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Is Pleased To Present The Following:





Electric Lateral File

GSA Contract For Vertical Carousel

Quotation PO Box 62263 Harrisburg, PA 17106 PHONE: (717) 243-7699  FAX: (717) 233-4069



Date: July 6, 2011 GSA Contract: GS-25F-0048M Valid Dates: 1-Jul-10

Clark Nexsen 6160 Kempsville Circle; Ste 200A Norfolk VA 23502 Melodi Terhune

Requested by:

Chadrick E. Carter


We propose to furnish the material specified below at the prices quoted and under the conditions stated below and in the enclosed Terms & Conditions.


Cat. #


Unit Cost



Kardex/Remstar Lektriever Vertical Filing Systems 17


Freight terms:

Kardex Lektriever -116.02" 116 02" Wide Wide, 107 107.3" 3" High High, 47 47.3" 3" Deep -16 Letter Sized Carriers -Automatic Security Door -Plastic Dividers -1408 Linear Filing Inches per unit



Less GSA Contract Discount of 42.3% Inside Delivery, Installation and Related Services

($274,998.22) $68,863.99

Total Investment, Deilvered and Installed Make order out and fax to: Kardex Remstar c/o Herre Consulting 41 Eisenhower Dr Westover, ME 04092 ( 1 ) 233-4069 (717) 233 4069 Factory (Prepaid & Invoiced) Transportation Via


Most Economical

By:___________________________ AUTHORIZED SALES REPRESENTATIVE

Subject to our credit department approval, approval this quotation is made for immediate acceptance and is subject to change without notice. notice If based on specially printed forms, it presupposes your acceptance of overruns or underruns not exceeding 10% of quantity ordered. Deliveries are subject to delays from fire, strikes, and other causes beyond our control. We reserve the right to correct clerical errors.

Terms and Conditions of this quote are included on a separate attachment to this document. If this should be missing please notify us immediately. SIGNATURE: __________________________________________________________Date: ______________ To order the items listed, merely sign and return this copy signifying your acceptance.


Kardex Remstar Lektriever  ELF Equipment Specifications Carousel Specifications: Quantity of Carousels  Model Number  Overall Unit Width  Overall Unit Depth (without posting board) Overall Unit Height  Unit Weight Empty (includes carrier weight) Unit Weight ‐ Fully Loaded Average Access Time (1/4 carousel revolution) Work Counter (posting board) Depth  Work Counter (posting board) Height Access Opening Height

: : : : : : : : : : : :

1 125‐1611S 103.54  inches  (2630  mm)  47.3   inches  (1202   mm)  107.3  inches  (2725  mm)  2525 lbs. 6397 lbs. 6.3 seconds 11.82 in. (300  mm) Type : Light Gray Laminate Electrically Adjustable Adjustable Between 30.31 in. and 39.37 in. (770mm and 1000mm) 19.41 in. (493mm)

General Specifications: Base Unit includes lockable door, top, all safety circuits, safety light curtain, emergency stop right, touch bars (upper and lower), motor, electronics and TUV label. Drive, Gear Motor : AC ‐ Gear Motor ‐ 1.5 kva   Power Supply : 110 Volts/1‐/60 Hz AMP Draw : 16 AMP Breaker Size: 20* *Cannot be wired to a breaker or outlet that uses Maximum Imbalance Load  : 300 kg (660 lbs) Max. Total Load (including carrier dead weight) : 4070 kg (8,973 lb) a GFI circuit. Top Tolerance at Balanced Load : +/‐ 15mm (.059") Cycle Speed : 7.0 inches / second Average Power Consumption : 2.0 KVA Noise Level : < 60 db(A) Standard Safety Features Error Indicator Upper and Lower Mechanical Safety Bars (Doors) Safety Switches for Lower Front Access Panel and Hand Crank Opening Safety Light Curtain E‐Stop Both Sides Additional Safety Feature Emergency Service Switch     Standard Features included in Base unit Electronics Located in the Bottom Access Panel Top Dust Cover Hand Crank for Installation of Carriers and Service Access for Service from Front

