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Dearest Vishrut, I’m so glad that God has given me a son like you.You are my best friend and confidant. You are our pride and joy.You were always a considerate young boy and now u have turned into a thoughtful young man.You are such a talented person,a great singer,a fantastic photographer,but best of all you are a lovely human being.......... I am proud of you and your sensitive nature and lovely gestures ( u have always looked after me taking so much care since u were a child) You made us proud in your school days by winning so many awards .You have turned from a cute adorable kid to a charming young man. I cherish all the memories i have of you growing harmony inwith which u like to see everything and how you make life up.... all our holidays together...... the enthusiasm so interesting for us.

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21 is a milestone and on this day I wish you all the success in life and hope you remain as large hearted and a fantastic person all your life. Happy birthday toharmony a wonderfulinson who has turned into a wonderful young man Lots and lots of love Mummy

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Siddhartha Kanoria

Dear Vishrut, It is my privilege that I have as my son a genuinely happy and peaceful soul, A son who is always able to spread happiness or to make difficult situations better, A son sensitive to people and situations, A son having tremendous breadth generally and depth in areas of interest, A son able to take admonishments, often misplaced, with no angst, A son who is often more concerned about others welfare ahead of his own, A son so responsible and sensible that one can sleep peacefully, A son so pleasant and talented that one can bask undeservedly at his admiration, A son who can advise me on appropriate social behavior, fashion, roads, etc., A son who is always present even though he may be many miles away; Very few are so blessed. Wish you a very Happy 21st Birthday and may you also continue to remain blessed. With lots of love, Papa

Archana Kanoria

Dearest Vishrut, I’m so glad that God has given me a son like you.You are my best friend and confidant. You are our pride and joy.You were always a considerate young boy and now u have turned into a thoughtful young man. You are such a talented person,a great singer,a fantastic photographer,but best of all you are a lovely human being.......... I am proud of you and your sensitive nature and lovely gestures ( u have always looked after me taking so much care since u were a child) You made us proud in your school days by winning so many awards .You have turned from a cute adorable kid to a charming young man. I cherish all the memories i have of you growing up.... all our holidays together...... the enthusiasm with which u like to see everything and how you make life so interesting for us. 21 is a milestone and on this day I wish you all the success in life and hope you remain as large hearted and a fantastic person all your life. Happy birthday to a wonderful son who has turned into a wonderful young man Lots and lots of love Mummy

Ashish Kanoria

Dearest Vishrut, Have you ever seen a flower bloom? Watching it right from when it is a small bud to when its petals start coming out to when it fully blooms, is a captivating experience. Vishrut, watching you grow up has been very similar to watching a flower bloom to glory. You have proven to be the type of boy, and now man, that I am proud to call as MY SUNNY BOY. Manly, yet gentle - quiet but bright, Respectful to the elders and a toddlers delight! Understanding of the weaknesses of others but strong in mind, A soul so noble and a heart so kind, A gentleman like you is so rare to find! Loving and caring, compassionate and fair, Unlike your papa and dad, you still have a lot of hair !! I would like you to chase your dreams with passion, be it photography, music or girls! You have grown up to be a fine young man. But I want to let you know that I will always be there for you, every step of the way and in every walk of life. Wishing you a very happy 21st Birthday Sunny Boy! Love, Dad

Nandini Kanoria

Dearest Vishrut, If the happiness is a bird, let it never stop your flight! If the life is a path, let you always go forward! If the love is a sea, let you never get to the Beach! Be happy and healthy; dream and let your dreams come true! Happy 21st!!! A landmark birthday. A special day to treasure and remember forever. Happy birthday Vishrut. May God bless you. And now, onto more adventures! A new path, a new beginning a bright future. Wow!!!!!! Now is the beginning of all things bright and beautiful. You’ve accomplished so much up to this point and should be very proud. Success is an ongoing thing - it’s going as far as you can go and then going a little farther. May your future shine brightly with success. With much, much love, Mom

Shivantika Kanoria

Deartest Vishrut, To the last 21 years that we have spent beating up each other, fighting, name calling and playing together to finally becoming friends and being able to be around each other without arguing to being there to save each others back. CHEERS! Remembering the times we didn’t want to talk to each other or see each other but still want to sit in the same room and do our homework, we sure were difficult to handle! While you with your good habits and your OCDs about neatness and hygiene won everyone over to your side. And your charm still continues with your melodious voice and your extremely good socializing skills. It is impossible to go shopping with you as all we end up doing is socializing. What I really admire you for is your ability to socialize with anyone at all- be it a kid or parents. We have endless memories and the best relationship a brother and sister can have. Many many happy returns on your 21st birthday! Lots of Love, Shivantika.

