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POL 201 Week 3 Quiz To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT 1. Question : In the realm of foreign affairs, presidents are usually weak and must solicit congressional approval before entering into agreements with other countries. Question 2. Question : Prior judicial experience is required to be appointed as a judge on the federal level. Question 3. Question : The president and Congress are unable to control the bureaucracy or hold it accountable because: Question 4. Question : The idea that citizens should be suspicious of a strong central government would best be described as: Question 5. Question : The scope of presidential power has expanded over time due to presidents carving out their own powers as they have needed. Question 6. Question : The Supreme Court concept of “stare decisis” is the concept of ruling by decisions that were: Question 7. Question : The position of Secretary of Defense was created with the passage which Act of Congress? Question 8. Question : Which of these organizations has layers of both political appointees and civil servants? Question 9. Question : The Federal Register is the official journal of the federal government. Which statement(s) below best describes the Federal Register? Question 10. Question : Which president did NOT declare martial law on U.S. soil to place military authorities in charge of state actions, instead of civilians? Question 11. Question : Which of the following best defines an “imperial presidency”? Question 12. Question : Which of these presidents exercised “presidential prerogative” to expand his authority in ways not stated in the Constitution? Question 13. Question : What role does a court play when it takes the view that its decisions should be based on what the Framers or the authors of particular statutes or amendments intended? Question 14. Question : Which of these authorities is NOT delegated to the president by the Constitution? Question 15. Question : The term “Red Tape” is the idea that:

Pol 201 week 3 quiz  
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