Additional Features and Options Computer Interface

T3‐LCD mounted in a Posting Board

Automatic Door


Plastic Carrier Dividers (Packs of 35)


Flexible Carrier Positioning

Units can be placed side by side, or back to back. When a unit is to be installed through a ceiling or in a niche, free space of approximately 1.2" (30 mm) is required  all around the unit. Carrier Specifications: Specifications Per Carrier Clear  Carrier  Carousel's Carrier Configuration Clear Height Clear Depth Max. Capacity *Avg. Capacity Width Weight Qty Letter Lateral Carrier w/4 fixed dividers & BRF : 16 10.23 in. 88.97 in. 12.67 in. 242 lb. 242 lb. 55 Legal Lateral Carrier w/4 fixed dividers : Letter Tray Carrier w/4 fixed dividers : Legal Tray Carrier w/4 fixed dividers : Carrier with 60 deg.Lip : :             : : Clear Height Clear Width Clear Depth Max. Capacity *Avg. Capacity Multimedia Drawer Carrier 3+4 Letter File Drawer Carrier 3+2 Legal File Drawer Carrier 3+3 Letter Hanging Frame Carrier 2+3 Legal Hanging Frame Carrier  1/28/2011 Version6

: : : : : Date Printed 7/6/2011

Technical Specifications - Req. room height: _______________________________Unit height + 20 mm - Cycles speed: SYS 120 HR ______________________________ 7,0 Zoll/sec. - Total load incl. carrier dead weight:: ______________________max. 4 070 kg - Max. load per carrier with 45 kg own weight ________(11")__________140 kg - Max. imbalance load:_______________________________________300 kg - Unit width (Standard): _____________________2130 / 2630 / 2947 / 3269 mm - Unit depth (Standard): ____________________________________ 1202 mm - Max. Hanging frames depth: _________________________________ 365 mm - Carrier width (Standard): __________________ 1770 / 2270 / 2587 / 2909 mm - Carrier depth:____________________________________________ 386 mm - Carrier pitch: ________________________________________________ 11" - Stop tolerance at balanced load about:____________________ ca. +/- 15 mm - noise level: [1] _____________________________________ca. 61 dB (A) [2] - Power consumption: _______________________________________ 1,0 kW - Operating time: _____________________________________________ 25 % - Average power consumption: ________________________________ 1,2 KVA - Max. power consumption: ___________________________________ 3,0 KVA - Connection: ___________________________________ 2/PE 230 V 50/60 Hz - fuse: _______________________________________________ 16 A sluggish - Safety devices:_____________________________Mech. security bars (Doors) Security switch for lower front access panel and motor protection (hand wheel) - Safety test i.a.w:___________________________________ BG acc. ZH 1/428 BGV A1 and BGV A2 TÜV-testing i.a.w.: VDE 0100, 0106, 0113, 0160, 0806 - Safety against fracture of carrier chains: ____________________ min. 7-times - Allowed environment temperature during operation_______________________________+ 5° C ... +40° C other: _______________________________________ -20° C ...+70° C - Allowed rel. air humidity: __________________________________ 10%...90% - Max. change of temperature during operation________________________________________ 15° C/hour other: _______________________________________________ 10° C/5 min. Condensate must be removed before operating Access for service from the front Unit can be placed directly side by side Hand crank for installation of carriers and service [1] At max. load and max. imbalance load [2] Measuring method according to DIN 45635-01-KL 2 "Noise metering on machines"

Installation Requirements Responsibility

Provide a designated project manager, with authority to authorize changes or system modifications Provide facility drawings for system engineering purposes

Kardex Certified Installer X


Coordinate equipment and software installation and testing


Provide electrical specifications to customer’s electrician


Provide power drop within 15’ of Vertical Carousel Unit Proper Voltage is a single phase grounded electrical service of 20 amps with a voltage of 110 VAC at 60 Hz.