Pranjal Kanoria

Living in a joint family certainly has its advantages. In my case, it has given me a brother. It is funny how my friends sometimes correct me when I call Bhaiya my brother, by saying he’s my cousin brother. What they don’t realize is that “Bhaiya” means a lot more than a brother to me. Growing up by his side, he has served as a role model to me. Someone I look at, and want to copy. Whether it’s the sports he plays or whether it’s the clothes he wears. I remember how I’ve always wanted to be like him. Bhaiya, has this one quality I really admire. He always has a smile on his face. Never cribbing for too long and accepting life the way it is. It’s nice to have someone like him to always talk to. Someone who you can always go back home knowing will be there for you, when life throws its biggest challenges. He has been my back bone through all these years. I remember this one day that happened years ago very clearly.. It was the day I was shifting from riding a three wheeled cycle to a bicycle. I was scared. But I had my Big Brother by my side. He told me that there was someone holding me from behind and that nothing would happen to me. I daren’t look behind of the fear of falling, I rode ahead. Only after riding a 100 odd meters did I realize that no one was holding me from behind. A different story is what happened later, and how I fell off my bicycle twice that day; but the fact that I’m here writing this right now is because my Big Brother was there to take care of me. In a not so Dostana way, “Tum Ho Tho, Gatha Hai Dil. Thum Nahin, Tho Geeth Kaha..”   With love, Pranjal


Bina & Minakshi Bhua Dear Vishrut, PRIDE OF KANORIA HOUSE, An ECONOMIST in the making, a BORN SINGER, YOU, MY DARLING VISHRUT - YOU are my little ANGEL and I am thankful to GOD to have blessed me with such a wonderful nephew who IS all the good qualities PERSONIFIED - smiling, caring, loving, handsome, intelligent, witty..........................   VISHRUT, when you were just a boy of 4, you sang “Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki” and at 10, in Rishu’s wedding you sang “Ajeeb Dastan Hai Yeh”, it is still ringing in my ears. The TALENT of singing is in your genes but your MA took pains to see that you did well not only in Singing but also in Academics and in grooming your personality. She and your PA really brought you up well. Vishrut, always be grateful to GOD and to your Parents and Elders who have helped in shaping your life to make you a LOVELY PERSON and A GOOD HUMAN BEING. Vishrut, Today is a Special Day and  I love you for your Special Ways and wish you HAPPINESS and LOVE and BLESSINGS from HEAVEN ABOVE.   Lots of Love, Bina Bhua The rockstar of our family, Vishrut has won our hearts by his affectionate charming ways ! Dadis blue eyed boy and the handsomest dude around town is officially becoming an adult. Cheers to 21 years of music, love and laughter... And many more to come.... Luv u, Minakshi bua

Kalkatta Nana & Nani

Nana & Nani

Our Dearest Vishrut, Aashish,   It really feels wonderful to have a grandson as special, as handsome and as talented as you!   For 21 years this world has been a brighter and better place because of all your thoughtfulness and loving nature. Welove the heartfelt warmth in your embrace. You always seem to go out of your way to care for people and make them feel special. Your music holds us spellbound!!! So keep it up!! We pray to god that you be successful in all your ventures and spread happiness and your glory whereever you go.   Thakurji ki kripa ki anubhuti tumhe hoti rahe!!!   A very happy 21st birthday   With love, Nana - nani

Shrish & Vijaylaxmi Tapuriah

Our Dearest Vishrut/Bhaiya A very happy 21st birthday. Today dear you are twenty one, All our hearts you have totally won, Always caring, understanding and a mature attitude, in whatever you have done. All will have praises for you, in that doubt i have none; A perfect son, a loving friend, a doting brother... Are the qualities that i can name a few, I am happy you are an idol For your brother-sister too. May the days that lie ahead, Be filled with gladness too, For there just couldn’t be any one, Who deserves it more than you. I can go on and on, I wish i can but words are few, So let me wind by saying this, May your life be as fresh as morning dew. Love always, Mama-mami Eshan-anannya

Abhishek & Rajita Tapuriah

As your mama, I have such fond memories of you growing up. Used to hug you all the time when you were a little baby as I was scared to pick you up then J. Then not so long ago you came to the US and were the chubby little boy who used to make all of us laugh. It’s amazing how over the years you have grown into this handsome, talented young man. With your caring ways you spread happiness wherever you go. With your music, you bring melody into people’s lives. You are the perfect older brother and role model for Krishnav and Samvit. On your 21st birthday, we wish you all the success, love and fulfillment that you so deserve. We all love you very much. A very Happy Birthday to you. - Krishnav, Samvit, Mama and Mami.

