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chai from b et h el DECEMBER 2019 | I SSUE 23


CBE BOOK CLUB Decem ber 's Book of t h e M on t h Th e Golden Hou r by Beatriz Williams Esther Steinberg will host the December CBE Women?s Book Club meeting on December 11th. This month's selection is The Golden Hour by Beatriz Williams. This compelling historical novel is based on a Polish nanny who promises to take her Jewish charge to Israel in the midst of Nazi occupied Europe. Please email Esther at estherhsteinberg@gmail.com for her home address. From Amazon: The Golden Hour is a dazzling epic of World War II in which a beautiful young "society reporter " is sent to the Bahamas a haven of spies, traitors, and the infamous Duke an Duchess of Windsor.

A t w o-par t ser ies of pr esen t at ion s on t r avel t o sit es of Jew ish in t er est in Eu r ope con t in u es In their travels in May and September 2019, Frada Boxer and George Starkschall visited Jewish sites and congregations in the Iberian Peninsula and Central Europe, and observed both Sephardic and Ashkenazic congregations and culture. They have prepared a set of videos of their travels. Following the videos, there will be time for discussion. Presentations will be in the CBE Library.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8, 9:30 AM ? 10:15 AM Jewish Travel Experiences Part 2: Central Europe and Ashkenazic Jewry

SHABBAT & COMMUNI TY CHANUKAH MENORAH LI GHTI NG FRI DAY EVENI NG DECEMBER 27, 7PM Join us as we gather together to celebrate Chanukah, our ?Festival of L ight.? We invite you to bring your menorah to the synagogue, as we will perform the mitzvah of lighting the candles united as one community. And of course, we will conclude our celebration with delicious latkes and other Chanukah treats!

To en su r e w e h ave plen t y of lat kes, click h er e t o RSVP by Decem ber 13

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL NEWS by M ich ele Cr of t During the month of November we discussed the value of family, gratitude and discussed the hamsa. The meaning of the Hamsa is a protective sign. It is thought to bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. To help bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune to our Religious School students and families we made sugar cookies. Thank you to Nikki Hardesty and Ali Gratz! Their assistance was amazing and helped our students have a unique baking experience. The Tribes continue to earn points while learning and helping each other. The team that is currently winning is Judah with 5600, a close second is Levi with 4700 and Benjamin in third place with 4600. Mazel Tov to Avi Ettinger and his family for becoming a Bar Mitzvah!

PRESCHOOL NEWS At CBE Preschool, November was filled with learning about our families, the meaning of doing Mitzvah's (good deeds), the changing of the seasons, celebrating Thanksgiving and so much more. Ms. Marcia's class made beautiful posters learning about our family members in English and in Hebrew, they learned about doing Mitzvah's with a lesson on Helping Hands, they prepared for Thanksgiving making beautiful feathered Turkeys, a giant turkey with footprint feathers and had an introduction of the story of Thanksgiving. In Ms. Gabrielle's class Pre-K was busy studying in their letter and number work books. Lead by Ms. Aliyah, they introduced the letter "H" with a very fun "Hat Day". They had a special cooking Mitzvah project and made pumpkin muffins for the entire staff and made family trees. They prepared for Thanksgiving with wonderful projects learned about the history of the Pilgrims and the Native Americans and discussed what we were grateful for. The whole school enjoyed the beautiful weather on the playground and went on nature walks. We had a whole school Thanksgiving Feast that the kids help prepare for. We had a great time singing our Thanksgiving songs, eating our festive foods, and enjoying our friends. We had a Fall Friendship Circle Shabbat with our families and enjoyed celebrating Shabbat with everyone. In December we are looking forward to learning about and celebrating Chanukah. We have our big "Family and Friends" Chanukah party hosted by our PTO. We will enjoy being serenaded by our preschoolers, enjoy delicious latkas and the Rabbi will be dropping in to assist us with lighting the menorah. The children will be very busy preparing for all the festivities. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining CBE Preschool, please call the office at 281-499-5066 or e-mail admin@betheltx.org for more information.




