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chad reed

contents 01.1_01.2 conceiving space 02.1_02.2 representations in pencil 03.1_03.2 representations in watercolor 04.1 material exploration 05.1 abstract modeling

01.1 conceiving space

+ process - utilize photographic remnants of early volume models to create an abstract “spatial collage�. - using hybrid collage and axonometric drawing (next page), interpret the collaged space into something legible

- by means of physical and computer-rendered volumetric models, begin the process of realization of the collaged spaces

- define an on-campus location, as well as a relative spatial orientation for the model. above is a flattened 3D topographic map of Anderson Hall on West Bank. the model is partially underground, and protrudes from the bank, overlooking the river

01.2 - having established natural and structural context, refine scale, calculate interior and exterior light conditions, and determine a suitable textural mood


representations in pencil

+ self portrait, charcoal on 100lb bristol, rendered with a minimum of hard lines

+ still life of several newly budded flowers, woodchip, chunk of granite, charcoal on 100lb bristol

+ hand, graphite pencil on sketch


+ the drawing at right is an imagined perspective drawing, drawn as “seen� from the red dot on the plan drawing below.

+ these drawings represent a design for a nature museum that was intended to focus on a large outdoor plaza and a water feature


watercolor representations

+ prairie landscape, watercolor on paper block


+ fountain and steppers on patio, watercolor and masking fluid on paper block

+ aspen forest in autumn, watercolor and masking fluid on paper block


material exploration

+ process - conduct a series of experiments using a co kitchen “device” (rota cheese grater, top lef and any material that reacts interestingly w manipulated by said de

- based on these experiments, choose a material which, once manipulated, can be bonded, tied, built, o otherwise transformed a “textile” (woven foi bottom left)

ommon ary ft)

when evice

or into il,

- finally, having become intimately familiar with both the device and the chosen material, create a wearable object that in some way exemplifies the process by which it was fashioned

05.1 abstract modeling

+ process - with heavyweight paper, model a partially enclosed space, and combine model to create a sort-of structural hybrid. diagram the process necess hybrid model, taking measures to exclusively use diagram - no words

e it with a classmate’s sary to create this

+ process - using a piano wire or paperclip, create a model which implies space or volume, but is not actually enclosed - render a human scale drawing of the model, and use CAD to creatively transform those implied spaces into literal enclosures