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MGT 521 Week 3 Individual Assignment Strategy and Planning Paper To Purchase This Material Click below Link's/product-58-MGT-521Week-3-Individual-Assignment-Strategy-and-Planning-Paper FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT Strategy and Planning Paper Review Figure 5.3 in the textbook. Write a 950- to 1,100word paper in which you address the following: •Explain why the 3 types of goals are important to the strategy of an organization. •Explain why the different types of planning are important to the strategy of an organization. •Examine the elements or factors involved in creating an effective strategy for an organization. Cite a minimum of 2 peerreviewed sources and include examples from one or more Fortune 500 companies to illustrate your points. Identify the company's internal and external stakeholders. Identify the company's goals and identify the following, specifically: The company's mission and vision At least one goal that can be accomplished through a strategic plan At least one goal that can be accomplished through an operational plan Conduct a SWOT analysis on the selected company Part Two: Write a paper that creates strategic and operational plans based on the SWOT analysis, and includes explanations for the following: How these plans will achieve the related goals The effect of planning decisions on the internal and external stakeholders identified Required Elements: No more than 700 words Cite research in your paper to support your writing Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines

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Mgt 521 week 3 individual assignment strategy and planning paper  
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