Provide dumpster for installation materials


Provide equipment staging area (same size as installed system)


Mechanically install carousel equipment


Electronically install carousel and control devices


Test and adjust systems to normal performance specifications


Organize groups of employees (prior to installation completion) for user and maintenance training Train personnel in electromechanical operations and maintenance


(1) 110V quad outlet for general utility

Dispose of packaging materials & broom clean installation area


Prepare installation drawings for customer approval

Provide clear and unobstructed workspace (at least 6’ around are area where unit will be located) Remove all lights, electrical components, sprinkler heads and water pipes that will interfere with the installation. Provide Scissor Lift and 5,000 lb. Fork lift truck w/ 72” forks for installation as required Unload equipment from trucks and stage near installation area, Alternative arrangements can be facilitated if required through Spacelogic Uncrate materials for installation

Customer Name


The above to be done during normal working hours, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Also it is to be under normal working conditions of light and temperature. All work to be done by non-union labor unless otherwise provided for. Delay of work due to site obstructions, lack of electrical power, etc. could result in additional charges.

Green Building Design The Triple Bottom Line How do organizations continue to manage their facilities while reducing their impact on the environment? By reducing the carbon footprint in any and every opportunity. The business case for building green using sustainable design and construction is supported by the three cornerstones of sustainability, known as the triple bottom line: environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity. Kardex Remstar can help in your mission to build sustainable green buildings or redesign existing buildings to meet green standards.

Defining the Triple Bottom Line 1 Performance Environmental Stewardship: protecting air, water, land and ecosystems, as well as conserving resources, including fossil fuels, thus preserving the earth’s resources for future generations.

Environmental Stewardship Performance

2 Ergonomics Social Responsibility: improving the quality of life and equity for individuals, communities and society as a whole.

3 Productivity

Economic Prosperity Productivity

Economic Prosperity: reducing costs, adding value and creating economic opportunity for individuals, organizations, communities and nations.

Social Responsibility Ergonomics

Performance + Ergonomics + Productivity =



Performance is Environmental Stewardship

Kardex Remstar equipment helps reduce the amount of physical space required. “Floor to truss” space maximization is how Kardex Remstar can reclaim up to 70% of the space used by file cabinets, tool, drawer systems, shelving and rack.

Filing Equipment Comparison 220"


The Kardex Remstar Electric Lateral Filing System is a series of vertically arranged rotating carriers controlled by an electronic keypad or software. Files are delivered to an ergonomically correct height, eliminating walk and search time, improving filing productivity up to 160%. The Electric Lateral File offers more than 2,500 linear inches of letter-sized filing space, the equivalent of approximately 16-five drawer file cabinets. By taking advantage of unused overhead space, it can hold the same number of files as traditional five-drawer filing cabinets or lateral files in as much as 70% less space. 4



36" 149"


Kardex Remstar customer’s can reduce their total building construction footprint by up to 15% by using Kardex Remstar equipment throughout their facility.

= aisle space

146" 36"










6" 25" 6"


Lateral & Vertical File Cabinets





25" 6"



25" 6"

14" 6" 24" 6"

Rotary File Cabinets


204" 216"

144" 129"

12" 13" 13" 1"

12" 48"

12" 13" 13" 13" 13" 1"

12" 48"


Sliding Shelf Units

13" 13"


24" 6"


6" 42" 6" 14"

Open Static Shelving








Lektriever Electric Lateral Files

For complete floorplan specifications and comparisons go to


Ergonomics Is Social Responsibility

Fire Protection Systems

Traditional filing systems require users to bend, stoop, twist, reach, push, and pull to store and retrieve items, creating fatigue and reducing productivity. The ergonomic design and operation of the Lektriever system is based on principles of universal design that minimize physical effort such as twisting, bending and tight grasping.

Every Kardex Remstar Lektriever ELF complies fully with the “Barrier Removal Act” to accommodate your entire work force. Electric Lateral Files systems help eliminate fatigue by automatically bringing items to the operator allowing more productivity from all of your work force regardless of ability. Creating a fully accessible work environment with 100% access to stored items.

Connecting the Automatic Security Doors to a facility's fire detection and protection system can trigger the automatic closure of doors in the event of a fire. Dependent upon the organization's fire policy, the fire suppression system will be activated within the Lektriever ELF to protect the contents.

