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Date of Birth : February 25, 1990 aged 22 years Address :75/1 Some 48 Wa Phasi Charoen Rd. Bangkok 10160. Email : Records show. Exhibition at the gallery. University building for a view. WORK IN PROGRESS 2012 at SWU


Fashion Still Light


Landscape Concept

The photo is a charming and beautiful in itself.

I was the one who likes photography. We can not make sense of what the photographer wants to take photos of the photographer and a unique fantasy. Chaiyakit Tongyulead

Fashion The concept of fashion photography who seem to have no life but focus on the fashion makeup looks raw.

This work set out to make a woman look neat, but to see the novelty of the manner in which I came out strange.


Interior design photography. Do you want to show the inside of the house or building. With a beautiful design that will make people want to go into that place.

This room is the living room

Still Light Huennieg or packshot images are taken in a studio with lighting and lighting techniques in the studio, so it must be preserved long enough.


Landscape photography is taken as the architecture. But like most people, is a modern building, so I try to shoot an old building. To make it out the other one.

This old fire station.

Concept The concept is to take the job than any other subject. Because it needs to be set. And needs to be unique and creative ideas. This is a vampire. People who do not use it because the people are looking for in a vampire movie. But with much of this.

The form taken by this move.



Chaiyakit tongyulead