Avanti & Aryaman Morarka

Dearest Vishrut Bhaiya, Wish u a very (X 21) HAPPY 21st B’DAY!! How’s America? Miss u. When u comin back? How many years left in college? Is it nice there- in college? We remember the time in NYC with u. Especially the candy store- Dillan’s Candy Store- and the park where we had ice cream and saw ducks and dogs. It was a blast!!Hope u hav a lot of fun on yr b’day! Hav u made any plans yet? Shopping or dinner or something? Lots of love Avanti and Aryaman

Rachana & Rahul Morarka

Dearest Vishrut, Finally 21... And ready for some fun !! Ever since you were a tiny tot, you’ve always had a special way which brings so much joy to all those around you.... Over the years we have seen you grow into a gentle, confident, talented and affectionate boy....You make us proud and we hope that your lil brothers and sister follow your lead. As you step into a new chapter of life, We hope the future brings you happiness and success in all that you do... You deserve only the best.... God bless!! Wishing you a fantastic 21st bday!! Lots of love, Masi and Rahul masaji

Rituparna & Pranita Kanoria

To our favouritest cousin vishrut, Cant believe that the sweet and loving chocolate boy has all grown up... okay we dont mean to sound cliche but forgive us just this once we really really love you and are very proud of you not only because of what you have achieved but also because of what you are a as person... so its our moral duty as your elder sisters to give you this advice please continue being what you are cause an amazing person like you is really  really rare(and thats why we love hanging out with’s wishing  you in addition to love,happiness.success-lots of girlfriends,exotic holidays,and steinways(ok only one steinway) and now we’ll finally get to the point A VERY VERY HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY VISHRUT all the best for your future and may all your hopes,wishes,fantasies and dreams come true and don’t ever forget that we love you a lot and keep missing you too, With lots of hugs and kisses Pranita and Ritu

Rama Nani

Dearest Vishrut, Finally 21... And ready for some fun !! Ever since you were a tiny tot, you’ve always had a special way which brings so much joy to all those around you.... Over the years we have seen you grow into a gentle, confident, talented and affectionate boy....You make us proud and we hope that your lil brothers and sister follow your lead. As you step into a new chapter of life, We hope the future brings you happiness and success in all that you do... You deserve only the best.... God bless!! Wishing you a fantastic 21st bday!! Lots of love, Masi and Rahul masaji

Shipra Kumar

Vishruth my dear son !! Wer to begin.. From mummy’s tummy to an infant, toddler, adolescent , teenager n now a handsome 21 yr man... These r the beatutiful joyous moments Wehv shared with u.. We hv walked loads of memorable moments together.. U always telling me “ Chachi dnt worry “, wen I wuld b reg the kids etc.. U shared the fights we wuld hv tooo... N make sure all ends well... I wish u lots of luv n god bless you.. Always b wht you are .. A v nice gentle caring person .. U have always been a fantastic person ..ur parents of course are v proud of u n so are we.... Wish you luv n luck n and wonderful years ahead ... Happy happy 21 bday son .. Have a blasting one .. Be naughty n good :) luv Chachi chacha..

Neelam & Manoj Pachisia

Dear Vishrut, You are a real star!! We have seen you grow from a cute kid to a real gentleman And now you have become 21,our wishes,prayers, blessings and love are with you as always!! May life continue to play the music of your choice and may you always be able to come up with a song to sing along !! Love Manoj Chacha

I would say you are more than a star!! Each time I see you I feel you are more charming than the last time I met you. I love the way you are able to be firm(at times) without being impolite. Never get agitated and have a heart which is pure as gold!! Find you very caring, loving and never hold any grudge against people. You are a perfect combination of family and friends person. I wish you the very best in life now and always. Lots of love Neelam chachi



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Udit Kumar

Hey bro, (for the record this is the first time im doing something like this so cut me some slack!) Its been like what, 20 years or so since we’ve known each other and now it sucks that im not going to be there when u turn 21, when u turn legal in the US! I cant even imagine what the party will be like. (Chachi, when I turn 21 Vishrut is coming to Las Vegas with me). So bro these are all the things I hope you know and if not I want you to know this. We have been through soo much, from sky-diving in New Zealand, to treks and trips to Kodai and god knows what not. I have never known anyone for so long and since a kid I have always considered you as a brother. Thats why I loved wearing the same T-shirts as kids, I mean only siblings dress alike. I hoped then that everyone would look at us and know that we were brothers, so yeah! Plus I know that since a while we haven’t “kept in touch” like we used to but thats mainly because i have this messed up logic, which is, as i get closer to someone I tend to make less of a conscious effort to keep in touch and I am going to change this. But some how i feel i do my part because I always stalk you on FB...a lot! The best part is that you are one of, you are the sweetest person I know, i couldn’t dream of hurting you. And every-time i take ur name this thought crosses through! Also, its weird, every song that I’ve teased you with has become one of my favorites! Hero and piano man are in the top 25 on my iTunes. I hope you know that i will always be there for you! happy birthday brother, i hope you have a really awesome one. I am going to miss u loads! Lots of love Cheena-man PS: guess what?!?? i spoke to mom and dad and they are allowing me to come to NYC!!! and i would have written much more dirtier stuff but chacha and chachi will be reading this and I’m sure you wouldnt want them to know

Ragini Bhow

Vedika Chawla Dear Vishrut,

Hey Vishrut,

I was looking back and trying to think of how long I’ve known you for. I can’t believe that it has reached 7 years. All the way from teasing Manoj in geography class (or teasing me as Ms. Bhow), to singing in our new home last summer, and to always sharing our photography with one another. I really value our friendship and how it has developed over the years. I hope that it stays this strong! Happy Birthday Vishrut! Thank you for always being there and caring as a loyal friend. Hopefully we will meet soon!

