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The Administrative staff has been reorganized and we want to share that new structure as we move forward with High Holy Day preparations and Religious School planning. The Administrative Staff is now a strong group of four part-time employees. You can continue to use the Admin@BethElTx.org email for any requests or questions and it will be routed to the right person. Erin Bersin, Finance Director, will continue to be in charge of handling the financial aspects of the shul in partnership with the Board Treasurer, Richard Friedman. Erin also provides additional assistance to the administrative group as needed. Marilyn Gorel, long time Preschool Assistant and member of the shul, will be our new Office Manager. The preschool has gone on hiatus and we did not want to lose the valuable and gifted staff person we have in Marilyn.  Anything involving the building, such as space reservations, maintenance schedules, or anything else needed to have things run smoothly, will be under her purview. Norma Gonzales, the previous Administrator, has stepped into a new role as the Digital Specialist for Beth El.  Any aspect of the shul that is virtual or online will be in her creative realm:  E-blasts, website management, and of course, creation of our online monthly magazine, Chai at Beth El. Marilyn, Erin, and Norma will continue to meet regularly with VP of Administration, Barb Zack, to ensure everything is runs smoothly and avenues of communication stay open, not only between staff and the Board, but including the congregation as well. Michele Croft has been hired as our Religious School Director and is no longer interim. She has joined the part-time staff of the shul, and we are excited to have her on board. Michele and Joe Nickels, VP of Education, are the driving force behind educating our young people about their Jewish identity. We hope this restructuring brings balance to the administrative aspects of running the shul. If you have any thoughts or ideas, please feel free to share them with Barb, and she will bring them to the Administrative staff.

by: michele croft, education director Summer is a time for playing outside. There are many things to do outside such as swimming, biking, walking and various other sports. Below you will find directions to some games that I played as a child and then played with my own children. The great thing about most of these games is that they can be played inside or outside. These are a few twists on games to make them a little more educational. Numbers, English alphabet letters, Hebrew alphabet letters and even phrases from prayers can be used. These games are a fun way to reinforce and create excitement for learning. If you would like Hebrew letter cards or some of the Hebrew prayers your children have been working on, please email me and I will be glad to provide you with them. Have a wonderful month of July. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.

summertime fun Scavenger Hunt Materials: Index cards, tape Write Hebrew letters or prayer phrases on index cards. Place them around the house or in the back yard. Have your child(children) tell you the name of the letter, sound or read the phrase. This should be a fun activity. If they forget or need a gentle reminder, let them know. If you need help with the sounds or how to write the letters, there is an APP called EYAL. It is free on Apple devices. For Android devices, you can download Hebrew Alphabet, Hebrew Letters Writing. With both of these, you can click on the letter and it will say the sound. You can vary the scavenger hunt by asking your child to find the phrase or letter. Once they have found the letter or phrase, they lift the card and underneath it will be the next clue or phrase for them to find. This variation involves a little more prep work. Older siblings can also do this for their younger siblings. This is a great review!

Hopscotch Materials: colored chalk and a driveway or hard surface to draw on Draw a hopscotch board. Instead of putting numbers inside the boxes put Hebrew letters, words or phrases. If your child only knows, a few letters use those multiple times and add one new one. Feel free to repeat the letters in the boxes. If you have an old sheet, you could also draw on the sheet and use inside the house. As your child plays hopscotch and hops/jumps on each square, they need to read what is inside of the square. This is a good way to keep your child active and moving as well as review some Hebrew.

Concentration Materials: Index cards two different colors Write Hebrew letters or prayer phrases on two sets of index cards. I usually use two different colors. Start with a small number of cards and slowly build up the number of cards. The number of cards should increase with the age of your children. Turn the cards face down and then you match the cards. The trick in this version of concentration is that in order to keep the pair, you must say the words or letters on the cards. The winner is the person who has the most pairs. Horse Materials: Index cards, basketball and basketball hoop Write Hebrew letters or prayer phrases on index cards.

Have your child choose a card and read. If they read correctly, they shoot the basketball. If they score a basket they keep the point. It is then the other players turn. The winner is the person who scores the most points. Variation – the other person has to read a card and then make the same shot. If not they earn a letter. The first person to spell the word horse loses.

