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chai from b et h el JANUARY 2020 I SSUE 24


Join t h e Hou st on Holocau st Su r vivor s an d Descen dan t s an d Holocau st M u seu m Hou st on , f or an in n ovat ive pr ogr am f or ch ildr en ages 5-13. Explor e t h e r ole of u pst an der s du r in g t h e Holocau st w it h a r eadin g of The Whispering Town f ollow ed by a discu ssion w it h a Holocau st su r vivor . Ch ildr en ar e in vit ed t o at t en d w it h a par en t (s) or gr an dpar en t (s). Th e pr ogr am is open t o in t er est ed f am ilies, w h et h er or n ot you r f am ily in clu des Holocau st su r vivor s.

Su n day, Febr u ar y 9, 2020 3:00pm ? 5:00pm 5401 Car olin e St , Hou st on , TX 77004 Fr ee adm ission - please r egist er h er e

NEW GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP BEGINNING IN FEBRUARY Congregation Beth El is pleased to offer a NEW series of free sessions dealing with grief and loss. Beth El is not only the center of Judaism for Fort Bend Country, but often provides programs to meet the needs of the entire Houston Jewish Community. The upcoming Grief Group is an example of such a program. Grief is a natural part of life, yet we often find that it is considered a ?taboo subject? for some. Those experiencing grief need support and comfort. Other than family and friends, the group experience is one of the best ways to travel this difficult road. That is why one of Beth El?s members, Marolyn Block, has volunteered to lead this group. Marolyn is both a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has vast experience in grief counseling and other areas. Marolyn was educated at Tulane University and the University of Texas. She holds a Master of Science degree in psychology. Marolyn?s background includes teaching, working as a school psychologist and being a school administrator. Marolyn has had her own private counseling service for the past 15 years. The group will begin on Wednesday, February 5th at 10:00 am in Congregation Beth El?s library. There will be approximately eight sessions. To register for this group or if you have questions, please contact Marolyn Block at 832-721-3593.

M usicalShab

January10 -

SPECIAL MUSICAL SHABBAT-- AN ALL Do you love ?Pitch Perfect? and ?Sing

Join Congregation Beth El for a Musical Shabbat featur as well as our own Shir Shabbat Singers, Fri

SHIR SHABBAT! SERMON IN SONG! SHABBAT DIN SHABBAT MORNING INTERACTIVE, CREATIVE SERVICE! all events at no charge and op RSVPs are necessary for planning FRIDAY NIGHT - JANUARY 10, 2020 SHIR SHABBAT - 6:00 pm Shir Shabbat is our monthly, instrumental Shabbat service. Congregants lead this uplifting and inspiring service with guitars and rollicking good tunes. Magevet will present a short "sermon in song" of Jewish liturgical music through the ages. Religious School students have a special part in the service, and they've been preparing! Rabbi Sholklapper will be on hand for January?s birthday and anniversary blessings.

SHABBAT DINNER AND aCAPELLA CONCERT - 7:00 pm Enjoy a complimentary communal Shabbat dinner. Magevet will perform a short concert of beautiful arrangements of diverse Jewish music before dessert. Click here here to RSVP for dinner

SPECIAL M EET AND GREET FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS - 7:00 pm Enjoy a complimentary communal Shabbat dinner. Magevet will perform a short concert of beautiful arrangements of diverse Jewish music before dessert.

In celebr at ion of Congr egat ion Bet h El all event s ar e open t o t he public and ar e being pr esent ed at no cost t o t he communit y.

abbat Weekend


L-SHABBAT CONGREGATIONAL EVENT g?? Then you?ll love Jewish a Capella!

ring the Jewish a Capella group from Yale, ?Magevet?, day night and Saturday, January 10 and 11.

NNER AND a CAPELLA CONCERT! TORAH STUDY! E! POTLUCK LUNCH! WINE-AND-CHEESE HAVDALAH! pen to the whole community g purposes - cl ick here t o sign up SATURDAY M ORNING - JANUARY 11, 2020 TORAH STUDY - 9:30 am Magevet members will join Rabbi Sholklapper ?s monthly Torah study, offering the informal perspective of the next generation?s active members of the Jewish community.

