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About the IGA, programs and services and the benefits of membership to clubs and individuals!

Iowa Golf Association

The Iowa Golf Association sponsors and conducts programs that make the game

of golf more enjoyable for all golfers - amateurs and professsionals; public and private course players; low and high handicappers. Whether it be clarifying and teaching the Rules, maintaining the integrity of the Handicap SystemTM or conducting statewide championships, the IGA acts


for the good of the game in Iowa.

The IGA is a voluntary organziation of golf clubs and courses, operating for the

service of those member clubs and the golfers who are members at those clubs. The IGA, through its programs and services, strives to preserve the integrity of the game and to make golf more enjoyable for all. Constant efforts are being made to expand services and develop programs to benefit the growth of the game.

The IGA created a new office in Urbandale in 2002, (moved to Ankeny in December

2012), which is administered by an Executive Director and support staff. Support from club membership dues and indiviudal members fees (tracked through the GHIN Handicap Index computation service at each club) enables the IGA to provide the core programs and services for all golfers in Iowa. By joining the IGA as individual you not only obtain a USGA Handicap Index, you are signaling your support “for the good of the game” in Iowa.

In November of 2013, the IGA and Iowa Women’s Golf Association Boards of

Directors voted unanimously to merge into a single organization under the name Iowa Golf Association. This culminates almost 10 years of effort to work more closely together. As one, we can better serve ALL golfers in the state of Iowa.

HISTORY The Iowa Golf Association (IGA) was founded in 1900 and is a nonprofit organziation created and operated by amateur golfers devoted to the enhancement of golf in Iowa. The IGA has grown into a full-service golf association with over 185 member clubs and 19,000 individual members. 1900 Iowa Amat eur Champion Dr. John Maxwe ll of Keokuk

CHAMPIONSHIPS The IGA conducts 20 state championships including the Iowa Amateur, Iowa’s oldest championship, started in 1900. The IGA schedule includes:

MEN’S WOMEN’S Iowa Amateur IGA Match Play Iowa Senior Amateur Iowa Junior Amateur Iowa Mid-Amateur

IGA Father-Son IGA Four-Ball IGA Club Team Herman Sani Tournament IGA Senior Match Play

Women’s Amateur Women’s Four-Ball IGA Junior Girls’ Women’s Senior Amateur IGA Womens’ Match Play

Women’s Club Team Iowa Wife-Husband Forever 39 Match Play

The IGA also conducts a Individual Net & Net Four-Ball Championship for both men and women.

UNITED STATES GOLF ASSOCIATION The IGA has a strong affiliation with the USGA. The IGA conducts six qualifiers in Iowa for USGA Championships. Qualifiers include: U.S. Open Local U.S. Senior Amateur U.S. Amateur U.S. Junior Amateur U.S. Mid-Amateur U.S. Women’s Amateur Public Links

*The IGA will alternate with the Nebraska Golf Association in conducting a qualifier for the newly added USGA Four-Ball Championship.


VOLUNTEERS The IGA always has volunteer opportunities for those with a desire to assist at events. Duties include starters, spotters, shuttle drivers, scoreboard assistants, rules officials and more. Many Course and Slope Ratings are performed by teams of trained volunteers as well. There are several ways for those who love the game to get involved. The IGA Board of Directors is comprised of 18 volunteers representing the interests of member clubs in their district at IGA meetings. There are also various committees individuals serve on including Rules and Competition, Women’s Rules and Competitions and Iowa Golf Hall of Fame.

COURSE RATING Course Rating is an important service provided by the IGA. The Course Rating System and its trademarks are owned by the United States Golf Association and is licensed to golf associations throughout the world, creating a system that is uniform. The IGA is licensed by the USGA to issue Course Ratings. Course Rating activities are administered by staff and trained volunteers who work as teams to visit and rate golf courses throughout the state.

RULES & EDUCATION As the governing body for the Rules of Golf in Iowa, the IGA hosts rules clinics and seminars for members, volunteers, high school/college teams and committee members. Seminars generally last around 2-3 hours and focus on the most abused rules, but the IGA has the ability to customize the Rules of Golf seminars to virtually any subject and audience. Schedules permitting, we are available to speak at our member clubs functions.


All member clubs of the IGA are provided with GHIN to compute USGA Handicap Indexes. Developed in 1981, GHIN is the largest Handicap provider in the world with more than 13,000 clubs and 2.3 million golfers in the United States alone. The IGA staff is always available to support and assist handicap chairs and other administers at a club with their management of their club’s GHIN handicap roster.

A Closer Look at the IGA and Benefits of Membership


IGA Playing Opportunities Championships Indiviuduals use their unique 7-digit IGA/GHIN member number to enter the IGA championships

IGA Member Play Days Available to all IGA Individual Members. No competition, just sign up and get a tee time at a great IGA Member Club. Member Play Day sites in 2014 include Glen Oaks Country Club and Des Moines Golf and Country Club! Entry fees include range balls, golf cart and lunch. Pairing requests are accepted.

