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chai from b et h el NOVEMBER 2019 | I SSUE 22


CBE BOOK CLUB Novem ber 's Book of t h e M on t h The Ann & Stephen Kaufman Jewish Book & Arts Festival Community Rea d

Th e Fligh t Por t f olio by Julie Orringer In 1940, Varian Fry traveled to Marseille carrying three thousand dollars and a list of imperiled artists and writers he hoped to help escape within a few weeks. Instead, he stayed more than a year, working to procure false documents, amass emergency funds, and arrange journeys across Spain and Portugal, where the refugees would embark for safer ports. His many clients included Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, Marcel Duchamp, and Marc Chagall, and the race against time to save them is a tale of forbidden love, high-stakes adventure, and unimaginable courage.

Novem ber discu ssion dat e t o be an n ou n ced soon .

CRAFTER'S CLUB hosted by Congregation Beth El

Wedn esday, Novem ber 6 | 7p-9p Need m ot ivat ion t o begin ? Br in g you r pr oject s an d su pplies. Not su r e w h er e t o begin ? Join u s t o explor e opt ion s an d lear n a n ew sk ill. Qu est ion s? Call Nor m a in t h e syn agogu e of f ice

A t w o-par t ser ies of pr esen t at ion s on t r avel t o sit es of Jew ish in t er est in Eu r ope In their travels in May and September 2019, Frada Boxer and George Starkschall visited Jewish sites and congregations in the Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe, and observed both Sephardic and Ashkenazic congregations and culture. They have prepared a set of videos of their travels. Following the videos, there will be time for discussion. Presentations will be in the CBE Sanctuary.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 9:30 AM ? 10:15 AM Jewish Travel Experiences Part 1: The Iberian Peninsula and Sephardic Jewry

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8, 9:30 AM ? 10:15 AM Jewish Travel Experiences Part 2: Central Europe and Ashkenazic Jewry




6pm Shir Shabbat Service



9am Religious School


7:30pm Book Club (location to be announced)


6pm Shir Shabbat Service


7pm Executive meeting


9am Religious School 9:30am jewish Travels part 2


7pm Shabbat Service


Preschool CLOSED - St af f Developm en t


9am Religious School 12:00pm BEFTY meeting 12:30pm Family Cooking Class


7pm Rabbi Sh olk lapper In st allat ion & Sh abbat Ser vice


Preschool CLOSED - St af f Developm en t


9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper


12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events 7pm Board meeting


9am Religious School 2pm Preschool Hanukkah Hop


7pm Bites in Fort Bend meeting


12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events


7pm Shabbat Service


7pm Shabbat Service

12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events 7pm Executive meeting

Oneg in memory of Laurence Friedman

20-31 Pr esch ool Closed - Win t er Br eak


9am Religious School




12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events


7pm Sh abbat Ser vice &


7pm Sh abbat Ser vice w it h Rabbi Sh olk lapper


10:30am Avi Et t in ger Bar M it zvah



Com m u n it y Ch an u k k ah M en or ah Ligh t in g



25-29 Pr esch ool Closed - Th an k sgivin g Br eak 25

FBIC In t er f ait h Th an k sgivin g Ser vice

28-29 Syn agogu e Of f ice Closed 29

7pm Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper


9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper 6pm BEFTY social event w ill CBE o se d l be c

Th e Syn agogu e of f ice w ill be closed Novem ber 28-29 & r e-open Decem ber 2

Th e Syn agogu e of f ice w ill be closed Decem ber 24 - 26 & r e-open Decem ber 27. Decem ber 31 an d Jan u ar y 1 & r e-open Jan u ar y 2.