Happy 21st Birthday! You are one of the warmest, kindest, and friendliest people I have had the pleasure of knowing, and a truly wonderful friend. You are so down-toearth and easy going, that hanging out with you is always so chilled-out and fun. I’m so grateful that I have got to know you better in the last few years. All the time I have spent with you in New York been amazing; filled with great conversation, great food and the best jam sessions. You are the kind of person that always goes out of his way to make others feel comfortable, a quality that is very rare, and that makes you so incredible. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday, and that this year brings you lots of happiness and success – you deserve the very best! Here’s looking forward to many more fun times in the future!

Sincerely, Ragini


Sarah Fox

Sandy Araj Vishrut, This is to the many memories we’ve shared; from the very first day at NYU, hanging out in Washington Square Park, to our nights of Karaoke in K-Town to ice-skating in Central Park, to the more usual nightly meals in Palladium or Third North. You became one of my closest friends and it was so much fun when we spent spring break together. While I knew you were a great friend while I was at NYU, it was even more telling when I transferred and we still remained friends, have still stayed in touch and can pick up right where we left off. You are an great person, family member and friend. I hope you have a most excellent birthday (which I can hopefully share with you since your birthday is during my spring break!) and I hope that everyone who you always take care of and call a friend comes out to celebrate you. Thanks for your many wonderful years of friendship. Sarah F.

Janamdin Mubarak Vishrut! I hope your special day will be as awesome as you are! I wish you a “too good” 21st birthday and here’s to a great many more to come!

Tarang Jhunjhunwala

Happy Birthday to: The boy responsible for most of my attendance The Boy who loves his laundry The Boy responsible for enabling me with the ability to talk to girls The boy with the most number of likes on his profile pictures or statuses AND A boy most skilled at creating and maintaining friendships -via music, food or just sheer niceness.  On your 21st , Happy Birthday !! Tarang

Sukeshi Dalmia

Dear Vishrut, You have always been my best buddy whom I can never forget... We have so many memories together... I remember playing with you in your tent at your house when we were small...Going for so many Tirupati, Coorg and Shravanbelgola... Singing together... Trying to convince Pitaji numerous times to allow me to come to Bangalore...Finally spending time with you in Bangalore... and all the fun times we had in New list is endless.. Thank you for being there for me, for taking care of me always, for making funny faces for me on Skype and falling asleep while speaking to me... Thank you for making me feel loved, happy and cared for... You are the most amazing friend and more than I can wish for... I feel lucky to have someone like you in my life. A very Happy Birthday ! I can’t believe your 21 ! It has been so special to grow up with you.. I am sure we will make many more memories to come...I wish you all the happiness in the world and success for the future... Loads and loads of love, Sukeshi

Dhwani Bansal

Happy 21st Grandpa! I still haven’t really figured out why they call you that but hey its got a great feel to it! Getting legal in the country where its such a big deal sounds pretty damn amazing. Live it up and drink it down! (or atleast how much ever u actually drink) and have the best night of your life! And knowing you you’ll do something pretty epic! P.S.. to bring in a touch of nostalgia for all the days gone by before you turned all old and 21 - TISB wouldn’t have been as great without you (major referencing to Rutika and her tears over your songs) and London would have been pretty dull too! (maybe not! BUT it was fantastic having you around :) ) Lots of Love Dhwani

Stuti Churiwala

Our Dearest Vishrut, Aashish, Happy 21st Birthday Vishrut! Here’s to all the fun times we’ve had, the potlucks, the cook out, listening to you play the guitar and sing, our annual christmas sleepover, the holidays and picnics, growing up together and just every little memory!! You’re 21, legal everywhere in the world! Wow! Have an Amazing day and a Fantastic year ahead! Cheers! Much love Stuti =)

Meera Nanda

Hi Vishrut! HAPPY 21ST!! You’re getting old grandpa. Or Grampu as you are better known. I hope you are having an amazing birthday, you deserve it. You’re an amazing jolly happy person, and I’m so lucky to call you my friend :) so have an awesome day, happy birthday again, and party hard! Love Meera

Rega Jha

Dear Kanorz, It’s hard to believe that we’ve known each other for three whole years, and it’s equally hard to believe that we’ve only known each other for three years. Somehow, in the last three years, I’ve gotten as comfortable with you as I am with people I’ve known all my life, and yet I’m as excited to continue to get to know you, as I am with people I’ve just met. Thanks for making New York feel like home, homie, and happy birthday. Call me when you see this, so we can go celebrate :) Lots of love, Rega