12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Syn agogu e of f ice closed

7pm Executive meeting


7pm Sh abbat Ser vice B'nai Mitzvah Braedon & Dylan Rabinovitz


10:30am Sh abbat M or n in g Ser vice B'nai Mitzvah Braedon & Dylan Rabinovitz


NO Religious School


7pm CBE Executive Committee Meeting


9am Preschool Resumes


6pm Shir Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper & Bring Your Own Dinner


9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper


9am Religious School resumes 10:30am Adult Cooking class Noon BEFTY meeting


6pm Shir Shabbat Service


9am Religious School 9:30am jewish Travels part 2


Preschool CLOSED - St af f Developm en t


7pm Shabbat Service with Rabbi Sholklapper


9:30am Torah Study with Rabbi Sholklapper


9am Religious School


12pm AOA brown bag lunch & current events


7pm Shabbat Service


Pr esch ool Closed - Win t er Br eak




7pm Sh abbat Ser vice & Com m u n it y Ch an u k k ah M en or ah Ligh t in g


Noon Seniors AOA Lunch and Current Events 7pm Board Meeting




7pm Sh abbat ser vice with Rabbi Sholklapper Bat M it zvah Ava New lin


9am Religious School


MLK Day Preschool and Synagogue closed BEFTY Day of Service


7pm Shabbat Service


9am Religious School Noon Religious School Family Potluck Licnic


Noon Seniors AOA Lunch and Current Events


6pm MADD SW meeting


7pm Shabbat Service

Th e Syn agogu e of f ice w ill be closed Decem ber 24 - 26 & r e-open Decem ber 27. Decem ber 31 an d Jan u ar y 1 & r e-open Jan u ar y 2.

Tor ch meets ever y Thur sday @ 7:30pm Religious School Sunday mor nings @ 9am (u n less n ot ed ot h er w ise) FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT ANY OF THESE EVENTS VISIT WWW.BETHELTX.ORG

DECEMBER Decem ber 4 Reena Church

Decem ber 15 Debra Linzer

Decem ber 6 Richard Friedman Aaron Castorina

Decem ber 16 Alan Schneider Juiette Wade Maury Marlowe

Decem ber 7 Mark Goldman Mikele Simoneaux Michael Mucasey

Decem ber 18 Frada Boxer Thaddeus Nickels

Decem ber 19 Edward Carlin Ralph Katz Decem ber 21 Simone Braun Marvin Greenfield Decem ber 27 Marc Ellison Steven Gartzman David Rosen

Decem ber 28 Erin Bersin Decem ber 29 Braeden Rabinovitz Dylan Rabinovitz Sharon Shapiro Decem ber 30 David O'Brien Michelle Michener

Decem ber 11 Dwight Janoff

DECEMBER Decem ber 17 Dean & Danielle Krantz

Decem ber 28 Timothy & Nicole Hardesty

Decem ber 18 Ralph & Carol Katz

Decem ber 30 Jeff & Peggy Novy

Decem ber 19 Christopher & Carolyn Wade


December 13

December 20

Ruth Dobrin

Philip Helsinger

John Fackeldey

Rose Rosenberg

Hyman Markowitz

Irene Nathaniel Joseph Rochman

December 2

December 14

Sidney Schoner

Marjorie Campbell

David Finberg

December 23 Sophie Rodriguez

December 15

Sidney Schoner

Donna Dorshaw

December 4

December 24 Jay Cohen

December 16

Sonnie Schencker

Sylvia Cohen

December 6

December 25 Robert Mothner

December 17

June Must

Doris Spiegel

December 7

December 26 Woodrow Melasky

December 18

Harry Kostner

December 8

Bayla Eidelberg

December 27

Sam Weisman

Larry Morgan

Elaine Mothner

Sandra Solomon

December 19 December 10

Bernard Sacks

Michael Boxer

William Hyman

December 31

Frances Greenberg Ray

Mary Schwartz Eugene Salomon

Th e con gr egat ion ext en ds it s h ear t f elt con dolen ces t o t h e f am ily an d f r ien ds of Ru t h Du bin of f an d M Ich ael Lif t m an z"l.


Sunday - March 22 2 - 5p.m. Constellation Field

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