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parkhaus berlin collection 08 accessories for living


since 2003 parkhaus designs and manufactures an ever increasing assortment of wool felt accessories. with the help of other local designers parkhaus has created over 200 products for living, table decoration, papery, fashion and seasonal decoration. its wool felt accessories are available world wide in highend interior and accessory stores as well as exclusive catalogs and museum shops. parkhaus own egg cozy couple david & victoria has received the designplus award in 2005 and was nominated for the design prize of the federal republic of germany in 2006. Showroom SchrĂśderstraĂ&#x;e 13 10115 Berlin Germany

Phone +49 30 440124 60 Fax +49 30 440124 61

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accessories living

pure lamb’s wool for modern design


accessories living


liv-0016-col. basket woven 36 x 36 x 36 cm

liv-0015-col. basket woven s 25 x 25 x 25 cm

liv-0020-col. cushion woven 60 x 60 cm

liv-0036-col. basket simple l 40 x 40 x 25 cm

liv-0035-col. basket simple md 30 x 30 x 15 cm

liv-0604-col. cushion streched s 40 x 40 cm

liv-0034-col. basket simple md h 25 x 25 x 25 cm

liv-0033-col. basket simple s 15 x 15 x 15 cm

liv-0611-col. basket round ø 37 x h27 cm

design by Flip Sellin

liv-0606-col. cushion streched l 60 x 60 cm

accessories living

liv-0077-col. cushion pad 33 x 33 cm


liv-0078-col. cushion pad l 40 x 40 cm

liv-0107-col. cushion spot ø 33 cm

liv-0108-col. cushion spot l ø 39 cm

liv-0040-col. cushion soft pad double stitched 33 x 33 cm

liv-0050-col. cushion soft spot double stitched ø 33

liv-0613-col. pouf ø 80 x h32 cm removable cover

liv-0614-col. pouf donut ø 80 x h32 cm removable cover

liv-0615-col. bear shaped carpet 140 cm x 70 cm design by Klein + Koch

liv-0060-col. cushion soft square double stitched 34 x 34 cm

liv-0609-col. carpet donut ø 135 cm

accessories living


liv-0110-col. wall suspensor cross 10 x 10 cm incl. self adhesive tape

liv-0715-col... modular curtain flower liv-0713-col... modular curtain flowers half

liv-0130-col. door stopper friend 36 x 12 cm

liv-0705-col... modular curtain snowflake liv-0703-col... modular curtain snowflake half

iv-0090-col. modular curtain tiles set of 12 pieces inc. connectors = 1 qm

liv-0085-col. curtain module twiggy 24 x 19 cm

design by Flip Sellin

design by Flip Sellin

design by Claudia Santiago Areal

design by Claudia Santiago Areal

design by Flip Sellin

liv-0083-col. curtain module twiggy fruit 12 x 10 cm

twiggy interior picture page 24

accessories table decoration

smart tools for a perfect dinner


accessories table decoration


kit-0030-col. placemat donut 30 x 45 cm

kit-0060-col. placemat RE 30 x 45 cm

kit-0040-col. placemat 30/45 30 x 45 cm

kit-0102-col. - kit-0108-col. coaster round in 7 sizes 10, 13, 17, 21, 27, 33, 39 cm

kit-0020-col. coaster double donut 2 pieces (in one col.) ø 19cm

kit-0010-col. coaster donut ø 10, 13, 17, 21, 27, 33, 38 cm

kit-0072-col. coaster square small 11 x 11 cm

kit-0070-col. pothhandle „hot wilma“ 19 x 19 cm

kit-0632-col. coaster „espresso“ 24 x 19 cm

design by Jan Dobmaier

accessories table decoration


kit-0115-1 rack one white-graphit kit-0915-1 rack one red-graphit

kit-0110-1 rack one white-orange kit-1011-1 rack one orange-light grey

kit-0620-si stainless steel ring

kit-0115-4 rack four white-graphit kit-0915-4 rack four red-graphit

kit-0110-4 rack four white-orange kit-1011-4 rack four orange-light grey

kit-0627-col. butterfly

design by Flip Sellin

design by Flip Sellin

kit-3130-col. egg cosy „egg hat“ 12 x 12 cm

kit-3110-col. egg cosy „david“ 24 x 12 cm

kit-3120-col. egg cosy „victoria“ 22 x 12 cm

kit-3090-col egg cosy „george“ 16 x 12 cm

accessories table decoration


kit-0623-col. heart

kit-0625-col. tree

kit-0626-col. star

kit-0621-col. crown

kit-0622-col. shamrock

kit-0624-col. flower

kit-0053-col. modular table decoration leaf s 18 x 12 cm design by Michael Grosch