Anisha KJ

Hi Vishrut, Here’s wishing you a very happy 21st!! Getting to know you over the past 3 years (can you believe it, that karaoke night during welcome week freshman year was 3 YEARS ago?!) has been awesome. You’re one of the happiest, chillest, most talented, genuinely sweet people I’ve been lucky to come across at NYU. Make the most of the coming year, I hope it’s full of nights you can’t remember with people you can’t forget! ;) - Anisha :)

Ashima Talwar Twenty-one reasons I’m proud to call you my friend: 1. You share my love of Halal cart falafel-over-rice. 2. You have the best arsenal of YouTube videos. 3. Your absent-minded singing is better than when most people are actually trying. 4. Ditto your absent-minded whistling. 5. Your ambitious, enterprising attitude. (TEDx, whatuppp?!) 6. You have a keen eye for beauty, especially through a lens. 7. You always look genuinely glad to see me. 8. “Yez...but no.” 9. Your childlike appreciation for the world.  10. You proudly and willingly introduce me to your friends.  11. Your hospitality. 12. You got mad at me once for saying “thank you.” 13. You laugh at my jokes.  14. You never take anything (or anyone) for granted. 15. Your smile reaches your eyes. 16. You are the friendliest person I know.  17. Your resolve (you get up at 3:00 AM to watch cricket).  18. You’re always up for an adventure! 19. Your love of and satisfaction for home-cooked food.  20. You can’t peel an orange. 21. You’ve reached 21 with nowhere to go but up. To your past, your present, but especially your future: happy birthday, Vishrut! Love, Ashima

Andrew Kim

Dear Vishrut/Vicious Root from the land of Kanoria We became friends sophmore year, and then we had to leave each other for a year, learning on our own, and traveling. I hope that we can revitalize that friendship we had in gramercy, and continue to grow and learn. Happy birthday dood! Andrew I. Kim

Abhijeet Kalyan

Happy birthday Vishrut! I’m trying to think of what to say here, but it’s difficult to sum up the seven great years of friendship we’ve had so far. So let me just raise my glass to the one and only Piano Man, the only person our age who actually has his head on his shoulders, the Disliker of Terrible PJs(seriously, you gotta appreciate them though), and seriously the most decent and sincere guy I know. Have a super year and don’t ever change(Your personality, that is. Feel free to change your clothes daily - obligatory PJ  Have a great day Grandpa - party like it’s (18) 99!

Nikhita Kamath

Sahana Gopal Dear Vishrut, You are the most jolly person I have ever met. So kind, so caring, and always ready to help out a friend, you exude so many positive attributes that it is next to impossible not to love you! I am so grateful to have you in my life and I notice that you go out of your way and beyond for the people in yours. Never change - stay happy, stay true to yourself. Happy birthday, I know that this year, like all your others, will be sprinkled with cheer and blanketed with love. All the best! Love, Nikhita

Happy Happy 21st Sir! So the thing is, that I actually really really would have made your birthday, if I was in the same city as you, living down your road, if you were having it on a weekend, at a place that I had been dying to go to, even if was Diwali, and of course if you spent an hour trying to convince me that it was worth it to skip a Diwali party to be there, you know, of course I would. Hahaha sound familiar? Lol, I’m just pulling your leg, even though its your birthday=P I hope you have the bestest day and an even better year ahead. Wish we could be there to celebrate. Pig out, open some champagne, and be mental for a day:) ‘ Big fat hug Sahana


Ravi Kundalia You’re one of my first friends at NYU, and I am so glad to have met you (even though you still curse me for taking you for Final Destination lol). You’re one of the warmest, happiest, and genuinely caring people I have met. Most importantly, you’re real, and have no pretenses about yourself, which is what makes me love you so much as a friend! Happy 21ST! ! Have a blast! Take some risks, do something crazy, and make your 21st year a memorable one…keep spreading the looooove and the music Always, Shachi

Happy 21st Birthday! It has been and always will be a pleasure to know you. Cheers to the 21 years that have gone by, the three that I’ve known you, and for the lifetime there is left. Happy Birthday V-Man! Ravi

Juhi Gupta

Dear Vishrut, Many Happy Returns of the Day!! You’re 21!! That’s old you know..Even though it would have been only three days since I would have turned 21 when you read this, I’m sure it feels old :) Anyway, I really hope you have a great day and an even greater year ahead :) You really deserve one because you are one of the sweetest people i have met and a very nice friend to have. I know since you have gone to U.S. keeping in touch has not been the easiest of things (especially given my killing NLSIU schedule and non-functional skype (which functions now btw!)) but even then we have managed pretty decently given these various hindrances and even if i talk to you after some time it does not really feel like i havnt talked to you in a while. I am glad that we got talking, via our common source of course, lol, and hope that we continue to remain good friends =) Take care and hope the year gives you everything that you want, Happy Birthday again! Lots of Love, Juhi