Team Competitions

Rules of Golf The IGA serves as a “clearing house” for the interpretations and decisions on the Rules of Golf in the state of Iowa. We are committed to an ongoing education of staff, volunteers and members regarding the Rules of Golf. We do this by: • Conducting Seminars on the Rules of Golf and tournament management procedures • Consultations on proper course marking • Attending USGA Rules Seminars annually, including participation in the exam • Officiating at IGA Championships, USGA qualifiers, high school and college events & more • Responding to member’s questions

We also sponsor teams that represent Iowa and the Iowa Golf Association in various competitions throughout the year.

• Submitting rules requiring further clarification to the USGA for future consideration in decisions on the Rules

• The Iowa Cup Matches feature the top amateurs from Iowa against the top professionals in the Iowa PGA Section in a Ryder Cub style format.

• Supplying Rules of Golf books to individuals and clubs througout Iowa

• The top five girls from Iowa compete against Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri in the Junior Girls’ Four-State Championship.

Players of the Year

• In odd numbered years the IGA sponsors a team of eight golfers in the Tri-State Director’s Cup Matches. These matches pit the best players from Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska and began in 2000 as a goodwill competition.

The IGA maintains an annual point system to determine the Iowa Amateur of the Year, Senior Amateur of the Year and Junior Amateur of the Year for both genders.

• USGA State Team Championships in which each state sends a team of three amateurs to compete in a college-style format. Men attend in even numbered years while women compete in odd numbered years.

Each fall the IGA hosts a banquet at a member club to honor the top performers for the Player of the Year races.

Course Rating Course Rating is an important service provided by the IGA to our Member Clubs. The Course Rating System and its trademarks are owned by the United State Golf Association and is licensed to golf associations throughout the world, creating a system that is uniform. The IGA is licensed by the USGA to issue Course Ratings. Course Rating activities are administered by trained volunteers who attend seminars and then work as teams visiting and rating golf courses throughout the state. The IGA has five independent, qualified rating teams representing their various parts of the state.

Licensed by the USGA Licensed by the USGA to implement the USGA Course Rating SystemTM which is the foundation for the Handicap System and the calculation of official USGA Handicap IndexesTM.

Volunteers The IGA staff recruits, trains and maintains a network of Course Rating volunteers who are formed into teams to handle the rating process statewide.

Database Maintenance All ratings must be entered into a computer and the results are compiled and sent to the clubs. The IGA maintains the database information for all Iowa courses and updates this information regularly for inclusion in the national database.

Training and Calibration Representatives of the IGA are required to attend National Course Rating Calibartion Seminars every four years to assure that Iowa raters are following the same procedures as raters from all over the world.

Handicap Administration The Iowa Golf Association is licensed by the USGA as the Authorized Golf Association in Iowa for the administration of the USGA Handicap SystemTM. We are always available to educate handicap committees at our member clubs so that they may in turn educate the golfers at those clubs. We also ensure the integrity of the Handicap SystemTM in the following ways:

Season & Revision Schedule The IGA is responsible for setting the dates for the beginning and end of the “score posting season�.

Handicap Certification The IGA conducts Handicap Certification Seminars for clubs.

Publications Distribution to member clubs of Handicap System manuals, posters and guidelines to assist the club hanicap committee conduct its business.

Club Licensing The IGA is responsible for monitoring the process for licensing all clubs for use of the USGA Handicap SystemTM.

In addition to educational seminars on the GHIN Software Suite the IGA staff travels the state to visit clubs and assist and to trouble shoot issues.

Handicap Index Computation Distinct from the Handicap System administration, the IGA also provides the best in Handicap Computation Services to its Member Clubs. This computation service is how the IGA tracks individual membership in the association. Anyone who is signed up through the GHIN roster is an individual member of the IGA.

GHIN® Through our vendor the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN, a USGA Service) the IGA provides the finest computation software available. GHIN is the world’s largest computer handicap provider with over 13,000 clubs and 2.3 million golfers on the network.

GHPTM The GHIN Hanicap Program is the most widely used handicapping program in the world and is fully integrated with TPPTM and A customizable and integrated score entry screen delivers flexibility to make the process of posting scores easy and informative. An extremely powerful and versatile report generator gives the user control over Handicap Reports, Handicap Index stickers and much more, even allowing the insertion of the club logo on the reports!

TPPTM Considered the standard of all tournament management programs, the Tournament Pairing Program (TPPTM) is in use at over 5,000 golf clubs. This valuable program is provided free of charge to IGA Member Clubs. The Iowa Golf Association, the United States Golf Association and nearly 100 state and regional golf associations use TPPTM to run their championships.