Join us

Saturday evening July 11 at 7pm

for a Havdallah

service led by our friend, Joe Buchanan, followed by a special concert.


here to get the Zoom link for this fabulous

evening. If you were at his last CBE performance, you understand our excitement! If Joe Buchanan and his music are new to you, read more about Joe and his faith journey


Happy Birthday! JULY 2020 July 1

July 18

Jennifer Jerauld

Betsy Morgan

July 2

July 19

Alison Rabinovitz

Jack Michener

July 3

July 20

Megan Simoneaux

Brody Teverovsky

July 6

July 21

Steven Raskin

Andrew Jerauld

July 9 Leonard Sadek

July 10

Eric Steiner

July 22 Aidan Perry

Austin Gartzman

July 25

Sydney Wormser

Rachel Wade

July 11

July 26

Barry Finberg

Marcia Cohen

Steven Sugar Ian Hernandez

July 27 Wayne Croft

July 12

Lisa Goodman

Monica Finberg

Wendy Wormser

July 14

July 28

Saul Poscovsky

Emma Friedman

July 15

July 29

Jonathan Okie

Eli Newlin

Jesse Wade

Happy Anniversary! JULY 2020 July 4 David O'Brien & Cantor Renee Waghalter

July 5 Barry & Monica Finberg

July 14 Wayne & Michele Croft

July 16 Jory & Debra Pacht

July 21 Douglas & Laura Scheiner

July 24 Lance & Marilyn Gorel

July 29 Steve & Dayna Coates

July 31 Robin & Jennifer Jerauld


July 12

July 22

Gladys Kornberg

Perle Pacht

Dorothy Goldstein Pauline Hochman

July 6

July 14

Jacobo Jorge Lacs

Marcia Beilin

July 24

Thelma Sbar

Benjamin Geigerman

Marguerite Os Danziger

Alice Markowitz

Sarah Schwartz Kline

Benjamin Miller


July 26

Rita Ungar

Jorge Nicolayevsky

T.J. Wheeler

July 8

July 18

July 27

Irene Elitzky

David Mitrani

Henry Gordon

July 7

Anne Katz

July 9

July 19

Maurice Notowich

Susan Ilene Schiffman

July 10

July 20 Max Rosenberg

Henrietta (Midge) Frank Joseph Ostrowsky

July 11 Sylvia Baron Ethel Perry

July 29 Shirley Mucasey

July 30

July 21

Louis Ackerman

Alida Deboer

Elsie Sanders

July 31 Samuel Hoffman



Jewish Knowledge

CBE is proud to announce that our own Jake Hernandez was one of seven Houston area students who participated in the Houston community’s Jewish history course for high school students. The students explored some 2,000 years of Jewish history, and were tested on what they learned. Jake won second place, awarded at a ceremony on June 18. The course will be offered again next school year, beginning in fall 2020. High school juniors or seniors who would like to apply should send an email to admin@betheltx.org requesting information.

Meet Emma Friedman

Emma will be becoming a Bat Mitzvah at the end of July. Her parents are Richard and Teresa Friedman. She has an older sister Sophie, who is a sophomore in college. Emma enjoys swimming, playing the flute and reading. As a matter of fact, her love of reading was part of her mitzvah project. Wanting to encourage others and promote her love of reading with younger children, she set up a reading program at one of the elementary schools.. She read to the elementary students and had the students read to her. She will also be one of our guest readers for one of our Tot Shabbats. Hanukkah is her favorite holiday. Emma loves all of the festivities associated with Hanukkah, as well as eating latkes and playing dreidel. If she could travel anywhere in the world, she would want to go back to Australia. She was little when they lived there previously, but would love to spend time on the beautiful beaches. We wish Emma and her family Mazel Tov on their upcoming simcha.

Let's Smile Together

Have some great news you would like to share with your Beth El family? Send us an email, include a photo if you can. We will publish in an upcoming issue of the Chai at Beth El magazine. Send emails to ngonzales@betheltx.org

JULY 2020 3 - Shir Shabbat Service, 7p 4 - INDEPENDENCE DAY Tot Shabbat, 10:30a 7 - Executive Committee Mtg, 7p 10 - Shabbat Service, 7p 11 - Tot Shabbat, 10:30a Joe Buchanan concert, 7p 12 - Strong & Fit class, 10a 14 - Board Meeting, 7p 17 - Shabbat Service, 7p 18 - Tot Shabbat, 10:30a 24 - Shabbat/Bat Mitzvah Service, 7p


25 - Tot Shabbat, 9:30a Shabbat/Bat Mitzvah Service, 10:30a 26 - Cooking with Nikki, 11a 31 - Shabbat Service, 7p The CBE campus remains closed until further notice and all CBE gatherings and events will be held virtually via Zoom. To obtain the Zoom links for all programming, visit the CBE calendar at www.betheltx.org/calendar

Join CBE member, Nikki Hardesty as she leads us in making a sensational Chicken salad and a Riveting Red, White and Blueberry Trifle. These patriotic dishes are fabulous for picnics, Independence Day, Constitution Day, Labor Day or any other time of year. Please join us as she demonstrates and we will be able to cook alongside her. A list of ingredients will be sent out soon.

Sunday, July 26th - 11:00 am - click here for Zoom information


Profile for Chai at Beth El

Chai at Beth El - July 2020  

Chai at Beth El - July 2020  


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