Shunori Ramanathan Vishrut, you are one of the kindest and most giving people I know. You genuinely try to make people happy and you want them to enjoy themselves, and that’s a quality that I truly admire. I’m so glad I knew Sej so that I could get to know you (she’s not all that important, haha)! Alright, so three things I think of when I think of you: 1) Guitar, music, respect. You play beautifully, and you sing even better I LOVE singing with you, goofing around and humming along to you playing the guitar. I remember that one time in Coonoor - that was so much fun! And at your place last year in NYU. 2) SPRING BREAK!!! Danza Kaduro, Hard Rock, lyrics on the walls, Arriba, abajo, al centro y adentro! Oh I want to go back, I had so much fun and I’m SO glad we went together! Drinking on the beach, all the nachos and cheese, the AWESOME band that played that one night at the lunar lounge or whatever it was called (they had such strange names for their clubs). And of course, trying to navigate our way back to our room all the time! 3) Cafe Lalo. Till date the best fruit tart I’ve had. I’m so glad I know you, Vishrut. I hope you’re always happy, because you deserve it. And I hope you come visit me sometime! Happy Birthday Have a wonderful day, year, years, and I’ll see you soon! Love, Shunori

Merik Mulcahy

Happy Birthday Vishrut! From the first time I met you I knew you were special. Your ability to connect, and bring people together brings so much joy to your friends, and will allow you to do great things. I am so happy you came into my life, and feel so lucky to have such a good friend with whom I can connect on so many levels. Cheers brotha, Merik

Sabrina Divekar

Dear Vishrut, I feel so lucky to be able to call myself your friend. There are so many things that I have come to appreciate in being friends with you over the past year and a half. Here are some of the most memorable ones! All of the pictures you take: they truly make me look at the world differently. Your genuine personality: it’s so rare in today’s world, but I’ve always sensed your genuine care about both others and me.Your musical ability and, of course, your whistling: the way you sing and play guitar is so inspiring. Your positive, proactive attitude: this is one of the main reasons I love spending time with you, as I strive to be around optimistic people like yourself. Your friendly nature: you always make it a point to introduce me to all of you friends and equally enjoy meeting mine as well. Your love of food, especially meals that remind you of home: you enjoyed it so much when I invited you over for a dinner of my mom’s Indian cooking. Your long meal times: I cannot lie, your desire to spend at least an hour at each meal has definitely rubbed off on me. Your sense of humor and smile: the way you laugh comes from deep inside and is highly contagious. All of these reasons and countless others are why I cannot wait to spend more time with you! Happy 21st birthday, Vishrut!! Here’s to your future that can only be better than the present! With love, Sabrina

Prab Singh

I am so grateful that any of the students that I work with choose to stay in touch with me after our formal work is done. This is always more common when I have worked with them longer, usually starting in 10th or 11th grade. In Vishrut’s case though, I started very late, and had the added burdens of dealing with the Inquisition-like environment of his high school and the sometimes obstacle of working with a friend’s son (the offspring often feeling that the relationship is between parents and not between me and the student). In the very first meeting with Vishrut these obstacles were blown away from the first luminescent smile on his face, followed with a firm handshake that communicated an ownership of our relationship that was understood by this old soul immediately. I have valued, and benefitted (as have my students since), from the GENEROSITY of spirit that Vishrut embodies. Vishrut is a true renaissance man, and it stuck me odd that he was considering a field as limited as engineering when his interests and talents ran in so many disparate areas. His voice when he sings resonates with a strength and depth of someone who has experienced more of the world than his age reveals. His genuine interest for areas as diverse as the occasion or random teacher allowed made me sure that he would define his education with eclecticism not singularity. It was uncommon for Vishrut to encounter another student at my office that he did not know through at least one degree of separation, if not directly, and if that was the case, 5 minutes of his charismatic banter would correct that anomaly. It is this passion to connect and relate that differentiates him from anyone in a room. There is never any questioning of his intentions; whether he is speaking to someone half his age or three times his age, his motives are worn proudly on his sleeve: authentic interest and timeless curiosity. It is for all of these reasons, innate or carried into this world I suspect more than acquired from his experiences, that I am always eager to hear of his continued achievements and successes. There is a bright light around this (not-so) young man, and I am happy to have shared in its warmth and to continue to be known as his friend and one time mentor. Love and light on this anniversary of your birth my friend!