INTERACTIVE, CREATIVE LEARNING SERVICE - 10:30 am Rabbi Sholklapper, Cantor Waghalter, and post-bar/bat mitzvah students will lead a shortened, interactive, and informative Shabbat morning service. The abbreviated service is specially geared toward students and their families in 5th through 8th grades to learn about the Saturday morning service in preparation for becoming bar/bat mitzvah. Magevet singers will join in the congregation adding wonderful harmonies to our prayers. The entire congregation and community are most welcome.

POTLUCK SHABBAT LUNCH - 11:45 am Do you have a special family recipe you'd be excited to share? Bring your favorite vegetarian/dairy dish (family recipe or not) for a potluck lunch after services. An optional informal song session and board games will follow.

HAVDALAH - 6:30 pm Did someone say wine and cheese? We?ll end our Shabbat with an adults-only wine-and-cheese (and chocolate of course) Havdalah, the service that bids farewell to Shabbat with braided candle, wine, and fragrant spices. Magevet will lead the service and regale us with one last taste of their vibrant song. Complimentary babysitting will be available on Saturday evening from 6:15-8 pm. For plan n in g pu r poses please RSVP h er e.

Congregat ion Bet h El Preschool www.cbepreschool.com

CBE Preschool celebrated Chanukah in style. Our preschoolers were busy at work getting ready for Chanukah and our annual Chanukah Party. Our preschoolers who had 3 different costume changes (which they made themselves) serenaded us with wonderful Chanukah songs, Rabbi Sholklapper gave a beautiful service and lead us in lighting the Chanukah candles and we all enjoyed latkes and Chanukah cookies. A very special thank you goes out to our CBE Preschool PTO for all of their hard work and sponsoring our event. A special thank you to Reena Church for making our delicious latkes and baking the beautiful decorative Chanukah cookies. Thank you Reena! CBE Preschool wishes everyone a relaxing, fun and safe winter break. See you back in 2020! For registration and more information about CBE Preschool please contact the temple office at adm in @bet h elt x.or g. Or call 281-499-5066.

Congregat ion Bet h El Religious School During the month of December and in the month of Kislev, discussions involve miracles and candle lighting. One of our spotlights was the students making drip mats for their parents?gift. Another bright moment was the singing of Chanukah songs as well as trivia learned. Another shining moment this month was our visit with Rabbi Sholklapper. The students had the opportunity to ?Ask the Rabbi? questions. Many of the thoughtful questions revolved around the celebration of Hanukkah. The following was adapted from an article sent out by Greene Family Camp based on an Article from the PJ Library. In addition to lighting the candles, consider creating a memory or an experience for the family to share. On the first night, consider having everyone share their favorite past memory of Hanukkah. On the second night, consider creating a family scrapbook. On the third night, share a story about the person that your children were named after. On the fourth night, have your children share their favorite story about their parents or another family member. On the fifth night, play the dreidle game as a family. On the sixth night, cook and enjoy latkes for dinner as a family. On the seventh night, make an edible dreidles out of a pretzels, marshmallows and Hershey Kisses. Share with friends and family. On the eighth night, show gratitude by writing cards and telling each other what you are grateful for about each family member. During this season of miracles, we are grateful for the miracle of all of our students at Religious School. Our students continue to shine so bright during this season of lights!




HAPPY NEW YEAR! Synagogue office closed


BEFTY Winter Conclave


7pm Shabbat Service B'nai Mitzvah Braedon & Dylan Rabinovitz


9am Religious School


7pm CBE Executive Committee Meeting


10:30am Shabbat Morning Service B'nai Mitzvah Braedon & Dylan Rabinovitz


6pm Shir Shabbat Service


NO Religious School


6pm BEFTY Social


7pm CBE Executive Committee Meeting


9am Religious School


9am Preschool Resumes


Noon Seniors AOA Lunch and Current Events 7pm Board Meeting


6pm Shir Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper with special guests Magevet, followed by dinner & special concert


7pm Shabbat service with Rabbi Sholklapper


9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper

9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper 10:30am Insteractive Shabbat Morning Service 11:45am Potluck Lunch 6:30pm Havdallah service


