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MHA 601 Week 3 Assignment Conflict Resolution at St. Clare Hospital (2 Papers) To Purchase This Material Click below Link nflict-Resolution-at-St-Clare-Hospital-(2-Papers) FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

This Tutorial contains 2 Papers MHA 601 Week 3 Assignment Conflict Resolution at St. Clare Hospital The St. Clare Hospital was founded in 1988. In the last few years, revenues at St. Clare Hospital have dropped steadily to a point where CEO James Edwards is considering cost control to improve the organization’s bottom line. Mr. Edwards understands that physicians play a critical role in controlling cost, but they do not have a great interest in cooperating with him to sustain the viability of the hospital. Mr. Edwards decides to hire Wendy Jones as the chief operating officer and empowers her to cut costs for the hospital. The first measure taken by Jones is to outsource the interpretation of imaging readings and fire the radiologist, Dr. Harris. By doing so, the hospital would save $160,000 per year. However, after two weeks, the hospital sees 18% inaccuracy rates in their outsourced reading reports. The hospital might face legal liabilities from inaccurate readings. Edwards and Jones want to stay with the plan to control costs, but the physicians are furious and the medical director, Dr. Wiseman, gathers all staff physicians to a call for action. In a four- to six-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages): • Describe types of conflict identified in this case. • Determine conflict management styles evidenced in this case. • Propose conflict resolution strategy to be used. • Recommend strategies to reduce cost and legal liabilities. Your paper must be four to six double-spaced pages in length (excluding the title page and references page), it must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph, and it must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Univ Writing Center. In addition to the textbook, you must utilize a minimum of three scholarly and/or peer-reviewed sources from the Univ University Library that were published within the last five years. Document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Univ Writing Center. Refer to the APA Checklist for additional information.

Mha 601 week 3 assignment conflict resolution at st  
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