The IGA conducts seminars to assist club officials and representatives in the use of the GHIN Handicap Program (GHPTM) and its affiliated software, the Tournament Pairing Program (TPPTM). and eRevisions

Players can receive a report of their handicap revision via email by signing up a the IGA website or at More than just a number, an eRevsion is a detailed representation of all of the scores that were part of the new evaluation. eRevisions also include a brief summary of recent news items from the IGA.


eGolfer is an application at that enables individuals to not only track scoring history, but statistics such as fairways hit, number of putts, penalty shots and driving distance. Once statistics are entered you are able to run a variety of reports showing you how you score on par 4’s versus par 3’s or how many putts you average per green in regulation, and much more.

See how these strong programs, specifically GHIN and TPP, can work for your club on pages 25-38

Club Representative Program The Iowa Golf Association Club Representative serves a vital role to both the IGA and their home club. The IGA “Club Rep” will represent the IGA in club affairs and represent the club in IGA affairs. The position exists to assist in the flow of information between the club, its members and the Association. Their responsibilities may include: • Be visible and available to the club membership to answer questions regarding the IGA.

Volunteerism Opportunities for volunteers from Member Clubs to be involved in the Iowa Golf Association include: • • • • • •

Club Representative for your club Assisting at IGA Championships Rules Officiating Course Rating Serve on an IGA Committee Board of Directors for the IGA

• Familiarity with the IGA, its programs, policies, structure, function and goals. • Active recruitment of club members for participation and attendance in IGA Championships, seminars and other programs and activities. • Follow through on IGA communications to ensure that the club considers participation in all programs, seminars and tournaments. • Make sure that the club’s Board of Directors understands th IGA and its membership benefits. • Contact the IGA to voice suggestions regarding how the Association could better serve your club. • Serve as a club contact during the winter months.


IGA Districts The IGA is divided into five districts througout the state: NW, SW, NE, SE and Central. The districts were divided as evenly as possible based on total population. Each district is represented on the IGA Board of Directors. The Directors represent the interest of and communicate the concerns of the Member Clubs in their district at IGA meetings. By developing and maintaining a presence on the internet, the IGA makes information available instantly to the golfers of Iowa. We continually add features to our website,, in an effort to make it the most efficient and complete site for information on golf in Iowa and all over the world. is truly the “Information Hub for Golf in Iowa.�

Competitions Results and scoring from all IGA Championships, USGA Qualifiers and IGA Sanctioned Point Events. You can also view standings on the various Player of the Year races and qualifying for the USGA State Team or Tri-State Directors Club team.

Online Signup Sign up for any IGA conducted championship or join the IGA Partners Program using your credit or debit card. You can even sign up for tournaments at IGA Member Clubs, including certain sanctioned point events.

Searchable Member Club Database Access Course and Slope Rating information, contact info, club scorecard, history of the club and even a list of tournaments and results!

Online Tournament Database Each member club of the IGA has the option to post information on events they are hosting for the public to see.

Much, Much More... Go online to check out all has to offer!

Publications The Iowa Golf Association is dedicated to finding new and improving upon existing ways to communicate the happenings of the IGA to our members. Along with periodic mailings and emails we currently produce a variety of publications that provide an effective means of communication.

IGA Yearbook First published in 2002, the Yearbook chronicles the happenings of the association over the past 12 months. You will find information on our championships, the Player of the Year races, Handicapping and Course Rating and other services of the IGA.

Member Club Directory This annual publication is distributed to the member clubs and its key employees and is a quick source of contact information and details about the golf community in Iowa. To save on publishing cost, beginning in 2007 the Membership Directory was combined with the IGA Yearbook.

Iowa Links & eMajors, e-newsletters Started in 2004, Iowa Links and eMajors is distributed to thousands of IGA members and keeps them updated on the latest results of IGA Championships, USGA CHampionships, golf news in general and other important subjects of interest.

USGA Publications The IGA serves as a source for various publications produced by the USGA. Rules of Golf books, Decisions on the Rules of Golf, Handicap System Manuals, Handigrams and other publications are available through the IGA.

Echo Valley CC, Norwalk

Annual Awards Since 1981 the IGA has presented annual awards to outstanding courses, superintendents, professionals and managers at our member clubs. Beginning in 1985 with Joe August, given from time to time at the discretion of the IGA Board is the George Turner Distinguished Service Award. This award recognized an individual or group of individuals whose volunteer contributions to golf in Iowa deserved to be recognized.

