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The yoga moves

Warning about yoga

1 Tree pose 2 eagle pose 3 fierce pose 4 split

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Exercising Exercise has many positive benefits. keeps you from gaining weight makes your heart stronger Flattens your belly Can live longer Improves mood Improves your looks Builds your muscle

If you get stress, what do you do? The best thing to do is to exercise and a good exercise is yoga. The reason why yoga is good for you is because it lowers blood pressure and makes your heart work better. Yoga also manages anxiety and stress.

Listen! Some of the moves could hurt you so please try your best.

Sleep Sleep is important for our bodies. If you don’t get enough of it, it affects our immune system. Our immune system keeps us from getting sick. When you sleep before ten o’clock, all your hormones come out in between the time ten and eleven.

Hello everybody! By Samantha Jung


4A Girls health spa Yoga

1 Don’t hurt yourself at yoga 2 Be careful of other people 3 Be as clean as you can

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