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RELIGIOUS SCHOOL UPDATE After all of the Fall Holiday celebrations and learning, the religious school classes delved into their ISJL core curriculum. Here are some class highlights from October and November. Our Kinder- first grade class is learning about Mitzvot and Jewish Values.The students have a class mitzvah tree and post their mitzvah leaves of acts done during the week. When the class studied the mitzvah of Welcoming the Guests, they prepared snack for the 6th? 8th graders and welcomed them to their classroom. Everyone enjoyed the snack and had fun being with each other. Our second ?third graders are learning about Jewish community and culture. Class activities have included, making a floor plan for a synagogue, learning about Jewish symbols, tracing Hebrew letters in gel, and making own Hebrew flashcards. Our Kinder- 3rdgrade classes have T?fillah, prayer service every Sunday, enjoy music every other week, and are learning the Hebrew alphabet. The 4th grade class enjoys learning about the different Biblical personalities that strengthen the Jewish connection to God and to the land of Israel. Many discussions have evolved about the role of women in Judaism.The 5th grade class is staring to learn about the Jewish life cycle. Each student has created a life cycle booklet for a fictitious child and will document his/her life through pictures. The class had a model baby naming and invited their parents to attend. The family program included study time with the parents, a baby naming skit, sweets, and a mitzvah project.Hebrew is enriched with fun games such as Hebrew basketball and Hebrew Jenga. This semester, our 6th? 8thgrade class is learning about the Holocaust; what can result from stereotyping, prejudice and racism. Class activities evolve around discussions, creative writings, simulations, and video excerpts. On a lighter side, the class is part of Chalon L?Atid (Window into the Future), the suburban congregation program sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston. We hosted the first event. The speaker was Susan Shaw from the Anti-Defamation League and then the social was at the Sugar Land DECEMBER UPCOMING EVENTS Ice Skating Rink. December 1: K- 3rd grade Shabbat with Shir Shabbat/New Member Shabbat December 3: Chanukah Shop and Schmooze 9:00 - noon Annual Religious School Fund-raiser December 3: 6th-8th grade Chalon L?Atid Event- Dave and Busters, Genesis Steakhouse, and Feeding the Hungry Mitzvah December 10: Annual Religious School Maccabee Games December 17: Chanukah Pancake Breakfast.

Profile for Chai at Beth El

Chai from Beth El - December 2017  

Chai from Beth El - December 2017