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A Message from the Editor-in-Chief




In this edition of GE! we celebrate our outstanding regional assemblages and competitions. So much work goes into orchestrating these weekends; as you read about them, you may be inspired to attend one or more of next year’s regional assemblages or Young Chefs Rôtisseurs, Young Sommeliers, or Pastry Chefs Competitions. Our ten fantastic chargés de presse provinciaux not only do our regional reporting but gather and edit all local stories. They generously give a great deal of time and energy to ensure that our bailliages and regions are properly represented in our national publications and make our job here at Gastronome and GE! possible. So bravo and thank you to these terrific regional officers: Helen Cappuccino (Northeast), Jennifer Denlinger (Southeast), Robin Du Brin (Pacific Northwest), Judith Kellogg (Hawaii/Pacific Islands), J.T. Mayer (Midwest), Leslie Ann Merle (Far West), Percy Nikora (Mid-Atlantic), Isabella Overend (Caribbean/Atlantic Islands), Jim Ray (Southwest), and our newest RCP, Greg Schulmeier (South Central).

Spring 2016


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CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEWEST REGIONAL OFFICERS AND BAILLIS ROBERT E. ARMSTRONG, Louisville Bailli LOUIS L. BRUNO, JR., Westchester Bailli JOSE RENE COSTA, Charlotte Bailli RICHARD PAUL GROVES, Vice Echanson des Missions et Programs, Société Mondiale du Vin (Palm Beach confrère)


MICHAEL ALESSANDRO PROCINO, Triangle Bailli GREGORY ALLEN SCHULMEIER, South Central Chargé de Presse Provincial (Jackson confrère) ROGER WEATHERBURN-BAKER, Naples Bailli






Letter from the President Cher Confrères et Consœurs, Our Mondiale weekend of events was terrific! Our partnering with Moët & Chandon resulted in a plentiful supply of wonderful champagne at our events, including our business meeting on Saturday morning; fermented grape juice for breakfast! The Hennessy Cognac event was over the top with the most expensive bottle of wine ever poured at a national Chaîne event enjoyed by those in attendance. And, while members were being educated about a myriad of subjects and enjoying themselves, Vice Echanson des Jeunes Sommeliers National David Merrill ran an excellent Young Sommeliers Competition resulting in the crowning of Martin SheehanStross as our winner. Our first annual Culinary Weekend (similar to Mondiale with events for members) held in conjunction with our National Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition and the Southeast Regional Assemblage was just completed. Those that participated had a marvelous time, met some remarkable young chefs, and had great fun! Conseiller Culinaire et des Professionnels National Reimund Pitz ran an excellent competition, resulting in Lyn Wells from Orem, Utah, being named the Best Young Chef of 2016. Southeast Bailli Provincial Charles Radlauer put together terrific events for participants. Thank you to each of them and to the others that assisted in making this first-ever Culinary Weekend a success. Mark your calendars to participate in next year’s weekend in Washington, D.C. May 4-7, 2017. Our Las Vegas Grand Chapitre team is finishing the planning for an amazing and unforgettable experience for participants. At the time of writing this letter, registration materials were being completed and, if not already distributed, should soon be available via email distribution and on our national website. We anticipate a sell-out so register soon after your receipt of registration materials. Remember also that our National Council and National Board of Directors Meetings are held during the Grand Chapitre and our committees meet. Attend and be a part of the decisionmaking process and also learn what your officers have been doing to make your Chaîne experience all that it can be and more. If you have an idea for a Chaîne travel program, especially one that you are willing to lead, contact our Travel Committee Chairperson Charles Radlauer with your ideas and for guidance. For our professional members that will be attending the annual meeting of the American Culinary Federation in Phoenix, Arizona, in July, look for the Chaîne trade booth and stop by and say hello. Bring your friends to the booth so that they can be introduced to the Chaîne. Continue to share the Chaîne with your family and friends. We are constantly working on bettering the Chaîne and your membership experience. You will be recognized with Share the Chaîne pins for the first, fifth, tenth, and twenty-fifth members that you bring into the Chaîne. I look forward to seeing some of you in Sarasota, others in Phoenix, and many of you at our Grand Chapitre in Las Vegas in October.

In Memoriam ANTOINETTE MARIE COLARUOTOLO, Rochester Finger Lakes Professionnel du Vin ALEX CUGINI, JR., Seattle Chevalier THOMAS A. DORATO, Albany Maître Rôtisseur RICHARD E. GAILEGOS, Toledo Chevalier JOHN PAUL GARNIEWSKI, JR., First State Chevalier NELSON POINTER JACKSON, Myrtle Beach Chevalier MARC J. KENNEDY, Dallas Chevalier BARBARA M. LEVINE, South Central Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Triangle Bailli MARILYN RUTH LITMAN, Fort Lauderdale Dame de la Chaîne IRÈNE H. MATHEWS, Newport Beach Bailli Honoraire PETER MONDAVI, SR., Napa-Sonoma Professionnel du Vin BETTY JANE PHILLIPS, Santa Fe Dame de la Chaîne KAYE RAHN, Lake Shore Vice Chargée de Missions/ Ambassador Program Chairperson HENRY E. REA, JR., Bonita Maître Rôtisseur Traiteur

Vive la Chaîne!

S. JEROME RUBIN, Palm Beach Chevalier


FREDERICK J. SIMON, Santa Fe Professionnel de la Table

Harold S. Small Bailli Délégué National

DAVID B. SMITH, Buffalo Officier NEWTON WEISS, Virgin Islands Chevalier






Endowments L Marie and Dominick Addario Endowed Fund L L Barbara and John Burson Endowed Fund L L Barbara and Irwin Weinberg Endowed Fund L

Annual Gifts Anonymous Yam Atallah Barbara Axel Jeffrey Blitz Harry Bradbury Hélène Burris Barbara Burson John Burson Antonio Busalacchi, Jr. Helen Cappuccino Keith Chappell Young Chappell William Collins Rufus Cressend Bert Cutino Bertrand de Boutray William Eckerle George Elliott Susan Esson Ira Falk Ray K. Farris II

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NOTE: Endowments of $10,000 or more will be maintained as principal with only yearly income supporting the purposes of the Foundation. Donors will be acknowledged in perpetuity. Donations received after May 19, 2016 will be included in the next issue of Gastronome and Gastronome Extra! SPRING 2016





Awards, Honors, and Medals CHAÎNE STARS of EXCELLENCE


SILVER �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

SILVER ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������

KARL J. GUGGENMOS, Rhode Island Officier Chef Rôtisseur

DAVID BURGESS MERRILL, Vice Echanson des Jeunes Sommeliers, Société Mondiale du Vin

CYNTHIA HIMMELFARB, South Central Chambellan Provincial/ Nashville Bailli MARVIN A. JONES, Southwest Conseiller Culinaire et des Professionnels Provincial

BRONZE �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� SALVATORE JOHN CAMPAGNA, San Francisco Vice Echanson

SANDRA KRAFT, Northeast Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial

MELISSA P. DANIEL, Jackson Officier


JEFF DEGNER, San Antonio Vice Echanson

BRYAN STIRRAT, Far West Bailli Provincial

THOMAS E. DE MENT, Atlantic City Vice Echanson DOUGLAS O. HOWE, Seattle Chevalier

BRONZE �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������

SHARON A. OSGOOD, Buffalo Vice Echanson Honoraire

J. TODD ARKEBAUER, Chicago Vice Chargé de Presse

PHILIP G. SCHMITT, Bonita Vice Echanson

ANTHONY A. COPPOLA, JR., Atlantic City Vice Conseiller Culinaire

MARIS VEIDEMANIS, Santa Fe Vice Echanson

SUMAN K. DAS, Jackson Vice Chargé de Missions JENNIFER M. DENLINGER, Southeast Chargée de Presse Provincial LAINIE M. FREER, Chicago Vice Conseiller Gastronomique CAROLINE GOEDHART, Seattle Dame de la Chaîne DANIEL GORMAN, Chef Rôtisseur (National Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition winner, 2013) MEL HARWARD, Salt Lake City Chef Rôtisseur CLINTON A. HAYNES, Cincinnati Vice Chargé de Missions Honoraire DOROTHY M. JOHNSTON, Buffalo Vice Chancelier-Argentier Honoraire INSUNG KIM, Tulsa Officier CHRISTOPHER ALLEN KOETKE, Midwest Conseiller Culinaire et des Professionnels Provincial ROBERT MILLER, Salt Lake City Bailli TERI M. NISHIKAWA, San Francisco Dame de la Chaîne ROCCO RAINONE, Rhode Island Chevalier DON L. ROBERTS, Santa Fe Vice Chargé de Missions GREGORY ALLEN SCHULMEIER, South Central Chargé de Presse Provincial RICHARD A. WILSON, Far West Echanson Provincial

BRILLAT-SAVARIN MEDALS FONDATEUR MEDAL ������������������������������������������������������������ REIMUND PITZ, Conseiller Culinaire et des Professionnels National MÉDAILLE DE MERIT ������������������������������������������������������������ CHRISTOPHE MALVEZIN, Agricultural Counselor in Economic Trade and Treasury Department of Embassy of France in the U.S. RUTH MANCHESTER, Naples Vice Conseiller Culinaire RENE MARQUIS, Southeast Conseiller Culinaire Provincial DAVID PHINEY, Founder and Owner of Orin Swift Cellars YONO PURNOMO, Northeast Conseiller Culinaire Provincial RANDY TORRES, Chef Rôtisseur ACADÉMICIEN MEDAL ���������������������������������������������������������� JOSEPH HARDIMAN, Orlando Vice Chargé de Missions







JULY 2-9

Chaîne Cruise on the SeaDream

Athens, Greece to Rome, Italy


Exploring Wine Trip to Spain and Portugal

Contact: Grand Echanson National Charles Bennett at


Pacific Northwest Regional Assemblage

Anchorage, Alaska

Contact: Bailli Provincial Bertrand de Boutray at (206) 527-0804 or


Brillat-Savarin Regional Experience

San Antonio, Texas

Contact: Chancelier Délégué Académie BrillatSavarin Georges Muller at

23-25  Hawaii/Pacific Islands Regional Assemblage

Maui, Hawaii

Contact: Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert at (808) 947-3882 or


For more information, contact the National Office at 973-360-9200


U.S. Grand Chapitre

Las Vegas, Nevada

Contact: National Office at (973) 360-9200 or

MARCH 24-26

Midwest Regional Assemblage

Contact: Bailli Provincial Renee Wilmeth at

Click here to view the entire calendar online.