Software and Control

Rotary File Cabinet

Sliding Shelf Units

Mobile Aisle

File Cabinet

Integrating Lektriever ELF with Kardex Remstar software enables companies to achieve high levels of productivity, security and control. Whether storing extremely sensitive files or valuable items, organizations can manage all their activities and tasks via the Kardex Remstar software.

Electric Lateral File System


Productivity Is Economic Prosperity

200% Kardex Remstar systems can 180% increase operator productivity 160% 150% up to 160%. In other words, 140% one person can do the work of 120% 100% 2.6 people. The increased 0% productivity levels translate 0% 100% 120% 140% 160% 180% quickly into reduced labor Increased Productivity requirements which help reduce the facility’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

160% 200%

Automated systems deliver items to the operator eliminating all wasted walk and search time. Many Kardex Remstar customers find that their systems provide a ROI (Return On Investment) in less than 2 months. By combining the benefits of decreasing labor costs including workers comp, possible litigation and temps, floor space requirements, facility maintenance and energy costs; sustainability provides great economic benefits. Go to to calculate your ROI or ask for a free ROI, Space & Productivity Analysis.

Performance: filing inches per square foot Ergonomically Accessible Density: filing inches per square foot Productivity: file actions per hour maximum

Lateral & Vertical File Cabinets

Rotary File Cabinets

Open Static Shelving

Sliding Shelf Units

Lektriever Electric Lateral Files
















Key Features • Set up and change individual user access rights • Grant/deny permission to shelf levels • Control “dwell time” spent at individual shelves • Track and trace each single file and item via hand held devices • Direct users to specific fields of search to increase productivity • Print transaction reports on all activities

Ergonomics Seated or standing operation at a touch of a button electric work counter moves to meet every users optimal ergonomic requirement. 5

KardexRemstar — Automatic Security Doors for Lektriever Electric Lateral File

Automatic Security Doors Easy Usage: 1. The units doors are closed.

2. An operator selects the shelf level they wish to access.

3. The Lektriever ELF rotates with the doors closed.

KardexRemstar Announces The Introduction Of Four New Features For The Lektriever ELF. • Disabled Persons Access – adjustable work counter • Fire Protection – integration with locally approved solutions • Software & Control – enhanced track and trace of records and valuable items

Advanced Security

4. When the required shelf level is ready to be accessed, the door opens.

With the Automatic Security Doors, department managers can give restricted

5. The operator picks the needed item.

access rights to certain employees. This helps ensure that specific users can retrieve the files, documents and items to which they have been given prior approval by their managers and supervisors. Sensitive files and valuable items are therefore stored within a secure and enclosed environment. All transactions are logged and fully transparent. Key Features • Each user (up to 25) has a unique 4 digit PIN code • The PIN identifies the approved shelves assigned to the user

6. The doors automatically close, ready for the next pick.

• Administrator rights exist to change shelf usage and PIN codes • Lektriever ELF only rotates when doors are closed and secure, preventing random access from other users • Only the shelf requested appears in the access opening

41 Eisenhower Drive, Westbrook, Maine 04092 | 800-639-5805 | Fax 207-854-1610 | |


• Advanced Security Doors – a range of security options

KardexRemstar — Lektriever Electirc Lateral File Electric Work Counter

Work Counter Control

Every user can decide to work sitting or standing to their unique height preferences in seconds. The optional electric work counter is available for every Lektriever ® ELF model to increase user ergonomics and productivity. A simple one touch operation moves the work counter up and down in seconds. Simply touch the up or down button and the work counter moves to the desired comfort position. For frequent/power-users, up to four pre-defined settings can be created in seconds. Simply touch the button and the work counter will move automatically to the set height. Every file and item is 100% accessible to every user regardless of their height and comfort level. The electric work counter helps eliminate bad posture and poor ergonomic conditions which can lead to reduced productivity and unnecessary sick/injury days… with a push of a button. The electric work counter allows every Lektrieve Electric Later Files (ELF) to meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and Barrier Removal requirements quickly and easily. 41 Eisenhower Drive, Westbrook, Maine 04092 | 800-639-5805 | Fax 207-854-1610 | |


Electric Work Counter


KardexRemstar — Lektriever Electirc Lateral File Electric Work Counter Models The Lektriever Electric Lateral File (ELF) now has three versions of work counters available on all models. Static work counter is available for seated or standing positions. Folding work counter is available in either the seated or standing position, but is hinged to fold down and away when not needed. This is ideal in areas which are tighter than normal. New Electric work counter provides one touch motion to meet the needs of each and every user and their preferences at that exact time.

