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MKT 571 Week 5 Career Connection Integrated Marketing Communication and Marketing Mix – Client Pitch (Part 1 Only) (2 PPT) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

Select a current product or service with which you are familiar. This product will be used to pitch a new integrated marketing communication and marketing mix to a client who is the marketer or producer of the product. Review the current marketing mix including the communication channels used. Part 1 Create a 12-slide presentation including detailed speaker notes that will act as the script of a presentation. Include the following in the presentation: • Evaluate the effectiveness of the existing marketing mix (elements of the 4 Ps). • Recommend a new marketing mix strategy based on any weakness(es) you discovered. • Examine the company's current positioning strategy. • Determine whether or not to change that strategy. • Identify any considerations to be used when building or maintaining the brand or customer loyalty. • Evaluate the target audience's use of and belief in the distribution channels and/or communication channels used.

Mkt 571 week 5 career connection integrated marketing communication and marketing mix – client pitch