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A public service announcement

from Singapore, in order to tell us the language of terror violence.

See the cute dog

lying in a pile of cosmetics, what do you feel? A little strange or a little weird?

Every three

seconds an animal dies in pain in a lab.

Cigarete butts

make up almost half of Dublin's litter

A cigarette

that can ruin ten thousand ares forest.

Racial is a

insult to human dignity, repeatedly condemned by the internation al media and internation al organizatio ns.


discriminat ion existed in ancient times.Differ ent races determines their access to different jobs.


ourselves and the people around us,we should breath more fresh air and be away from tobacco

Before it's too late. Smoking is the greatest threat to human survival after the war, hunger and plague.

Passengers are just as responsible。 Speak up for safe driving 。 Otherwise, the consequences are the same. Ads focus on a point which is often overlooked.


is a series of public service print campaign Leo Burnett (Leo Burnett), Oman (Ogilvy) on safe driving.


veryyear.Do you also feel that desertification is the knife, the knife fell on the neck of the animals? Protect the environment, not just for animals, plants, but also for humanity itself.

Bright colors, soft light, with the

animals' gentleness, let us think of death does not seem to be a horrible thing. However, the facts behind the screen is very heavy.

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