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Friday, November 15, 2013 This week marks ‘Going Further” part of our inquiry cycle in our unit, Who we are. These past two weeks students read and took notes on non-fiction articles about the six nutrients and their effect on our health and well being. The concept of perspective was explored when students learned that there are different types of food pyramids. Students also began planning their spa by choosing topics and partners. They dug deeper into a health issues affecting students from either a boy’s or girl’s perspective. Their health spa will help any visitor understand the choices they can make to live a healthier and happier life. As a grade level, students also had the opportunity to ask Dr. Rhee, a pediatrician, questions about children’s health and to participate in a Zumba and Pilates class to learn about different ways to exercise.

-Wed., November 27 Thanksgiving Half Day -Thurs. and Fri., November 28 and 29 Thanksgiving No school

Ms. Mines led the whole fourth grade group in a Zumba class. It was an exhausting, but fun, workout! John took a moment to ask Ms. Mines some questions about Zumba for his research abut wellness.

Ms. Rose led us in a Pilates discussion and demonstration.


In math students explored different types of graphs and how to interpret them. Next week students will interpret the graphs from their health surveys. Students were also introduced to the concept of multiplying decimal fractions. Having applied that skill earlier, students were using the hundreds grid to create visual representations to show the ‘part of a part’. In their weekly homework assignment students continued to practice their understanding of whole numbers, fractions, and decimal fractions to solve patterns and authentic word problems.

Mr. Z and 4A meet up to discuss their tasks for the afternoon.

Alex drafts his ideas for our wellness spa project.

In literacy we are continuing to practice writing organized and elaborated paragraphs. These past two weeks had students develop their writing skills in two persuasive letters about a health issue they feel passionately about and the importance of sleep. Students also wrote reflections in math and writing for their portfolio, and created a brochure or poster for their spa project. Many students conferenced with the teacher to discuss other elements important to writing, such as: voice, sentence fluency, and grammar. 2

Samantha’s take on mental health:


4A Wellness Spa Brochures


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