Chambellan Provincial Peter Caporilli, Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/ Baltimore Bailli Stuart Goldberg and Stratford University founder Richard Shurtz II.

(Back row) Chef John Johnson, Chef Carla Skornik and Baltimore Vice Conseiller Culinaire Eric Yeager; (front row) Master Pastry Chef Gunther Heiland, Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Raimund Hofmeister and Master Pastry Chef Jan Bandula.

Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Raimund Hofmeister and Baltimore Vice Conseiller Culinaire Eric Yeager.

Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition winner Geno Betz and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Raimund Hofmeister.

Delaware Valley Bailli Matthew Karstetter, Delaware Valley Vice Conseiller Culinaire Joe Koye, Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Baltimore Bailli Stuart Goldberg, Washington, D.C. Bailli Judith Mazza and Chef Rôtisseur Tim Harris.


Culinary Contest at Stratford University BY PERCY NIKORA, Mid-Atlantic Chargé de Presse Provincial

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition is always a fun and exciting event. Making this year’s event on February 27 even more special was the fact that for the first time ever it included a pastry chef competition (see page 10). The event was graciously hosted by Stratford University in Baltimore, where a “Chaîne wall” was recently inaugurated by the Baltimore Bailliage. Crew from a culinary TV show in Nigeria flew in to film the activities. Five young chefs from across the region rose to the challenge of pitting their culinary skills against those of their peers. After receiving a mystery basket containing required items, each was given thirty minutes to conceptualize a menu and three hours to execute it. Contestants competed under the watchful eye of kitchen judges and

faculty from Stratford University’s culinary program. Coincidently, ChefInstructor Edwin Scholly was a former Young Chefs Competition winner in South Africa. It truly is a small world when one belongs to the Chaîne. The tasting judges scored on presentation, taste, and originality. During the subsequent awards ceremony, attendees enjoyed a luncheon prepared by culinary students. Delaware Valley Chef Rôtisseur Geno Betz, who is chef de cuisine at the Farm and Fisherman restaurant in Philadelphia, was declared the winner of the Young Chefs Competition. Also during the ceremony, Chambellan Provincial Peter Caporilli and Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Baltimore Bailli Stuart Goldberg presented a check to Stratford University. At the end of the day, confrères applauded the competitors as well as the school’s faculty and students for making this event a resounding ­success. G SPRING 2016





Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Rene Marquis, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC, and Young Chefs winner Kevin Maier.

Young Chefs competitor Rich McCaw.


The Magnificent Seven BY JENNIFER M. DENLINGER, Southeast Chargée de Presse Provincial

The pressure was on! Seven of Florida’s most brilliant young chefs convened at Keiser University in Melbourne, Florida, on February 26 to test their culinary skills at the Southeast Regional Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition. Contestants arrived at dawn to draw their starting order and receive their required mysterybasket ingredients of frogs’ legs, rabbit, rack of lamb, bacon, fennel, beets, and asparagus, They also had access to a fully stocked pantry of fresh berries, wine and spirits, herbs, spices, oils, vinegars, fruits, vegetables, and exotic grains. The order of start times in fifteen-minute intervals was as follows: Rich McCaw from the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and Spa in Bonita Springs; Chef Rôtisseur Devin Davis of Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium in Brandon; Daniel Wernz, a student at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando; Kevin Maier, a chef for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater; Sarasota Rôtisseur Robin Neff of the Ritz-Carlton and Keiser University SPRING 2016





Young Chefs competitor Trey Meade.

Sarasota Campus; Lydia Ross of the Chevy Chase Club; and Trey Meade of Le Coq au Vin in Orlando. The young chefs were scored in the kitchen on sanitation, organization, and technical skills. Their dishes were evaluated on taste, creativity, and use of required ingredients. The panel of outstanding judges was comprised of Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Rene Marquis, CEC, CCE, CCA, AAC, ACE, MSG (R), U.S. Army; Vice President, ACF Tampa Bay Chapter; Military Regional Director, AAC; Chargée de Presse Provincial Jennifer Denlinger, CCC, CHEP; Sarasota Maître Rôtisseur Brian Knecht, CEC, CCA, AAC; Tampa Sun Coast Dame de la Chaîne Vanessa Marquis, CEC; and Keiser University Dean of Culinary Arts/ Sarasota Maître Rôtisseur Michael Moench, CEC. The dishes were diverse and inventive. Among the many impressive offerings were rabbit loin roulade stuffed with mushrooms and rabbit liver; pan-seared frogs’ legs with Idaho potato mosaic; herb-roasted lamb chop with shaved fennel salad and golden beet purée; pork belly risotto with Madeira rabbit stew; and chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream and berry coulis. The judges’ feedback had an encouraging tone; their evaluations focused on how the dishes showcased the chefs’ talents and what improvements could be made. At the awards dinner at Rockledge Country Club, hosted by Space Coast Bailli Dee Dee Sheffield, all of the contestants were recognized for their participation and courage. In the words of one young chef:

The week leading up to the competition was nerve-racking. Thinking, am I good enough? Have I practiced enough? The closer the day comes, the more nervous. Saturday morning was the worst. I was shaking constantly. As soon as I began cooking, most of the anxiety passed, and I just cooked for the next 3 hours. It was a lot of fun and I did my best. I have a long way to go before being a professional chef, but I am one step closer. The winner of the Southeast Regional Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition was Kevin Maier, who will advance to the National Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition hosted by Keiser University Sarasota Campus during the weekend of June 9-12. We are proud of him and all of the contestants for their outstanding commitment to the culinary arts. G SPRING 2016






Sweet Victory BY JUDITH MAZZA, Washington, D.C. Bailli

The Chaîne in the United States is alive, well, and innovating. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Conseiller Culinaire et des Professionnels National Reimund Pitz, 2016 is the first year in which the U.S. Chaîne is holding Pastry Chefs Competitions for experienced professionals. In fact, Conseiller Culinaire et des Professionnels National Pitz indicated that while the U.S. Chaîne is the first in the world to organize these competitions, it will not be the last; other countries are beginning to follow suit. Unlike the Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition, the Pastry Chefs Competition does not impose age limits; otherwise their formats are similar. The pastry chefs were presented with a mystery basket and had a three-hour window in which to produce: 1 decorated cake, 4 portions of plated hot desserts, 4 portions of plated cold desserts, and 4 each of four different chocolate truffles. A tall order! The Mid-Atlantic Regional Pastry Chefs Competition was held on February 27 at the Stratford University Baltimore Campus. The competition was masterfully organized by Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Raimund Hofmeister. The two finalists, Sam Nahhas, executive pastry chef at Blue Bell Country Club in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, and Chef Rôtisseur Susan Notter, director of pastry arts at YTI Career Institute in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, competed under the watchful eyes of certified Master SPRING 2016





Chef Rôtisseur Susan Notter.

Chef Sam Nahhas, Chef Rôtisseur Susan Notter and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Raimund Hofmeister.

Pastry Chefs Gunther Heiland and Jan Bandula. In addition to the professional judges, there were four gastronomes who also rated the entries based on taste, presentation, and creativity. They were Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial/Baltimore Bailli Stuart Goldberg, Washington, D.C. Bailli Judith Mazza, Delaware Valley Bailli Matt Karstetter, and Delaware Valley Vice Conseiller Culinaire Joseph Koye. Chef Nahhas had competed in several events in Jordan and was asked to participate in the 2005 World Pastry Cup in Lyon, France, before moving to the United States. Chef Rôtisseur Notter appeared on the Food Network (winning the Halloween Wars competition in 2011) and is currently the only pastry chef on the USA national team training for the Culinary Olympics in Germany in October. Both were asked afterward if there was anything unique or different about this first Chaîne-organized competition compared to others in which they had participated. Chef Nahhas indicated this was the first time he had worked with a mystery basket and that he had to “use [his] brain big time.” He called the kitchen used for the competition “amazing.” Chef Rôtisseur

Notter mentioned that there are not many similar competitions that give pastry chefs a chance to showcase their skills and compete internationally. The idea of competing regionally, nationally, and internationally is very attractive as it builds momentum. In addition, she noted that the categories in this competition reflected the type of food that pastry chefs actually produce every day, rather than unusual showpieces. In the end, the competition was won by Chef Rôtisseur Notter, who produced many lovely plates, including an Easter-themed cake covered with hazelnut-Swiss buttercream with a marzipan rabbit on top. Chef Nahhas’s exotic coconut-dacquoise layered cake with mango crémeux and cactus-lime mousse finished with passion fruit glaze and topped with beautiful sugar work was quite spectacular, and his other plates both beautiful and delicious. There were no losers in this competition, and both chefs expressed how much they enjoyed participating. The next goal for the U.S. Chaîne will be a national competition to ultimately crown the best pastry chef in the country. G SPRING 2016





Officers and inductees.


Out of the Frying Pan BY JIM RAY, Southwest Chargé de Presse Provincial

Oklahoma City Vice Chargée de Missions Young Chappell and Oklahoma City Vice Chancelier-Argentier Keith Chappell.

