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MGT 521 Week 4 Assignment Organizational Structure Presentation To Purchase This Material Click below Link's/product-57-MGT-521Week-4-Assignment-Organizational-Structure-Presentation FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Organizational Structure Presentation The organization you work for currently has a traditional structure - divisional structure. However, the organization has gone through some big changes including a merger with another organization. The organization is now global and produces products and services clients in a number of different areas. They currently employ roughly 500 employees. Your team has been tasked with recommending a new organizational structure to the head of the organization. Create a 16- to 20-slide MicrosoftÂŽ PowerPointÂŽ presentation, including detailed speaker notes, directed toward the head of the organization. In this presentation, your team will explain what the changes will be and why these changes will allow the firm to succeed in the future.

Mgt 521 week 4 assignment organizational structure presentation  
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