Standard work counter configured in a seated or standing position from the factory.

Specifications • Minimum height from floor 30.31 inches (770mm) • Maximum height from floor 39.37 inches (1000mm) • Number of memory presets - 4 • Stopping positions from 30.31” to 39.37” from the floor.

• Counter will move with bi-parting doors open or closed for faster access.

Folding work counter configured in a seated or standing position from the factory, but can fold down instantly to provide more aisle space.

Preset position buttons Shelf level

Easy up and down activation button Seated or standing operation at a touch of a button electric work counter moves to meet every users optimal ergonomic requirement.

© KardexRemstar Equal Opportunity Employer

ADA Compliant GS-25F-0038M

All models can be customized to meet most any application.

All specifications are nominal and subject to change without notice. B-5033-0-0308

41 Eisenhower Drive, Westbrook, Maine 04092 | 800-639-5805 | Fax 207-854-1610 | |


• Safety bar travels with counter to provide maximum protection.

KardexRemstar Lektriever


See Chart below for important  dimensions and floor loading  data

Supporting Unit  surface (Weight  Loading)** MODEL













mm inches mm inches mm inches

UNIT DEPTH 925 36.42 1155 45.47 1202 47.32

A 4.5 0.18 4.5 0.18 4.5 0.18

A* 51.5 2.03 51.5 2.03 51.5 2.03

B 35 1.38 35 1.38 35 1.38

C 120 4.72 120 4.72 120 4.72

(Rear Panel  Offset) n/a n/a 20 0.79 n/a n/a

Model 125‐1611S Dynamic Unit weight (Newtons) = unit mass x 9.81 x dynamic coefficient (1.35) Unit mass (kg.)  =    (Unit Weight empty) + No.of carriers x (carrier load + carrier dead weight) Unit mass (kg.)  =  2902 Newtons      = 38,428 ** Only when weight loading surface is completely in contact with floor (a plain surface).   Reactions of the support: If dynamic forces (brakes) have to be taken into account, please consult factory.


Narrow 1810 71.26 1945 76.57 2130 83.86

Standard widths 2560 2947 3269 100.79 116.02 128.70 2560 2947 3269 100.79 116.02 128.70 2630 2947 3269 103.54 116.02 128.70

Model 125 Carriers Letter Tray Carrier / Legal Tray Carrier Carrier designed with 60° lip (ramp)

Lateral Carrier for Side Tab Folders Letter Lateral Carrier 322mm (12.67") deep Legal Lateral Carrier 386mm (15.19") deep 

Standard and Wide width with 4 fixed dividers, Extra wide with 5 fixed dividers

Standard and Wide width with 4 fixed dividers, Extra wide with 5 fixed dividers

Compartment Size A B C total clear (mm) total clear (in.)

Narrow Width  (Special longer  lead times) 352.5 352.5 352.5 1762.5 69.38

Standard Width 

Wide Width 

647.5 323 323 2264 89.13

321.5 646 646 2581 101.61

Extra Wide Width 646 646 646

Compartment Sizes for Legal Tray Carrier (mm) Wide  Extra Wide Width Compt. Standard Width  Width  A 425.5 429.5 830 415 B 452.5 429.5 415 415 C 452.5 863 415 415 2905 total clear (mm) 2262.5 2581 114 37 114.37 total clear (in ) total clear (in.) 89 07 89.07 101 61 101.61     Carrier with 60 deg. front lip (w/Optional Shelves)

323.5 323.5 323.5

Letter /Legal Lateral Carrier

Compartment size

Standard Width 

Wide Width 

A total clear (mm) total clear (in.)