Dame Ritchie Seymour and Chevalier Fred Seymour.

The Southwest Regional Assemblage was held at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston from March 3-6, with Bailli Provincial Bill Salomon leading the charge in planning and executing the event. Houston Bailli Franelle Rogers and Étoile Solitaire Bailli Robyn Wood also provided valuable guidance and assistance in orchestrating a successful assemblage from start to finish. On Thursday evening, after confrères had enjoyed an exceptional dinner at the Artisans Restaurant, Echanson Provincial William Ridlehuber announced the results of the Southwest Regional Young Sommeliers Competition, which had taken place earlier that day. In first place was Lindsay Thomas of Houston, with fellow competitors Austin Heidt of Boulder and Nathan Fausti of Austin placing close behind. Friday’s agenda included several business meetings; presentations were led by Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, Argentier National Rufus Cressend, Grand Echanson National Charlie Bennett, and Jurisconsult Paul Haar. Dinner that evening was at the Bayou Club. On Saturday morning, while Chaîne business meetings were being conducted at the hotel, the Southwest Regional Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition was held at the Art Institute of Houston. Beginning bright and early, with randomly drawn start times staggered by fifteen minutes, the five competitors—Roberto Cantu, Mclean Hyde, Jamison Bishop, Maria Martinez, and Giselly Flores—got to work at their cooking stations. After receiving identical mystery baskets, the contestants were required to prepare a threecourse meal consisting of an appetizer, entrée, and dessert for four people. The mystery basket items included artichoke, red lentils, chayote squash, kimchi, game hen, and whole pork tenderloin. The young chefs were given thirty minutes to compose their menus and three hours to prepare their dishes before presenting them to the tasting judges. A kitchen judge graded the young chefs on skill, organization, and cleanliness, while the four tasting judges evaluated their dishes on taste, creativity, and presentation. At that evening’s induction gala, Bailli Délégué National Small honored all of the young chefs and announced Jamison Bishop, a culinary arts student at San Jacinto College, as the winner of the competition. His victory made him eligible to compete in the national competition in Sarasota in June. G SPRING 2016





Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, Young Chefs Competition winner Jamison Bishop and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Leslie Bartosh.

Chaîne officers, judges and competitors.

Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial John Wade, Bailli Provincial Bill Salomon, Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, Argentier National Rufus Cressend and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Leslie Bartosh.

Young Chefs Competition contestants Maria Martinez, Jamison Bishop (winner), Giselly Flores, Roberto Cantu and Mclean Hyde.

Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Hon. Marvin Jones and Bailli Provincial Bill Salomon.

Conseiller Culinaire National Hon. Jacques Fox, Houston Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Hon. Hélène Burris, Jurisconsult Paul Haar, Argentier National Rufus Cressend, New Orleans Bailli Yvette Cressend, Tulsa Bailli Sue Gerkin and Echanson Provincial Hon. Steve Gerkin.






Chaîne judges and officers.

Pastry Chefs Competition winner Michele Hunter, competitor Nicholas Fredenburg, competitor Molly Doherty, competitor Sebastian Marro and Young Chefs Competition winner Selviana Christin. 

Albany Bailli William Harris, competitors, Albany Chef Rôtisseur Michael Stamets (third from right) and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Yono Purnomo.

Young Chefs Competition winner Selviana Christin.

Albany Professionnel de la Table Kimberly Otis and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Yono Purnomo.

SCCC Dean of School of Hotel, Culinary Arts, and Tourism/ Albany Chef Rôtisseur David Brough and Albany Chef Rôtisseur Joan Dembinski.


Sugar and Spice BY HELEN CAPPUCCINO, Northeast Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli

At the Northeast Region’s Young Chefs Rôtisseurs and Pastry Chefs Competitions at Schenectady County Community College on March 5, the region was well represented by skilled young chefs from the geographic extremes of New York. Participating in the Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition were Nicholas Fredenburg of the Gideon Putnam Resort in Saratoga Springs; Matthew Ranalletta of the Country Club of Rochester; Tracey Kwiecien of Angelo’s Prime Bar & Grill in Clifton Park; Selviana Christin of Yono’s Restaurant in Albany; Sebastian Marro, an SCCC culinary student at who works at Restaurant Navona in Albany; and Michaela Schermerhorn of Mazzone Hospitality in Albany. Competing in the separate pastry chef competition were Molly Doherty of Erie Community College in Buffalo and Michele Hunter of the Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany. Albany Bailli William Harris, Chef Rôtisseur Jose Arteche, Chef

Rôtisseur Anand Jayapal, and Professionnel de la Table Kimberly Otis judged the young chefs’ culinary creations, while Albany Chefs Rôtisseurs Joan Dembinski, Michael Stamets, and David Brough—who is dean of SCCC’s School of Hotel, Culinary Arts, and Tourism—served as kitchen judges. Before their dishes were judged on taste, presentation, and originality, the young chefs were evaluated by the kitchen judges on technique, organizational skills, professionalism, cleanliness, and creative use of the products. In the end, Selviana Christin was declared the winner of the ­competition. In the very first Northeast Regional Pastry Chefs Competition, which occurred simultaneously, the competitors were required to create a hot and cold dessert, a cake, and truffles. Diverse flavors such as wasabi, kumquat, chili, cinnamon, pomegranate, amaretto, and lime were artfully incorporated into delectable desserts. In the end, Michele Hunter prevailed, edging out Molly Doherty by a sliver. G SPRING 2016






Celebrating the Next Generation BY JUDITH KELLOGG, Hawaii/Pacific Islands Chargée de Presse Provincial

One of Honolulu’s most elegant restaurants, 53 By the Sea, is situated in an isolated corner of Honolulu, far from the beaten tourist track. After passing through the castle-like doors, one is treated to a gorgeous scene: wall-to-wall glass windows frame fishermen enjoying the sunset, Waikiki sparkling in the distance, and the perfect backdrop that is Diamond Head. The Hawaii/Pacific Islands Region has a tradition of celebrating those who have competed in the Young Sommeliers Competition. On March 6, confrères from across the region gathered at 53 By the Sea to toast the next generation of wine experts and to learn who would be competing in Sonoma for the gold. Kauai/Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson and Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo, MS, CWE, organized this special dinner. In addition, Echanson Provincial Okubo—himself a two-time regional Young Sommeliers Competition winner—had overseen the day’s competition, exemplifying the remarkable legacy made possible by the Chaîne. Executive Chef Thomas Ho prepared a beautiful five-course dinner, but apropos of a Mondiale celebration, the wines stole the show. Echanson Provincial Okubo selected limited-­production wines that he said attendees should relish that evening, since individuals would not be able to find them elsewhere. Attendees had to wait until after the meal to learn who had won the competition. Professionnel du Vin Jordan Painter prevailed, but the two other talented competitors, Jessica Austin and Taro Kurobe, also made strong showings. All have promising futures in the wine world! G

Chevalier Harry Bradbury and Dame Rosemary Domecki.

Kauai/Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson, Kauai/Oahu Vice Chargé de Presse David Greenlee and Dame Ann Greenlee.

53 By the Sea March 6, 2016 KAMPACHI TATAKI Yuzu, Olive Oil, Ponzu Matanzas Creek Sauvingnon Blanc Bennett Valley 2013 FOIE GRAS Umeshu Gelée, Micro Salad, Bubu Arare

Master Sommelier/Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo, competitors Professionnel du Vin Jordan Painter, Jessica Austin, and Taro Kurobe, and Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert.

Zind-Humbrecht Pinot Gris Calcaire Alsace 2013 MUSHROOM RISOTTO Tenuta l’illuminata la Morra Barolo 2005 BRAISED SHORT RIB Smoked Eggplant, Carrot, Garlic-Curry Cream Tardieu-Laurent Cornas 2000 CHOCOLATE SOUFFLÉ Green Tea Anglaise Taylor Fladgate Quinta des Vargellas Port 2001

Lorraine Stringfellow, Dame Amilia Yamachika, Chevalier Tom Yamachika and Chevalier John Stringfellow.

Rosalyn Rhame, Kauai/Oahu Bailli Hon. Maurice Nicholson and Chargée de Presse Provincial Judith Kellogg.

Dame Rebecca Sawai and Master Sommelier/ Echanson Provincial Patrick Okubo.







Officers and inductees.

(Front row) Chancelier National Heinz Hofmann, Bailli Provincial Renee Wilmeth, Bailli Délégué National Harold Small and Chambellan Provincial/Chicago Bailli Mon Roldan; (back row) MW baillis.

Chambellan Provincial/Chicago Bailli Mon Roldan, Chicago Vice Chargé de Presse Todd Arkebauer, Chicago Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Lainie Freer and Bailli Délégué National Harold Small.


Winning Weekend in the Windy City BY TODD ARKEBAUER, Chicago Vice Chargé de Presse Executive Chef/Chicago Maître Rôtisseur Michael Garbin and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Christopher Koetke.

Chevalier Carl Arkebauer.