Allied Associations The IGA maintains constructive and positive relationships with many similar associations and organziations including: United States Golf Association

Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Assn

The 2014 Annual Award winners include: • 18-Hole Course of the Year Echo Valley Country Club, Norwalk • 9-Hole Course of the Year Hampton Country Club • 18-Hole Superintendent Nikk Dickerson, Tournament Club of Iowa • 9-Hole Superintendent Randy Robinson, Ballard G&CC • Club Manager Dave Schneider, Wakonda Club

Iowa Section of the PGA

Iowa Tall Corn Chapter of the Club Managers Association of America

Iowa Golf Course Owners Association

International Assn of Golf Administrators

• PGA Professional Gary Babcock, Lake Panorama National • George Turner Distinguished Service Award Jill Blackwood, Burlington


Each year the IGA works with these associations in various ways such as speaking engagements, participation in trade shows, educational seminars, conducting championships, etc. The IGA also maintains a link to various association websites at

The Many Benefits of IGA Membership

Member Club Benefits...

Individual Member Benefits...

• Course Measurement and Rating Services

• USGA Handicap Index from GHIN™. IGA Membership is tracked through this 7-digit IGA/GHIN™ number

• Handicapping: IGA Member Clubs use GHIN™ (Golfers Handicap Information Network). GHIN™ Program Suite includes the Handicap Program, Tournament Pairing Program (TPP™), Handicap Hole Allocation Utility and other software modules • Handicap Licensing: Member Clubs fall under the license held by the IGA to issue Handicap Indexes • Opportunity to participate in the Member Advantage Program, designated to help generate business • Education: The IGA conducts seminars on Handicapping, The Rules of Golf, tournament administration and GHIN Programs • IGA Annual Membership Directory listing • IGA Website listing, including directions, Course Rating info, club scorecard and special promotions • Eligibility for IGA Annual Awards • Opportunity to host IGA events • Eligibility for the IGA Club Team Championship

• Eligibility to compete in IGA Championships, conducted for both boys, girls, men & women • Eligibility to play in Member Play Days; noncompetitive casual golf days at private member clubs of the IGA • Access to the Member Advantage Program, which provides discounts at participating IGA Member Clubs • eRevision: Your Handicap Index™ through email at each revision • A subscription to Iowa Links, the IGA’s email newsletter • Ability to post scores & lookup handicap info online or through the mobile app • IGA Membership Card to display your Index • Eligibility to earn IGA Player of the Year points • Hole-in-one certificates and recognition • Satisfaction of supporting golf in Iowa

• Club Consulting: Course marking and management • Preferred pricing through Hole-In-One USA What is a Member Club of the IGA?

A member club of the IGA is one that widely and voluntarily supports the IGA through an annual club fee and a minimum commitment to the IGA Individual Member Program.

What is the Individual Member Program?

Participation in the IGA Individual Member Program is tracked through the golfers enrolled in the IGA Handicap Service (GHIN) at a golf club. Golfers enrolled in the Individual Member Program receive much more than just a handicap (see above) including the satisfaction of supporting the game of golf in Iowa.


IGA Member Clubs Use The BEST in Handicap Computation Service NORTHEAST IOWA Bellevue Golf Club Big Rock Country Club Cedar Ridge Golf Course Centennial Oaks Golf Club Cresco Country Club Dyersville Golf & Country Club Edgewater Golf Course Ellis Golf Course Fawn Creek Country Club Fox Ridge Golf Club Galena Golf Club Gardner Golf Course Gates Park Golf Course Hickory Grove Golf Course Hunters Ridge Golf Course Indian Creek Country Club Irv Warren Memorial Golf Course Jesup Golf & Country Club Jones Golf Course Maquoketa Country Club Monticello Golf Club New Hampton Golf & Country Club Oakwood Golf Course Oneota Golf & Country Club Pheasant Ridge Golf Course Pin Oak Pub & Links Red Carpet Golf Course River Ridge Golf Club Round Grove Golf & Country Club St. Andrews Golf Club Sunnyside Country Club The Meadows Golf Club Three Elms Golf Course Town and Country Club Twin Pines Golf Course Wapsie Ridge Golf Course Waverly Golf Course Wildwood Municipal Golf Course Willow Run Country Club

Bellevue Fayette Charles City Waverly Cresco Dyersville Oelwein Cedar Rapids Anamosa Dike Galena, IL Marion Waterloo Oelwein Marion Marion Waterloo Jesup Cedar Rapids Maquoketa Monticello New Hampton Conrad Decorah Cedar Falls Manchester Waterloo Independence Greene Cedar Rapids Waterloo Asbury Independence Grundy Center Cedar Rapids Fairbank Waverly Charles City Denver