YOM LIMMUD at Beth Israel NO Religious School


7pm Shabbat Service


9am Religious School Noon BEFTY meeting


6pm MADD SW meeting


7pm Shabbat Service



9am Religious School resumes 10:30am Adult Cooking class Noon BEFTY meeting


Noon Seniors AOA Lunch and Current Events 7pm Board Meeting


7pm Shabbat service with Rabbi Sholklapper Bat Mitzvah Ava Newlin


9am Religious School


MLK Day Preschool and Synagogue closed BEFTY Day of Service


7pm Shabbat Service


9am Religious School Noon Religious School Family Potluck Picnic


Noon Seniors AOA Lunch and Current Events


6pm MADD SW meeting


7pm Shabbat Service

in obser van ce of t h e M LK Ser vice Day - Jan u ar y 20 t h e CBE pr esch ool an d syn agogu e of f ice w ill be closed

Tor ch meets ever y Thur sday @ 7:30pm Religious School Sunday mor nings @ 9am (u n less n ot ed ot h er w ise) FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ANY OF THESE EVENTS VISIT WWW.BETHELTX.ORG

JANUARY Jan u ar y 1 Dolores Schoner

Jan u ar y 8 Michelle Marlowe

Jan u ar y 14 Miriam Melasky

Jan u ar y 19 Michele Croft

Jan u ar y 2 Robert Goodman Larry Ostrow

Jan u ar y 10 Nathan Simoneaux

Jan u ar y 15 Judy Ostrow

Jan u ar y 20 Scarlett Nickels Lorin Nussbaum

Jan u ar y 11 Olivia Nevo

Jan u ar y 16 Eunice Reiter

Jan u ar y 12 Linda Rushefsky

Jan u ar y 17 Howard Hochman

Jan u ar y 13 Michael Cohen

Jan u ar y 18 Irene Helsinger

Jan u ar y 6 Jimmy Goldman Jan u ar y 7 Joy Caraway Steven Levine

Jan u ar y 22 Sharon Mothner Jan u ar y 26 Mark Warren Jan u ar y 29 Marci Stein

Jan u ar y 9 Henry & Eva Fackeldey Jan u ar y 16 Daniel & Tina Steiner Jan u ar y 20 Rachel Schneider & Bryce Adams


Jan u ar y 27 Melvyn & Dorothye Abels

JANUARY YAHRZEITS Jan u ar y 1 Celia Hoffman Jan u ar y 2 Pauline Cooper Herbert Ellison Serena Angelina Font Joanne Williams Jan u ar y 3 Leon Mucasey Ruth Weinberg Jan u ar y 4 Marvin Baer Jay Jayaram Jan u ar y 5 Marvin Betesh Rose Hoffer Cleo Wheeler Jan u ar y 6 Rachel Batogower Harry Kipnis Cheryl Reznick Jan u ar y 7 Etta R Aaron Jack Pedowicz Max Pincus Jan u ar y 8 Marcie Cohen Paul Richman

Jan u ar y 10 Marguerite Claghorn George Harr

Jan u ar y 23 Sam Betesh Anna Pincus

Jan u ar y 11 Erwin Cahn Bessie Must

Jan u ar y 24 Nettie Finberg Betty Fink Rebecca Kaplan Gloria Pomeroy Ruth Stern

Jan u ar y 12 Sarah Gubin Jan u ar y 13 Frank Fink Pearl Klashman Nathan Starkschall Jan u ar y 14 Anna Sarah Cohen Joseph Schwartz Jan u ar y 15 Claude Dreyfuss Jan u ar y 16 Melvin Meyers Jan u ar y 17 Esther Sadoff Jan u ar y 19 Ben Katz Jan u ar y 20 Johan Hattingh Fritz J Meyer Edith Turberville

Jan u ar y 26 James Gurry Jan u ar y 27 Lillian Klein Lucille Shapiro Jan u ar y 28 Elisa Mitrani Jan u ar y 29 Michael Danziger Joseph Lefkowits Eleanor Morgan Sally Nicholas Freda Witrick Jan u ar y 30 Harold Ruderman Jan u ar y 31 Barry Bravman Morris Elitzky Ruth Hoff

Jan u ar y 9 Jeffrey Mark Asnes

Th e con gr egat ion ext en ds it s h ear t f elt con dolen ces t o t h e f am ily an d f r ien ds of Joseph Alt m an an d Ed Ber sin z"l.

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Chai from Beth El - January 2020  

Chai from Beth El - January 2020