More than one hundred Chaîne members attended the Midwest Regional Assemblage hosted by the Chicago Bailliage from April 7-9. Confrères enjoyed convivial epicurean escapades around the Windy City and appreciated the tireless efforts and warm hospitality of Chambellan Provincial/ Chicago Bailli Mon Roldan and his team. On the first evening, attendees could dine at one of two BYOBs. Chicago Chef Rôtisseur Phillip Foss welcomed twenty-six diners at his Michelin-starred EL Ideas, where he fulfills his mission of making fine dining fun and devoid of pretention. Diners were encouraged to interact with the kitchen team, which, on this evening, included award-winning Chef David Posey, formerly of Blackbird restaurant, and Owner/Chef Justin Carlisle of the four-star restaurant Ardent in Milwaukee. At the same time, other members were experiencing the progressive American cuisine of Owner/Chef Jake Bickelhaupt at the two-Michelin-starred 42 Grams. Events accelerated the following day, which included various officers’ meetings. Some attendees went to high tea hosted by the Chicago Bailliage at the Drake Hotel, while others explored the SPRING 2016





Union League Club of Chicago April 9, 2016 CHILLED MAINE LOBSTER SALAD Edamame Spaghetti, Asian Touches Domaine William Fèvre Chablis les Clos Grand Cru 2006 MUSHROOM CONSOMMÉ Beef Brisket, Mushroom Flan Domaine de Courcel Pommard les Rugiens Premier Cru 2006 ROASTED VENISON CHOP Spring Pea Risotto, Foie Gras-Stuffed Morels, Red Wine-Venison Reduction

(Front row) Chancelier National Heinz Hofmann, Chambellan Provincial/ Chicago Bailli Mon Roldan, Bailli Délégué National Harold Small and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Christopher Koetke; (back row) Young Chefs Nicholas Ellison (Cincinnati), Bo Lo (Des Moines), Amanda Shoup (Pittsburgh), Kevin Stack (Lake Shore) and winner Christo Vlahos (Chicago).

Château Calon-Ségur Bordeaux Rouge 1996 CHOCOLATE GANACHE BOMBE SURPRISE Virtue Cider “The Cherry Mitten”2016 PRANDIAL 50TH ANNIVERSARY TREATS W & J Graham’s Port Vertical: 30- and 40-Year-Old Tawny and 1966 Vintage

Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, Executive Chef/Chicago Maître Rôtisseur Michael Garbin and Chambellan Provincial/Chicago Bailli Mon Roldan with Union League Club of Chicago staff.

city’s numerous attractions. In the late afternoon, more than three dozen confrères visited the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs Kitchen at the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts. That evening, the group enjoyed Owner/Chef Ryan McCaskey’s contemporary interpretations of classic American cuisine at Acadia. In recent years, the Chicago Chapter has hosted two events at this fine-dining restaurant, which earned two Michelin stars in 2015. On Saturday, the Midwest Regional Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition was held at Kendall College. The competition was closed to the public, but ten lucky members had the opportunity to observe the young chefs working their magic in the kitchen. Unquestionably, the highlight of the weekend was the Chicago’s Bailliage’s fiftieth anniversary gala that evening at the Union League Club of Chicago. The festivities began with a ceremony in which sixteen new members were inducted and eleven confrères were elevated. An all-star team, including Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, Chancelier National Heinz Hofmann, and Bailli Provincial Renee Wilmeth, presided over the ­ceremony.

The subsequent dinner was a celebration of classic gastronomy, replete with luxury ingredients such as caviar, lobster, foie gras, and morels. Many of the wines selected from the Chicago Bailliage’s legendary cellar were from vintages ending in “6”—a nod to the chapter’s birth year of 1966. Bailli Délégué National Small praised Chambellan Provincial/Chicago Bailli Roldan and “the fabulous Chicago Bailliage officers’ team for creating an exceptional fiftieth anniversary dinner and celebration. This evening capped a terrific weekend, including good meetings at the assemblage and a wonderful Young Chefs Competition orchestrated by Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Chris Koetke. Maître Rôtisseur and Executive Chef Michael Garbin and his culinary team did an exceptional job. Renee [Wilmeth] recognized her terrific regional officer corps, and they deserved the kudos, as does she.” By all accounts, the three-day extravaganza was a triumph in the true spirit of the Chaîne worldwide, drawing upon tradition, elegance, and gastronomy. Vive la Chaîne! G SPRING 2016






Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Christopher Koetke; Kendall College Associate Dean/ChefInstructor Michel Coatrieux; Chef Rôtisseur Marc Magiera, director of food service at Peddinghaus Corporation; and Customized Culinary Solutions Owner/ACF Chefs and Culinary Professionals of Chicagoland President John Reed.

Competitors: Winner Christo Vlahos (Chicago), Bo Lo (Des Moines), Amanda Shoup (Pittsburgh), Kevin Stack (Lake Shore) and Nicholas Ellison (Cincinnati).


Culinary Contest at Kendall College BY TODD ARKEBAUER, Chicago Vice Chargé de Presse Kendall College Chef-Instructor/Chicago Chef Rôtisseur Pierre Checchi and Young Chefs Competition winner Christo Vlahos.

Midwest Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition judges.

Winner Christo Vlahos.

On April 9, the Chicago Bailliage hosted the Midwest Regional Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition at the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts. Twenty-three-year-old Christo Vlahos edged out four competitors to earn the title of “Midwest Best Young Chef.” The five participants were required to plan, prepare, and plate an appetizer, entrée, and dessert over four hours using mystery basket ingredients and typical pantry items. The mystery baskets contained two free-range chickens, a whole arctic char, shrimp, cauliflower, red grapes, and wild rice. Christo Vlahos was sponsored by the Chicago Chapter and coached by Kendall College Chef-Instructor/Chicago Chef Rôtisseur Pierre Checchi. The other contestants were Nicholas Ellison, a sous-chef for Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment who was sponsored by the Cincinnati Bailliage; Bo Lo, a cuisinier at the Embassy Club West who was sponsored by the Des Moines Bailliage; Amanda Shoup, a cuisinière at the Duquesne Club who was sponsored by the Pittsburgh Bailliage; and Kevin Stack, a sous-chef at the Purple Pig who was sponsored by the Lake Shore Bailliage. Winning his region’s competition made SPRING 2016





Chicago Vice Chargé de Presse Todd Arkebauer and Chicago Vice Echanson Manfred Raiser.

Pittsburgh Bailli Jill Kummer and Pittsburgh Vice Conseiller Culinaire Richard Panzera.

Competitor Kevin Stack.

Competitor Amanda Shoup.

Competitor Nicholas Ellison.

Competitor Bo Lo.

Christo Vlahos eligible to compete in the National Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition in Sarasota in June. The contestants were judged by a distinguished panel of chefs: Momotaro Partner/Executive Chef Mark Hellyar; Unilever Food Solutions Corporate Executive Chef Steve Jilleba; Dos Urban Cantina Partner/Chef Jennifer Jones; and Mac One Midway Vice President/CEO Stephen Miller. The floor judges were Chef Rôtisseur Marc Magiera, who is director of food service at Peddinghaus Corporation, and Customized Culinary Solutions Owner John Reed, who is also president of ACF Chefs and Culinary Professionals of Chicagoland. Kendall College Associate Dean/Chef-Instructor Michel Coatrieux served as kitchen manager. In addition, several regional and national Chaîne officers were on Pittsburgh Bailli Jill Kummer, Chambellan Provincial/Chicago Bailli Mon Roldan, Bailli Provincial Renee site to observe the competition. These included Bailli Délégué National Wilmeth and Dos Urban Cantina Partner/Chef Jennifer Jones. Harold Small, Chancelier National Heinz Hofmann, and Bailli Provincial Renee Wilmeth. Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Christopher Koetke, vice president of the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts, was instrumental in organizing the day’s events along with Chambellan Provincial/Chicago Bailli Mon Roldan. For the first time in the competition’s history, some confrères were allowed to witness the contest firsthand. It took place in the Kendall College Chaîne Kitchen—the first kitchen named after a Chaîne chapter by a culinary school in the United States. The fantastic display features beautifully framed Chaîne memorabilia, including awards, ribbons, buttons, articles, magazine covers, and a prominent banner. As the judges were presented with the young chefs’ creations, members simultaneously sampled and scored one of the competitors’ three dishes. At the Chicago Bailliage’s fiftieth-anniversary gala that evening, Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Koetke recognized each of the five outstanding competitors before awarding a silver medal to Christo Vlahos. G SPRING 2016







On the Waterfront

March 19, 2016 HAMACHI CRUDO Togarashi Spice, Shiso Leaf, Hijiki Salad, Red Grapefruit, Aged Soy Sauce Brooklyn Brewery Local 2 NIMAN RANCH LAMB RIB Honey-Tamarind Glaze, Asian Pear, Cucumber Pickles Montes Purple Angel Carmenere 2013 ROASTED GOOSE DEUX FAÇONS Breast and Confit Sous Vide, Chestnut Spätzle, Morels, Foie Gras, Gingerbread Beurre Noir The Prisoner Wine Company Prisoner Napa Valley 2014

Chancelier National Heinz Hofmann.

EIGHT MILE CREEK VEAL LOIN Cherry Wood-Smoked Bacon, Lobster Hash, Melted Spring Peas, Grilled Spring Onion Morgado Cellars Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2013 GREEN TEA CONFECTION, MANGO CUSTARD, SESAME SUGAR TUILE Bittersweet Chocolate Passion Pâté, Raspberry Leather, Whipped Earl Grey Cheesecake Crostini, Plum Chutney High Tea: Barr Hill Aged Gin, House-Made Earl Grey Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Mint

Atlantic City Maître Restaurateur Mark Bond and Janice Bond.

Chevalier Keith Strenger, Gina Morgan, Atlantic City Officier Scott Bruggeworth, Dame Annika Bruggeworth and Gary Hill.

Atlantic City Chapter memorabilia.