kit-0055-col. modular table decoration laef l 29 x 22 cm design by Michael Grosch

accessories bags

traditional, sturdy and ready for outdoor


accessories bags


bag-0090-col. bag market with leather handle 25 x 25 x 25 cm

bag-0790-col. bag bazar

bag-0612-col. shopping bag simple

bag-0035-col. bag with bamboo handle L

bag-0033-col. bag with bamboo handle S

bag-0601-col. gridbag net structure

bag-0020-col. satchel 24 x 26 x 9 cm

bag-0015-col. bag 20 x 14 x 6 cm belt 120 cm

design by Julia Sch채per

design by Julia Sch채per

accessories bags

dig-0030-col. CD case for 20 CDs or DVDs

dig-0013-col. laptop case 13“ dig-0015-col. laptop case 15“ dig-0017-col. laptop case 17“


bag-0020-col. iPod bag

design by

accessories stationery


colour your common life

accessories stationery


sta-0020-col. glasses case 18 x 9 cm

sta-0010-col. card case dispo 9 x 6,5 cm

sta-0615-col. folder jacket with handle design by Flip Sellin

sta-0135-col. sketchbook poet Din A5

sta-0136-col. sketchbook poet Din A6

sta-0137-col. sketchbook poet Din A7

sta-0605-col. luggage tag

accessories stationery


sta-0115-col. 50 pages photoalbum 31 x 25 x 6,5 cm

sta-0116-col. 50 pages photoalbum 26 x 36 x 6,5 cm

sta-0112-col. photoalbum with pouches for 30 photos

sta-0125-col. sketchbook Journal Din A5 sta-0126-col. sketchbook Journal Din A6 sta-0127-col sketchbook Journal Din A7

sta-0150-col. analog artist professional sketchbook Din A5

sta-0113-col. 30 pages photoalbum 16 x 22 x 6,5 cm sta-0114-col. 30 pages black photoalbum 26 x 22 x 6,5 cm sta-0117-col. 50 pages photoalbum 31 x 31 x 6,5 cm

