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chai from b et h el OCT OBER 2019 | I SSUE 21


a m essag e from t he rab b i

5780 High Holy Days Service Schedule

Rabbi Ariel Sholklapper Just a few weeks ago, at our ?Back to School' Shabbat service, children, parents, and grandparents poured into the synagogue. It was such a pleasure to look out from the pulpit and see the blend of generations celebrating Shabbat, marking the transition into another school year. Together we sang, prayed, discussed, and learned Jewish wisdom on navigating transitions like beginning a new school year. It was especially exciting for me to look up and see volunteers helping bring out more chairs to accommodate our overflowing attendance! I?ve been onboard for just over 1 month and already I can see what an amazing community we?ve got here at CBE. The warmth, openness, and commitment I?m seeing from members of the community, staff, and leadership is inspiring. This community is a gem! One of the things I?ve most enjoyed is when members introduce themselves and tell me what they most love about CBE. I love it! Those moments help me get to know you and why you love this community, so please come by and introduce yourself and tell me what CBE means to you. You can also set up a time with Norma for us to meet during my office hours. Stay updated on events by checking out our website, newsletter, and by liking and following our Facebook page. I look forward to serving this community and hope to see you on the High Holidays and throughout the year. Wishing you and your family a healthy, happy, and sweet new year! Blessings,

Sh abbat Sh u vah | 4 Oct ober Service........................................................................7:00PM Kever Avot v 'Im ah ot | 6 Oct ober Cemetery Memorial Service Emanu El Memorial Park........................................9:30AM Yom Kippu r Kol Nidr e | 8 Oct ober Service.....................................................................7:00PM* Yom Kippu r | 9 Oct ober Morning Service...................................................10:00AM* Yizkor Service..........................................................1:00PM* Study Session...........................................................2:00PM Family Service..........................................................4:00PM Afternoon Service/Ne'ilah.....................................5:00PM* * Babysitting is available with prior reservations.

Su k k ot | 13 Oct ober 6:00PM | Din n er f ollow ed by ser vice Sh'm in i At zer et - Sim ch at Tor ah | 21 Oct ober 6:00PM | Din n er f ollow ed by ser vice


CBE WANTS TO CONNECT WITH YOUR COLLEGE STUDENT! You r ch ild w ill r eceive special h oliday pack ages f r om ou r Car in g Com m it t ee! Th is is a gr eat w ay f or you r ch ild t o st ay con n ect ed w it h Bet h El w h ile h e/ sh e is aw ay at sch ool! To be in clu ded in m ailin gs, you M UST con t act u s n o lat er t h an Oct ober 18!

Rosh Ha

sha n na

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st ue nt s

Em ail t h e f ollow in g in f or m at ion t o car in gcom m it t ee@bet h elt x.or g Student's Name - Student's Email - Student's Mailing Address - Student's College Parent's First Name - Parent's Last Name - Parent's Email

CELEBRATE SUKKOT | Sunday, Oct ober 13 Our celebration begins with a BBQ dinner at 6:00pm. Come and see old friends and make some new friends, too. After dinner we will go out into the Sukkah for our family service to be led by Rabbi Sholklapper and Cantor Waghalter. We will shake the traditional lulav and etrog.

SIMCHAT TORAH | Monday, Oct ober 21 The evening begins with a pasta dinner at 6:00pm. Followed by a joyous service.

DINNER RESERVATION FORM Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________ Telephone: ____________________________________________________



BBQ beef sandwich (1/2 sandwich for youth) with all the trimmings, chips and a beverage.

Pasta entree, salad, garlic bread and a beverage.

Su k kot RSVP # Adu lt s __________; # You t h __________

Total adu lt dinner(s) at $10 each __________

Sim ch at Tor ah RSVP: # Adu lt s__________; #You t h __________

Total you t h dinner(s) at $5 each __________

Total am ou n t en closed $__________ (your check is your reservation) Send this order form and your check to Congregation Beth El | Attn: Events | 3900 Raoul Wallenberg Ln | Missouri City, TX 77459

RSVP must be received in synagogue office no later than October 9.

To RSVP online please visit betheltx.org/ HIGHHOLYDAYS

(Don't want dinner? No problem - bring your own or just come for the service)

I f you are interested in hosting an Oneg in honor or in memory of someone special, CBE has dates available. Sponsoring is as easy as 1- 2- 3! - Call Norma Gonzales at 281.499.5066 to pick a date. - Choose between two options: Make a $50 donation and CBE will do all the shopping or you can provide kosher style treats. - I f you choose to provide the treats, please arrive by 6pm to allow time to set up. I f you make a donation, no need to arrive early.

CBE BOOK CLUB Novem ber 's Book of t h e M on t h The Ann & Stephen Kaufman Jewish Book & Arts Festival Community Rea d

Th e Fligh t Por t f olio by Julie Orringer In 1940, Varian Fry traveled to Marseille carrying three thousand dollars and a list of imperiled artists and writers he hoped to help escape within a few weeks. Instead, he stayed more than a year, working to procure false documents, amass emergency funds, and arrange journeys across Spain and Portugal, where the refugees would embark for safer ports. His many clients included Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, and Marc Chagall, and the race against time to save them is a tale of forbidden love, high-stakes adventure, and unimaginable courage.