BY PETER CAPORILLI, Mid-Atlantic Chambellan Provincial

The Atlantic City Bailliage celebrated its thirty-fifth anniversary in March by gathering the entire Mid-Atlantic Region for a lively, action-packed assemblage at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City, which also marks its thirty-fifth year in 2016. Hosted by Bailli Provincial Robin Jacobs, Chambellan Provincial Peter Caporilli, and Atlantic City Bailli Ted Lippman, the induction gala on the windy, end-of-winter evening of March 19 began with a group photo. Attendees posed by the Pool at Harrah’s, which is housed in a soaring fourstory, glass-domed atrium overlooking the back bay of adjacent Brigantine Beach. In the recently opened, $125-million Waterfront Conference Center, Harrah’s Regional President/Atlantic City Maître Hôtelier Rick Mazer, Director of Food and Beverage/ Atlantic City Maître Rôtisseur Lee Sanchez, and Chancelier National Heinz Hofmann welcomed the 125 confrères, inductees, and guests to an evening of Chaîne pageantry, celebration, and camaraderie at the table. The region added twenty new members in orderly fashion under the careful sword of Chancelier Hofmann. In addition, Atlantic City Vice Conseiller Culinaire Tony Coppola, Jr. was awarded the Bronze Star of Excellence, and Atlantic City Vice Echanson Ted de Ment received the Bronze Mondiale Medal of Honor. Chambellan Provincial Caporilli then presided over a festive Mondiale ceremony, inducting ten new members eager to honor the work of the vintner, distiller, brewer, and those who bring the spirits world to life. The subsequent reception enabled inductees to show off their new decorations while the group enjoyed a lovely display of freshly prepared foie gras, specialty blood sausage, pâté, and world-famous Atlantic City breads and artisan cheeses. Careful to keep their appointment with the chef, attendees proceeded to the Wildwood Ballroom, which was adorned with Chaîne flags, banners, matching centerpieces, and looped video highlighting thirty-five years of fabulous dining by the Atlantic City Bailliage and at Harrah’s. “Celebrity” photos were taken of each couple on the red-carpet walk, and a commemorative thirty-fifth anniversary pin was secured to each ribbon. With the soft notes from a magnificent grand piano playing in the background—live music had been a treat all evening—Executive Chef/Atlantic City Chef Rôtisseur Rob Schoell and his talented team graciously accepted a presentation plate, pins, and patches for the service staff. Attendees savored cigars and cocktails before slowly and reluctantly making their way back to reality! G SPRING 2016





Atlantic City MaĂŽtre Restaurateur Whitney Ullman, Atlantic City Vice Conseiller Culinaire Tony Coppola, Jr. and Inez Barberio.

Atlantic City Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Jeff Vasser, Angie Vasser, Carol Schafler and Chevalier Harvey Schafler.

Atlantic City Officier Fran Goldstein, Chevalier Eric Goldstein and Chambellan Provincial Peter Caporilli.

Dame Nancy Kyle, Delaware Valley Bailli Matt Karstetter, Dame Kathy Boyle and Chevalier Don Robbins.







Officers, inductees and élevés.


Le Canard Enchaine Friday, April 15, 2016

Amazing Assemblage at the CIA

SEARED HUDSON VALLEY FOIE GRAS Brioche, Port Reduction Château Suduiraut Sauternes 2005 SAUTÉED SEA SCALLOPS SAVOYARDE Gérard Boulay Sancerre Chavignol 2014

BY HELEN CAPPUCCINO, Northeast Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli

Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial Sandra Kraft and Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli Helen Cappuccino.

Bailli Provincial Gabor Huszar and Connecticut Vice Chancelier-Argentier Hon. Theresa Huszar.

Albany Bailli William Harris and Westchester Bailli Louis Bruno, Jr.

DUCK BREAST AND CONFIT Green Peppercorn Sauce, Grilled Asparagus, Potato Mousseline

Enticed by cooking classes at the nearby Culinary Institute of Bouchard Père et Fils Nuits St. Georges Premier Cru les Cailles 2005 America and tours of the Vanderbilt Mansion, confrères and consœurs descended upon the sleepy but hip town of Rhinebeck, New TRIO OF CHOCOLATE AND RASPBERRY DELIGHTS York, for a stay at the historic Beekman Arms (the longest continuBanfi Rosa Regale Brachetto ously open inn in the country) to attend the Northeast Regional d’Acqui 2014 Assemblage during the weekend of April 15-17. An exquisite, relaxed dinner at Le Canard Enchaine planned by Hartford Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Robert Nicholson kicked off the festivities. Owner/Chef Jean-Jacques Carquillat helmed the kitchens of several world-class restaurants before he and his wife opened their own establishment. A New York Times reviewer gushed, “Certain restaurants transport you. This is what happens at Le Canard Enchaine, a cozy bistro….Lift a fork and imagine you’re in France.” Punctuating the evening was the announcement that Rhode Island Bailli Paul Damiano had become a grandfather to a new grandson. The next morning, attendees either participated in CIA cooking classes and demonstrations followed by lunch prepared by the students, or took a private tour of the Vanderbilt Mansion with lunch at Gigi Trattoria—one of Oprah’s favorites. Owner/Chef Laura Pensiero, author of The Strang Cancer Prevention Center Cookbook, uses locally sourced products to create healthy Mediterranean dishes. Nearly ninety guests enjoyed the standing-room-only induction ceremony in the CIA’s magnificent Bocuse Restaurant. Highlights of the ceremony officiated by Bailli Délégué National Harold Small included the inductions of CIA President Timothy Ryan as maître rôtisseur, Buffalo Maître Rôtisseur Michael Andrzejewski, Albany Rôtisseur Giovanni Lontoc, and Buffalo Maître Restaurateur Timothy Minahan. Andrew Giacomo Cappuccino was inducted as a fourth-generation chevalier. Also inducted were Chevaliers George Muscato and Daniel Stoll and Dames de la Chaîne Darby Fishkin, Allison Keane, Julie Muscato, Jennifer Stoll, and Therese Vita, all from Buffalo. Inducted into the Mondiale were Dame de la Chaîne Darby Fishkin, Chevalier George Muscato, Dame de la Chaîne Julie Muscato, Chevalier Daniel Stoll, Dame de la Chaîne Jennifer Stoll, and Dame de la Chaîne Therese Vita. Those elevated were Westchester Vice Chargée de Missions Sandra Parrino and Buffalo Vice SPRING 2016





Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli Helen Cappuccino, Chevalier Andrew Giacomo Cappuccino and Bailli Délégué National Harold Small.

Chaîne Foundation Friends, CIA President/Maître Rôtisseur Timothy Ryan and Bailli Délégué National Harold Small. Dame Erika Berner, San Diego Officier Susan Small, Chevalier Michael Babcock, Jackie Babcock and CIA Foundation Officer/Mid-Hudson at the CIA Vice Chargée de Missions Denise Zanchelli.

Bocuse Restaurant at the CIA Saturday, April 16, 2016 KING SALMON CARPACCIO Citrus, Capers, Herbs

Hartford Bailli Gary Dunn, Hartford Vice Chancelier-Argentier Jennifer Dunn, Hartford Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Bob Nicholson and Wendy Jajliardo.

Pavillon de Chavannes Côte de Brouilly Cuvée des Ambassades 2010

Conseiller des Bailliages National Hon. Joel Spiro, CIA President/Maître Rôtisseur Timothy Ryan, Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, CIA Foundation Officer/Mid-Hudson at the CIA Vice Chargée de Missions Denise Zanchelli and Mid-Hudson at the CIA Bailli Gerard Viverito.

MOROCCAN PRAWNS Golden Beets, Roasted Cipollini Onions, Scallions Domaine François Mikulski Meursault Premier Cru les Poruzots 2010

Chargée de Presse Karen Sperrazza. Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Widjiono Purnomo received a Brillat-Savarin Médaille de Merit; Miami Officier Maître Rôtisseur William Martin received an officier commandeur pin; and Colonial New England Bailli Gerald Kraft received a commandeur pin. Bailli Délégué National Small honored Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial Sandra Kraft with a Silver Star of Excellence for her work chairing the ­assemblage. Following the ceremony, dinner was served in the Bocuse dining room. Attendees enjoyed the view of the kitchen and took turns observing the creation of their memorable meal by the students and their instructors. Acknowledgements were given to Bailli Provincial Gabor Huszar and Mid-Hudson at the CIA Bailli Gerard Viverito for their roles in the assemblage; to Conseiller Gastronomique Provincial Sandra Kraft for the decorations; and to Echanson Provincial Joseph D’Ambrosio and Chambellan Provincial Mont Stern, who donated several wines. An auction was held to raise money for culinary scholarship, featuring wines generously donated by Chambellan Provincial Stern, Bailli Provincial Huszar, Conseiller des Bailliages National Hon. Joel Spiro, and Colonial New England Bailli Gerald Kraft, while New York Bailli James Wallick donated chef’s knives and whites. G

BISON TOURNEDOS ROSSINI Apple-Bosc Pear-Parsnip Purée, Prosciutto-Salsify Brik, Caramelized Endive, Smoked Poivrade Sauce Château Pontet-Canet 2006 SMOKED HAZELNUT NOUGATINE Chocolate Ice Cream DATE CAKE Huckleberry Compote Smith Woodhouse Vintage Port 1991

Chambellan Provincial Mont Stern, Bailli Délégué National Harold Small, Westchester Bailli Louis Bruno, Jr. and New York Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Andy Cappuccino.

CIA Chef-Instructor Xavier Mayonove.








Officers, competitors and judges.


Culinary Institute of the Pacific Kapiolani Community College April 16, 2016

Youthful Culinary Ambition

CHEF DANIEL SWIFT POTATO-WRAPPED SCALLOP Kabocha Purée, Sea Purslane Pighin Sauvignon Blanc Friuli 2014 CHEF WARREN UCHIDA PICKLED BEET SALAD Cauliflower Panna Cotta, Sumida Watercress, Lemon-Thyme Vinaigrette, Pickled Beet Gastrique, Beet Chip, Pickled Plum Dressing, Parmesan Crisp

BY JUDITH KELLOGG, Hawaii/Pacific Islands Chargée de Presse Provincial

Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Hon. Kusuma Cooray and Bailli Provincial Bruce Liebert.

Kauai/Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson and Dining Room Instructor John Santamaria.