SOUTHEAST IOWA Albia Country Club Arsenal Island Golf Course Blue Top Ridge Bos Landen Golf Club Brown Deer Golf Course Burlington Golf Club Cedar Creek Golf Course Clinton Country Club at the Oaks Cross Creek Golf Course Crow Valley Golf Club Davenport Country Club Deer Valley Golf Club Edmundson Golf Course Elks Country Club Fairfield Golf & Country Club Finkbine Golf Course Flint Hills Municipal Golf Course Fulton Country Club Harvest Point Golf Course Hidden Hills Golf Course Kalona Golf Club Keokuk Country Club Lake Bracken Country Club Lake Erie Country Club Lake MacBride Golf Club Mount Pleasant Golf & Country Club Muscatine Municipal Golf Course Oakwood Country Club Oskaloosa Golf Ottumwa Country Club Palmer Hills Municipal Golf Course Pella Golf & Country Club Pine Knolls Country Club Pinnacle Country Club Pleasant Valley Golf Course Prairie Ridge Golf Course Rustic Ridge Golf Course Sheaffer Memorial Golf Club Short Hills Country Club Spirit Hollow Golf Course Springbrook Country Club Swan Creek Golf Club The Preserve on Rathbun Lake Tipton Country Club West Liberty Golf & Country Club

Albia Rock Island, IL Riverside Pella Coralville Burlington Ottumwa Clinton Morrison, IL Davenport Pleasant Valley Deer Grove, IL Oskaloosa Iowa City Fairfield Iowa City Burlington Fulton, IL Oskaloosa Bettendorf Kalona Keokuk Galesburg, IL Erie, IL Solon Mount Pleasant Muscatine Coal Valley, IL Oskaloosa Ottumwa Bettendorf Pella Knoxville Milan, IL Iowa City Morrison, IL Eldridge Fort Madison East Moline, IL Burlington DeWitt Avon, IL Moravia Tipton West Liberty

IGA Member Clubs Use The BEST in Handicap Computation Service CENTRAL IOWA AH Blank Golf Course Amana Colonies Golf Course American Legion Golf Course Ames Golf & Country Club Ankeny Golf & Country Club Ballard Golf & Country Club Beaver Creek Golf Course Briarwood Club of Ankeny Bright-Grandview Golf Course Cedar Pointe Golf Course Coldwater Golf Links Copper Creek Golf Club Des Moines Golf & Country Club Diamond Trail Golf Club Echo Valley Country Club Elmwood Country Club Glen Oaks Country Club Grinnell Golf & Country Club Hard Fade Tour Hillcrest Country Club Honey Creek Golf Club Hyperion Field Club Indian Creek Country Club Jester Park Golf Course Montezuma Country Club Oakland Acres Golf Club Otter Creek Golf Course River Valley Golf Course Stone Creek Golf Club Tara Hills Country Club Terrace Hills Golf Course The Harvester Golf Club Toad Valley Golf Course Tournament Club of Iowa Urbandale Golf & Country Club Veenker Memorial Golf Course Vinton Country Club Wakonda Club Waveland Golf Course Westwood Golf Course Woodland Hills Golf Course

Des Moines Amana Marshalltown Ames Ankeny Huxley Grimes Ankeny Des Moines Boone Ames Pleasant Hill West Des Moines Lynnville Norwalk Marshalltown West Des Moines Grinnell Des Moines Adel Boone Johnston Nevada Granger Montezuma Grinnell Ankeny Adel Williamsburg Van Horne Altoona Rhodes Pleasant Hill Polk City Urbandale Ames Vinton Des Moines Des Moines Newton Des Moines



Algona Country Club Bear Creek Golf Course Briggs Woods Golf Course Brooks National Golf Club Country Greens Golf Course Deer Run Golf Course Emerald Hills Golf Club Estherville Golf Course Five Island Golf

Algona Forest City Webster City Okoboji Armstrong Hinton Arnolds Park Estherville Emmetsburg

Fort Dodge Country Club Green Valley Golf Club Hampton Country Club Highland Park Golf Course Holstein Country Club Humboldt Country Club Ida Grove Golf & Country Club Jewell Golf & Country Club Lake Creek Country Club Lakeside Municipal Golf Course Landsmeer Golf Club LeMars Willow Creek Mason City Country Club Rice Lake Golf & Country Club Ridge Stone Golf Club Rock Valley Golf Course Sheldon Golf & Country Club Sibley Golf & Country Club Sioux City Country Club Spencer Golf & Country Club Spring Valley Golf Course The Meadows Country Club The Ridge Golf Club Veterans Memorial Golf Club Whispering Creek Golf Club Willow Ridge Golf Course

Ft. Dodge Sioux City Hampton Mason City Holstein Humboldt Ida Grove Jewell Storm Lake Fort Dodge Orange City LeMars Mason City Lake Mills Sheffield Rock Valley Sheldon Sibley Sioux City Spencer Livermore Moville Sioux Center Clear Lake Sioux City Fort Dodge

SOUTHWEST IOWA 5 by 80 Country Club American Legion Country Club Atlantic Golf & Country Club Bent Tree Golf Club Carroll Country Club Carroll Municipal Golf Course Clarinda Country Club Council Bluffs Country Club Crestmoor Golf Club Dodge Riverside Golf Club Fairview Hills Golf Course Fremont County Golf Course Griswold Golf & Country Club Harlan Golf & Country Club Indianola Country Club Jefferson Municipal Golf Course Lake Panorama National Resort Lakeview Country Club Leon Golf & Country Club Majestic Hills Golf Course Mount Ayr Golf & Country Club Oakland Country Club Onawa Country Club Red Oak Country Club The Legacy Golf Club Treynor Recreational Area Willow Vale Golf Course

