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Water Displacement Project Sean 4C Question: Does the shape of the object change the ability to make it float? Hypothesis: I think the shape of the object will change its ability to float. Plan/Procedure: 1. First, make 5 shapes with clay. (Make every shape different!) 2. Then, get the control amount of water into the graduated cylinder. 3. After then, take the two trials of an object and test its ability of floating. 4. See if a shape changes its ability to float!



Test it out:



Record and Interpret Data


Clay Boat

Clay Round Raft

Clay Cube

Clay Rectangle Prism

Clay S Size Pancake

Trial 1

It was floating It was floating It looked the whole the whole and heavy, so it time. was a safe actually sank. shape.

It was a similar shape to the cube, so the results were the same.

It had a large surface, but not big enough to let the water push. It sank.

Trial 2

It was floating for fifteen seconds, but sank after.

The shape got mushy and was hard to float anyway. So, it eventually sank.

It got mushy and ripped as soon as I touched it, so it got worse. It sank as well.

The results were the same as the first trial.

It got mushy after going into the water, so it harmed the ability to float more. Eventually, it sank.


Collect Data: !

When the five objects went into the water, the floating ability was decided by

the shape of the object. Some objects floated and some didn’t. So, I found out that the object can change its ability to float.

Present Findings: !

When I put the shapes in the clay, I first thought there would be no big

difference. After I put in the shape my thought was concealed as shapes can change its ability. There was one problem. If there is a little hole, then the shape will sink. Also, there was an attraction with the water and clay. The water made the clay mushy and soft. !


Reflection: !

The water was softening and mushing the clay because the clay isn’t water

proof. So, the clay has be thick ,but if it is too thick it will sink. So, sometimes the object made with clay can float or sink by the decision of the shape.



Can a shape of an object decide its ability to float?