The Young Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition is Red Car Rose of Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast 2015 always such a celebration of youthful culinary passion and energy. It reminds us that even the world’s best CHEF JASON PEEL RED WINE-PLUM-GLAZED chefs began their journeys fresh and hopeful, with KONA KAMPACHI Smoked Ulu-Stuffed Porchetta, different stories to tell about what led them down the Sweet Potato, Charred Zucchini culinary path. The five competitors who vied for the Tenute Silvio Nardi Brunello Hawaii/Pacific Islands Regional title at the Culinary di Montalcino 2009 Michele Chiarlo Reyna Institute of the Pacific at Kapiolani Community Barbaresco Piedmont 2011 College on April 16 each discovered their calling in CHEF DAVID BROWN unique ways. LIME PARFAIT GLACÉ Stevie Ray Walker, who planned to become an Pineapple Ice Cream, Raspberry Litchi Gelée, Caramel-Orange accountant, is now determined to become a celebrity Sauce, Coconut Gelée chef. Bryson Sebastian traded in his automotive tools J.J. Prüm Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese 2011 for kitchen tools with the hope of one day opening an Asian fusion restaurant incorporating his mother’s Filipino recipes. John Balais thought he would be an engineer; instead, he constructs in the kitchen, hoping to further hone his craft in Europe. A former aspiring interior designer, Khanh Dang plans to draw on his aesthetic sensibilities while becoming a world-class chef specializing in French cuisine in his native country of Vietnam. By contrast, this year’s winner, Ian Sagayaga, knew that he was destined to be a chef from an early age. As a high school student, Ian Sagayaga was recruited by a culinary team that won a regional competition and went on to compete nationally in Tennessee. Always striving to learn more, he enrolled in the Maui Culinary Academy. After high school, he also competed on Team Hawaii in the American Culinary Federation’s national competition. A graduate of the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Kapiolani Community College, he now works at the






Sheraton Waikiki. For the competitors, the long day started at 6:00 A.M., when they got their marching orders from competition organizer Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Grant Sato. Their culinary creations were assessed by an all-star group of judges: Keoni Chang, corporate chef/director for the Sullivan Family of Companies; Justin Inagaki, executive chef of Hy’s Steak House Waikiki; and Jeremy Shigekane, executive sous-chef at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Chef David Marcelli served as kitchen judge. The day ended with a joyous “chef fest,” coordinated by Kauai/ Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson. So many chefs at all levels were involved! Each beautiful course was designed by a different Culinary Institute of the Pacific chef-instructor, assisted by student-chefs who were likely hoping to compete one day in this prestigious competition. Last year’s regional winner, Chef Rôtisseur Melanie Tancino, came to cheer on her colleagues, and confrères were privileged to enjoy the fruits of this culinary creativity and to celebrate the up-and-coming generation of young chefs. Good luck to Ian Sagayaga in the national competition in Sarasota! G

Cheryl Dickerson, Kauai/Oahu Chef Rôtisseur David Benefiel, 2015 H/PI Young Chefs Competition winner/Chef Rôtisseur Melanie Tancino, competition winner Ian Sagayaga, Sheraton Waikiki Executive Chef Daniel Delbrel and Kauai/Oahu Maître Rôtisseur Luz Gutierrez.

Competition winner Ian Sagayaga, Kitchen Judge/Chef David Marcelli and Chef-Instructor/Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Grant Sato.

Kauai/Oahu Bailli Hon. Maurice Nicholson and Kauai/Oahu Bailli Kathryn Nicholson.

Kauai/Oahu Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Hon. Mirella Monoscalco, Sheraton Waikiki Executive Chef Daniel Delbrel, 2015 H/PI Young Chefs Competition winner/ Chef Rôtisseur Melanie Tancino and Kauai/Oahu Bailli Hon. Mark Monoscalco.

Culinary Institute of the Pacific Chef-Instructors David Brown, Warren Uchida, Jason Peel and Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Grant Sato.








Four Nights— Four Dinners BY MARY-ELLEN PICHÉ, Vice Chargée de Presse

An invitation to dine at Maître Rôtisseur Jim Rua’s Café Capriccio in downtown Albany is an invitation to share in all things Italian. On each of four consecutive nights, October 12-15, a different group of twelve Dame Julie McDaid and Chevalier Albany Bailliage members and guests enjoyed Raymond McDaid. the relaxed, intimate atmosphere of Café Capriccio’s private dining room. Chef Rua’s creativity and charm know no bounds. With the presentation of each course, he shared stories and products from his vineyard home in Tuscany. He turns to his home country for culinary inspiration and visits often, hosting small groups of enthusiastic foodies. While enjoying homemade antipasti, pasta with rabbit and mushroom ragù, and Icelandic grilled lamb prepared Abbruzzese style, confrères began making plans for a special Chaîne excursion with Chef Rua as their host and guide. (Tuscany, here we come!) Everyone took home a signed copy of the chef’s latest book in a series of four, The Café Capriccio Picture Book. Grazie mille to Chef Rua and his team for sharing these special nights with Albany Bailliage members. G

Dame Lorraine Ferguson, Chevalier Lawrence Flesh and Chevalier Bruce Sowalski.

Michael Folsom, Owner/Maître Rôtisseur Jim Rua, Chef Chris Schenker and Colleen McKenna.


Chow Master Sammy D BY PETER CAPORILLI, Mid-Atlantic Chambellan Provincial

When Owner/Chef Sam DeMarco invited the Atlantic City Bailliage to his eponymous restaurant at Harrah’s Resort on October 28, it was an offer that members couldn’t refuse. The Sicilian-born chef’s culinary training was both informal and clasVice Conseiller Culinaire Tony Coppola, Jr., Owner/Maître, Owner/Maître Rôtisseur Sam DeMarco, Food & Beverage Director/Maître sical. His comfort food is influenced by the cooking Restaurateur Lee Sanchez, Chambellan Provincial Peter Caporilli, Vice Chargé de Missions Scott Strenger, Vice Echanson Ted de Ment and Bailli Ted Lippman. he observed as a child in his grandparents’ kitchens as well as his many years of apprenticeship in the French kitchens of legendary chefs Jean-Michel Diot and Michelle Fitoussi. With the help of Food & Beverage Director Lee Sanchez, diners were able to delve deep into the hotel’s wine cellars. Since Sammy D’s provides breakfast for seven hundred customers each morning, it has a decidedly “down-Jersey diner” look and feel. While coq au vin paid homage to the chef’s love of French cuisine, diners also enjoyed “bacon and eggs” with Brooklyn Brewery Double IPA. Chambellan Provincial Peter Caporilli inducted Chef DeMarco and Food & Beverage Director Sanchez as maître rôtisseur and maître restaurateur, respectively, to rousing applause from the well-fed crowd. As attendees were departing following a delicious dessert prepared by Harrah’s Executive Pastry Chef Deborah Pellegrino, Chef DeMarco distributed gourmet cupcakes to be enjoyed as a late-night snack. G Roy Sous, Chevalier Marc Berman, Bailli Hon. Jon Shiekman and Dona Shiekman.







Hot Summer Night BY KATE HAMBRIGHT, Vice Chargée de Presse

The gravelly baritone of Neil Diamond singing “Sweet Caroline” greeted Beaumont Bailliage members as they arrived at the home of Dame de la Chaîne Maggie Bell and Chevalier Ben Bell on August 29 for a festive homage to the popular singer. Appetizers paired with Feudi di San Gregorio Falanghina 2010 got things off to a lively start. Attendees soon found their way to the Bells’ kitchen, where one of their favorite young culinary masters, Chef Rôtisseur Philip Daleo—son of Bailli Pat Daleo and Officier Frank Daleo—was busy preparing the sumptuous feast. Though hard at work, he still managed to chat with friends old and new. The culinary highlights included crispy pork belly with farro and steamed sea bass with soba noodles. Following dinner, attendees cranked up a vintage record player, raised glasses of Madeira, and joined in a singalong of some of Neil Diamond’s greatest hits. A rousing good time was had by all! Grateful thanks were extended to Chef Daleo for a job well done and to the Bells for opening up their beautiful home for the occasion. Still humming, confrères slipped cheerfully into the hot summer night. G Chef Rôtisseur Philip Daleo.


Delightful Dinner at Picnic on the Square BY MARTHA SAJ, Vice Chargée de Presse

Picnic on the Square March 6, 2016 CHARRED TOMATO BISQUE or BLACK BASS Wilted Spinach, Tomato Fondue or

Outstanding again! On March 6, the Bergen County Chapter held its first dinner of 2016 at Picnic on the Square in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The restaurant features contemporary American cuisine with a French influence. Owner/Chef Christine Nunn so impressed members last year with the subtle delicacies she prepared that many asked to return for another event. Among other accolades, Picnic on the Square was included on New Jersey Monthly magazine’s list of Best New Restaurants of 2015. This year’s dinner, a veritable feast, certainly lived up to the group’s expectations. The menu featured innovative choices and combinations to suit everyone’s palate, with carefully selected wines enhancing each course. Two standouts were the day boat scallops and the gnocchi Parisienne. Following the meal, on behalf of all in attendance, Bailli Oleh Bachynsky thanked the chef and her team for this lovely d ­ inner. G

DAY BOAT SCALLOP French Lentils Château d’Arlay Côtes-duJura Blanc Tradition 2009 PARISIENNE GNOCCHI, WAGYU SHORT RIB STROGANOFF Three Rings Shiraz Barossa Valley 2004 PECAN-CRUSTED VENISON LOIN Maple Demi-Glace, Bourbon Mashed Sweet Potato, Brussels Sprouts or BEEF TENDERLOIN FILET Creamed Swiss Chard, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Steak House Jus Caymus Vineyards 40th Anniversary Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 PROVENÇAL LEMON TART, FRESH BERRIES Domaine les Landes Muscatde-St. Jean-de-Minervois 2012

Chevalier James Koper, Luanne Koper and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Gail Taenzler.







