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Friday, December 6, 2013 Unit of Inquiry These past three weeks were especially busy as students prepared for the Health and Wellness Fair and Spa. The students created commercials to explain or persuade others to make healthier choices. The Health and Wellness Fair booths were created around a theme of one of the seven types of health. Many students were interested in mental and social health which are very important issues to adolescents and teenagers. While working on their projects, the students were once again put in situations which tested their cooperation, self and time management skills. It was a delight to see how many of the students were beginning to show growth in these areas. Prior to the Fair, the students had opportunities to participate in lectures and activities by members of the Chadwick Community. Mina's mom organized some parents to come in and make breakfast rice balls. Not only were they delicious, but the students learned the importance of how breakfast improves your mood, well-being and even academic performance throughout the morning.  We were also fortunate to have Tahirah's dad bring in chef Joey and nutritionist Ruby from the Sheraton Hotel. The two gave a wonderful presentation on food safety and superfoods. As a topper, they shared their delicious superfoods muffins.   Our new unit, How We Express Ourselves starts this week. We will be inquiring into imagination and how we can use our imagination to entertain, innovate, and solve problems. 


In numeracy the students are continuing to expand their understanding of fractions and decimal fractions. These past two weeks students have been actively exploring the multiplication of fractions, decimal fractions, and percents to whole numbers both visually and in algorithms. Students have also been creating their own math word problems, some of which are selected to appear in the following week's math homework. In the following weeks students will be actively multiplying and dividing decimals and fractions in authentic problems.

 In language, the emphasis is on including a creative introduction, personal experiences, and greater elaboration to support their main idea. Following the vacation, students will begin exploring the elements of fiction. ese past two weeks, students prepared for the Health and Wellness Fair and Spa by creating brochures, posters, and video commercials. Creating these media allowed students to better understand the power of visuals including photos, pictures, videos and color as well as words to communicate their thoughts and ideas.  2

Important Dates:

Moments from the 4th Grade Wellness Fair and Spa

-Fri., Dec 13 House Families Half Day -Dec. 14 - Jan. 5 Winter Vacation No school -Fri., Jan. 10 HOUSE Ball Games - Bell Tower -Tues., Jan. 21 Visiting Author Mrs. Margaret Read Macdonald


Dec 7 newsletter pdf  
Dec 7 newsletter pdf