expertise which include: (1) Basic Theory, (2) Acupuncture,Tai-Chi, & Qi-Gong, (3) Herbology, (4) Tui-Na, (5) Western Science, (6) General Studies, (7) Clinical Training

A Program For Working Professionals Although many individuals attend as full time students, the program is specifically tailored for working professionals.The extent and duration of informative training depends upon each individual’s educational background, although many graduate in a little over 3 years. Options of studying full time or part time are available and working students can enroll and attend classes in the evenings. ACAOM also accepts students who are not interested in receiving a degree. The non-degree seeking program allows students to take courses at a leisure pace for 1 year. To gain greater insight into all aspects of ACAOM, a Career Night is conducted for all potential students thereby providing answers to questions that must be addressed. Students may attend career night by contacting ACAOM at 832-275-9021 to learn the details about dates, location as well our curriculum.


My degree from ACAOM thoroughly prepared me for a wonderful and exciting career in acupuncture and oriental medicine. —Jane Doe, Senior

Clinical Training A successful career as a Master of Acupuncture at ACAOM begins with strong clinical training. In addition to offering a dynamic program and curriculum, ACAOM offers a unique all-inclusive clinical internship that allows students to observe and treat patients with many diverse medical conditions that include pain management, women’s health issues and internal medicine. The ACAOM program includes the following clinical training: Pain Management Accreditation & Training - students receive didactic courses in pain management in addition to making rounds throughout the clinical semester. Mainstream Outreach Facility Training - One of the primary reasons that ACAOM’s clinical program is considered superior to other training programs is based on the fact that interns and students are afforded the option of rotation at affiliate clinical outreach facilities which include the following internship clinics: ❖ The Memorial Hermann/HBU Wellness Center (Affiliated with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System) ❖ Methodist Hospital Wellness Center (Affiliated with Methodist Healthcare System) In addition, the professional clinics below provide future possible locations for observation and rotations. ❖ Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital Outpatient Clinic (Affiliated with Memorial Hermann Healthcare System) ❖ Montrose Clinic (HIV & AIDS) ❖ Rice University Student Health & Wellness Center ❖ University of Houston Clear Lake Health Center ❖ Clinica Hispana ❖ Halliburton Energy Services


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