Better than Tailgating BY HELEN CAPPUCCINO, Northeast Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli

Northeast Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli Helen Cappuccino and Albany Bailli William Harris orchestrated a fun day of Buffalo Bills football combined with a casual dining event open to members from Buffalo and Albany confrères. both cities on October 18. Instead of the customary pregame tailgating, attendees enjoyed a feast at CRāVing restaurant. Co-Owner/Executive Chef Adam Goetz had originally created the menu enjoyed at this joint event for a James Beard House dinner the previous month. Chef Goetz is a favorite among members, not only for the many special meals he has prepared for them but for all of the work he does annually to help the Chaîne raise money for culinary scholarships. Nearly four years ago, after stints at the famed Country Club at Castle Pines in Colorado and Waldorf Astoria in New York, he and his wife, Jennifer, opened CRāVing in North Buffalo, serving only dishes that people “crave,” sourced exclusively from local farms and vendors. Confrères from near and far agreed that Chef Goetz’s fare was the real winner of the day! G


Indian Culinary Adventure BY GRAIG SMITH, Vice Chargé de Presse

Cincinnati Bailliage members enjoyed a mid-summer culinary treat courtesy of Owner/Chef Rip Sidhu of Dame Barbara Weinberg, Owner/Chef Rip Sidhu and Professionnel du Vin Bombay Brazier restaurant located in Mary Horn. the northern suburb of Montgomery. Chef Sidhu left his native Bhopal, India, in 1991 to attend college in Houston. Once in the United States, he found himself underwhelmed by the quality of the Indian food he sampled. With the help of relatives back home, he learned the traditional dishes of his childhood and opened Chutnee Indian Fast Food in Louisville, Kentucky, followed by the original Bombay Brazier restaurant, which he moved to the Cincinnati area five years ago. Attendees were seated at tables surrounded by raspberry-colored walls showcasing pictures of ancient Sikh battle scenes and a prominent 4,000-bottle, glass-brick wine room. The attentive staff served the sevencourse feast, which featured delectable sauces made from scratch and was paired with wines contributed from diners’ personal collections. At evening’s end, attendees extended their heartfelt thanks to Vice Chargée de Missions Carmen Parks for orchestrating this sensational culinary event in concert with Bailli George Elliott. G

Vice Chargée de Missions Carmen Parks, Elizabeth Verschoor and Vice Chancelier-Argentier Susan Verschoor.

Service staff.







Summer Sparkler at the Oregon Club BY HELEN CAPPUCCINO, Northeast Chargée de Presse Provincial/Buffalo Bailli

The Oregon Club June 28, 2015 HALIBUT MEDALLIONS Fresh Corn, Fava Bean Succotash, Orange-Scented Thyme Beurre Blanc LOBSTER RISOTTO

Chervil Mascarpone, Truffle Oil The Oregon Club, located in Ashland, Massachusetts, was founded as the Briasco Inn in 1922. To most, it was a RABBIT VOL-AU-VENT Tarragon Cream, Crispy Leeks rooming house known for serving hearty fare, but the inn also functioned as a speakeasy. When Prohibition ended DUTCH CHOCOLATE TORTE Seville Orange Syrup, White in 1933, the Briasco family renamed the venue and made Chocolate Mousse it for members only. As word spread about the club’s delicious food, the Briascos eventually opened it to the public. Current co-owners Chef Chris Scanlon and Judy MacLeod, who met at the Oregon Club several years ago, recognized the venue’s potential and appreciated its storied history. On the restaurant’s website, they are quoted as saying, “The Briascos got it right, and we hope to make them proud!” The Colonial New England Bailliage’s “Summer Sparkler” event there on June 28 was an all-champagne affair. Connecticut Bailli Honoraire Jeff Hellman, a champagne importer, and Federal Wine & Spirits owner Len Rothenberg supplied the libations. To make the evening more fun and retain the air of mystery associated with the venue’s Chevalier Mike Fulginiti, Dame Barbara MacDonald, Dame Joanne Fulginiti, Conseiller history, the champagnes were listed separately on the menu and diners were asked to Gastronomique Provincial Sandy Kraft, Dame Johanna Becker and Chevalier Ron Becker. guess which wine was served with each course. G


Rustic Repast at Russet BY ELLEN ROSENBERG, Vice Chargée de Presse

After working at some of the country’s finest restaurants in Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, Chef Andrew Wood and his wife, Pastry Chef Kristin Wood, came back to Chef Andrew’s home region to open Russet, a BYOB focused on local ingredients. Russet is ranked among the top fifty restaurants in Philadelphia because of its dedication to fresh, local provenance and inventive redesign of comfort food. Upon their arrival at Russet on March 6, Delaware Valley Bailliage members were escorted to a candlelit private room, which was the ideal size and offered the perfect ambiance. The menu befit the early spring season with offerings such as a flavorful, multilayered potage served with a choice of two wines, hearty pasta with duck liver ragù, and rib eye with a gorgeous sauce. The wines complemented the dishes perfectly, and diners left Russet feeling quite content. G

Russet March 6, 2016 APPLE-LEEK POTAGE Ginger, Arugula, Cheddar Frico J.J. Prüm Graacher Himmelreich Riesling Spätlese 2008 Domaine d’Orfeuilles Vouvray Sec 2012 SPAGHETTI ALLA CHITARRA, DUCK LIVER RAGÙ Rosemary, Pickled Shallots Castello Romitorio Brunello di Montalcino 2005 BEEF RIB EYE Red Wine Gastrique, HayRoasted Carrots, Chard Jean-Luc Colombo Cornas les Ruchets 2005 CHÈVRE CHEESECAKE, CHOCOLATE CRÉMEUX TART R. L. Buller & Son Fine Old Muscat N.V.

Dame Julie Mezrow and Wendy Sal.







Rebirth at “The Place” BY STACY OHLSSON, Vice Chargée de Presse

The Denver Mile High Bailliage, established in 1979, has been dormant for several years. Many former members were happy to see it reborn on October 11 at Uptown’s Il Posto (“The Place” in Italian). Owner/Chef Andrea Frizzi creates unique daily menus using locally sourced meats and produce and incorporating specialty items from Italy. Sommelier Maxwell Koepke selects the perfect Italian wine to complement each dish. They did not disappoint when hosting Chevalier John Miquel, Lesley Miquel, Kay Cowling and Vice Chancelier-Argentier John Cowling. the “new” Denver Mile High Bailliage. For this inaugural event, confrères came from mountain communities such as Vail and Beaver Creek, as well as the far reaches of the United States. New members, who had learned about the Denver Mile High Bailliage at the August meet and greet, were excited to see what all the fuss was about, and returning members had fun explaining the significance of the ribbons and pins. As with all successful Chaîne events, camaraderie was an integral part of the evening. Once everyone was seated, the magic began. Newly inducted Bailli Allison Ahrens and Chef Frizzi both shared their passion for great food and wine. The chef provided commentary on the courses, and the open kitchen enabled attendees to observe the preparation and plating. Many thanks go to Bailli Ahrens and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Rebecca Reichenberger for organizing this event. The Denver Mile High Bailliage will certainly Barbara Kugeler, Bailli Hon. Jim Kugeler and Vice Conseiller Gastronomique have a place on the Chaîne map in 2016. G Rebecca Reichenberger.


A Glittering Evening BY SANDRA CUTTER, Vice Chargée de Presse

There is nothing more beautiful than a dining table set with glittering glassware that promises an evening filled with good friends, food, and wine. The ambiance could not have been lovelier at Bistro Montage, where Des Moines Bailliage members gathered on the cool fall evening of November 3. The small, cozy dining room was aglow with candles, creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Owner/Executive Chef Enosh Kelly’s cuisine shone as much as the room in which it was enjoyed. A 2009 James Beard “Best Chef Midwest” nominee, Chef Kelly specializes in contemporary French cuisine. Among the highlights of the masterful meal he created for confrères was bone-in pork loin with poached pear and bacon custard. Although the glassware on the tables had long been cleared by evening’s end, their glittering effect remained with contented attendees as they made their way into the night. G

Bistro Montage November 3, 2015 SCALLOP Blood Orange-Fennel-Dill Salad, Lemon Jam-Infused Oil Kevin Judd Greywacke Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2014

Dame Maura Nelson and Jane Sturgeon.

SPINACH Raspberry-Shallot Vinaigrette, Goat Cheese Espuma, Toasted Slivered Almonds St. Supéry Rosé 2014 ROASTED RACK OF BONE-IN PORK LOIN Poached Pear, Bacon Custard, Roasted Chestnut Purée, Wild Rice, Wild Mushrooms, Bordelaise Sauce Adelsheim Pinot Noir Willamette Valley 2013 GINGER-HONEY ICE CREAM Chocolate-Cinnamon Crumble, Candied Ginger, Pumpkin Tuile Peterson Winery Muscat Blanc 2011

Chef Rôtisseur Terry Boston and Bailli Jim Cutter.








