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Complete the Final Examination.


The objective of public relations is to sell:

2. The R-A-C-E approach to defining public relations includes the following components:

3. The job of public relations professional is very much that of an “interpreter,” where he interprets:

4. Which of the following trends contributed to the evolution of public relations in the United States?


Public relations goals must be defined by:

6. Morale at the company was low after a series of severe firings. “I’ve got just the thing to get morale back up again,” said Darren, the firm’s public relations director. “We’ll start an employee television program. We start filming tomorrow.” What vital public relations step did Darren overlook?

7. A public relations professional isn’t really communicating unless someone at the other end ___________the communication. be used in a marketing plan to help to:

9. One key to maintaining positive media relationships is to emphasize __________ in all communication.


Publicity differs from advertising in the following way:


An organization’s public image is determined by:

12. Generally speaking, when should research be used in the public relations process?


Evaluation of public relations depends on several things, including:


In the inverted pyramid:

15. It is important for public relations professionals to establish a good working relationship with the media because:


The most frequent target of public relations professionals is:


Integrated marketing:


Risk communication is based on the position that


In a crisis, the best firms:


Skillful crisis managers:

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