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t’s your birthday, friend! And to tell you I love you to no end I present this poem to you With memories that cheer me up when I’m blue Singing the Beatles, Billy Joel and even Taylor Swift Your friendship to me is the most important gift It’s your birthday, biscuit! My heart without you is like a broken circuit (lol) From drinking rat poison to a zillion prank calls We make it through all the rise and falls Chilling at Pizza hut, Barista and Garuda mall Between us there is never a boundary or wall It’s your birthday, my chuddy buddy! Aur lagta hain, ki mil gayi har khushi From Dollars Colony, Conoor and Kerala to Vegas and New York I love being around you, even just to relax and talk From cricket matches with amazing catches To toothpaste pranks and go karting matches It’s your birthday, Mr. Pianoman! And of your singing, I am the biggest fan Our families are one on all occasions Together for potlucks, movies and any celebrations I’ll never forget the Diwalis, and rockets on the street And all the new years we used to celebrate and meet It’s your birthday, Vishrut! I hope you have an awesome year, just like you should Memories of dinners at sunny’s, copper chimney and royal afghan Followed by corner house and a drive for paan Playing acquire and snatch at unearthly hours Speeding through dollars colony in awesome fast cars The way we can be so different and yet say the same things You don’t know how much joy your care and patience brings I admire and cherish how you always go out of your way And with complete confidence and honesty I can say All these moments have meant the world to me And by your side, there’ll always be me

Sejal Pachisia

Dear [insert favorite nickname here, there are too many]/Vishrut, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY!! When Archana Chachi told me she was making a scrap book for you I realized I really can’t beat the poem I wrote last year, and since every one of those things is absolutely still true (and will always be ☺ ) I figured it’d be a nice memory for you to have in the book haha. I’m going to be clichéd and say: “Wow 21! Do you feel different?” and obviously you don’t really, right? Haha mama was telling me just last week she met someone and was talking about me and told them “I have a 21 year old daughter” and I automatically said “Mama, I’m 20 not 21”. And there was 30 seconds of silence and I was like “Wait a minute…” LOL. But that’s how it works right? You don’t really feel different because you’re not constantly aware of it, but then something reminds you (maybe you’re in an alc store and you’re like I AM LEGAL WOOOT) and that’s what makes it exciting ☺ But I’m rambling. And this sounds silly, but I’m not going to delete the rambling because I feel like you’re the person I tell all my stupid stories to, and then you’ll do your half laugh-half shake your head and say “only you, Sejal” and “no! no, I don’t know what you mean when you say you just forgot your age” hahahaha. It’s like we’re Laurel and Hardy if one of them was actually sensible and the other one was an absent minded idiot :p But the point I’m trying (and failing) to say is thank you. For always listening to my dumb stories, for laughing at me but helping me out at the same time, for being unbelievably considerate ALL the time (don’t you get tired? :p) and for having such an amaaazing voice (you know half the reason we’re friends is just because I like having a personal jukebox.. hehe). I remember when you were choosing between the school in Illinois(?) and New York, and when we were talking about it I remember trying to figure out with you which was the better school, etc. And I didn’t know it back then, but the biggest difference for me should have been the location! Having you in NY has made suuuuch a huge difference to my college life, it’s really amazing :) I loved going to karaoke on your birthday, and the surprise party and meeting all your super cool friends (especially Rega and Ashima haha). When I tell people I’m an international student who came straight from India and they ask me “oh wow! Do you have any family here”, even though I say “No, I don’t” I just automatically think of you. Because I know that Mama, Papa always worry about “in case something goes wrong” and they try and put me in touch with their friends, etc, but I always think “Vishrut’s here, what can go wrong while he’s around” :) Thank you for always having my back and taking care of me/always being so welcoming when I come to New York - you know you can also count on me if anything (touch wood) happens – haha but you’re too responsible and grown up to need my help for anything! ☺ You are literally the best person I could have asked to be an hour away from my college – and I think its amazing that we’ve been friends for like 16 years now, and we’ve only got closer with every coming year! So here’s to a ton of new memories, in NY and India, over the next year – some of the ones I really want to happen: laser tag, going to an actual bar in the city LEGALLY, and paint ball! And to more “bigini shoot” and generally ridiculous videos of course, though emotional atyachaar will be hard to live up to. Here’s to all our tomorrow’s being better than our yesterdays ☺ Love, Sej

Rohan Ranjan

Bheesrut. I know ur expecting a completely ridiculous message that probably... well most definitely makes absolutely no sense at all. But unfortunately, not being in Bangalore for a while, I forgot such methods of thinking and speech(?). Man you were pretty much the first friend I had when I moved to town and thankfully, we still live in the same colony. Of course we’ve now got a group of complete loafers but its kinda nice to call that home anyways. From the pokemon, to Faustin, the band, the colony parties, TISB, Hari... we’ve had some pretty epic times. Hopefully there’ll be a lot more to come. It was awesome seeing you in Boston. Even though it was just for a day, it was mad fun. Only thing missing from that day was a guitar haha. You’re a really good guy Vishrut. You’ve got a lot going for you and I hope everything works out for the best. Though certain things like knowing 500 billion people can get annoying for the less fortunate socialites such as myself, ur damn lucky to be able to do such a thing. 21. Perfect age. You can go out and buy a beer with no issues. Guessing thats not a priority for you though haha. Being 20 and having to wait another year, man its killing me. But yea its a HUGE year for you. Got so much ahead of you and im sure ull make the most of it. Have a crazy fun year and hopefully ill get to see you in the near future.