Menlo Shenandoah Atlantic Council Bluffs Carroll Carroll Clarinda Council Bluffs Creston Council Bluffs Malvern Sidney Griswold Harlan Indianola Jefferson Panora Winterset Leon Denison Mount Ayr Oakland Onawa Red Oak Norwalk Treynor Mapleton

Iowa Golf Association Foundation Supporting Iowa’s Golf Community

About the

Iowa Golf Association Foundation MISSION STATEMENT To promote golf and its life-enhancing values with an emphasis on TEACHING, PRESERVING, and PROTECTING THE HISTORY and TRADITIONS of the game in Iowa.

YOUR ROLE We need YOUR HELP! By supporting the IGAF, you are leaving a lasting legacy and helping to SECURE THE FUTURE of the game of golf in Iowa. Visit to make a tax deductible donate TODAY!


Jack Fleck, 1955 U.S. Open Champion and 1990 Iowa Golf Hall of Fame Inductee, with Ben Hogan

The Iowa Golf Hall of Fame was established in 1989 with the induction of the first class. Five more inductions occurred through 1997. Efforts to sustain the Hall of Fame were suspended for nearly a decade but the IGA stepped forward and revitalized the effort with the induction of the class of 2006. Yearly inductions have occurred since. The Iowa Golf Hall of Fame Committee consists of representatives of the IGA, the Iowa Section PGA, the Iowa Golf Course Superintendents Association, the golf media and independent members with a strong interest in researching the history of Iowa Golf. Efforts are under way to obtain artifacts and memorabilia from this great history in order to establish a permanent golf museum for the state.

Help develop the future generations of golfers in Iowa... SHARE YOUR PASSION College Scholarships The IGAF currently serves as host for two scholarship programs: • The Herman Sani Scholarship Program is a four-year $2,000 per year scholarship awarded to outstanding graduating seniors who have excelled in academics, community service and have been involved in golf. Since 1950, 158 Iowa students have been awarded Sani Scholarships. • The Ann Griffel Scholarships are annually to high school girls who enroll in an Iowa college or university. Since 1963, 213 students have received assistance. In 2013 the scholarship was increased from $1,500 to $2,000.

Junior Golf and Player Development • • • • •

To create and support player development programs in cooperation with the PGA members, golf courses and parks and recreation departments in all areas of the state. To provide and support competitive opportunities for junior golfers. To provide young people with the opportunity to learn this most challenging of games and its inherent lessons about life. To provide course access and playing opportunities to those who otherwise would not have the benefit of this enriching game. To support and promote the game as a positive and healthful activity for families.

Turf and Environmental Research •

• •

The IGA and the IGAF provide funding support annually for the Iowa State University Turf Extension Service. This service provides important information and scientific troubleshooting for golf course superintendents and their facilities throughout Iowa. The IGA and IGAF provide annual sponsorship to support the Iowa Turf Institute and the annual Iowa Turfgrass Conference each January. The IGAF will provide support from time to time for educational programs that demonstrate best environmental practices and to positively address the game’s agronomic issues. These programs provide educational benefits to the general public, clubs and all golfers around the state.

Golf House Iowa The dream to create a “home for golf ” that is centrally located in the state is a long term goal of the IGAF. This vision includes home offices for the Iowa Golf Association, the Iowa Turfgrass Institute (ITI) and its affiliated organizations and for all other Iowa based golf organizations that wish to participate.

Ann Griffel Scholarhsip Allison Rolinger Cedar Falls

Jessie Sindlinger Charles City

Lisa Olberding Cedar Rapids

University of Northern Iowa

University of Iowa

Iowa State University

Erin Randall Vinton

Rochelle Beardsley Peosta

Hawkeye Community College

Wartburg College

In 2013 scholarships were increased from $1,500 to $2,000

Ann Griffel’s Legacy • • • • • •

Ann Griffel

One of the first members of the IWGA when it was chartered in 1955 Served as President of the IWGA for 23 years During her term, the Girls’ State Junior, Forever 39, State Wife-Husband, and Senior Women’s Championships were all started Won Three Forever 39 titles and the Senior Women’s Amateur twice as a player Inducted into the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame in 2006 The Scholarship program is named in her honor for all she has done for women’s golf in Iowa

“I doubt that there is another individual who had a greater impact upon women’s golf in Iowa“ Jill Blackwood, former IWGA President

The IGA-IWGA merger included the transfer of over $25,000 into the Ann Griffel Scholarship Fund! 19

Its easy to support the Griffel. $5 from every IGA Women’s Championship entry goes toward the Griffel Scholarship Fund.

