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An Invitation to Partner

“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” Matthew 9:37

20s-The Lost Generation

Fastest Growing Group in Religious Circles? The ‘Nones’

Cultural Heroes versus Christian Influencers Percent Holding Favorable View

Star Tribune October 15, 2012

The unprecedented findings by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life show that about 20 percent of adults -- about 46 million -- have no religious affiliation, up from about 15 percent just five years ago. About a third of U.S. adults under age 30 are unaffiliated. “Nones” are “not looking for a religion that would be right for them. Overwhelmingly, they think that religious organizations are too concerned with money and power, too focused on rules and too involved in politics,” the study states. Many believe in God and say they’re “spiritual,” but not “religious.”


Rick Warren Andy Stanley


Billy Graham


Paris Hilton 40

Bill Gates Oprah Winfrey

20 0

Denzel Washington 18–27



Age Categories


Graph derived from “You Lost Me” Why Young Christians are Leaving the Church... And Rethinking Faith pg. 54, by David Kinnaman (all research by Barna Group).

Journey of a Navigator Grad

“To advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the Nations...

...through spiritual generations of Laborers living and discipling among the Lost.�

Responsibility Faith


Scripture Memory

Bible Study Community




Campus Years with The Navigators



Lifetime Laborer

U.S. Navigators Missions


From inner city ot business and professionals

Church Discipleship Ministry

Working with churches to develop discipleship programs



Our overseas ministries

Our Purpose The overarching purpose of the 20s Mission is to fan into flame generational gospel movements among men and women in their 20s throughout America. We want to see thousands of 20s, right where they are, coming to Christ, laboring, teaming, and seeking to repeat the process.

Our Strategy



Our primary strategy to accomplish this will be to encourage and cultivate teams and communities emerging around leaders and laborers in their 20s who live and disciple among the lost. We envision thousands of people in their 30s being fruitful right where they are, as a result of their connection with the Navigator 20s.

LEADERS AND LABORERS What is CityLife? CityLife Team

CityLife Team

CityLife Team

A movement of Christ-followers in their 20’s who form into small teams in US cities so they can together pursue Christ, excel in their careers and seek to be used by God among those who don’t know Christ.

20s City Model

The CityLife Team Covenant monthly prayer group

Bible Study


CityLife Team


CityLife Team members commit to live near each other and to making this CityLife Covenant primary in their lives: By God’s grace: • I will pursue Christ & walk with Him with all my heart. • I will pursue excellence in my workplace or profession. • I will live & disciple among those who don’t know Christ – especially among my peers. • I will team with others of like heart & purpose.

CityLife Mentors


Each CityLife Team will have a Navigator mentor whose role is to help the CityLife Team live out their covenant.

1. Minneapolis-St.Paul 20s Leaders— Kathleen and I direct a team of four staff in shaping and building the 20s work in the Twin Cities.

Our Roles

3. Every Grad Initiative— Kathleen is leading and expanding upon what is called the Every Grad Initiative. EGI is a communication stream to the thousands of Nav grads (almost 1000 each year) sent from the campus. Through EGI Kathleen will seek to encourage, resource, and equip all our grads as lifetime labors. 4. 20s National Leadership Team— Both Kathleen and I each serve on a national team with our 20s Director Joe Maschhoff in building up our new 20s Mission.

As you can see Kathleen and I have stepped into a new season of ministry, full of challenges and adjustments. During this transition it has become crystal clear how dependent we are on the Father to shepherd and lead us. Please pray that we would sense his caring and strong presence as we engage in launching this new 20s work. Please also pray that we could reach 100% of our budgeted funding need in 2013.

Funding As vocational ministers of the Gospel Kathleen and I depend on the generous support of countless churches and individuals to keep us going. This funding goes toward our salary, benefits, and ministry expenses. Through the years we have been continually amazed at how the Lord has provided for us through our friends. Might you consider joining us as ministry new partners? Thanks! Our current need for new monthly support: ________ How we might reach our goal: $100 x ___ = ________ $200 x ___ = ________ $50 x ___ = ________

Our Need: Ministry Partners

2. 20s Central Division Leader— Chad oversees a swath of territory stretching from Minnesota to Texas known as the I-35 Corridor. Current 20s works here include Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City, Dallas, and Austin. It will be our job to learn with our 20s leaders, and to come alongside them to develop and bolster the 20s movement in their cities. Recruiting and pioneering are also significant components of this job.


Right Where You Are  

A Look at the Navigator 20s Mission

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