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A Year After Irene, CMIT Solutions of Long Island Urges Small Businesses: Back Up Your Data CMIT Guardian provides remote backup, disaster recovery that can save small businesses from lost revenue or closure MERRICK, N.Y. — A little more than a year ago, Hurricane Irene pounded the East Coast, including the greater New York City area, which a major storm had not hit in 26 years. Long Island caught the worst of it. More than 450,000 power customers on the island went without electricity for up to five days and Internet access for a week — inconveniencing residents and disrupting hundreds of small businesses. The 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, which will last until the end of November, has reached its peak — and nobody understands the importance of business preparedness more than CMIT Solutions of Long Island. Led by area developer Armando D’Accordo of CMIT Solutions of South Nassau, each of the six local franchise partners has more than 20 years of IT business expertise: Jim Bellotti of CMIT Solutions of Central Nassau; Harun Hassouni of CMIT Solutions of North Nassau; Eric Heinicke of CMIT Solutions of North Central Suffolk; David Merkin of CMIT Solutions of Southwest Nassau; and Larry Schweitzer of CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau. “I urge each of my clients to be proactive and not wait until after the fact,” D’Accordo said. He advises small business owners to develop contingency plans for major business disruptions and data loss, which rob businesses of revenue and, often, drive them under. Of small businesses that suffer catastrophic data loss, 51 percent close within two years, and 43 percent never reopen, according to the The Underwriting Guide for Insurers. The numbers are the driving force behind one of CMIT’s signature managed services: CMIT Guardian, a disaster recovery and business continuity package. CMIT Solutions franchise partners ask clients two big questions: “What do we need to keep our business running?” and “What would happen if...?” Guardian protects small businesses’ data through real-time, off-site backups; protection of email, business records, customer contacts; and full recovery within 48 hours in the event of catastrophic floods, fires and other disasters.

“I don't know of any other company that offers a service like CMIT Guardian,” said David Merkin, who owns and runs CMIT Solutions of Southwest Nassau in Hewlett. “The tools and technology we use to provide Guardian far outweigh any other solution.” Just ask Joshua Mass, an executive vice president with Elite Foodservice Equipment in Farmingdale. The company hired Schweitzer’s CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau in summer 2011, and as part of the support plan, his technicians installed a backup disaster recovery (BDR) unit that would function in the event of a problem with a main file server. As Irene approached in August, Elite powered down its servers as a precaution, and the building predictably lost power during the hurricane. Afterward, though, the server wouldn’t restart because of a failed motherboard. Luckily, the BDR allowed Elite to operate within two hours of contacting CMIT while the techs fixed the main server problem. “Great performance for CMIT!” Mass wrote in a testimonial later. Schweitzer uses the Elite story as an object lesson to clients about backup and recovery. “Many of my customers don’t initially see the value in this service because they don’t think it will ever happen to them,” Schweitzer said. “I assure them the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business is always going to be protected is priceless.” Hurricanes aren’t the only threat on the island, where 75 percent of power lines are above ground. Last fall, rare snowstorms downed trees and caused power outages that lasted a week or more. D’Accordo relocated a child care services organization and two CPA firms to temporary failover workspaces that allowed the clients to keep running. Another recent client of D’Accordo’s demonstrated the risks of operating without remote backup. The client sought CMIT Solutions’ help after a fire gutted their building. “We were able to quickly relocate operations to an alternate site and be up and running in four hours,” D’Accordo said. “Unfortunately, all data was lost because it had not been backed up to an off-site location.” The business was forced to shut down. His advice for business owners: Back up data on a server, an external hard drive and an off-site location. He calls it “The Rule of Three.” D’Accordo and his team are using the example of Hurricane Irene to educate small business owners about the importance of data protection and disaster recovery. “No one can predict when the next disaster will strike, but businesses can be prepared when they do,” D’Accordo said. “Our goal is ensuring that businesses remain successful by providing the services they need to remain operational.”

About CMIT Solutions of Long Island CMIT Solutions of Long Island is a group of six locally owned technology companies that helps small and medium-sized businesses in Long Island, N.Y., manage their technology and focus on running their businesses. Run by area developer Armando D’Accordo, who oversees five local franchise owners, CMIT Solutions of Long Island specializes in finding technical solutions to business problems through services such as preventative and proactive IT and vendor management; data protection and recovery; cloud computing; protection against spam, viruses and malware; and visual collaboration. For more information, visit Contact: Armando D’Accordo (516) 208-4161

CMIT Solutions/Hurricane Irene  
CMIT Solutions/Hurricane Irene  

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