When you make a donation to the Ann Griffel Fund, 100% of your donation goes to the Scholarship fund and is tax deductible.

Herman Sani Scholarship

Ryan Christy, Orange City

Payton Minear, Clive

Ryan attends Northwestern College in Orange City and is undecided in his major

Payton attends Florida Gulf Coast University and is studying Professional Golf Management

Son of Greg and Michelle Christy Daughter of Michael and Janet Minear

Allison Rolinger, Cedar Falls

Daughter of Mark & Lisa Rollinger

Broc Everett, West Des Moines Son of Larry & Mary Everett

Allison is attending the University Broc attends Georgia Regents of Northen Iowa and is University and is undecided in his undecided in her major major.

Who was Herman Sani? • • • •

A member of Hyperion Field Club for over 50 years, where he served various terms on the Board of Directors, the Greens Committee and as Club president During the Great Depression, Sani purchased Hyperion Field Club for back taxes and gave it back to the membership The Herman Sani Golf Tournament and Scholarship Fund were established in 1958 to honor Mr. Sani’s passion for golf, young people and Hyperion Field Club Since 1958, 158 students have been awarded Sani Scholarships

Herman Sani

The Herman Sani Tournament was hosted by Echo Valley Country Club in 2013. Through the success of this tournament and new endeavors, fundraising was more successful in 2013 than in any other year, providing a great start to the Secure the Sani Campaign!

Our goal is to raise $325,000 over the next 5 years to endow the scholarship fund

With the help of our generous supporters the IGAF raised over

$62,000 in year one of the campaign

We would like to thank our donors for their support of this campaign, and challenge YOU to help us reach our goal!

Iowa Golf Hall of Fame

Back (L-R) - Jon Brown, Jim Hasley, Jeff Smith, Doug Snook, Mike McCoy, Gene Elliott Front (L-R) - Betty Thye, Bob Moreland, Larry Crawford, Bob Leahy, Jack Webb, Ken Schall

Help Commemorate the Iowa Golf HOF Members The IGAF is in the process of creating plaques to honor the 62 members of the Iowa Golf Hall of Fame to be on display permanently in the IGA office in Ankeny.

Each plaque costs $100 to produce. If you’d like to donate toward a select member’s plaque, contact the IGA office. Dr. John Maxwell, member of the 2011 HOF class. He won the very first Iowa Amateur in 1900.

Hall of Fame Members

Joe August, Marshalltown Jim English, Red Oak Art Bartlett, Ottumwa Edith Estabrooks, Dubuque Mike Bender, Waterloo Jack Fleck, Davenport Rodney Bliss, Jr, Des Moines Sarg Fontanini, Des Moines Betsy Bro, Des Moines Bob Fry, Davenport Joe Brown, Des Moines Phyllis Otto Germain, Atlantic Jon Brown, Urbandale Ann Griffel, Eldora Dick Bruns, Waterloo Jack Hall, Des Moines Harry Burrell, Ames Jim Hasley, Davenport William Byers, Adel John Jacobs, Cedar Rapids Tom Chapman, Jr, Fort Dodge Ann Casey Johnstone, Mason City Ed Cott, Ames Lou King, Cedar Rapids Larry Crawford, Grinnell Rudy Knepper, Sioux City Marsh DeMartelaere, Cedar Rapids Bob Leahy, Cedar Falls Warren Dickenson, Des Moines John Liechty, Marshalltown Gene Elliott, West Des Moines Ted Lockie, Bettendorf

Lucile Mann, Des Moines Dr. John Maxwell, Keokuk Mike McCoy, West Des Moines Bert McGrane, Des Moines Bob McKee, Des Moines Bob Moreland, Ottumwa Don Narveson, Waterloo Lonnie Nielsen, Belle Plaine Corkey Nydle, Cedar Rapids Jock Olson, Cedar Rapids Jacque Peters, Dubuque Jim Rasley, Des Moines Bill Rose, Des Moines Jack Rule, Waterloo Dave Rummells, West Branch Herman Sani, Des Moines

Ken Schall, Waterloo Jeff Smith, Oskaloosa Judy Kimball Simon, Sioux City Sharon Smallwood, Dubuque Doug Snook, Waverly Steve Spray, Indianola Larry Stewart, Newton Betty Thye, Burlington George Turner, Des Moines J.D. Turner, Des Moines Steve Tyler, Cedar Falls Dr. Ed Updegraff, Boone Jack Webb, Des Moines Barb Thomas Whitehead, Sibley

Partners Program How to Support the IGA Foundation The Partners Program: Our Annual Campaign The Partners Program is the IGA Foundation’s annual campaign offering a variety of levels of support. Each individual has the option of receiving a fulfillment package that corresponds with the contribution.

