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Growth of Global Engineering Services Well-known global engineering services companies today provides its national as well as global audience a comprehensive range of engineering products and services. The services provided helps to minimize the expenses incurred in product development, increase resource accessibility, increase the capacity, and minimize lead times, helps in efficient data documentation, proper instrumentation, effective product analysis and many others. Each service is attributed to significant and specialized verticals. The economy has recently witnessed an increase in the outsourced engineering services. The main reason being to bring down the cost of operations. We all know that by nature engineering services are expensive owing to its utilities and long-term benefits. Further, companies and business entities also prefer off shoring prospects as it helps in curbing down the labor costs. NASSCOM and Booz Allen Hamilton conducted a research that highlighted that, most companies opt in for outsourcing services in order to bring down the over cost. Other secondary reasons are being able to tap the best expertise, being able to venture in the overseas market, increase the technological expertise, having access to global trends and solutions. Eminent global engineering services brands provide world class engineering products in different segments, for instance electronic engineering, software engineering, sustenance engineering and market service. The mechanical and technical knowledge used here helps in providing quality services within a short time. We have listed below few of the domains:Global Engineering Services for Equipment Design The scope of work that this section consists of the following:Component selection Vendor Management Cost validation Technical documentation Detailed design Vendor evaluation Design validation Global Engineering Services in Plant Design The scope of work and activities that come under this section are as follows:Procurement support Product control and instrumentation Process detailing Mechanical vessel Piping Field Support Global Electronics Engineering and Embedded Systems The scope of work and activities that come under this section are as follows:Development of simulation software Platform qualification and porting Hardware development and design

Mass production assistance Implementing protocols Re-engineering processes Embedded application These apart, two other important sections of global engineering are aerospace engineering and oil and gas engineering services. Both these fields have been flourishing well with their innovative products and solutions. Lately, there have been new discoveries on oil and petroleum resources owing to the everincreasing customer and client demand. The resource and development team of the engineering consultancy services have dedicated themselves to come up with cost-effective solutions. The outsourcing of global engineering services is said to go up by seventy percent by the year 2015.

Growth of Global Engineering Services