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Legacy Application Modernization

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Companies are increasingly pressurized to deliver rapidly while reducing costs. This pushes them to adopt and leverage the latest technologies business benefits. In this context, the primary challenge that engineering companies face today is balancing investments in existing legacy applications with investments in future technology opportunities. The solution to this face-off lies in legacy application modernization. Legacy application modernization involves retaining and extending the value of intellectual property embedded in the system, and migrating the aging system to more modern and flexible architectures. At QuEST Global, we offer high-quality, low-cost and low-risk legacy modernization services. Backed by over 13 years of engineering experience, we help companies extract the most value out of their legacy systems and modernize them, while allowing for easy integration with future technology. We employ CMMI Level 3 SDLC practices for best results in engineering code modernization. Through our local-global model, we ensure enhanced flexibility, faster time-to-market and reduced costs. The end result – you improve your business capabilities and mitigate risks while effectively managing costs.

QuEST uses its deep understanding of customer challenges to offer cost-effective, low-risk alternatives that reuse the existing knowledge base and move legacy applications to modern architectures and codes. Client Pain Point

Knowledge exists in silos across the organization

Investments made in legacy applications cannot be discarded overnight

Many discrete applications are in use

Complex legacy codes

QuEST Solution

Business Benefits

Capture, define and reuse that knowledge

Reuse and leverage knowledge residing across the organization

Modernize existing legacy applications and scale them up to integrate with emerging technologies

Develop a single, unified and scalable architecture

Develop simple, low maintenance codes

Leverage the value of existing legacy applications Decrease the cost of maintaining multiple applications, while increasing efficiency of operation Develop codes that are easy for current users to understand and work with

Figure 1: Client Pain Points and the QuEST Solution

The QuEST approach to Legacy Application Modernization is characterized by a strong understanding of customer requirements and efforts are concentrated towards delivering an optimal solution that offers high quality at low cost.

Task characterization, Requirements gathering Documentation

Tollgates Flowcharting

Engineering rules harvesting

Testing and validating code

Intermediate reviews Migrating core Defining software, platform architecture

Assessing needs of customer

Figure 2: QuEST Approach

The solution is based on CMMi Level 3 SDLC practices for engineering code modernization. Key deliverables include: ■ Design rules ■ Flow charts ■ Code documentation ■ User manuals ■ Help and administration manuals Examples of Previous Engagements ■ Steam turbine code modernization (FORTRAN to C++ and mainframe to .NET) ■ Aeroacoustics modules migrated from FORTRAN to Java ■ Materials databases migrated from FORTRAN to VB

Case Study: Modernization of Legacy Codes to make them User-Friendly and Powerful Challenge: The New Products Initiatives (NPI) team was using 20-year old legacy codes to implement new designs. However, none of their current customers knew how to use these codes or integrate them with the latest technology. QuEST Solution: ■ Extracted engineering rules ■ Evaluated future needs of the customer ■ Migrated code ■ Created necessary documentation Benefits to the Customer: ■ Customers understand the logic behind the code ■ Customers are able to update/modify rules ■ The application can be integrated with customers' future requirements ■ Detailed documentation insulates customers from staff turnover

About QuEST Global QuEST Global is a leading provider of outsourced engineering and manufacturing services. The company helps customers in the Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Industrial Products, Marine, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Transportation verticals, to cut product development costs, shorten lead times, extend capacity and maximize engineering resources. We do this by providing support across the complete product life cycle from design and modeling through analysis, prototyping, automation, data documentation, instrumentation and controls, embedded systems development, manufacturing support, vendor management, and in-house precision machining.

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Legacy Application Modernization  

QuEST uses its deep understanding of customer challenges to offer cost-effective, low-risk alternatives that reuse the existing knowledge b...

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