Donations are tax deductible and deposited in the IGA Foundation’s general fund which supports all of the activities highlighted on pages 18-19.

Enroll today by clicking on the Partners Program link at We would like to thank everyone who was in the Partners Program in 2013. Our success is due to your committment to support the worthy activities of the IGA Foundation.


Levels of Support Par Partner $25 Player Partner $40 Birdie Partner $100 Eagle Partner $250 Double Eagle Partner $500 Benefactor Partner $1,000 (or more)

COUPLES options are also available at the already established levels! Visit to learn more!

ANY Program... ANY Amount... ANY Time: Direct Your Donation If you wish to make a contribution to a specific IGAF program there is an avenue that allows for this.

At any time an individual can make a donation of any amount to any specific program within the IGA Foundation. This can be done online with a credit card (example below) or by submitting a check.



Your Support is Needed... Your Partners Program support is critical for the continued growth of the Foundation. Your support provides the Foundation with the funding needed to continue to offer scholarship programs, junior golf and player development, turf and environmental research, as well as creating the dream of Golf House Iowa and the overall mission of the Foundation.


GHIN Handicap and Tournament Pairing Programs B U L C R U AT YO The GHIN Handicap Program is now ONLINE! The World Wide Web provides access to an expansive range of information and resources including GHP Online Club – the “Club Officials Website.” Through GHP Online Club, authorized club representatives can perform maintenance on their memberships’ GHIN records, as well as have access to a broad array of information. Best of all, you can do it any time – anywhere! All you need is a computer with access to the Internet and a web browser. There is no need to go to your club’s GHIN computer to perform membership maintenance.

Scheduled Reports Sent Via Email GHP Online has a fantastic new feature which allows clubs to schedule the reports they wish to receive via email. You select the reports, who you want to receive them and the frequency of delivery.

Get the updated handicap report automatically delivered to you on revision days!

In the following 12 pages you will find examples of how you can use the GHIN and TPP to assist at your club.

GHIN Handicap Service The USGA developed GHIN and the Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) Software in 1981 to assist golf associations and their members. Now, GHIN is being used by over 80 golf associations in 45 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Bermuda, the Dominican Republic, Guam and India. Representing over 13,000 clubs and 2.3 million golfers, GHIN is the largest handicap computation service in the world.

osting P e r o c S e s Easy to U rs e f l o G r o f s Station


A Few Easy Steps Guide the Golfer Through Score Posting

In addition to the public score post feature shown on the previous two pages, golfers can access handicap information and post scores online at or with the GHIN mobile app!

GHIN® Mobile... There’s an App for that!

GHIN is proud to introduce the official GHIN Mobile App! The GHIN Mobile App is free and offers a personalized mobile experience allowing you to manage and follow your game with ease. • • • • • • • • • 27

Post your score View your official USGA Handicap Index® View your most recent scores Interactive Course Handicap™ Calculator Handicap Index Lookup (GHIN #, Name & State) myCourses Listing News Tournament Calendar and Sign-up Tournament Pairings, Real Time Scoring and Results • Get Partners Handicaps

Golfers Receive Updates Via Email

In addition to an eRevision IGA Individual Members, tracked through GHIN, receive periodic IGA eNewsletters (Iowa Links) and six eMajors (an electronic preview of the Four Majors and a couple special editions).

Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) The TPP Software is used by the USGA at their Championships as well as by 80 golf associations and 13,000 golf clubs worldwide. It is a software system designed to assist golf associations and clubs with tournament administration as well as business factors pertaining to the club. Some features available in TPP include the ability to build pairings, scorecards, flights, hole locations, reports, and many others. The following list includes some of the TPP’s many capabilities: • Course Management • Over 130 Standard Reports • Multiple Tournament Formats (Stroke Play, Match Play, Round Robin, Stableford, etc.) • Pairings • Flights • Hole Locations • Scorecards • Scoring


• • • • • •

Score Boards Cart Signs Club Shaft Labels Gift Certificates Ability to Customize Reports Ability to Export to Word, Excel, Text, HTML, PDF and other formats • Automated Score Posting to GHIN



• All scoreboards can be customized with your choice of fonts (including calligraphy), colors and data fields • Avaialable in portrait or landscape • Scoreboards can be designed and printed in 8.5”x11”, 8,5”x14”, 11”x17” and 24”x36” (plotter) formats

Pairings Reports:



TPP Match Play Events

Alphabetical Starters List




Cart Signs:


Results Reports:


Handicapped Events

Multi-day Tournaments 35

TPP Course Statistics

Team Events

Other TPP Reports:


Signup Sheets

Bag Tags

Shaft Labels

Proximity Markers

Preserve, Promote and Protect the Game of Golf in Iowa

About the IGA, Programs, Services and Member Benefits  
About the IGA, Programs, Services and Member Benefits