Dining at the Poached Pear Bistro BY WENDY MERKIN PILLER, Vice Chargée de Presse

The Poached Pear Bistro, located in the Jersey Shore town of Point Pleasant Beach, is a fine-dining establishment whose goal is to offer familiar dishes in creative ways. Owner/Executive Chef Scott Giordano, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, draws inspiration from childhood memories of delectable aromas emanating from his grandmothers’ kitchens and his tight-knit family seated around the table. Chef Giordano also served as sous-chef under Chef Hans Egg when he owned the acclaimed Saddle River Inn. The bistro’s pastry chef, Teah Evans, who trained at the French Culinary Institute, made a name for herself when she prevailed over three other chefs on Bailli John Foy, Chevalier Joseph LaSala and Vice Chancelier-Argentier Dennis Drasco. the Food Network’s cooking show Chopped. The bistro consists of two beautiful rooms with original artwork adorning the walls. For the La Grande Cave du New Jersey Chapter’s dinner there on November 1, all of the dishes were scrumptious and delivered a rich confluence of flavors. Perhaps one of the most beautiful times of year to visit the Jersey Shore is autumn, and undoubtedly the Poached Pear Bistro is one of the shore’s finest eateries! G


Christmas Fête BY LUENY MORELL, Vice Chargée de Presse

The Mayagüez Bailliage held its annual Christmas fête on December 4 at the Rincon Beach Resort. Nestled on the Bay of Añasco, it is one of Puerto Rico’s most intimate and serene oceanfront resorts. With sixty-seven confrères in attendance, it was a jolly evening, true to the Chaîne’s values of preserving Rincon Beach Resort the camaraderie and pleasures of the table, and, December 4, 2015 in this case, dancing to Puerto Rican music. CREAMY PLANTAIN SOUP The champagne reception was held on the Jean Comyn Brut Champagne N.V. pool deck, with the sea providing a gorgeous SPINACH SALAD backdrop. Chef José Rolón and his obliging White Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Tamarind-Bacon Vinaigrette staff prepared a marvelous feast that blended Novy Family Winery Rosella’s traditional local Christmas elements with some Vineyard Chardonnay 2012 fascinating—and delicious!—international DORADO STEW ­flavors. Novy Family Winery Rosella’s Vineyard Chardonnay 2012 The atmosphere was energetic and the joy contagious. The music carried attendees on PORK TENDERLOIN Spiced Rum Reduction Sauce, a journey across time, with one and all joinRaisins, Caramelized Onions, Pigeon Peas, Chorizo Risotto ing in to sing old-time favorites. At evening’s Tomás Postigo Crianza end, Chef Rolón and his team emerged from Ribera del Duero 2012 the kitchen to thunderous applause. Mayagüez BANANAS FOSTER Bailliage members extend their earnest thanks to Coconut Ice Cream all involved in making this sensational holiday Château de Malle Sauternes 2005 event ­possible. G

Chevalier Celso López, Dame Maria Pujols, Mirely Colberg and Chevalier Waldo Santiago.

Dame Ivette Cruz and Chevalier José Almodovar.







Celebrating Sweethearts BY GAYLE BANKS, Vice Chargée de Presse

Nord Est de la Floride Bailliage members celebrated a day reserved for sweethearts on February 14 with a champagne brunch buffet at Epping Forest Yacht & Country Club. The club is recognized on the National Register of Historic Places and was formerly owned by Alfred du Pont and his wife Jessie Ball du Pont, who entertained many illustrious guests. The mansion has been meticulously restored, and the banquet room, decorated for Valentine’s Day, overlooks the English Gardens and St. Johns River. Turn-of-the-century romance was in the air as attendees sipped sparkling mango-guava cocktails and imagined themselves at one of the club’s lavish parties, conversing with Vanderbilts, Carnegies, and Goulds. Executive Chef Tim Turner and Food & Beverage Manager Matt Achorn, with assistance from their staff, made the Sunday brunch a memorable one. Among the delectable offerings were eggs Benedict, marinated prime rib with cabernet-shallot jus, and bronzed pork loin with brandied apple chutney. With so many tasty desserts to choose from, all were satisfied that they had celebrated the holiday in the sweetest of fashions. G

Vice Chargée de Presse Gayle Banks.

Dame Christie Gray and Dame Sue Mabry.

Bailli Steven Jones, Officier Robert Gray and Donna Gaff.


A Battle of Giants BY ELIAV BARR, Vice Chargé de Presse

The Philadelphia Mondiale is blessed with access to several amazing collections of great wines. Consistent with the extraordinary camaraderie of the group, owners of these collections periodically chair dinners to showcase the leading wines of the current era. Adding to the fun, “competitions” are held between great wines of different regions or styles, accompanied by fabulous dinners. Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Honoraire Peter Horty and Vice Echanson Cyril Evian chaired such an event at Le Chéri Officier Paul Koulogeorge, Dame Debbie Pastrana, Bailli Thomas Knox and Vice Chargée de Missions Linda Knox. on October 16. The battle pit premiers crus from Bordeaux against Super Tuscans from some of the best years of the recent era. The fighting was fierce, with the French wines’ austere elegance perfectly balanced and nuanced against the more exuberant floral, chocolate, and fig notes of the Italians. Alas, the battle was a draw, with diners split evenly between the French and Tuscan loyalists! The group was united, however, in its appreciation of the superb dinner created by Owner/Chef Pierre Calmels. Although French in style, the dishes paired perfectly with all of the spectacular wines on display. G







Holiday Dinner at Johnson & Wales BY ERIN BENEVIDES, Vice Chargée de Presse

On December 6, Rhode Island Bailliage members gathered for their annual holiday dinner at Johnson & Wales University’s beautiful Harborside Campus in Providence. Under the direction of Vice Conseiller Culinaire Thomas Delle Donne, the university’s assistant dean of culinary relations and special projects, students worked tirelessly to prepare a phenomenal Dame Charlotte Moretti, Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Nicholas feast, every aspect of which was fantastic! Passarelli, Jr. and Chevalier Thomas Correia. Arun Singh and Vice Chargée de Presse Erin Benevides. To complement the expertise of Chef Delle Donne and his team of epicureans extraordinaire, Ian Davies, president and CEO of Davies Family Selections—a leading importer of premium wines in the United States—shared his impressive knowledge of the exquisite wine and food pairings enjoyed by diners. Longtime confrères and new members alike were dazzled and delighted by the culinary talent and ambiance of the evening at an institution that is so dear to their hearts. Johnson & Wales University, you make us proud! G


Paris, Je t’aime BY GUS A. PLATAS, Vice Chargé de Presse

On November 8, forty-eight Rochester Finger Lakes Bailliage members gathered for a black-tie induction dinner at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center. The setting included a living portrait of the Mona Lisa and a beautiful ice sculpture of the Eiffel Tower. Edith Piaf singing in the background put the finishing touches on the evening’s festive Parisian tone. Honored guest Chambellan Provincial Mont Stern of the Buffalo Bailliage inducted three new members into the Rochester Riverside Rochester Finger Lakes Chapter. An Convention Center exquisite five-course menu of French November 8, 2015 classics was then served on tablecloths DUCK CONFIT CRÊPE embroidered with romantic red hearts. The Lentil Ragoût, Pickled Vegetables extraordinary meal was prepared by Chefs Jean Marc Brocard Chablis Premier Cru Vau de Vey 2013 Rôtisseurs John Eschler, Vicki Licata, and Jordan Cohen, while the perfectly SCALLOP PROVENÇALE Pascale Jolivet Sancerre 2014 paired French wines were selected by Professionnel du Vin Kristin Vanden Brul. CHATEAUBRIAND Périgourdine Sauce, Crab Croquette, Following dinner, Bailli Tom Wahl, Béarnaise Sauce, Carrot-Parsnip Julienne Jr. introduced and thanked the chefs and Louis Latour Savigny-lès-Beaune Premier Cru Burgundy 2005 staff, as well as Maître de Table Hôtelier David Carpenter and Maître Rôtisseur GRAND MARNIER-DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE CAKE Traiteur Ronald Beck, for their assistance Les Clos de Paulilles Banyuls Rimage in orchestrating such a lovely and fitting homage to the Chaîne’s French origins. G

Bailli Tom Wahl, Jr. and Chambellan Provincial Mont Stern.







Terlato Wine Tasting BY JIM RAY, Southwest Chargé de Presse Provincial

On January 20, Conseiller Culinaire Provincial Honoraire Marvin Jones, who is general manager of the San Antonio Country Club, hosted San Antonio Mondiale members who had gathered there for a good old-fashioned wine tasting of one of the world’s finest wines. The Terlato Wine Group was founded more Chargé de Presse Provincial Jim Ray and Chevalier than fifty years ago; today, it is the leading Harold Blewitt. Dame Pam Wise, Chevalier Denis Feliers and Dame Mia Rosen. marketer of luxury wines in the United States, responsible for one out of every ten bottles of wine sold in this country. The room held several large tasting tables, numerous smaller tables for sitting, and plenty of the best-tasting hors d’oeuvres this side of the Rio Grande. Attendees mingled, sampling, sipping, and nibbling. The grape varieties comprising the Terlato selections included cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, nebbiolo, pinot noir, chardonnay, sangiovese, marsanne, and syrah. By evening’s end, attendees had learned about the diversity of experience that shapes the Terlato family’s unique perspective and approach to premium wine making. Their mission is to make high-quality wines that can be shared among friends and family, affording them the opportunity to enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures. G


Meet and Greet at Madison Kitchen BY LOUIS BRUNO, JR., Bailli

On December 1, the recently established Westchester Bailliage, helmed by Bailli Louis Bruno, Jr., hosted twenty guests at a meet and greet at the renowned Madison Kitchen in Larchmont, New York. Owner/Chef Nicholas DiBona, who trained at the Culinary Institute of America and is a well-known Food Network persona, presented sixteen sumptuous “tastes” made with ingredients appreciated by gourmands worldwide. In addition to the savory items, several flavors of Chef DiBona’s handmade gelati were presented as orbs on a stick and in mini cones. Attendees were also treated to a wine tasting extraordinaire, with offerings from founding members’ cellars, including Joseph Drouhin les Embazees Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru 2013; Domaine Jacques-Frederic Mugnier Nuits-St. Georges Premier Cru Clos de la Maréchale 2006; Morare Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2004; and a small-estate German riesling. Dame de la Chaîne Jasmin Cowin played romantic, classical music on the harp. Westchester confrères were also pleased that Bailli Provincial Gabor Huszar, Albany Vice Conseiller Gastronomique Stu Horn, and his wife, Dame de la Chaîne Kay Sole, attended the tremendously successful event. G

Owner/Chef Nicholas DiBona and Bailli Lou Bruno, Jr.






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