sta-0100-col. sketchbook no.3 Din A5 detatchable sketchbook

sta-00290-col.. weekly calendar 17 x 12 x 4 cm

accessories stationery

sta-0280-col ticket 13 x 9,5 cm


sta-0083-col. purse with zipper small sta-0084-col. purse with zipper

sta-0396-col. pen case for two pens sta-0395-col. pen case for one pen

sta-0030-col. case poet

sta-0044-col. pencil case basic with zipper 20,5 x 8,5 cm

sta-0600-col. pencil case napoli 20,5 x 8,5 cm

sta-0050-col. pencil case tube ø 5,5 x 20 cm

sta-0046-col. utility case basic xl with zipper 23 x 12 cm

accessories key fobs


key-100A-col., key-100B-col., ... key fob letters

key-1001-col., key-1002-col., ... key fob numbers

key-1500-col. key fob

key-1400-col. key fob stitched

key-1600-col. lanyard

key-1310-col. key fob gun

key-1070-col. key fob dollar

key-1040-col. key fob cross

design by Flip Sellin

accessories key fobs


key-1050-col. key fob heart

key-1060-col. keyfob flower

key-1300-col. key fob guitar

key-1260-col. keyfob sailing boat

key-1280-col. key fob ship

key-1240-col. key fob airplane

key-1290-col. key fob sportscar

key-1270-col. key fob car

key-1180-col. key fob stretching cat

design by Flip Sellin

design by Flip Sellin

accessories key fobs


key-1080-col. key fob elephant

key-1210-col. key fob giraffe

key-1160-col. key fob crocodile

key-1150-col. key fob dolphin

key-1140-col. key fob whale

key-1220-col. key fob shark

key-1130-col. key fob pig

key-1100-col. key fob bear

key-1190-col. key fob horse

accessories children

sustainable quality


accessories children


set-0720-mix garland happy birthday

set-0020-mix set vehicles

set-0010-mix set-wild animals

set-0040-mix set farm animals

set-0050-mix set numbers

set-0030-mix set ocean animals

set-0060-mix set letters

bag-0013-col. bag 20 x 14 x 6 cm belt 80 cm

accessories seasonal

celebrate friendship and hospitality


accessories seasonal


xms-0050-col. tree tag dove

xms-0030-col. tree tag angel 3

design by Lisa Blum-Minkel

design by Lisa Blum-Minkel

xms-0312-col. coaster snowflake s ø 12 cm xms-0313-col. coaster snowflake m ø 17 cm xms-0315-col. coaster snowflake l ø 27 cm

xms-0210-col. crystal 1 xms-0220-col. crystal 2 xms-0230-col. crystal 3 design by Lisa Blum-Minkel

kit-3080-col. egg cosy angel

xms-0400-col. tree top angel

design by Lisa Blum-Minkel

xms-0303-col. coaster star s xms-0304-col. coaster star m xms-0305-col. coaster star l

accessories seasonal


xms-0100-col. tree tag comet

xms-0190-col. tree tag pretzel

xms-0140-col. tree tag ball

xms-0120-col. tree tag trumpet

xms-0180-col. tree tag candle

xms-0060-col. tree tag bell

xms-0160-col. tree tag star 6

xms-0170-col. tree tag star 7

xms-0083-col. tree tag heart s

xms-0085-col. tree tag heart l

accessories seasonal


xms-0243-col. xms-0245-col. tree tag snowflake s tree tag snowflake l

xms-0040-col. tree tag gingerbreadmen set

xms-0090-col. tree tag goose

xms-0200-col. tree tag reindeer

xms-0010-col. tree tag angel 1

xms-0113-col. tree tag tree s

xms-0070-col. tree tag deer

xms-0020-col. tree tag angel 2

xms-0150-col. tree tag rocking horse

design by Lisa Blum-Minkel

xms-0115-col. tree tag tree l

accessories seasonal


eas-0050-col. ornamnent rabbit

kit-3110-col. egg cosy „david“ 24 x 12 cm

eas-0080-col. ornament running rabbit

kit-3120-col. egg cosy „victoria“ 22 x 12 cm

eas-0040-col. ornament rabbit with basket

accessories seasonal


eas-0090-col. ornament swallow

design by Lisa Blum-Minkel

eas-0010-col. ornament flower

eas-0020-col. ornament egg

eas-0030-col. ornamnet cock

eas-0070-col. ornament bird

eas-0060-col. ornament lamb

kit-3090-col egg cosy „george“ 16 x 12 cm

accessories colours





























Colours 001 off white 002 light olive 003 dark olive 004 aqua 005 ocean 006 burgundy 007 camel 008 chocolate 009 red 010 orange 011 light grey 012 medium grey 013 black 014 yellow 015 dark grey 016 medium pink 017 dark pink 018 ice blue 019 light pink 020 petrol 021 sand 022 lilac 023 grass green 024 green brown 025 kenia red 026 dove 027 lemon

accessories customized products


golden silk embroidery on sleeve jacket

golden silk embroidery on sketchbook journal

embroidery on lanyard

weaved label on sketchbook No.3

transfer flock on coaster

silk embroidery on cd case

Parkhaus offers a wide range of possibilities to costumize parkhaus products. You can choose and combine between different styles like: embroidery, screen print, transfer flock or embroidered tag.

screen print on pad

silk embroidery on sketchbook

parkhaus berlin showroom


Parkhaus Showroom

Graphic Design by Daniela Braun, Photography by Wolfgang Hilse, Thomas Bendler, Nadja Ritter and Parkhaus Showroom SchrรถderstraรŸe 13 10115 Berlin Germany

Phone +49 30 440124 60 Fax +49 30 440124 61

Mail Web


Chairholder GmbH & Co. KG

Weilerstr. 14 73614 Schorndorf

Telefon +49 (0)7181.9805-115 Telefax +49 (0)7181.9805-100

Accessories for Living  

Accessories for Living

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