Tor ch meets ever y Thur sday @ 7:30pm Religious School Sunday mor nings @ 9am (u n less n ot ed ot h er w ise) FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ANY OF THESE EVENTS VISIT WWW.BETHELTX.ORG

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL NEWS by M ich ele Cr of t Mazel Tov to Austin Gartzman and Avi Ettinger for learning how to blow the shofar and honoring the congregation with its wonderful blasts during the High Holidays. Mazel Tov to Jude Nickels, Eliana Church, and Asher Adams as well as their families on becoming consecrated. This was the celebration of the beginning their Jewish Studies in our Religious School! See the amazing Torah pouches they decorated! The Religious School helped to honor the traditions of our ancestors during the celebrations of Sukkot and Simchat Torah. They learned about the traditions and customs by creating and decorating the Sukkah, shaking the lulav and Etrog as well as learning fun facts about Rabbi Sholklapper. Feel free to ask the students the name of his dog, his favorite food and his favorite sport. The customs and symbols were reinforced through Jeopardy as well as Rock, Paper, scissors Trivia. The students had fun hopping to the center of the game, playing Rock, Paper, Scissors and then the winner answered a trivia question to win points for their team. A fun time was had by all! The Tribes loved the unique way to learn, laugh and play! The team that is currently winning is Judah with 4500, a close second is Levi with 3900 and Benjamin in third place with 3600. Next month we will continue honoring families and learning about stories from the book of Genesis. The BEFTY teens provided paper bags & signs to promote their annual food drive. All food was donated to the East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry. Thank you to all congregants who participated. Happy New Year!

PRESCHOOL NEWS Preschool is so happy to back! We started the year off with a bang celebrating all of the wonderful holidays of Tishrei! Some of our Preschool highlights were: For Rosh Hashanah, we learned about the New Year, ate delicious apples and honey, made honey cakes, and Pre-k went to a shofar factory and made their very own shofars. For Yom Kippur, we learned about how to be better people, how to say I?m sorry when we do things that may not be so nice, and studied the bible story of Jonah and the Whale. For Sukkot, we made fruits and decorated our brand new CBE Sukkah, we learned about the Lulav and the Etrog and had a beautiful Sukkot service led by Rabbi Sholklapper. For Simchat Torah, we learned about Creation, made Torahs and had a special tour of the sanctuary with a viewing of the Torah. Fall is here to stay! CBE Preschool is bringing in the new season with scavenger hunts, nature walks, learning about the changing colors of the leaves, and enjoying the cooler weather. We had a visit by the Missouri City Fire Dept. The children learned about fire safety, what to do in case of a fire emergency at home, saw a fireman dress up in his full fire gear and even had a tour of the fire truck. The children were very interested and fascinated by the fireman. We started our Enrichment class of Yoga 4 Youth Class. The children love this wonderful class which is perfectly balanced that combines fun, fast-paced aerobic exercises with Yoga. Our Judaic theme for the month of November is Mishpacha and Mitzvot. We are learning about our families and the importance of doing good deeds. In Ms. Marcia?s class the children created beautiful pieces of art of their houses with their families. We will be introducing a Mitzvah Project in the classes teaching the children the importance of doing good deeds. On the horizon we have our Thanksgiving celebration and our Fall Shabbat Program. CBE Preschool is once again filled with adorable little smiles, wonderful laughter, and the pitter patter of small children in the halls. It is so important for CBE to have this wonderful early childhood education enriched with Judaic learning for our Fort Bend county community. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining CBE Preschool, please call the office at 281-499-5066 or e-mail admin@betheltx.org for more information.

NOVEMBER Novem ber 4 Richard Kalmick Novem ber 5 Marcia Forbes Novem ber 6 Tina Steiner Daniel Steiner Novem ber 8 Luke Okie Richard Chaitin

Novem ber 10 Allison Green Elizabeth Newlin Nicholas Ettinger Novem ber 14 Anna Gratz Novem ber 15 Dora Pincus Betty Braun Novem ber 16 Jodi Bernstein Rivka Ettinger

Novem ber 17 Howard Katz David Stein

Novem ber 25 Carol Katz Wendy Warren

Novem ber 19 Margaret Rosenzweig

Novem ber 27 Matthew Sugar

Novem ber 22 Brian Raywid Susan Sher

Novem ber 28 Michael Bersin

Novem ber 24 Tina Diamond Madeline Marlowe

Novem ber 29 Corinne Williams Novem ber 30 Marilyn Gorel

NOVEMBER Novem ber 4 Robert & Lisa Goodman

Novem ber 24 Bill & Ellen Asnes

Novem ber 6 Pat Rose & Brian Raywid

Ed & Marilyn Carlin

NOVEM BER YAHRZEITS Novem ber 1 Harry Dobrin Maria Fackeldey Marcus Kaufler Bess Liss