Novem ber discu ssion dat e t o be an n ou n ced soon .

Congregation Beth El?s Board of Directors is pleased to announce the creation of another asset to our congregation: The Car in g Com m it t ee. Led by Yaffa Steubinger, this bikur cholim committee of volunteers will visit members of the congregation who are in the hospital, in a skilled nursing facility, or are home-bound due to illness or injury. Staying connected to our members who are experiencing a health set-back or are in need of some help are the primary goals. We need to know when someone has entered a medical facility or needs help at home so we can offer our support on behalf of the entire Beth El community. Please notify Norma at 281-499-5066 and/or click on this link to send a message to car in gcom m it t ee@bet h elt x.or g.

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL NEWS by M ich ele Cr of t As the High Holidays approach, there are many things, which the Religious School is grateful. To name a few, the teachers, students, curriculum and families. Every week the students bring smiles to our faces and reaffirm why we teach them. This month as we have learned about Rosh Hashanah and their overarching theme of forgiveness and striving to be the best we can be. We have done some amazing activities. The students have enjoyed playing Jewpardy, creating a predictive scrapbook, and baking honey cakes to help our students and their families usher in a sweet and healthy new year. Another new idea being implemented by the Religious School is the idea of having three Tribes. This concept was upon the house competitions in Harry Potter. We have spun it so that it can help us with our Jewish Identities. Our Tribes; Levi, Judah and Benjamin have all been busy earning points. Points maybe awarded for attending services, helping their peers, and having positive behavior. Find out next month, which Tribe is in the lead. As the competition continues, it is interwoven with our learning. As a Suburban Congregation through a grant called Chalon L?atid from the Federation, we have been invited to participate in the following programs. Below are some of the details that I wanted to share. If you are interested in having your child participate in any of the activities, please let me know so I can provide further details to you. Please email me at religiousschool@betheltx.org. 8t h & 9t h gr ade st u den t s - Alt er n at ive Win t er Br eak - Hou st on Sat u r day, Decem ber 21 - 6:00 p.m . Havdallah t o Wedn esday, Decem ber 25, 2019. We will join Houston?s Kehillah High during Winter Break for an awesome experience - combination of volunteering, touring around Houston and fun activities. We will be engaging in community service projects while making new friends. Sleeping at Homewood Suites - Galleria Area (2950 Sage Road) (4 nights). Transpiration during the program will be provided to all activities. All meals will be provided either vegetarian/dairy or Kosher meat. Once we know the total cost of the program ? parents will need to pay 1/3 of the cost and Chalon L?atid grant will pay the rest.

10t h Gr ade ? w e ar e in t h e pr ocess of f in alizin g t h e dat es an d n eed t o k n ow ASAP h ow m an y 10t h gr ader s f r om you r con gr egat ion w ill be in t er est ed t o at t en d - (it w ill pr obably be a 3 days t r ip in Jan u ar y or Febr u ar y, 2020 leavin g Hou st on on Fr iday m or n in g - an d r et u r n in g M on day even in g) Join us as we travel to Washington, D.C. for an incredible weekend learning about Jewish advocacy and exploring our nation?s capital. Religious Action Center (RAC) for a life-changing program, culminating with lobbying your representatives and senators on Capitol Hill. This experience in Washington, D.C. will inspire our students to make a change in our local community. Together we?ll join with other congregations from around the nation as we explore the Holocaust Museum, visit the Smithsonian, and celebrate Havdallah at the Jefferson Memorial. If you?re passionate about social justice and advocacy ? this is a unique experience created just for you! (We will provide an excused absence letter for school). To learn more about L?taken and the Religious Action Center (RAC) visit: https://rac.org/what-ltaken. Chalon L?atid grant will pay the cost of the conference, hotel accommodations and DC ground transportation. Parents will need to pay the cost of the airfare and some meals. 11t h & 12t h Gr ade - M ar ch 1-3, 2020 - AIPAC Policy Con f er en ce, Wash in gt on DC our suburban congregation teens will join together with the Houston Federation delegation. This is the largest gathering of America's pro-Israel community. Through demonstrations of groundbreaking Israeli innovations, keynote speeches by American and Israeli leaders, inspiring moments on stage, and intimate educational sessions, the delegates will experience the full-scale of pro-Israel activism during these three powerful days. (We will provide an excused absence letter for school). Chalon L?atid grant will pay the cost of the conference, hotel accommodations and DC ground transportation. Parents will need to pay the cost of the airfare and meals. All attendees on the DC trips will be expected to attend 3 educational sessions in Houston prior to the trip in addition to a students/parents meeting with Marna Meyer, Community Events and Israel Engagement Director; and Helen Richard, Chalon L?atid Director. The DC trips are awarded only once for a High School student. In the event that we have additional funds, we will do our best to assist financially to these who wish to join us and attended in past years. We are in the process of developing a Confirmation class. If you have a child in ninth or tenth grade and are interested please contact me at religiousschool@betheltx.org. On October 25, we will be honoring Pat Rose at the Service and Oneg. We are grateful for her many years of teaching at Beth El. She has taught and touched the lives of so many families at Beth. The Religious School will be creating a scrapbook. If you would like to share a story or picture, please feel free to email me at religiousschool@betheltx.org. I wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year! L?Shana Tova!





