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Residential Design

CHANDLER VACATION HOME This project was remodeling a chandler vacation home. The client wanted to make a space as large as possible. The interior space was small and many spaces were wasted. So the remodeling was focused on how to make the interior space more useful and practical. The concept is a snow- covered tree which always stands around the house. The snow- covered tree gives harmony inside and outside. I used lots of wood materials to create comfortable vacation home and used white colored materials to make the small space wider. Exterior has lots of reflective windows which are designed so as not to interrupt the surroundings. So the house is half transparent at the view of outside.

West Elevation

South Elevation

East Elevation

North Elevation

Top Left: First Floor Plan Bottom Left: Kitchen The opened small kitchen with white marble counter top and modern style dining table helps to create neat and clean look Bottom Right: Fire Place The modern floating style Fire Place helps to keep the house warm and save more space around it

Top Right, Bathroom The Bathroom has big spa style bath tub for stress reduction Bottom Right: Living Romm The Living Room has big window for enough natural light. The opened ceiling and modern style glass stair creates the space look wider.

Top Left, Second Floor Plan Bottom Left: Rest Space Small sitting area and coffee table next to the bed Bottom Right: Private Office Small office area for work

Bedroom There are many windows next to the bed to enjoy outside view. All the windows has adjustable electric remote control variable window tint function which helps to create private interior space

Commercial Design

CONAN FOODS The building is located at San Francisco down town. This project was making a manufacturing factory. To make the factory successful, the main targets for this manufacturing company are business man, office worker, students, tourists and the people who have limited time for meal. The purpose of use of the building is manufacturing the rolls, sushi, kimbob, triangle shape kimbob, and sushi trays. The counter place is designed by fast food restaurant style such as a subway. This building’s main concept inspiration is from sushi mart. The sushi mart is made of wood. So the main interior materials are wood. The design is focused on the relationships between the public and private spaces. Public space is for selling food and private space is for manufacturing.

Facing page Left: Site Plan Middle Left: Floor Plan Bottom Left: Exterior Right: Exterior Elevations East Exterior Elevation

West Exterior Elevation

South Exterior Elevation

North Exterior Elevation

Top Left: Sushi Bar The sushi counter is designed for grab and go style so busy customers can take out the food or enjoy the food inside bar or out side tables. Top Right: Eating Area There are Small Eating Area for people who does not have enough time to finish their food

Restaurant Area Used sustainable materials for both interior and exterior such as bamboo and concrete. The ceiling design represents the shape of sushi mat. The restaurant space has two bars and one sushi counter. The sushi counter is designed for grab and go style so busy customers can take out the food or enjoy the food inside bar or out side tables.

Demo Area This place is for showing how to make the sushi, sushi rolls and etc. This room is designed for demonstration so the shape of the counter top helps customers can try actively participate. The window on the wall displays which are showing information about products, food process, and manufacturing factory. Also, the folding glass doors can make the room open space when there is a huge event

Manufacturing Area There is a hallway with many windows to show the manufacturing process for customers

Commercial Design Los Gatos, California


Facing Page Left: Reception Area Right: Site Bottom Right: Floor Plan

The client wanted to open a wellness center which provides yoga center, massage therapy, meditation, and hydrotherapy etc. The concept for this project was ‘Water’. Water is such an essential part of human life and we all use it every single day. Water can provide us with mental consolation, relaxation and tranquility. That is to say, water plays a role as sourceful rest area of human life. So I felt it is only fitting to use water as the concept. I wanted to successfully design spa by concept of water and imagination. Even though water is something that we are all very familiar with, water has things more than we may imagine. Water is dynamic, fluid and sustains human life. At the same time, water can be transparent, calm and completely still. Water exists in many states and they are all individually unique with different patterns and forms. And the most important thing is water can invigorate five human senses by washing away impurities and heal body and mind.

I wanted to capture the motion of water and translated it into the space by incorporating various water features throughout the space, including the wall behind the indoor seating area. I also wanted to represent the motion of water via the use of glass, Modular Arts Dune tiles, lighting and the exciting curves and shape.

Top Left: Reception Area & Retail Retail area offers numerous JOI fitness products Bottom Left: Tea Bar The Tea Bar carries a range of organic teas. Customers can purchase teas to take home or enjoy a cup of tea in the bar with natural lights Facing Page, Top: Yoga Room Facing page Bottom Left: Conference Room The Conference can be used to shows movies for visual meditation.

Joi Fitness, Walnut Creek, California


Facing Page Left: Reception Area Left: First & Second Floor Plans Bottom Right: Site

The wavy ceiling and wall represent the motion of water. The lighting and furniture color also indicate the concept.

Facing page Top Left: Rest Area Facing page Bottom Left: Retail Space Top Middle: Yoga Room Top Right: Office Bottom: Tea Bar

Residential Design

MARIOTTO RESIDENCE This project was remodeling a three stories house for three different clients. The clients were family members and they wanted to have their own unique interiors. The basic approach for the concept was finding a subject that human being wants to have something like a sweet home and also has one name but has his own characteristic just like a family members. The concept for all three interiors of the house is salt pond. There are many kinds of salt pond all over the world. Each country has his own salt pond style because of different environments. I chose three kinds of salt ponds for three different stories which have their special characteristics. For the first floor I chose a colorful salt pond in San Francisco. For the second floor I chose white salt pond in Korea. For the third floor I chose brown salt pond which is very famous in Peru Salinas. I used color schemes from each country’s salt pond for my design.


Facing page: Living Space & Dining Area Top Right: Kitchen & Dining Space Bottom Right: Bed space & Bathroom

The garden unit was designed for the client’s niece. It was smaller than other two units so I used white toned materials such as white marble, white paint, and white furniture to make room look wider. Also, there are a step and glass partition to give separation between living space and bed space. The vivid colored scheme from San Francisco Salt Pond was used for accent.


Facing Page: Kitchen & Dining Room The kitchen and dining room are combined into a single modern space with contemporary furniture. Bottom Right: Living Room Big windows for natural light and city view Top Right: Private Office Two rooms with glass partition can be used for big working space or private space. Middle Left: Master Bedroom The Master bedroom has glass partition between master bathroom which make the room looks wider and big window with nice city view

The lower unit is designed for client who is a single man. He wanted to have big opened space and modern style home. I used white and black color scheme materials for whole spaces to create strong virile beauty.


Left: Kitchen & Dining Area Bottom Right: Living Room Top Right: Private Office Middle: Guest Bedroom

The upper unit was designed for client sister’s family home. The color schemes for the interior were inspired from the salt pond in Peru Salinas. The client wanted to have comfortable home and these warm toned color schemes help to give comfortable feeling. Also, the client often invites guests to have a party so there are big opened kitchen and guest room.

Interior & Architecture Design  

My rough portfolio for graduation

Interior & Architecture Design  

My rough portfolio for graduation