Ananth Ramaswamy

Vishrut is really one of a kind. Having known him for more than 10 years I have realized there are some very distinct characteristics, which make him one of the most amazing people, that I admire. His ability to get along with people within few minutes of meeting them is incredible. Being able to connect with them over their interests and sustain the conversation for a surprisingly long time is something I really wish I could do. If you know vishrut well, you’ll also know of his 10 0’clock syndrome, which is usually the after-effect of a heavy north Indian dinner. His sudden fits of laughter and high-pitched squeals are so contagious that one cannot help but join in the madness, which I almost involuntarily succumb to. Whether its his unique way of telling stories (‘pranky gir gayi’ ) or reciting the ‘Poonam Pandey’ video (in full) there isn’t a minute that you’re not smiling, if not laughing, when you’re with Vishrut. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And here’s to more madness and crazy laughter fits.

Siddhant Mandhana

I probably know you for longer than I can remember, from the time that I used to come holidaying to Bangalore (which btw seems ages ago!). Then when I moved here, I landed up in Dollars Colony and in the same school as you (funny how that turned out). For the couple of years that we were together in Cottons, I remember how you gorged on my chutney-aloo sandwiches every single day!! I don’t know how u did it btw! I also remember how I left you in shock, almost every day, with all the stuff I used to pull on school! I can never forget the day when you placed first with Piano man (You LEGEND!!) at Cottons and I was second best for an obvious lack of a better option! Lol.. Either way, it was fun to whitewash the place!! From then on we had this thing in our lives called colony! Lol.. And you developed a post 10pm syndrome, which we only recently discovered was really the post dinner syndrome! I have this ridiculous image of you laughing and turning red from breathlessness as I’m writing this!! Also, I have to mention that I truly believe that you can kill somebody TOEidly! Hahaha!

Ishaan Patodia

BIS, Happy birthday! 21! Good job... I am deeply apologetic that I did not personally say goodbye to you… skype soon? Lol. No one appreciated my back massages like you did. A bit too much appreciation but what can be done? I hope you’ve been eating well (Of course you have). Come back soon, I’m looking forward to ourevening runs, although you always outrun me and Ananth. I realize we haven’t conversed in a while, but that can be solely attributed to my lack of participation on Facebook, skype and whatnot. So basically, have a great evening. Also, I’m going to cook you an elaborate dinner once your back, Michelin star style *ahem*. Ishaan .

Ektaa Sonchhatra

Munkieeeeee!!!!! You’re 21?! How’s the NYC doin????? (according to Ishaan the “The” shouldn’t be there) but you know how I talk , so that’s what I meant!:p I truly thought of sending you gujju food, but tragically it’s not possibleee!! :( Once your back guarantee you’ll get!! No worries! Miss you! And ur giant toe! and your 10 o clock madnesssss! Come back soonlyyyy Truly yours, Ektaa! Oh! Also, HAPPYYYYYY BIIIRRRTHHHDDAAYYYYYYYY!

Dhwani Kathotia

VIDRUSH! Happy birthday! You’re 21, you uncle! :) You better be having an insane time! Hope you have an awesome day and even better year! Come back soon, because our summer plans are impossible and incomplete without you! (And only you can get everyone to get out of their houses :P) I miss your 10 p.m. moments. Thank you for ALWAYS being there and making us laugh no matter what’s going on. Now come here soon ‘cause I still owe you dinner ;) HAVE A BLAST :)

Chahat Kathotia

How can she slap? Cuz by now we all know that mac wins over pc (really??) But mac or pc, i’m happy, i’m alive and i’m happy i’m alive {tu tutu tu tu tu} it’s 10 o clock!!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha - and we have a laughing chain as hysterical as the skype chain! (Rofl janwaro ki tarah) wait a minute, im, not endorsing youtube videos or a hindi magzin. This one’s about vishrut!! (Who’s he? Louis is loose but whoozeee?) He’s our birthday boy - take him out with you and everyone knows him! You’ll feel like you’re with the most important person in town! But he’s our very own bheeesssrut with delicate ears and a giant toe, sometimes a.K.A vidrush. I can write an entire book on you but since we’re all maddu’s, lets use our space ‘efficiently’. So im just gonna write down a few words (literally) BOMBAY - DON’T FIT INTO CLOTHES. KESH. RAIN WALK. ELOCUTION. DIWALI. DINNER. MOVIES. DINNER AGAIN! ONNEY (CONFUSED? – HONEY). LET IT BE. YOUTUBE. ROAD TRIPS. TUDAK TUDAK. BACK MASSAGES. 10 PM SYNDROME. PIANO MAN. POONAM SETHI. CONOOR. STUCK IN A LIFT. LAENDUK. CHATUR. IF YOU COME TODAY. PHOTOGRAPHY. KHAO GALLI. ANU MALIK.TIRUPATHI COUGH. CUBBON PARK & LOTS OF MEMORIES….



Going Legal  

A scrapbook for Vishrut Kanoria. A collection of photographs, birthday messages and a lot of memories.