Novem ber 13 Nathanel Devorkin Jacob Oksman Morris Rosenblum I Sporn

Novem ber 2 Frieda Cahn Darrellyn Soffar

Novem ber 14 Evelyn Breslow

Novem ber 21 Lillian Kenyon Kenneth Topletz

Novem ber 15 Henry Wertheimer

Novem ber 23 Dave Abels

Novem ber 16 Hedwig Meyer

Novem ber 24 William Kaplan

Novem ber 17 David Linzer Hyman Lipman Sol Olan Norman Silverstein Y. Mike Wormser

Novem ber 25 Delphina Meyer

Novem ber 3 Judith Block Phillip Padower Novem ber 5 Maury Berger Richard Claghorn Novem ber 7 Alan Caplan Earl Gorel Novem ber 8 Bertha Baroch Novem ber 10 Linda Mellman William Warren

Novem ber 18 Irving Raskin Hattie Schulherr Adel Stern Novem ber 19 Jack Cohen

Novem ber 20 Israel R Cohen Laurence R Friedman Max Kenyon

Novem ber 27 Herbert Goodman Lillian Drew Krantz Peter Lipman Yetta Sporn Novem ber 29 Hyman Poscovsky Novem ber 30 George Cohen

Novem ber 12 Sandy Sugar

Th e con gr egat ion ext en ds it s h ear t f elt con dolen ces t o t h e f am ily an d f r ien ds of Bobbie Ch ait in , Rosie An n Escovar & Leon ar d Spivak z"l.

THANK YOU TO OUR SEPTEM BER - OCTOBER 2019 DONORS Harr Summer Camp Schol arship Marc and Shelley Frank Kit chen Fund in memory of Stanley and Shirley Osher Marc & Shelley Frank

Rit ual Fund in memory of Sol Sadek Leonard & Jan Sadek Dora & Daniel Sof f ar Operat ing Fund in memory of Mel Auster Jim and Deb Paras

Oneg Sponsor in memory of Maurice Gordon Rosa Gordon

in memory of William Brown Roberta Rosen

in honor of Dale Rosen Roberta Rosen

in memory of Bobbie Chaitin Ed and Marilyn Carlin

Rabbi's Discret ionary Fund in honor of Rabbi Ariel Sholklapper Phyllis Kalman Grant

in memory of Selene Gorel Alan & Ann Schneider

in memory of Fred Gordon Roberta Rosen in memory of Donald Merrell Aaron & Joyce Schneider in memory of Joe Nagar Aaron & Joyce Schneider in memory of Karl Reiter Eunice Reiter in memory of Darrellyn Soffar Jim and Deb Paras in memory of Leonard Spivak Ed and Marilyn Carlin

I f you are interested in hosting an Oneg in honor or in memory of someone special, CBE has dates available. Sponsoring is as easy as 1- 2- 3! - Call Norma Gonzales at 281.499.5066 to pick a date. - Choose between two options: Make a $50 donation and CBE will do all the shopping or you can provide kosher style treats. - I f you choose to provide the treats, please arrive by 6pm to allow time to set up. I f you make a donation, no need to arrive early.

Thank you toour September - October Oneg Sponsors M eg Rosen zw eig in m em or y of Joel Rosen zw eig Scot t Yor k & Blan ca Feldm an in m em or y of M ar len e Yor k Yaf f a St eu bin ger in m em or y of Helen St eu bin ger CBE Religiou s Sch ool in h on or of Pat Rose A special Thank You to Harry & Leticia Himmelstein and Glenn & Jodi Kessler for their continued financial support of our Friday night Onegs.


Sunday - March 22 2 - 5p.m. Constellation Field Want to Volunteer? Join us for our f irst planning meeting Wednesday, Nov 13 @ 7pm in the CBE Library

chai from b et h el Architecture details of Budapest synagogue Dohany Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary


Profile for Chai at Beth El

Chai from Beth El - November 2019  

Chai from Beth El - November 2019