6pm Shir Shabbat Service


9am Religious School


7:30pm Book Club (location to be announced)


12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events 7pm Executive meeting


7pm Shabbat Service


9am Religious School 12:00pm BEFTY meeting 12:00pm Family Cooking Class


Preschool CLOSED - St af f Developm en t


7pm Board meeting


9am Religious School


12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events


7pm Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper

EREV SUKKOT 6pm Su k k ot ser vice & din n er




28-29 Syn agogu e Of f ice Closed

ROSH HASHANAH II Preschool & Synagogue office CLOSED


7pm Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper


9am Religious School 9:30am KEVER AVOT M em or ial Ser vice Emanu El Cemetery


12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events 12pm Preschool & Synagogue Office close early EREV YOM KIPPUR 7pm Kol Nidr e ser vice


Yom Kippu r Preschool & Synagogue office CLOSED

11 13


7pm Shabbat Service 9am Religious School 12pm BEFTY meeting

25-29 Pr esch ool Closed - Th an k sgivin g Br eak

Preschool & Synagogue office CLOSED



7pm Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper


9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper 6pm BEFTY social event

7pm Book Club (location to be announced)


7pm Shabbat Service


9am Religious School


SHM INI ATZERET Preschool & Synagogue office CLOSED


12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events 7pm Board Meeting


7pm Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper Oneg in honor of Pat Rose, in celebration of her well earned retirement


9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper 6pm BEFTY social event


9am Religious School

OCTOBER Oct ober 1 Larry Dreyfuss

Oct ober 7

Oct ober 12

Oct ober 23

Alison Gratz

Ellen Asnes

Jory Pacht

Andrew Gratz

Sara Gratz

Oct ober 2

Danielle Ray

Eva Fackeldey

Tor ch meets ever y Thur sday @ 7:30pm Religious School Sunday mor nings @ 9am (u n less n ot ed ot h er w ise) FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ANY OF THESE EVENTS VISIT WWW.BETHELTX.ORG

Oct ober 18

Patricia Rose

Carolyn Wade

Andrew Caplan

Oct ober 10 Oct ober 3

Sybil Leson

October 19

Oct ober 26

Lance Gorel

Mark Shapiro

Camryn Coates

Ralph Mothner

Adam Selwyn

Renee Waghalter italicized names are our children

CBE w ill be closed Th u r sday, Novem ber 28-29 an d w ill r e-open M on day, Decem ber 2

Oct ober 25

Oct ober 9

OCTOBER Oct ober 4 Melissa Cohen-Nickels & Joseph Nickels Oct ober 9 Steven & Tina Diamond Oct ober 10 Brian & Angela Perry

Oct ober 13 David & Sandra Green

Oct ober 24 Douglas & Annette Liftman

Oct ober 16 Nicholas & Rivka Ettinger

Oct ober 29 Mark & Missi Shapiro


Oct ober 16

Oct ober 23

Joyce L. Kramer

Louise Coleman Leo Lefkowits Dave Novy Abe Perry Marvin Portman Lee Rosensweig Myron Spector

Shirley Osher Karl Reiter

Oct ober 2 Yetta Greenfield Sol Sadek

Oct ober 3 Frederick Albert Charles Marshall Helen Steubinger

Oct ober 4

Oct ober 17 Ben Eisenberg Albert Kornberg Mitzi Rosky

Betty Ackerman

Oct ober 24 Mark Fackeldey

Oct ober 25 Louis Croft Helen Kipnis

Oct ober 26 Bev Freedman Marks Zion

Oct ober 18 Oct ober 11 Walter Brown Lester Klashman Rosalie Poscovsky Hyman Schiffman Marcus Shapiro

Ceil Staum

Oct ober 27

Oct ober 19

Lucille Braverman Alice Schiffman

Violet Edgar Michael Goldstein Victor Leon Tommy McCollum

Oct ober 12 Abraham Pomerantz

Oct ober 20

Oct ober 13

Mortimer J. Liss Ruby Neuman

Stanley Osher

Oct ober 28 Myriam Lacs Lillian Panansky Sue Ann Gordon Topletz

Oct ober 30 Mel Auster Emma Weiss

Oct ober 21 Oct ober 14 Fred Gordon Egon Stern

Elizabeth Stone Klashman Lucie Liebgold

Oct ober 31 Ben Preston Conley

Oct ober 22 Marcia Liftman Gerald Edward Simoneaux

Th e con gr egat ion ext en ds it s h ear t f elt con dolen ces t o t h e f am ily an d f r ien ds of Fr an k lin Ber k o


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