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WELCOME TO PLAYMETRIX Creating a product that encourages constant play, delivers strong financial returns and provides a platform for future product development is every publishers dream. Analysing the vast amounts of data to achieve best results and evolve your product however is both time consuming and expensive - and unavailable to those without significant staff or financial resource. As an enterprise strength, cross-platform metrics engine capable of providing access to substantive in-game information, Playmetrix is a must for all those involved within the design, testing or publishing of games. Playmetrix ... the game changer!

Playmetrix puts your business on an equal footing with other leading developers at a fraction of the cost. Save money, increase revenues and improve your game!

01 AN ESSENTIAL TOOL Playmetrix is an essential tool for all levels of game industry management; from CEO’s, CTO’s and CFO’s to producers, Lead developers, Designers and Market Researchers. For Publishers, Playmetrix offers a radical insight into the way consumers use their products and answers critical questions such as ‘Am I receiving accurate user data?’, ‘Are games being tested to a satisfactory standard?’ and perhaps most importantly, ‘Is my product ready to be published?’

IT ANSWERS CRITICAL QUESTIONS: Are users discovering all available functionality? Is playability or user experience inhibited in any way (for example, are players getting stuck on any levels?) Is the product delivering strong DAU/MAU ratios? Does actual behaviour track predicted behaviour? Which consumables sell, why and what encourages users to buy more? Which elements of the game require further development? Am I receiving quality user data to help future game development? Is my game ready for publishing?

02 Product Development Playmetrix data harvested from existing games can prove invaluable when designing new products. Information collected by Playmetrix helps highlight previous product failures, highs and lows, saving valuable time and resource for future product development. The more data you collect, the better your future products become.

QA Playmetrix provides exact and dependable information as to the quality and reliability of your design, speeding up testing without compromise and providing the ability to monitor QA effectiveness against key criteria.

Focus Testing Playmetrix provides an unprecedented level of information relating to the effectiveness of games design. At the focus testing stage, this detailed, objective scrutiny is significantly more effective than subjective responses on feedback forms. Playmetrix data can help publishers avoid the release of ineffective products, highlight areas of deficient playback and offer investors a much greater degree of protection by reducing the risk of product failure.

Post Release Once a game has is released, Playmetrix has the capacity to track, record and report on the activity of an unlimited number of players, providing player data to a level that has never been available before.

A new view point Playmetrix collects and organizes real-time information from all active users, no matter how many. Playmetrix then builds a Meta-perspective or “Helicopter� view of the game, creating a completely new and richly informative understanding of game performance and player interaction. This can lead to some fundamentally new capabilities...

Visualization of real-time behaviour Playmetrix can not only visualize collective activity, it can also track the actions of selective individuals. This helps identify and highlight the effectiveness of certain gaming elements, opening up valuable opportunities to intervene and influence player choice.

03 Understand how a game performs on a massive scale

Create custom gameplay for selected individuals

Certain trends are only visible on a large scale, but because Playmetrix makes it possible to view the activities of an unlimited number of players at any time, trends quickly become apparent.

Playmetrix can watch for trends across thousands of players, or focus upon individual behaviour. With sufficient information, individual player preferences can be used to create a ‘custom’ version of the game, with optimized questing and reward systems focused on user satisfaction to maximise player loyalty and long-term profitability.

Optimize games on the fly Playmetrix easily identifies bottlenecks and other gaming difficulties, giving the opportunity to amend or improve in-game parameters to deliver a more enjoyable user experience; ultimately leading to increased game loyalty and improved user recommendation

Influence and modify behaviour Playmetrix easily highlights patterns and trends, giving publishers the opportunity to influence and modify in-game activity to improve user satisfaction, player loyalty, virtual consumable sales and overall profitability. Players can be “funnelled” towards a desired outcome using in game messaging or modified game elements, boosting the success of a product thanks to the ability to adapt gameplay in response to user actions.

Maximise targeted marketing activities On-line and Internet connected games represent an increasingly viable marketing platform for advertisers and sponsors and no other system provides better feedback as to the results of any digital campaign than Playmetrix.

But it goes further than that… With Playmetrix’s ability to influence the activities of individuals and communities all over the world, advertising campaigns no longer have to rely on ‘passive’ presentation. Based on Playmetrix data, games can be re-engineered to optimize response to marketing activity and with in-game messaging (for example), campaigns can be dynamic and altogether more interactive … a new type of marketing in a new type of space!

04 IT ANSWERS CRITICAL QUESTIONS: Playmetrix can be configured to respond to any measurable aspect of a game. The following game elements are already part of Playmetrix’s analytical capabilities, with new functional modules being developed all the time. Tracking of Gaming Objectives

Jobs and Crafting

Virtual Currency tracking


Community Score tracking

Auctioning/trading framework

User-defined counters (for example tracking Experience Points)


Per-player state storage (for example inventories, scores, questing states)

Event Manager Calendar

Per-mini-game and per-space state storage

Real-time editing of components

Real-time Scene Event tools

Multi-step Questing

Using Playmetrix Playmetrix is cloud based and accessible across any internet or VPN connection, 24/7. There’s no capital outlay required, no equipment to buy, no need for dedicated IT personnel or other logistical worries. To use Playmetrix you only need provide information from your gaming environment by including "hooks" within your code. Hooks generate data feeds and receive our response (we can have shallow or deep links into your code depending on the functionality required). Playmetrix is then capable of monitoring virtually all aspects of the game environment, producing results that help visualize trends in gameplay or which you can then link directly back into the game to funnel players and communities to a desired outcome; or dynamically adapt the game's parameters to suit an individual or group preference. The richer the data you provide Playmetrix, the more powerful the results.


05 ANALYTICAL AND VISUALISATION TOOLS IN PLAYMETRIX With its customizable drag and drop dashboard interface, Playmetrix makes it easy to visualize, analyse and report on all aspects of your gaming environment. Updated dynamically and in real-time, the Playmetrix dashboard can provide all the information you need to really understand the workings of your game.

Dashboard features include‌ Customisable drag and drop interface - easily select the type of information you wish to see Choice of chart types and styles Time region setting - drill-down and zoom-in on specific activity time-zones, past or present Plot schedules or selected events within your charts Configurable email alerts - be advised by email of any event within your game. You may wish, for example, to be advised when a disproportionate number of players get stuck between levels in order to take corrective action; or send hints via in-game messaging Select Heat Maps to show location and density of gameplay Achievement tracking - monitor individual or community gameplay achievements, perhaps even displaying this data in-game for other players


Call or email us for information on how we can add the Playmetrix advantage to your products. Tel: Mobile: Email:

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Call or email us for information on how we can add the Playmetrix advantage to your products. Tel: Mobile: Email:

+44 (0) 115 959 7976 +44 (0) 781 842 6067

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