chaitanya krishnan

chaitanya krishnan

bengaluru, India

I live in Bangalore City with my dog and fishes.. the dog usually drives to work with me. I play a lot of computer and console games.. PC is my preferred gaming platform.. after that its the PSP.. and then the wii.. Once in a blue moon i go play paintball with my friends or co-workers.

I like to poke around with FOSS. Have been using Ubuntu on and off for a few years.. just made it the only OS on my home machine.. have no regrets. The Open Source world has got a firm grip on me now. :)

My work
I'm a digital artist, most of the time.. but quite often i delve into the physical space as well.. doing DIY stuff, recycling old bottles and cans.. etc.

Currently a full time Web Game designer working at a design firm called Flip Design -
I develop 2d and 3d content for web games and rich media websites(flash sites). Lately i've also been developing DIY kits for kids.