452 2260 88.97

516 2580 101.57

2908.5 114.5

Letter (or Legal) Hanging Frame Carrier

KardexRemstar Lektriever

Standard Work  Counter Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 COLOR CHOICES ONLY AVAILABLE  Resopal  IN LEWISTOWN for Sections F and  RAL7035 G:  Quincy Blue 166; Pearl Gray  Resopal  020, and Corporate Green 161. RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Signal blue  Light grey Light grey Resopal  RAL5005 RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7035 Resopal  Signal blue  Signal blue  Signal blue  RAL7035 RAL5005 RAL5005 RAL5005 Resopal  Light grey Light grey Sky blue RAL5015 RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7035 Resopal  Sky blue  Sky blue  Sky blue RAL5015 RAL7035 RAL5015 RAL5015 Light grey Light grey Resopal  Signal grey  RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7004 Resopal  Signal grey  Signal grey  Signal grey  RAL7035 RAL7004 RAL7004 RAL7004 Fern green   Light grey Light grey Resopal  RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL7035 RAL6025 Resopal  Fern green   Fern green   Fern green   RAL7035 RAL6025 RAL6025 RAL6025 (F) Endframes


(G) Panels

(F) Door and  Front Light

**Oyster white    **Oyster white    **Oyster white    RAL 1013 RAL 1013 RAL 1013 Beige          20003 Beige          20003 Beige          20003

STANDARD COLOR COMBINATION CHART               The  colors shown on the chart are representative and for guidance only.   The displayed color will depend on your monitor, printer, etc.    

The unit top cover and carrier accessories such as dividers, shelf  supports and distance rails are always galvanized and not painted. Optional RAL colors are available. If special colors are required, see  RAL Chart on the dealer website.  A special color charge is applied for  all other RAL colors not listed as "Standard." *Accessories include items such as protective end caps for the front  casing, door handles and the keyboard casing.   **Requires double coat.  When ordering, a special charge will be  included.


125‐1611S mm inches



Unit Width

Unit Depth




Pigeon blue  RAL5014 Pigeon blue  RAL5014 Ruby red  RAL3003 Ruby red  RAL3003 Jet black  RAL9005 Jet black  RAL9005 Grey NCS 5010  B80G Light grey  RAL7035 Light silver    19947

Light grey RAL7035 Pigeon blue  RAL5014 Light grey RAL7035 Ruby red  RAL3003 Light grey RAL7035 Jet black  RAL9005 Grey NCS 5010  B80G Light grey  RAL7035 Anthracite     10109



Posting Board  Acces Opening  Posting Board  Height Height Depth



770 to 1000





30.31 to 39.37



Color will be applied on end frames and posting board bracket Color will be applied on front / rear panels, doors, front access panel, front casing and light cover Color choices do not correspond to the following items which are standard as shown   RAL 7004 Signal Gray RAL 7035 Light Gray Galvanized Keyboard casing (plastic) Door guide Carriers Handles Inserts Interior fittings for carriers Hanging frame latch Photo cell cover Unit cover Front casing ‐ protective caps  Power supply switch ‐ front casing Door handles   F G

Resopal RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Optional Work  Counter Color  Laminates


Light grey RAL7035

grey RAL7004

Light grey RAL7035

grey RAL7004

Light grey RAL7035

grey RAL7004

Light grey RAL7035

grey RAL7004

Light grey RAL7035

grey RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004

Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035

Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035 Light grey RAL7035

*Brown (Germany  only) Hunter Nebula  (Lewistown only)

Color Selection 0

Light grey RAL7035 Pigeon blue  RAL5014 Light grey RAL7035 Ruby red  RAL3003 Light grey RAL7035 Jet black  RAL9005 Grey NCS 5010  B80G Light grey  RAL7035 Light silver    19947

Resopal RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035 Resopal  RAL7035



Montana Walnut  (Lewistown only) Cloud Nebula  (Lewistown only)

grey RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004 Signal grey  RAL7004

Lek Quote Pricing  

Proposal for: Is Pleased To Present The Following: Electric Lateral File GSA Contract For Vertical...