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is a production company from São Paulo (Brazil) that invests in language research and experimentation of ideas and audiovisual forms. Launching young talent and participating in the interconnection of various filmmakers countries, the portfolio that Aranhas is building is marked by author projects in the area of film, visual arts and internet, as well as video clips and formats aimed at brand communication Among the guiding values of the constitution of the company, there are: the plurality of artistic expression, reflected by the subdivision of the brand in the creative segments Aranhas Kids and Aranhas Cultural; the assemblage of ideas and internationalization, as demonstrated by partnerships with other Brazilian and international artists, producers and contributors in the form of co-productions and others collaborations that transcend national borders.


CONTACT PRODUCTION & DISTRIBUTION Anahí Borges Cel: +55 11 971052622 Tel: +55 11 2952 1182 Aranhas Films Rua Ilicinia, 287, Tremembé, São Paulo – Brazil – 02378-070


ANAHÍ BORGES, Brazilian producer and director.


GUSTAVO MAXIMILIANO, Brazilian production manager; LAURA CARVALHO, Brazilian art director; KATHLEEN KUNATH, German video artist, director of photography; ANDREA PAOLO MASSARA, Italian screenwriter; ANTONINO CARDILLO, Italian artist and architect; CHAIA DECHEN Brazilian director and graphic designer; DRIKA NERY Brazilian writer and dramaturge; ELENA FEDELI, Italian director of photography and still photographer; ILARIA MACCHIA, Italian screenwriter; PASQUALE MARINO, Italian director.

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COMPLETED THE ALMIGHTY PETY (Pety Pode Tudo) by Anahí Borges. Bra, HD, 18 min, color, 2012 Co-Producer Company: Preta Portê Filmes Pety is a girl with a majestic sense of control of everything around her. One day, walking to school, she believed that has received a warning from the angel Gabriel forsaking the death of her pet named Bunny, a rabbit. The fear of looseness and the desire to control everything lead her to the olimpic attempt to somehow dismiss the prophesied destiny. (Curta Cinema 2012, RJ, Brazil)

BEYOND THE 7 COLORS (Além das 7 cores) by Camila Biau. Bra, HD, 19 min, color, 2012 Immersed in the lively night scene in the region of Augusta Street - the heart of São Paulo – Daniela Glamour Garcia leads us through this queer chronic about the conflicts on who decides to live on the fringes of what is considered “normal” by majority. (Festival Curta o Gênero 2012, 7ª Mostra de Cinema de Ouro Preto, 7ª Festival Cine MuBE Vitrine Independente, Cine Festival Inconfidentes 2012, III Trans Day NIGS, III Close, VIII Mostra Cinema Conquista, V Libercine Buenos Aires).

EVOL by Chaia Dechen. Bra/UK, HD, 12 min, color, 2012 Co-Producer Company: Griô Produções Evol is an experimental art video based on the choreography piece by Ella Mesma, originally created to be experienced as a live performance, the video proposes a new experience through the use of colors and visual effects. Evol was inspired by research into the grey areas around sexual consent and rape within relationships.

M.ODA M.ILANO CONTACT PRODUCTION by Pasquale Marino. Bra/Ita, HD, 2 min, color, 2012


An advertising spot that’s also a cinematographic look behind the scenes of the fashion week Anahí Borges in Milan: the fashion show of the anahi@aranhasfilms. Italian fashion designer Marco De Vincenzo. com

Cel: +55 11 971052622 POST-PRODUCTION Tel: +55 11 2952 1182 HAPPINESS IS NOT A JOYFUL THING (A felicidade não é alegre) by Pasquale Marino and Elena Fedeli. Feature Film Aranhas Films Bra/Ita, HD, 75 min, b/w

Rua Ilicinia, 287, Manlio works in a sad and gloomy Tremembé, São ballroom. Maria lives almost like Paulo – selfish Brazilbrothers. – a servant to her One day a rather charismatic 02378-070

priest puts them both in charge of delivering the sacred host for communion to elderly and sick people not able to go to the church themselves. When their lives cross they embark together on a sort of love story with unexpected consequences. Everything takes place under the desolate and disrupted landscape of Messina (Sicily, Italy).



MAGENTACITY (CIDADEMAGENTA) by Laura Carvalho and Kathleen Kunath / Experimental Documentary Feature / Aranhas Films CidadeMagenta is a “coreodocumentário” which investigates, through collective creation in dance, as residents of urban gentrification process responding to transformation of their neighborhoods. A large urban project reduces people to statistics. Behind these numbers, is that the human body suffers. CidadeMagenta proposes, through the body in motion a dialogue and an answer to the phenomenon that occurs in urban neighborhoods of Luz (São Paulo) and For additional information visit our Neukölln (Berlin).


THE MAGIC WORLD OF PETY (O Mundo Mágico de Pety) by Anahí Borges, Laura Carvalho, Elena Fedeli and Gustavo Maximiliano / Animation Series Television / Aranhas Films It’s an animation series of 13 episodes with 15 min duration each. Tells the adventures of Petrolina, nicknamed Pety, a fanciful, creative six years old girl. The world around her is composed of quirky characters, sometimes extravagant, which illustrate an emerging, progressive and under social advancement Brazil.

THE LADY TRUCK DRIVER TEAM: Caminhoneiras do Brasil by Anahí Borges and Drika Nery / Feature Film / Aranhas Films Brazil’s economic boom. Four stories linked by a unique event: the election of the first female president. Inaê Amana, Pati Preta, Naty Guerrero and Lili Glamour are three women and a transsexual who work driving trucks and freight trucks on the roads of Brazil. They are united by a common dream: to go to Brasilia, the federal capital and heart of Brazil, to witness the inauguration of the first female president of the country.

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